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APPLYING FOR STAFF ON MY MINECRAFT SERVER A new entry for potentially the worst video on JackSucksAtLife, happy April Fools. ★ Server IP: Play.Skycade.Net ★ Server Store: http://store.skycade.net/ ★ Forums: http://forums.skycade.net ★ Follow me on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat: ► https://twitter.com/JackMasseyWelsh ► https://instagram.com/JackMasseyWelsh ► Snapchat - JackMasseyWelsh ★ Join My Minecraft Server: ► Play.Skycade.Net ★ Reminder: people who advertise, spam or argue in the comments will be blocked. ★
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Text Comments (1323)
mikaeel playz (7 days ago)
David Yacoub (7 days ago)
You should be the owner of skycade
David Yacoub (2 days ago)
Petrified_Panda wdym? obviously hes not, but he'd a perfect candidate tho
Petrified_Panda (2 days ago)
He is
AsE Liht (9 days ago)
What happened back there
Kyle playz (12 days ago)
Why was Skeppy rejected when he applied for staff on your server
Raxz TZ2 (14 days ago)
like no offense but its a shitty ass server if you can buy an unban, anyone can just unban themselves instantly if they have money...
Galaxyzz AJ (14 days ago)
Your server is out dated for the 1.13 update jack
phat mood (15 days ago)
#BadLuckJack hahaah im so funny pls like hahahahaha
Wawa Norde (15 days ago)
golden batman56 (16 days ago)
Here's a good comment I like this Australian dickhead
Stick Man (16 days ago)
ur realyt cool and sexyest
Horribleaustin 1 (17 days ago)
Anyone notice that this is on April fools
MasterGamerDenis (18 days ago)
To all haters, you try getting subs and his set. Then you try. But anyways dont try even if you DO have more. He is better than all hater added togeather × infinity.
Visioning Faun85 (21 days ago)
when in June was your birthday because mine is in June and I'm 12
Gorjan Neshikj (21 days ago)
shit vid = great vid
Jasper Jessee (21 days ago)
You are cool and attractive.
Under punder (21 days ago)
Jack:so while I was in Australia Me: did I here AUSTRALIA SHRIMP ON DA BARBY (Not retarded me):there prawns......Ya wanker
Stan Tank (22 days ago)
PatrickAndBear (22 days ago)
Iulia Yammine (25 days ago)
Tackeled Gamer (1 month ago)
JackSucksAtLife has the worst YT icon i 've ever seen in my lifetime and he cant english well XD, but aren't you an owner already on the skycade network?? were you??
Tackeled Gamer (1 month ago)
do you even english bruh? 6:44
super gamer (1 month ago)
ajo_29 (1 month ago)
Jxmmie Dxdger (1 month ago)
give this man an oscar
Buttr_ Finger (1 month ago)
If anyone knows msp.. all those dislikes are Pixi Star's spam accounts.
Summer Stalley (1 month ago)
happysongs4kyrone (1 month ago)
Can I be staff I am from planet minecraft and I need op to test ur server :D
HoldenPlayZ (1 month ago)
7:57 he swore.
barzin 1123 (1 month ago)
Ashley McDowell (1 month ago)
you did it yay
JEETH DAS (1 month ago)
Law (2 months ago)
Hey can i apply for staf im very gud in staff stuff all i need is a minecraft account since i don't have one after dat i will be ready for my dutyies
GalaxyHannahPlayz (2 months ago)
I know this was like a year before but i just wanted to say #GoodLuckJack......... and yes i know you got the staff member job :D
Clashing Cansz (2 months ago)
Desenhista Comum (2 months ago)
Judeplayz1234 (2 months ago)
that one bad edit
Elijah Fontanilla (2 months ago)
$20 and 60 cents. Damn
Elijah Fontanilla (2 months ago)
What's evopvp's up adress?
Trials Demon (2 months ago)
best ending ever jack "shit video"love da vidscan you say that at the end of every video
Sawyer West (2 months ago)
#goodluckjack...... I am from da future and daway
Boldi Daily (2 months ago)
*shit video*
awesomehaley gaming (2 months ago)
i would let you be staff on any minecraft server i owned any day :D
vrg lab (2 months ago)
Don't you see its april foll
arcade 111 (2 months ago)
ummmm 20$ for unban just just buy another account so you get better things
Miners League (2 months ago)
its illegal to sell unbans read Eula
Aaliyah Hoppe-Beethe (2 months ago)
Your only 12????!!!!
The Friendly Robloxian. (2 months ago)
He swore xd
RobloHydra 3000 (2 months ago)
You said you were 12 and also said you can be on 24/7 but don’t 12 year olds have school
Emma Cartlidge (3 months ago)
The only question I have is, why is there still Tinsel from Christmas in the background when it was April...
Madmaxito (3 months ago)
Jakuno_Gaming (3 months ago)
7:10 actually it's, knees weak, arms are heavy. There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti.
the Dog (3 months ago)
Alfie is my name 😆
ItzAdamIsNoob (3 months ago)
“shit video” them two words made a big turn in jacks life
Midnight Darkwolf (3 months ago)
really you use skype ? if you are a helper why not discord ?
RIZER (3 months ago)
Sebastian Umana (3 months ago)
6:18 pause and read
Jorden Jacob (3 months ago)
wtf u litterly own the server why r u applying...
Bugaboo (3 months ago)
youre so skinny and ugly
King of Gaming (3 months ago)
Bullshit video
SameerSlash (3 months ago)
Dude, where did u lurn to make sooch a good application?
Scotsman Banter! (3 months ago)
W o n d e r (3 months ago)
you suck at life
Rilster Rocks (3 months ago)
dear jack, im trying to go on your server but it just gets disconnected. also what is an ign
Yuki dick (3 months ago)
You really cant spell? Go back to school
Welp-Help (3 months ago)
That moment when you've been playing minecraft longer than most minecraft youtubers
Bomber Alfie-Fortnite (3 months ago)
Applying for staff on your own server .... Wow ... What has MINECRAFT become
Liam (3 months ago)
"Published on 1 Apr 2017"
Michael Scott (3 months ago)
Your spelling sucks
Stoneslab Gaming (3 months ago)
Joebob 809 (3 months ago)
No u suck at being stAff but I can tell u u is a goods owner hehehehehhes
Clipz (3 months ago)
Should really buy that server back
オースティンTM (3 months ago)
It costs money to unban on that server? Wow.
Red Snapper (3 months ago)
Don't you have the console jack
Red Snapper (3 months ago)
Don't you have the console jack?
Fancy Crumpets (3 months ago)
Yo man that was a really dope video
Pep Talks (3 months ago)
“I won’t tell anyone about my application as I don’t want to jeopardise my chances” *makes YouTube vid about it*
Kameron Metzler (3 months ago)
You should he use an actual email in Minecraft username so you would actually known if it worked I must have sent it to you through the website
Meaningful Music (3 months ago)
Why can't I register on the Skycade Forums?
Caz Bagshaw (3 months ago)
Can I be on your sever plz go help new people 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎plZ
iEdit (3 months ago)
You look abit like toby maguire
Kristofer Laymon (3 months ago)
I'm definitely not going to steal this
Joshua R. Collins (3 months ago)
U should have bought it back, its gone now! Rip
Fridgearators (3 months ago)
kcaj kcul doog#
Pierson Lawrence (3 months ago)
what if the staff see this vid and deny it you shouldn't have posted it until 2 weeks later...
Defaulty Boi (3 months ago)
You are boring.
Sierra Perry (3 months ago)
Ag4vikingur /Árni (3 months ago)
funwith mike (3 months ago)
Devo Gamer (3 months ago)
It says the server is out of date?
ImCasp (3 months ago)
See the realese date, its 1. apr. 2017
Anthony Yershov (3 months ago)
Wumpus Yt (3 months ago)
Chris and Heather Smith (3 months ago)
jack, im 12 and i dont spell like that
AnimeSlayer AnimeSlayer (4 months ago)
Is he rly that bad at typing?!?!?!
Alvin Gren (4 months ago)
Alexqwaz Ginn (4 months ago)
TheSuperGamer (4 months ago)
"How long have you been playing Minecraft for?" PUTS 2012... That's a lot of years if Minecraft, a while whopping 2 thousand 12 years.
Galaxy Gaming (4 months ago)
I'm Jackin off while I watch this vid n I hate minecraft

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