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Man of Steel 2: Man of Tomorrow Fan Trailer (2019) Henry Cavill, Dwayne Johnson

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This one took me longer then I thought and is actually one of my shorter trailers, I hope you all enjoy and hopefully we see something like this in the DCEU at some point, we will see Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, but who knows at what capacity yet. Enjoy! Massive Thanks to Rynozoom and Imranseditfx for some help with some vfx! Big thanks to Stu Whitten for the awesome "Man of Tomorrow" outro as well! Clips from: Man of Steel (2012) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Baywatch Trailer #1 Suicide Squad (2016) Pain and Gain (2013) The Marine (2005) Hercules (2014) Superman Returns (2006) G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) Justice League: Comic Con Trailer Fast Five (2011) Music: Man of Steel Trailer 3 Music (Edited) John Williams Superman Returns Trailer (Edited) **This video was made purely for fun. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. Please Like, Subscribe and share this video, it helps me make much more Epic videos like this! https://www.youtube.com/stryderHD Follow me on Twitter! @stryderHD Join me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/stryderhdproductions Come check out my articles/videos on MoviePilot: http://moviepilot.com/stryderhd
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Text Comments (1003)
stryder HD (1 year ago)
Everyone that thinks this is a real trailer, please read the full title and know all of my work is for fun fan-made trailers for real movies that may or may not come out. No copyright infringement intended, if you enjoy, please like, comment and subscribe. Thanks again!
AHMED ALPHA (1 month ago)
You are stupid
Ajay Marak (3 months ago)
stryder HD Avenger Infinity war
Jose Rafael (3 months ago)
stryder HD
Trisha Rivera (8 hours ago)
Seems legit
Omar Harris (12 hours ago)
The rock as!!!!!!
Jav (16 hours ago)
Jav. https://youtu.be/kZGxT-btFmU
Q bosta
Susi Lawati (1 day ago)
The Rok
El Guardian (1 day ago)
ider bayr (2 days ago)
is that true
Vũ Dũng (2 days ago)
Cắt ghép vớ vẩn
CoolKidShot CKS (2 days ago)
Lol Is Rock Is Shazam Lol What If JohnCena is SuperMan and He Fight All Enemy Wow that amazing I Like That Movie Shazam and Superman VS THE GReat PowerFul Enemy I Dont Know If This Is Real !??
Fabri Blood (2 days ago)
Soy yo o cada mes sale una pelicula nueva de la roca
sss mobiles (2 days ago)
Rock mass enter
Esto es falso
manu 350 (3 days ago)
Se ve muy chafa
عمار سعيد (4 days ago)
ما هو اسم الفيلم
pencil boy (4 days ago)
it's fake
Baby Samuel (4 days ago)
심 심 (4 days ago)
NTH Vlogs (4 days ago)
Batman lol
Ahmet Sadik Cihan (5 days ago)
2:33 what is it music ?
Ricard Brungky (6 days ago)
Shazam vs superman?
soto44123 (7 days ago)
How the fuck is that a trailer for a movie that hasn't started filming yet.
Leonardo Reveles (9 days ago)
Se vida ido a Marvel Dwayne Johnson 😔
Luka R.D (9 days ago)
Lo malo si s exponen a pensar es que la cara de La roca tendra bastante CGI primero para que la piel sea un poco mas blanca y el pelo (A menos que le pongan maquillaje)
Benjamin Lee (10 days ago)
Actually the Son of God did not know anything whatsoever he even said my God my God why have you forsaken me .
S. Vignesh (10 days ago)
Fack tarilee
Thiago Maciel (10 days ago)
lixo kkkkk
KAIO-KEN 2005 (10 days ago)
1:56 what the hell is that !!!!
Cosgun Ekberov (11 days ago)
Saxtadi bu deyesen
민김 (11 days ago)
that looks like dark shazam
Swan CSS (11 days ago)
Dammmmm i must admitt these Fan Made are fuken Awesome.
Tnl 35 (11 days ago)
The thumbnail ROCK
That is real?
Kuch Alag soch (12 days ago)
May you tell me about it movie when it is being released
Evendra Singh kabbal (12 days ago)
rock look like angry tiger
Green safe Softwash (12 days ago)
This fake movie trailer sucked
Abhishek Wasave (13 days ago)
Hema Hari (14 days ago)
Want a superman movie
Mrr Tra Vor (15 days ago)
Oh my good in The movies i fan The Rock Nv cambodia Drama 2019​ Loy nas
fernando araujo (15 days ago)
Barath M (16 days ago)
Rohit RedDragonGoD (17 days ago)
ur trailer is better than movie
Nitesh Sharam (19 days ago)
Fukeing fake
estafa total
Umar Faiz (20 days ago)
Still Dwayne johnson looks amazing
joti bhandari (20 days ago)
Laurie Swanson (20 days ago)
Thank Shazam and superman should not be fighting like this superman should take on the role as a mentor to the young Shazam this would be a better point bon’t you agree
Manuel Nardin (22 days ago)
Should I watch this movie using boxxy software?
Jason Z. (23 days ago)
JESUS CHRIS IT’S JOHN CENA!!! Btw it is not John Cena that will be playing Shazam, or Captain Marvel, but it is Zachary Levi. John Cena is just an “opponent” to The rock which I think will be playing Black Adam.
Happy John (26 days ago)
Who else just came too the comments to see what the top comment(s) was? 6:57 PM 8/23/2018
toni manfred (27 days ago)
Nur einer ist von den toten auferstanden Jesus nicht super man
Yaboy JB#691 (1 month ago)
1:57 is from baywatch
Maxxi Martinezz (1 month ago)
1:56 esa puta escena es de Baywatch 🙄
BuGGyPlaysRoblox (1 month ago)
Delen Quint (1 month ago)
ayse aytekin (1 month ago)
jasmina viera (1 month ago)
ifti istiak (1 month ago)
this is so cool.i will see the full movie
mohamad tv Channel (1 month ago)
Ору блять
Dnice Allday (1 month ago)
Luv it when black Adam screams
exonicks pro nose (1 month ago)
cool fan made
1DayAtATime (1 month ago)
Darth Revan (1 month ago)
2:29 and his name is JOHN CENA
Phillip Richardson (1 month ago)
30seconds in with the Superman returns "s" curl I knew this wasn't the real thing.
Lautaro 100% Bostero (1 month ago)
Wow well done and very good super video
Cos Performer (1 month ago)
*Какаго ..... Кто Сделал Этот Нелепый Монтаж???* 🤦🏻
Abraham Rivera (1 month ago)
Lmao wtf was up with that last clip
GamingWithSeaLions (1 month ago)
Dude this fan made trailer is Legendary amazing good job!
Chris Storm 5SM (2 months ago)
I would love this: Black Adam would give Superman a match for power. Maybe have the story be along the lines of a simple phrase from Black Adam "You've been given to much power...I've only seen power like this end one way..the death of those I loved" or something like that. It would set Black Adam as a anti hero trying to stop what he thinks is a threat and give superman a true villain to face even though Black Adam (words coming from Dwayne Johnson himself about the DCEU BA) doesn't consider himself a hero or a villain. It's those that fear him or think of him being the hero or villain. Final Thoughts: Great fan made trailer. You can rest easy knowing the actual final trailer won't be better than this
BASSET BUTLER LORD (2 months ago)
Anil Sharma (2 months ago)
andtsech (2 months ago)
Looks so real
The Boogeyman (2 months ago)
The Boogeyman (2 months ago)
“Make piece Witt whatever things you have left” quote was in fast and furious lmao
Adunni Adunni (2 months ago)
Is fake
James Howard (2 months ago)
I liked it 👋🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Lance Nemuel Sumayao (2 months ago)
it's the rock
Matthew Lines (3 months ago)
Good moive
Nelson A. de Az. Filho (3 months ago)
DC only see this awesome intro!!!! Pleaseeee Why on Earth you didn`t use that epic John Williams`s Superman song on Justice League?
Byron 07101999 (3 months ago)
Yes man of steel 2 is gonna be in 2019
Mason Newbrough (3 months ago)
Omg im tired of the rock
Darren Tobias (3 months ago)
Terrible casting choice the rock looks silly and he can't act.
Darren Tobias (3 months ago)
Anybody else tired of no acting wannabe white no acting rock
Djibrilla Salissou (3 months ago)
j'aime beaucoup cette studio
jeff (3 months ago)
This is to Fake😂😂😂
Gaming & hacking tricks (3 months ago)
Its shazam
Jay Bharat (3 months ago)
Best dwayne johnsan
Ethem Gndztp (3 months ago)
Daz of England (3 months ago)
Fuck off
One123 (3 months ago)
This looks really cool, but I don’t even think The Rock could save the DCEU atm. I personally enjoyed Batman V Superman and Justice League
JESUS JESUS (4 months ago)
Priyanka vyas (4 months ago)
Rock will look good as Shazam
Kenway98 (4 months ago)
Someone has used ur clip here https://youtu.be/q4lva58wd20
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yaro Baka (4 months ago)
The Rock ??
Dun Martin (4 months ago)
Where u get da clip for black adam from?
Mohammad Ismail (4 months ago)
Superman more powerful 🏅🥇

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