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Minecraft Admin How-To: Grief Prevention

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Website: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/grief-prevention/ Hey friends! This week as requested a few times I go over the very powerful, extremely easy, player land management plugin called Grief Prevention. The possibilities of this plugin are endless and it works in 1.8. Feel free to download the server used in this demonstration below. Server Download: http://adf.ly/sa76g (Watch a 5 second ad then you can download) ======Credits=============================== Music provided by Jake and Chris Fleming Server: Fan.mcfriends.us ~~~~~~Ways to Support~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Looking for a good server host? http://bit.ly/1aWPFY3 Show your love? http://www.mcfriends.us/shop Looking for a network? http://bit.ly/mcfcurse --------Communications--------------------------------------------------- Google + = https://plus.google.com/+mcfriendsuskoz Twitter = https://twitter.com/koz4christ ==========================================
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Text Comments (179)
J2XG (3 days ago)
Is there a way to make a designated pvp area where pvp is only allowed in that chunk/s
Colton Barnett (25 days ago)
How do you activate the siege mode?
Muamar Gadafi (27 days ago)
How to/buyclaimblocks
Guillotine (6 months ago)
It doesn't work, everytime I try to use a command it just says internal error
Darren Beckwith (8 months ago)
Hello, can you do a video on how to buy and sell claim blocks with a sign.
Darren Beckwith (8 months ago)
All I have found out at the moment, You can enable the buy/ sell in the config file or GP, as well the prices. add the command node grief prevention to your players and use the command in game /buyclaimblocks (price) or sell. but I'm looking for the ability to use signs. thanks for getting back to me so soon, you rock!.
Koz4Christ (8 months ago)
I'm not sure if this plugin has that functionality
Zach Dodson (9 months ago)
Can you make an updated version of this?
I'mTheToast (9 months ago)
Help me please. I've downloaded the plugin, everything worked beside /claim, and the golden should and stick did nothing when I clicked them. Can someone help me?
I'mTheToast (9 months ago)
Koz4Christ thanks.
Koz4Christ (9 months ago)
Check your console for errors and make sure you're on the right version of the plugin for the version of MC you're running
Francishy (9 months ago)
How do I enable buying claim blocks?
Fortnite Weekly (11 months ago)
mefew12 (1 year ago)
Please help me I can't use pistons in my claim and if that is the part of the plugin how can I enable pistons
Welsh Lego Builder (10 months ago)
Teamsinsane mc 12 the same thing happens with WorldGuard
diseased (1 year ago)
I added the .jar into my plugin file, but there is no other file for it.
Kuxtlan (1 year ago)
Excuse me, what program do I need to modify .yml archives?
Kuxtlan (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials Thank you I'm already using it, but I have a problem finding how to avoid that claim 9x9 appears when players put his first chest or any other chests...do you know how to do it? Grettings fron Mexico
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Any text editor. I recommend Notepad++
Your home service (1 year ago)
Hello, I need help. I want a voxelsniper grief prevention on my creative server using PlotSquared. So i know there's a plugin that does that but it requires VoxelSniper version 7 which is just for Sponge, What is sponge? And is there any chance that there's another grief prevention plugin for Voxelsniper? I need help really quick. thank you
ItzDionic Playz (1 year ago)
why can someone who is not trusted break blocks in someone's claim?
F3n1X (1 year ago)
How do you protect your spawn with it but how do you let everyone use levers in spawn
Lynx Pika-Network (3 months ago)
Dude use WorldGuard koz has video for it
Linus Johansson (10 months ago)
do /containertrust public and people will only be able to use ur buttons/ levers/ mobs and such
哈爾移動肥佬-_- (1 year ago)
how to install this?
RiskBunny (1 year ago)
What's the command to give other people claim blocks?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
lena (1 year ago)
I'm on a server and I've set a claim where my house is underground. How do I know for sure that it is protecting my land and chest? Also since I'm on an island does it protect the animals on it with me?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
I believe GP is bedrock to sky but check with a server mod or owner to be sure
SirViki (1 year ago)
How do I do so everytime a player votes he gets an additional 10 claim blocks?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Setup your listener to run the command to give them more claim blocks
Aries Fangz (1 year ago)
I have a mod on my server called Mine Mine No Mi it adds devil fruits from the anime One Piece how can i protect my spawn from the Devil Fruit powers
Joey Vong (1 year ago)
items don't travel hoppers to chest help
Keiran (1 year ago)
how do i change the shovel to claim mode?? :(
Joshua Parsons (2 years ago)
ok so my question is what if im running a forge server like for pixelmon
Jetski (1 year ago)
Doesnt work
Serkus (2 years ago)
Players can type /IgnoreClaims
Nove (8 months ago)
Serkus You can make permissions
Esmeralda Morales (2 years ago)
this plugin doesn't even work on my server I just get out the shovel right clicking the ground used the chest and the stick nothing HELP!
LakeBigHead (2 years ago)
How to delete only ONE admin claim
nnnnappleMC (2 years ago)
I think it's you stand in the claim you want to delete and then do /abandonclaim?
LakeBigHead (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials Ok sure will :)
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
Contact the author
Gregory Grigoriadis (2 years ago)
can i use this as you in 1.9 and higher????
Gregory Grigoriadis (2 years ago)
I made a custom ip from no ip,ok it hasnt numbers so i am ok!! And also is there a better plugin than http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/autosaveworld/ for server protect and backups???
Gregory Grigoriadis (2 years ago)
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
Yes, the author keeps updating the plugin
BakingBacon (2 years ago)
I don't have a plugins folder. Do I make one?
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+BakingBacon Make sure you're on the correct server MC version for GP.  I know GP gets updated a lot so make sure you're running the latest version.  Also, sounds like your server is having problems running on your computer.
BakingBacon (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials There's only one error that says: Warning: Can't keep up! Did the system change, or is the server overloaded?
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+BakingBacon If you're running your server at home then its the black box that pops up.  If you're server is hosted then click on "Console".  Or you can check your logs in your "logs" folder
BakingBacon (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials Sorry, but where is the server console?? .-.
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+BakingBacon That means your plugin is failing to start, check your server console at startup for errors
MrAustinValentine (2 years ago)
2:51 mind explaining to me what exactly sealeveloverrides means?
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+MrAustinValentine I don't recall, feel free to post on the author's page
MarkChrono (2 years ago)
i do /ac and member cant access to pigs
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+MarkPlayzYT contact the athor
fuck (2 years ago)
im trying to make a survival server and i want pleyers to be able to claim there land how would i do that comment or msg me on skype supersonicguy15
jesse sanchez (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials it's don't know the correct permissions amd I don't know how to do permissions
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+jesse sanchez Check your console for errors, make sure you have the correct permissions and then contact the author if you're still having troubles.
jesse sanchez (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials it's not failing to start because when I place a chest the gold blocks show up but when I try to make or edit a claim with the gold shovel it doesn't work
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Royal Happy Is the plugin failing to start.  Check your console and server logs for errors.  Make sure you're running the correct version of MC for the version of GP you're running.
fuck (2 years ago)
i know but this plugin isnt working for some reson
RedDustRR (2 years ago)
I Downloaded The Plugin But The Folder Doesn't Pop Up?
RedDustRR (2 years ago)
Can You Come Check Out My Server Sometime? The Ip Is SwiftCraft.mygs.co
RedDustRR (2 years ago)
Ok Thanks :)
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+DevoidLeek YT Contact the author
RedDustRR (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials This Is What It Said [15:51:54 INFO]: [GriefPrevention] Enabling GriefPrevention v13.9.1 [15:51:54 INFO]: GriefPrevention: Grief Prevention boot start. [15:51:54 ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling GriefPrevention v13.9.1 (Is it up to date?)
RedDustRR (2 years ago)
Ok, Thankyou  I Will Try This.
Imz Ygm (2 years ago)
Can I talk to you in private?
RooSalad (2 years ago)
how exactly do i stop players from dumping/using lava unless they own the land/claim?
RooSalad (2 years ago)
yea, you can't.
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Andrew Emmons I thought you could....try posting on the spigot page and see if the author can assist.
RooSalad (2 years ago)
I understand that, but I do not see an option to do so in the config anywhere.
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Andrew Emmons Lock down the wilderness
Angie Nixon (2 years ago)
Which is the best permissions plugin (we're running a Spigot server for kids)
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Angie Nixon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayGu4JIgeGI&lc
Vito Tivadar (2 years ago)
Can somebody tell me how to install that plugin, please?
Vito Tivadar (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials ok thanks
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+vito tivadar Put the jar file in your plugins folder and then start your server.
Lerrie (2 years ago)
How can I make sure that they can build only in the plot
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Mart Lammers You need PlotMe or PlotSquared. That is not a function of GP (As I recall)
mombo 2811 (2 years ago)
How do i make it so some ranks have a claim like VIP has 20x20 claim and default has 5x5??
ZureMatt (1 year ago)
he says that in the video
WillFrostStorm (2 years ago)
do i need bukkit.yml or what do i need more ?
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+BraveFox Bukkit or Spigot server
WillFrostStorm (2 years ago)
You can also use it on a regular server, or it must be a bukkit server ?
WillFrostStorm (2 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials do i need another program to let it work ?
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+BraveFox Um.....I don't follow your question. You put the grief prevention jar in your plugins folder
fredric ottosson (2 years ago)
im trying to add modded blocks to the list, and i do like for example electric furnace - 150:2 and it just makes it - 1502 after i restart the server to load it, and if i do - 150:* it gets totaly removed :/ pleas i need help D:
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+fredric ottosson Not sure man, post on the author's page. Hes fairly responsive.
i canged my name on a server whit this but im not op and i dont have permisions for my claims enymore how do i fix it?
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+TheWitherHunter That would be your problem.  Make sure you're not on the latest version of GP and you're on a version that works with 1.7.10
im on 1.7.10
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+TheWitherHunter Sounds like you have a permissions issue with your new name.  Which is weird because if you're on 1.8 then you should have everything based upon UUIDs which don't change
but im not the owner
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+TheWitherHunter Go back into your console and do /op yourname
Exploring Middle-earth (3 years ago)
I installed the addon, the commands are all there, but the shovel, stick and chest claiming do not work?
Exploring Middle-earth (3 years ago)
OK I'll check. Thanks
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Douglas Lawson (doug200463) Do you get any errors? The author updates this plugin A LOT, most commonly the issue is you're running an old version of bukkit/spigot
Necro Mesmerownz (3 years ago)
Does this mean that every single time someone places a chest its going to claim the land for them? :S
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Necro Mesmerownz Nice!
Necro Mesmerownz (3 years ago)
I did keep adding a new claim but there was some text in the config which was something like auto register, and then the number 4. I just changed the number to -1 and that way you can only make a claim if you place the chest and use a spade :)
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Necro Mesmerownz Maybe? I think its just initial claim, test it out.
Luis Leimig (3 years ago)
Hello, i having some problems... installed the version 1.7.2 R0.3 , but always i have a problem, can't buy new blocks and can't trust ... help :)
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Luis Leimig There are likely multiple version for 1.7.2.  Try a couple of those.  I'd recommend contacting the author but they'll probably just tell you to update to 1.8 and use the latest version of GP
Luis Leimig (3 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials but i got the related version to MC 1.7.2 R03 =( everthing here is for 1.7.2  =(
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Luis Leimig The latest GP only works with 1.8. You'll need to get a VERY outdated version of GP as the author is constantly updated GP
Luis Leimig (3 years ago)
+Luis Leimig Everytime when try buy claim , its says " internal error ..... command " .... =(
German Panzer IV (3 years ago)
On my server I can't figure out how set the buy and sell blocks, it will tell me that a an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command please help me!
Rasimoh (3 years ago)
I dont think he will see this but if u do. A player built a house and he didnt claim it but it still says when u are even like 50 blocks away + that he claimed it and u dont here permission to build there?
Rasimoh (3 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials Oh Wow thanks man :) Good to know u reply on your older vids
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+TTriangles | Clash Of Clans Use your stick to check the claims. Also, GP can act really weird if you aren't running the right version of spigot/bukkit. Make sure that is all up to date too
Neo Scorpionvssub (3 years ago)
there was a world edit issue so our Freebuild world crashed out on certain area's now im able to...get around that by redoing the freebuild world so that it will be fresh the way i wanted it(20 blocks deep) got all that, but we used to have where you were forced to claim in creative but not in survival and both those worlds are linked together via multiverse...im using latest build of griefprevention how do i go about making it so that everyone but those that ignore claims must claim before building? This whole page of grief itself is VERY confusing about the specifics of making it a claim first then build world... also the setting "CreativeRulesWorld" thing isnt in the config -.-
Justin Strickland (2 years ago)
+Neo Troost I'm having a similar issue. I'd like to disable this setting in some of my worlds, but the creativerulesworld is no where to be found. did you ever end up resolving this?
Beep beep im a jeep (3 years ago)
If you can find a 1.7 and 1.8 version cal you please give me the link because when I right click a golden shovel nothing happens
Donovan Martinez (3 years ago)
even though a plot is claimed another person is still aloud to break blocks in that claim even if they are untrusted
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Donovan Martinez Most likely you're running an older version of Bukkit/spigot. Update to 1.8 and make sure you're running the latest GP
gert kaj (3 years ago)
hellooo donators staff spawn minigames lobby creativity that is the worlds as the command block is allowed to be used as for staff get the message Warning Pistions will not move blocks outside land claims can I have set you an idea as to how I can do that ?? / the server stay on 1.8 grt  [email protected]
DagelijkSGameS (3 years ago)
m owner of a server but i cant claim ANYTHING. with my golden spade it just sais nothing. can u help me?
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Junjun Valdez Essentials?
Sky Plays (3 years ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials hey koz you know whats the plugin that says Hey! Sorry But You dont have permission for this area and if u know can you do a tutorial for it plz xD
GamerFreakz (3 years ago)
Hahahaha, lekkah
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+DagelijkSGameS Most likely the plugin is failing to start because i'm guessing you're still running on 1.7. Update to 1.8 as GP only works in 1.8
ItsFanDrobe (3 years ago)
When I right click with a shovel nothing happens
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+ItsFanDrobe Then your GP must not be starting, check your server log for errors and keep in mind anything above GP 9.1 only runs on 1.8
koawhkaine (3 years ago)
Koz, all your videos rock. To clarify, looking for a tutorial on the grief protection plugin for dynmap. I have the GP plugin(dynmap) jar, and it looks like it created a folder of its own, but i dont show it in my dynmap render webpage.
koawhkaine (3 years ago)
+Koz4Christ ah ok. I see numerous maps out there that have it, and its working. So I will hang out in envy I guess until its sorted out.
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+koawhkaine Last I checked that GP dynmap plugin was having troubles and needed to be updated
Karopine (3 years ago)
Awesome Review of the mod Koz(Liked). One request though; could you in the description below the video put the commands and have it link to the video's time you explain that command? Like /transfer claim [player] = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhOttP2PA-4&feature=youtu.be&t=10m15s. It's a great review, I'm just not going to remember where in the 15 minute video the command I'm searching for is in a few months.
Angiebobb (3 years ago)
Is there an updated version of GriefPreventionEx or another mod similar out there anywhere? I can't seem to find one.
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+ang45875 I don't know, check with the GP author
Angiebobb (3 years ago)
I'm already using the GriefPrevention plugin. GriefPreventionEx was an addon to it. By typing the "/gpemobdamage and /gpemobspawn", it would stop the mobs from spawning and attacking in the claims. Is there another one out there that will do that and work with GriefPrevention?
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+ang45875 Looks like that plugin hasn't been updated in over a year.....probably should switch to the one in this video.
Angiebobb (3 years ago)
It's the GriefPreventionEx plugin that I'm having issues with.  When I type /gpemobdamage and /gpemobspawn, I get an error. I've tried asking the creator on their forums and I haven't gotten a response.
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+ang45875 GriefPrevention is under very active development and is very up to date.  If it is not working for you then it is probably because you're running a 1.7 server.  You need to update your server to 1.8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g349NgJlZeg
mohsan sajjaad (3 years ago)
i need a 1.7.10 version can someone send me a link
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+mohsan sajjaad You have to go back to 9.1 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/grief-prevention/files/?page=2
Ash Rowland (3 years ago)
Hey man, i'm trying to run this on a FTB server (apparently it works perfectly by running MCPC+) but my server ain't loading it up on startup
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+FireSparq I am not sure, have you tried googling it?  Like I said I have almost no experience running FTB or any type of modded servers.
Ash Rowland (3 years ago)
+Koz4Christ I'm getting a unable to remap class error. I thought that just meant i needed to update my Java, but i'm not certain
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+FireSparq I don't have any experience running a FTB server but I'd check the server log for errors.  That may help you with why its not starting up.  Maybe post on the author's page for further help.
Mrolller mc (3 years ago)
Why i cant break item frame ? if i try i got kicked from server and its come "Internal server error"
fadhel alhamli (3 years ago)
hello Koz4Christ i do have a problem with it when i put the chest on the ground or i do a right click with a shovel or stick nothing happen too
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+fadhel alhamli Can you run any of the commands?  My guess is that it is failing to start.  The latest version only works with the full 1.8 that spigot released, try version 9.1 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/grief-prevention/files/
Finley (3 years ago)
Hey again! I was wondering how i could fix my problem. I want players to turn their claims into chest shops! When the players claim some land how can they make it so that players can click signs! Please help me, Many thanks FDK! :D
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+FDKLTD They would have to subdivide up their claim and then give all users access trust, I believe
gud back (3 years ago)
Can u make a tutorial on how to fix the Connection Throttle in bungee coord? :)
Kocsis Lorand (3 years ago)
Hello can pls make a tutorial at commandnpc plugin  http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/cmdnpc/ 
Bora Basar (3 years ago)
Koz, can you do a plugin tutorial that shows personal stats at the right part of the screen?
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+john cooper This plugin? http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/info-board/  I have this one on my list already :)
Danny Gmi (3 years ago)
Can you plz show us how to use outdated plugins and install them like boss bar message
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Danny Gmi If they're outdated and giving errors when you startup your server....there isn't much you can do until they've been updated.  Unless you know how to re-program them
Mr.Redstone11 (3 years ago)
Can You Please Do A Clear Lag +Koz4Christ 
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
Added to my list!
Ondra English (3 years ago)
Hey there koz!Could you make a Residence plugin rewiew? (Dont do the subzones and area just some basics)
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Ondra English Added!
RidiculousTV (3 years ago)
Can u do another factions plugin help because when I make a TNT cannon and the TNT goes in the faction it disappears but when I'm not in the faction it blows up
MinerMinhkhai (3 years ago)
Man I love your videos and I'm here to thank you for spending your time to help us :)
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+MinerMinhkhai Thanks for the encouragement!  Glad they've been helpful
ChronicSquid (3 years ago)
CoreProtect? That is a good one :) http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/coreprotect/
Sebastian Helt (3 years ago)
This help my server so muth!
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Sebastian Helt Glad to help!
ThunderWolf (3 years ago)
can you do a plugin on CorePortect
ThunderWolf (3 years ago)
k it an awesome plugin (: 
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+TheFrozenWolfPack Maybe next week :) We'll see
ThunderWolf (3 years ago)
Your Making it yah
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+TheFrozenWolfPack Added!
Another epic plugin!
Koz4Christ (3 years ago)
+Bammerbom The King This is a fantastic plugin.  Hats off to the creators, very simple and very powerful!

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