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The Classes of Cyberpunk 2077

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The Classes of Cyberpunk 2077. Let's explore the classes present in Cyberpunk 2077. What their roles and strengths are, which ultimately will define the type of character you will be. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Written & Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com #Cyberpunk2077 #CyberpunkClasses
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Text Comments (509)
Classes I would pick are between tech runners and solo.
cageyey (12 hours ago)
I wonder if the full conversion borg option will be available? Also, will empathy play a role?
1992toster (16 hours ago)
Useless video is useless
Saitama Sensei (21 hours ago)
tbh, I will never ever see mankind going this way. I know, a few things are already reality, but... 😱 Please let it stay a game for ever.
Rod P (1 day ago)
so like masseffect A? lol
Marianne Minshall (1 day ago)
I think people have been misunderstanding what this game is...you play a specific character that has 3 semi-adaptable skill sets...the game has the different types of character types from the RPG but as NPC characters only...you can wander around freely but the missions are preset...you do not get to be any specific type nor do you get to initiate adventures so far from the descriptions...most games have gone this way and even Star Citizen is linear play....like Star Citizen i hope in the future Cyberpunk will add more features and character options. I want this game to be like the RPG and let it be more character driven.
Colin Hawks (1 day ago)
Does anyone know what the actual STORY of this game is? I mean, so far it seems like a "write your own story" kind of thing through various decisions and quests within a large immersive open world...but...is there at least a larger overarching main plot line? I'm honestly lost on just what the plot direction here is...
B1g Ch13f81 (1 day ago)
I wouldn’t call Fixers crime lords. As their name implies, they solve problems.
Jaden Whorton (2 days ago)
Are you forced to be female? Is there character customizations?
Reaper Redni9e (2 days ago)
The game is going to be great, I'm sure, but I'm a little skeptical on how the skill system and leveling is going to turn out. I hope there is going to be some freedom of choice in creating and customising your character.
Q-10 (4 days ago)
If theres a point when u naked in the game ima jus pick the female👏🏽😂
Christopher Daurio (4 days ago)
So ready to play a Ghost in the Shell's Major meets Samurai Jack Character! (RP willing) Mix that no nonsense get things done attitude with only the slickest guns and combat plus an out of touch technophobic old school kinda character. If you couldn't tell my hype is real!
vaibhav sood (5 days ago)
John Moo (6 days ago)
4:04 I love that part, so stylish 👍🐄 a cyberpunk godfather, now that sounds pretty cool Good video btw I'm pretty excited about the game, hopefully it'll meet people's expectations
Daniel McElveen (7 days ago)
This is probably coming out when the 4th season of dragon ball z abridged comes
Alex 49 (7 days ago)
Hope they take the same path that they took in the Witcher 3 with amazing story and amazing dlcs
Desertpuma (7 days ago)
I've played the Cyberpunk tabletop RPG since 1987. Fixers are streetdealers, not always crimelords ... Many Fixers are likely to be specialized. Techies and MedTechies are similar but different. They could easily make further downloadable content which include stuff for Fixers, Rockerboys/Rockergirls, Medias, and even Cops.
Ronnie Hopper (8 days ago)
What are the shit was flopping classes on the fly so much for building a distinct character
Ev Cruel (8 days ago)
What about a Replicants Class?
Angry Crusader 39 (9 days ago)
Cop, and Nomad!
MrMrrome (9 days ago)
Definitely looking forward to seeing how the corporate plays. That sounds really interesting.
Toe Nail (10 days ago)
Bear Grillis?
Jacob mp (10 days ago)
Man!!! Really i don't no all that there next game!!!!Man the witcher 3 wild hunt was 10 so just tike how great there game be
Old man Esteban (11 days ago)
Do you feel it now Mr. Crabs?
Black Cadillac (11 days ago)
I think it's really retarded that there is no set class.
Devin Dunn (12 days ago)
I'm the type of player that is 100 in everything
ZeeNasty (12 days ago)
Stop. I can only get so wet.
im da bes (12 days ago)
U missed cop. Which is probably what I would be. It would be like dredd the game.
im da bes (12 days ago)
So each class is a different storyline? If so that's awesome.
Rah (12 days ago)
Wow this is the closest i ve seen to VTM Bloodlines, but, better and futuristic.
Gank Lord (13 days ago)
Dex sounds like he wants me to do another dark brotherhood contract
Ziggy Zigz (13 days ago)
0:40 "Bear Grill-es"??
brendan shari (13 days ago)
Can't wait to see the new classes peoople create. I'm shooting for Net Assassin
Delano Santiago (13 days ago)
Where nun Netrunner, brain hacking technomancers at 👁👁👁
Jakub Szałkowski (13 days ago)
5:07 u can see drivers in car,they teleported
Ivan zvani Grozni (13 days ago)
The Cyberpunk genre as a whole left some... weird and frustrating scars in me. I myself can't explain it. Even I don't know.
Dalák (14 days ago)
all i need to know is release date
Jonathan Barron (14 days ago)
That upgraded palm makes it look like it might be uncomfortable to jerk off. Wonder how that will be represented in the stats...
YAHUSHA KING (14 days ago)
First person shoiter????big no
Nefarious Cookie (15 days ago)
Id choose the day-hooker class or the insatiable hobo class.
Gerson Arias (15 days ago)
2020 July (7) 7th (7)
Samuel Martens (15 days ago)
Hrmmmmmmmmm... sounds a bit like no mans sky
lewis wilson (15 days ago)
HappyBox (15 days ago)
are we able to combine classes?
Red Truth (16 days ago)
Techie, corporate, netrunner here I come! My SciFi dream characters are infamous black market seller, bitchy white collar with grey morality, and Felicity like hacker
Michael Peavoy (16 days ago)
I really love how you guys bleeped the dude saying balls but you showed tiddys
bewarethepatientman (16 days ago)
How is this game going to work, how do rockers and corporates fit into a shooter
Kokiri Kidd (16 days ago)
I really hope you can join the Maelstrom as a faction and just a large variety of possibilities with how you can play the game out
The Meme lord (17 days ago)
Solo because you can get money but not involve
inquistor offcat (17 days ago)
Anyone else going full Tech priest?
Jordan Burston (17 days ago)
Wait....... Are they finally making something other than Overwatch videos again? I might resubscribe. Edit: Never mind this is only the third non-Overwatch video over the course of 4 weeks.
Ben Williams (17 days ago)
As I've never played the original game I'm having a hard time picturing what a lot of these classes will allow you to do. Obviously the hacker can back, tech boi can probably upgrade his parts without going to a tech store and the hit man will get strength,awareness,aiming upgrades etc. But beyond role-playing I'm unsure what's on offer for spec-ing into fixer/corporate/rocker. Seems like they'd just all give charisma upgrades but can't imagine what more..game looks great though
James Trepus (17 days ago)
It would be to cool if you could have no cybernetics at all and be the only human or several humans who don't have cybernetics. Also maybe if you choose to have no cybernetics people might hate you and think your inferior to people who have cybernetics, but I think I'm thinking too outside the box.
Zabel Zarock (12 days ago)
Im sure that will ne an achievement.
J Madden (17 days ago)
I just noticed something, that ship that that guy got fried in was flying in outer space. Mad hype.
Yoru Kage (17 days ago)
Balls is not a curse
HamiOne (18 days ago)
there is no classes :) u make ur own class :D
Jacopo Armini (18 days ago)
is it possible to play as a lawful character that doesn't want to cooperate with crime and fights corruption? I am not a super fan of underground affairs, and it would feel good to cleanse those filthy cyberpunk streets of crime.
Kye thecrazycatman (18 days ago)
I dont want to over expect this game.
Kasper Salminen (18 days ago)
Palestinian design agreement activity Dutch afraid floor recently report night drive just.
iLLuzion S (18 days ago)
Now that „wich would you pic“ is what I would call scam
smegskull (18 days ago)
No rocker, no corporate, no preorder.
Carlos Andrade (18 days ago)
But what about street samurai?
Jordan Vance-Ivey (18 days ago)
Yo you say classes like we're going to get to play them and so far I have not seen any of that
Hr576 12 (19 days ago)
0:44 something called click bait is why
Hr576 12 (19 days ago)
Jk lol
Berke Tonbil (19 days ago)
If i combine techie and solo do i can be count as a tech-priest
Fallen Angel (19 days ago)
Solo Edit: I haven’t even finished the video but this is just what I usually am
IggyDoesStuff (19 days ago)
I’m definitely going to be a heavily augmented solo who believes in nothing but the objective and getting things done without emotions in the way. EDIT: Can’t wait to loose my social life playing this game.
E V (19 days ago)
Why talk about it now when game not coming anytime soon
The Reprehensible (19 days ago)
Electric cyber banana.
Luiz Carlos Oliveira (19 days ago)
i love netrunners
Money Singh (19 days ago)
He look!! He is starting to talk about shitwatch less often
Aleplayer’s Domain (19 days ago)
I would be a Netrunner. :)
Ponyponypony Pony (19 days ago)
quit overhyping this piece of garbage. You people are idiots
Slow-MOE (20 days ago)
I want to play a sniper.
Corey Smith-Crowe (20 days ago)
Hopefully there's multiclassing in this game. A Netrunner/Fixer sounds like it could be fun.
Dave Marinas (20 days ago)
At first glance, I thought the thumbnail was Varric Tethras from Dragon Age.
Claudia Roberts (20 days ago)
Still 170% excited for this game, but I prefer a fixed class system
Lord Starkiller (20 days ago)
Odd Freaks (20 days ago)
TheTpFlo (20 days ago)
0:39 Bear Grillis?
Blitz FromBehind (20 days ago)
Didn't the devs say that there are no classes just different builds (as in a dynamic skill system).
V is fucking fine. Drooling over a video game character wtf CDPR
Algomi (20 days ago)
No cybergod class :3 ?
ThePortlyPapa (20 days ago)
I want to be full robot eventually possible
Zabel Zarock (12 days ago)
Enjoy getting Windows 60 bluescreen error.
Isaac Detherage (20 days ago)
This would be the perfect company to make a modern realistic open world game where you mold your own life 100%. Like living in Los Angeles or NYC or Houston or Miami, and it's 100% open world. You get to pick your house, career, car, phone, family life, literally everything. Being a criminal would also be a choice. But have realistic traffic volumes and behaviour, like how cyberpunk has realistic crowds of people. Maybe one day my dream game will be here lol.
Rand Omhuman (4 hours ago)
Go outside?
Bar Do (1 day ago)
Why make a game like that? Just live your life how you want.
gidkidd -maddcity (19 days ago)
Isaac Detherage there's a game like that already coming. Look up on YouTube "identity game"
Lucas McDowell (20 days ago)
You have to be a girl in this game? Wtf
Happydemon (20 days ago)
I'm allways playing thief class... so lockpicking and hacking is a must. and the biggest guns possible!!! in fantasy games i make a conan the catburglar character.
seRap¡s oZmeaud (20 days ago)
This game only firstperson?
?????? ?????? (20 days ago)
Stopped watching as soon as you censored "balls". It's even there in text. Whomever made the decision to censor words should be fired and executed.
Q-10 (21 days ago)
This game got first person down👏🏽🔥
Hank Hill (21 days ago)
I want to play as a media or a Nomad. The classes you kind ignored or glossed over.
Amir Heidari (21 days ago)
like it'd be fun if I could be an asshole to people in the game and get away with it can I even play as an evil character is there guilds factions underground bases can I make choices that kills lots of people does my choices change the city's state like this thing r bugging me for so long
wartooth 88 (21 days ago)
I want my flying car which cdpr dangled in front of us since day one and now they are unpilotable.....that may be a disqualifier in my book.
Guardian (15 days ago)
wartooth 88 I assumed you meant the huge BFG 10000 that was shown in the gameplay trailer for Doom Eternal, which many fans assume you'll be able to fire. If you're talking about the regular BFG it's an even worse example because the gun was available already in past games, for it to not be available in the sequel would make no sense. Cyberpunk isn't a sequel, so there isn't a precedent to have flying cars for that reason. The GTA example is better, although I would argue that there was an airplane available to fly in GTA San Andreas, and for GTA 4 to not have any fixed wing aircraft available to fly after a previous game did is a little more of a letdown. Games can absolutely imply things, for instance, the BFG 10000 in the Doom Eternal gameplay is the centerpiece of the area, implying you'll either use it at some point or at least go to it and inside of it. So for instance, if a gameplay trailer for Cyberpunk showed V hopping into and flying a car, that would imply you would be able to use flying cars, but no such implication happens and the devs never said you'd be able to, so it's not like they're breaking a promise by not having you be able to fly. I'd much rather the devs spend time on things that actually matter, like good gameplay, interesting storylines, and the amazing looking crowds of people you'll encounter that give the city realistic density.
wartooth 88 (15 days ago)
+Guardian and it's not implied cuz I don't believe a game is actually able to imply things but it is supposed to immerse one self in the surroundings and elements within it. And if you didn't the doom analogy I made that's ok cuz I can think of a lot more convincing examples. For instance A lot of fans were disappointed in gta 4 when you could only fly helicopters and not planes. Even though the planes were right there. Rockstar listened to consumer complaints and bingo in gta 5 there were all manner of flying vehicles. I don't buy cdpr's excuses I'm sorry but if cdpr is known for listening to customers to put out a stellar product then I see no reason why this cannot be accomplished in the next 3 years or however long it takes to get released. And you know some modder will make cars fly anyway but it will be lackluster and I don't use mods in games.
wartooth 88 (16 days ago)
+Guardian I meant the regular BFG 9000 and not being able to use it if it's just shown in the gameplay trailer.
Guardian (16 days ago)
wartooth 88 There might be a flying car in the gameplay trailer, but to my knowledge at no point do they imply you'll be able to pilot one. Same with the BFG in the Doom trailer. Maybe fans would take issue with not being able to fire it, but again, firing the BFG 10000 isn't the point of the game and if you take so much issue with not being able to that you don't buy the game, you're probably looking at the wrong game anyway. There's so much other stuff you'll allegedly be able to do in Cyberpunk, including driving a perfectly fine land car. Also the BFG in Doom is shown as a centerpiece to the whole area, whereas flying cars in cyberpunk are portrayed as everyday and mundane so your analogy really doesn't work.
wartooth 88 (17 days ago)
Tell customers who watch the new Doom Eternal trailer the BFG is only shown but not useable by the player. See how many fans take issue with such nonsense. For a claim of such immersion in this game their are big issues that cdpr is glossing over much to the customers dismay.
Steven Bennett (21 days ago)
I wish to play Rapper/Rocker boy, in a cover band playing music from 1996 to 2004. Nu-Metal/Alt-Rock/Britpop and early Mumble-Rap.
Noah Smith (21 days ago)
Fixer will be my main class
Olivier Van Der Hoeven (21 days ago)
I deffinitely want to go for a hacker/ information broker
The Overwatcher72 (21 days ago)
I want to be a cop because their armour looks so cool
zix47 (21 days ago)
me favorite class is the costum class
Heino W. Pedersen (21 days ago)
we need to know if U can go melee the entire game - and info about guns
laoxep (22 days ago)

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