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Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9
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Shadow Warrior (1 hour ago)
7:07 that unsullied got burnt.rest in piece
Arie Torrens (9 hours ago)
This never fails to give me the goosebumps
Dumebi Ezenagu (13 hours ago)
Drogon was soo little..😞
Evgeny Ermakov (13 hours ago)
Whore's behaviour.
Laila Lasheen (16 hours ago)
thor (21 hours ago)
Love the short scene when she accepts her fate. Never seen her this stoic before
Vrangsynn (23 hours ago)
I will never understand how cutthroats with knives can take on an elite army (and swordsmen, like Barristan) and win
Patience Rachel (1 day ago)
I can't help but find the dragons so damn cute
I'm a Potato (1 day ago)
Hypocrital Tyrion strikes again. In season 7 he was against Daenerys using her dragon to defeat the Lannister ARMY, yet he has no problem with Daenerys using Drogon to kill her enemies in Essos. Ellaria was right, there are no innocent Lannisters.
Hamada Gamal (1 day ago)
The Best TV Show Ever..................Wright
Ivana (1 day ago)
I don't know why but this scene makes me cry and gets me everytime. Drogon looks at Daenerys with such sweetness, almost like he's saying "I missed my Mommy." As violent as this show is, it definitely has its sweet moments.
Mt.Franco (2 days ago)
Now i know where bo4 got it from
Pat Gogan (2 days ago)
Isis has entered the arena ...
Valan Sultanna (2 days ago)
I can't hear the dialogue. Turn up the volume.
jsjk (2 days ago)
I don't know if anyone realizes but to cutest thing about Drogon is how whilst getting injured over and over and giving her cover he is staying put because he won't leave Dany unless told to do so. With her on his back ofc :3
Damn Son (3 days ago)
7:07 unlucky Unsullied getting in the way of dragon's fire
BlueZeroZeroOne (3 days ago)
I feel like the Unsullied need swords. Fighting always at spear length only hinders them when they are outnumbered.
Swear_to_ My_butt (4 days ago)
i never thought the first time i want to have a baby is when i watch this scene
JIMMY JIMMY SURS (4 days ago)
Uber arrived at time.
Maya Targaryen (4 days ago)
Got goosebumps when Drogon began flying with Daenerys on his back (,:
Érika Savage (4 days ago)
Quem não chorou nesse episódio meoooo que episódio FODAAAAAAA😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Isaiah Darshan (4 days ago)
He’s so small
Anton Nilsson (4 days ago)
7:02 Drogon kills 1 unsullied
jacobww1 (5 days ago)
kinda sure dragons have 4 legs not 2 the are wyverns
AhsMira _ (5 days ago)
6:59 When my friends get the newest iPhone
IseYurina (6 days ago)
ISIS attack on Essos
Karishma Changlani (6 days ago)
Am I the only one who feels bad for Izhar. He had tried to protect his queen despite disagreements. He had even tried to think of a way out when things go wrong. He was doubted mistreated from day one but in one scene it was proved that he was loyal all along. If anything this alone should teach danny to not see the world as one sided that is masters=evil. But sadly it was never even brought up like his attempts were all for nothing.
Monsoon NS (6 days ago)
Don't hurt dragons anymore.. 😭
Asiye Cengiz (6 days ago)
Savaşmayı çok iyi birseymis gibi destekleyen insanları çözemedim 😕
Tomáš Vančura (6 days ago)
its DR.Issack :D from Resident evil :D :D :D in resident evil dont have luck to win :D
John Snow (7 days ago)
bad scene....many people running no way 9 min)
Ahmad Hikam (7 days ago)
6:05 Jangan ngatain jangan ngatain
IndraMahendra (7 days ago)
Saya baru tau ternyata dari scene ini wkwk..
Mike dolton (8 days ago)
Iv heard bigger boos for roman reaings
Dylan Ryan (8 days ago)
This reminds me of the Clone army pulling up and saving all the jedi in the geonocian arena.
Allison Murphy (8 days ago)
Ok, when they were taking the queen out, one of the guards- who were all providing her cover-should have put a cloak on her to hide that bright white dress and blonde hair while running out of the stadiums as to help her with concealment.
Mr. Happy (8 days ago)
Drogon: "oh you want to pick on my momma? let the bar b Q begin bitches"
maria H (8 days ago)
I have yet to get into this show, I’m just not sure where to watch it!?? Any ideas guys
Andrew (6 hours ago)
HBO seems to not be running any re-runs, i think they want to push the flow of money into people buying the DVD sets, so you can start there. Or just pirate it, that's what everyone else does. Popcorn time is probably the easiest and most reliable way to torrent since its made to more mimic something like Hulu and is easy to use even for people who are not comfortable with torrents. Popcorn time even saves a copy of it on your PC for you so if you really want to you can back up the episodes to keep once you watch them.
Kakgolo Masedi (8 days ago)
I love game of thrones
Martin Páleník (9 days ago)
Funny seeing manly men dragon vulnerable to luv.
Mr Trick (9 days ago)
Good boy.
로다지 (9 days ago)
Arthur Azevedo (9 days ago)
Remember guys, this is a wyvern
Rácz Béla Rácz (5 hours ago)
if JRRM calls it a dragon then it's a dragon , you know why ? because it's his universe
speedyy canitin (9 days ago)
Bu karıda cok guzel meme var sabaha kadar emzirsin beni emerim mk😃
Mohamed Farhan (9 days ago)
What is the name of this Film?
Karanvir Kooner (10 days ago)
Expect the unexpected
Legendary Niwatori (10 days ago)
And the Unsullied are still a bunch of bitch ass niggas
hsuitor1234 (10 days ago)
I want to see this show
مهدی نوذری (10 days ago)
سلام چرا فیلم کامل تاج تخت نیست
안젤리카Angelica (10 days ago)
I cant count how many times I replayed this
sexypoetry (11 days ago)
dragonshit...even better than bullshit....
Steve Neild (11 days ago)
I love her
Mateusz Rozynek (12 days ago)
I hate films like this why would they wait to kill her when got her surrounded just so the dragon can turn up and steal the show.. hate it she would of got butchered there..
summerdying111 (12 days ago)
ALİHAN TOGMUS (13 days ago)
Cool !
t k (13 days ago)
One of the best scenes in television ever!!!
Cyberz (13 days ago)
I bet no one noticed that at 7:02 he actually burns one unsullied too with the sons of the harpys
Nitin sharma (14 days ago)
I don't give a fuck 🖕if Jon Snow dies in Got 8 but if something happen to my favorite dragon i will cry a lot.
Kacey_WhyAmIHere Dodd (14 days ago)
Let’s be honest,Drogon is her favourite😂
Alone but Happy (14 days ago)
The most impressive moment of this clip is to kill harpy by Jorah behind the queen.
Alone but Happy (14 days ago)
It is illogical the Quenn alone escaped from battlefield while her council is still in danger. 😲
Khoda Gabani (14 days ago)
I love when Dany pulls the spear out of Drogon.
Zamanta De Jesus (15 days ago)
That was such a freaking badass moment for the Khalessi.
Chamchamcham10 (15 days ago)
Oh shit, flying T-Rex, fuck this...
Grant Deetch (15 days ago)
Around 6:55 I think Drogon killed an unsullied in that group
poula morcos (16 days ago)
I need my owm dragon
George Depp (16 days ago)
George Depp (16 days ago)
That's why I was scared of them to begin with. I thought I was fighting myself. But they are nothing like me at all. They are a bunch of cockles cowards.
George Depp (16 days ago)
I don't fear my worst enemy anymore (myself) I'll never leave you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0inHWlnYWe4
BobaFett MTB (16 days ago)
First time ive seen any GoT, having heard a lot of negativity about it. Too young to watch it when it first came out/ wasn't interested but I"m quite impressed with this clip. Good fight scenes, good cinematography and good tension, but it feels a bit OTT and hollywood-esque at times. That said, ill start watching them yeahahha
Nerraw Nehc (16 days ago)
Giants, dragons, dwarfs, elves, hobbits, witches, wizards, wargs, spirits, demons, humans, magic, necromancy, zombies, whole bunch of humanoid types, beasts, man type peoples, but guess what no technology!!! Watch the primitives....
Nerraw Nehc (5 hours ago)
+Rácz Béla Rácz not really just on a whole,,, forget all that deanery's looks oh so frakable
Rácz Béla Rácz (5 hours ago)
are you talking about the lord of the rings ?
Ambrosius Jalu (16 days ago)
ini kan yang meme HILIH KINTIL itu wkwk
materek PL (16 days ago)
Wow, i came to conclusion, Eddard knew Jon is Targaryen not Start, so maybe that's why he disagreed with Robert about killing Daenerys :O
Putri (17 days ago)
*watching daario's non-first-scenes* you are not daario 😦
dsrtflwr (17 days ago)
Antifa! Cowards behind the masks!
nikolas kraemer (17 days ago)
mooommm im coming home!!!oh hey wtf is going on here.....
Thorfinn Galahad (17 days ago)
Security in this stadium sucks - I mean seriously, how many fans were able to bring weapons through metal detectors it's beyond me.
Gabriel Henrique (17 days ago)
Jessica Jones (18 days ago)
Donald Tramp (18 days ago)
Digmer (18 days ago)
Wait so they were all putting their lifes on the line for her and she took off???????
Digmer (18 days ago)
Jorah is the ultimate bodyguard, dany was ready to let him die but still he saved her. The power of boners is real.
Swiper Chan (18 days ago)
Daenerys 's mind: Drogon i need you....*Drogon apears* Drogon: GET UR ASSES AWAY FORM MY MAMA! *Drogon flys down* *The killer runs to Daenerys* *Drogon eats him apart* Drogon's mind: U AREN'T KILLING MY MAMA! Drogon: STOP ATTACKING MY MAMA! (so cute! the cutness IS REALLLLL!) (i wish i could be Daenerys daughter her dragon daughter :3 i just love dragons xD)
Audrey Smith (19 days ago)
Take that u scum bags! Dragons are not slaves!
Видеожизнь (19 days ago)
man that raphael guy is good..rip
Дима иванов (22 days ago)
туфта для малеханьких малышей
Gollumnova (22 days ago)
*Drogon: Khal Drogo* *Rhaegal: Rhaegar Targaryen* *Viseryon: Viserys Targaryen* .
ian winter (22 days ago)
Drogon just got a gallon of whiskey
elizabeth highcastle (23 days ago)
omfg i love this scene so fuckin much
Manoj Roy (23 days ago)
Don't you guys think they should extend the screentime of Daenerys a bit more? We have both Tyrion and Daenerys in the same place, but still the same screentime from season 1. I want to see more of her. 😑
GaMeOvErRules (23 days ago)
why does this scene make me tear up.. I absolutely love it.. I so need to watch all of GOT again.
StardustGirl (23 days ago)
This dress remains Danny’s ultimate Queen Dress ™️ and that’s the tea
WeirdCrepe (24 days ago)
My baby came to save his mama
iera (24 days ago)
6:39 Notice he crushed those 2 dudes
Alok Kushwaha (24 days ago)
Best scene when enemy running towards khaleesi and dragon came forward and cut him into two pieces
Formous (24 days ago)
Just a side note, the burning people's clothing isn't burning :P
Loc Tran (25 days ago)
Who is the gold mask dudes?
dylan foster (25 days ago)
Drogon and his interactions with Dany, especially whenever she is riding him, are always cute, like when John Snow is introduced to Drogon how Drogon looks to his “mother” as she is disembarking almost as if to tell John Snow, “You wished to speak to my mother, here she is”

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