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Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9
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Mahipala Kishore (4 hours ago)
6.25 mother's reaction😍
Andrew Hoffman (8 hours ago)
0:33 that move always makes me think of the movie Troy
Steven Willmy (8 hours ago)
They were fine throwing their spears at the dragon, but not at the queen?
Todd Harlan (1 day ago)
I got a dragon and I know how to use it!!!
Brian Golden (1 day ago)
This is one of it not the most beautiful scenes in the entire show. There I said what you were thinking. You're welcome.
Darryl Jackson (1 day ago)
So she took off with her fucking Dragon and left her friends behind fucking Grand of her.
Charlie Sager (1 day ago)
Monty Python: back in business
cerberos12 (1 day ago)
It reminds me of Starwars somehow.
Dimitrios Dimas (1 day ago)
he should have let them kill her
SerasXHarkonnen (2 days ago)
If those were 1v1 fights that water dancer would have won with ease.
Hypo (2 days ago)
What kind of assholes like this piece of shit ? seriously ? dragons ? breathing fire ? fucking idiots watch this piece of over-rated shit
Gist432 (2 days ago)
They see one of their men being ripped a half, another dozen being burned alive... yet they attack. Guess they do deserve the name fanatics... stupid fucks they are.
ajay roy (2 days ago)
damn ... i also want a dragon now
Mohsin Iqbal (2 days ago)
This just imaginary videos .. We love ur acting... Queen...😍😍😍
Zarala2010 (3 days ago)
Animation is cool and detailed and all that, but I'm cracking up over the fact that in a fantasy universe there is a Dragon called Drogon! It's almost like her mother didn't love him! XD
ionceateapinecone (3 days ago)
2:01 the new dark souls looks neat
Blue (3 days ago)
What kind of idiot sticks around to throw a spear at a dragon? That's what they invented running for.
Powerdampa Supersagpa (3 days ago)
Ugurcan Basoglu (3 days ago)
i wish ser barristan was there
Kandyce Montel (3 days ago)
Oh beutiful !!!💜💙
Orion-Øhrux648 (4 days ago)
Sheo Mohan Prasad (4 days ago)
9:19 everyone in the frame. ... No, no .... she will come back. ....
王朝愉 (5 days ago)
How did the rest of the council members survive the remaining harpies? After all, there were enough of the enemies to injure a dragon
Jigyasa Atreya (5 days ago)
Accurate depiction of me running away from my responsibilities
Rafael Kittelsen (3 days ago)
It was the dragon who decided to fly away, she wasn't on command
Just a jihadist (5 days ago)
U can almost hear the harpies shitting themselves when the dragon comes
Luna Alma (5 days ago)
Looking back at this, I’d consider Drogon a fetus here compared to how much he’s grown by season 7. If he does survive the Great War, hopefully he grows to be as big as Balerion was.
Stannis The Mannis (20 hours ago)
Drogon is the best character in the show. Who else loves that dragon. I do. Drogon is badass, powerful, majestic and intimidating as fuck. That dragon is just epic. I can't wait to see the epic shit that dragon will be fucking up in season 8.
Timo Koemmerling (5 days ago)
Its funny how we appear to be so ahead but are so far behind if only you knew ...
beanie0112 (5 days ago)
After watching GoT for so long, two things should be apparent to everyone: 1) Even without the dragons, Daenerys is still extremely fuckable; and 2) judging by her grip on the dragons while flying, she must be able to give mind-numbingly great handjobs
Darth Ragnarök (6 days ago)
Damn the harpys. Every single one shoulda died then and there
Anthony Caputo (6 days ago)
ok how did he stop that at 1:50
Bro VLOGS (6 days ago)
Battle royal
Lucas Teixeira (6 days ago)
7:45 Even dragon knows not to burn own family
ashmita sewparsad (7 days ago)
Drogon ,you beauty
KnightFri3ndS (7 days ago)
6:04 Selena Selena Selena 😁
steven smith (7 days ago)
吳宇安 (8 days ago)
Poor Unsullied, he got burned​ by the dragon 7:02
Mr Burns (9 days ago)
6:42 When Drogon lands on the Harpy 😂😂
Eoin O Brien (9 days ago)
7.04 he burns an unsullied too. Drogon don't give a shit
Travis Nelson (10 days ago)
But how did the rest of them get out of the arena?
Travis Nelson (10 days ago)
Barely got the seat belt on in time.
monkey220ms (10 days ago)
this is like that scene from star wars
Erehwon BéBé (10 days ago)
Stop looking at baby getting speared!! 😡
Niccolo Specter (10 days ago)
7:03 , does Drogon also burn an Unsullied along with the Harpies lmao
kiron mahmud (11 days ago)
She is look like Shakira, isn't she?
ariana grandee (11 days ago)
The Otum (11 days ago)
YouDon'tKnowMe (12 days ago)
Did Jorah touch Dani? Didn't he had greyscale by now???
JA DE (12 days ago)
Awww he was so small here
Allington Marakan (12 days ago)
The part that annoys me is the killing of so many of the unsullied at the hands of a bunch of thugs with knives. They were supposedly the greatest fighting soldiers in that world. Upon realising there was an attack going on, discipline kicks in. Form up into a circle of shields, spears out and fight towards the queen. Do not get stabbed in the back, especially while staring like a newbie at the thug you just killed. They were supposed to be the best, they should have taken many more with them and hardly any should have died.
Matthew Williams (13 days ago)
Drogon still was not full grown here. This was his first real test of combat too. Drogon now would have killed all of these losers without being injured.
Muhmmad fajar Nasution (13 days ago)
Huwaidi Faizal (13 days ago)
Hilih kintil
Саша Б92 (13 days ago)
This was one of the worst scenes, is no one else distracted by all those people running around? I get people running away and creating a commotion, but 5 minutes in and people are still running around in circles.
tiananman (13 days ago)
HEY Maybe don't let people with gold masks into the building? Maybe like search everyone and kill people who have those masks? Just a thought here, I obviously don't possess the cunning mind of Tyrion or anything
Rouss G (13 days ago)
I love Drogon 🐉
lost way (13 days ago)
Gai kia mà nó không đâm cho rách lồn
nidamarthi shruti (14 days ago)
06:47 *Not my Mama you Bitch*
Julio Tepehua (14 days ago)
The show is amazing but they’ll never compare to the books :( too bad the author is never gonna finish the series
Christy Downs (13 days ago)
I know the dragons are CGI but the way they've done it makes them look real and man Daenerys looks graceful when riding Drogon
Devi mishra (16 days ago)
Where I find the full movie
Daniel Byrns (16 days ago)
Best close air support a medevil A-10 or I mean dragon
Skylab (16 days ago)
This was such a cool moment. But....couldn't she have put her friends on Drogon's back too before flying away and saving only herself? They didn't look too safe left behind. At least bring Missandie along.
ahmed hafiz (16 days ago)
Drogon "you think you can threaten my mother!"
jacky sun (16 days ago)
I enjoyed it when that bearded guy got killed.
Your Mom (17 days ago)
just drag shit out....there r too many main characters here....we know they r ok
Your Mom (17 days ago)
this show sucks
Raj Khondokar (17 days ago)
Tnx....for ever......
Raj Khondokar (17 days ago)
Plz...this last epeshode trust mee.
pennavedc (17 days ago)
And we never find out who they were working for!!!!!! F*ck D&D
Onã Sousa (17 days ago)
Münir Kaplan (18 days ago)
Harika bir film
J.E. 번역 (18 days ago)
That dragon burned a unsullied 7:05
carmensa buitrago (18 days ago)
Hermosa ecena.
Fabian Cruz (18 days ago)
I don’t understand why everyone keeps referring to them as Dragons. They are Wyverns, not Dragons.
Haytham Mosa (18 days ago)
Wahid Rejvi (18 days ago)
that dragon is the best dragon in all of the seasons!
Sarah Price (19 days ago)
You leave my mama alone!
Shikha Gupta (19 days ago)
"Stay away from my mommy "
E.B Jombo (19 days ago)
Thank God for Air support!😂
JordanStorms0 (19 days ago)
love the princess or queen of dragon of game of thrones she so beautiful
JordanStorms0 (19 days ago)
Jaswant Jyala (19 days ago)
Great backdrops gigantic sets. Beautifully picturised. Superb.
sorrowsuperstar10 (20 days ago)
patio87 (20 days ago)
The CG at 7:50 is unreal.
Villan Midoriya (20 days ago)
What happened to the other two dragons
Nor Bentulan (20 days ago)
raaaaaaaaaaawwwr oh hey mom
Linh Nguyen (20 days ago)
beyond U143 (20 days ago)
TSpirit Wolf (20 days ago)
Drogon be like I'm too savage for this shit let's go mom
Ida Dudenmanner (20 days ago)
You gotta love it when Drogon emerges from a ball of flames!
Ті відчутя если драгон прегнав аж слози
pickle rick (20 days ago)
Would the drogon be considered a biological weapon? lol
Andrew Blake (20 days ago)
Am I the only one who JUST realised that Drogon burnt some unsullied there as well? 07:03 - The first unsullied victim of Drogon.
Madan Gautam (20 days ago)
That thumbnail though, it made me expect something else.
Issie wizzie (21 days ago)
Sharon Mynes (21 days ago)
I just hate that the dragon was wounded.
MrsKhamillionaire (21 days ago)
NOW... what I really want to know is, since there are only two women... why did the Queen leave Massendei ⁉⁉⁉
Jose Ignacio Freire (21 days ago)
How come Daenerys did not get infected by Jorah with grayscale?
Jeanette Burkett (22 days ago)
Drogon is just like "Hi Mom" you can tell he's a momma's boy.
Smooth Criminal (22 days ago)
She sat on the spike of dragon's back.. uhhhhmmmm..

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