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The Adventures of Arya Stark - Game of Thrones (Season 7)

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Arya Stark Kicks Ass, Played by Maise Williams.
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Julio Hernandez (12 hours ago)
Alright, so the soldiers are super nice to her... so let's throw one "I'm going to kill the queen" just so I get to kill them all if they don't approve... -_- that bit was just weird...
T Sing (16 hours ago)
If Arya wore the mountain's face, would she get his muscles too?
mike carson (18 hours ago)
The pack survives...this was a wonderful tribute not just to Arya but all the Starks.:)
geoffrey calligan (1 day ago)
Beyond a shadow of a doubt my favorite character .she's fierce, tough, pretty.and what i love the most EXCEPTIONALLY INTELLIGENT i always loved a smart girl. Its my only real weakness
Kris Formage (1 day ago)
- You've been making pies? - One or two... LOL
Chicken Draws Dogs (1 day ago)
Still waiting for Jon and Arya to meet face-to-face.
James Johnson (2 days ago)
Arya See's right through the bullshit. Straight into the soul.
Harriet Imbosa (2 days ago)
Ed sheeran,wow!good acting we got here
Isaac L (2 days ago)
Wow all of the starks really just went off and became gods
VinessaGaming (3 days ago)
Little finger: Sansa Arya: SHUTUP mother fucker
Fazle Chowdhury (3 days ago)
Is that Ed Sheeran in 7:04 min?
Ryan Nyathela (3 days ago)
Arya ❤my favourite
WhatTheFucckk (3 days ago)
Fuckin Ed Sheeran. Sitting there, eating rat, drinkeng piss whine. Like a true souless boss.
Maggy Foster (4 days ago)
I love the men who sit and eat with Arya
Maggy Foster (4 days ago)
I love you Arya Stark
Half-Blind (4 days ago)
I am afraid Arya is going to dye soon...Her character just cannot get any better.
Dito (4 days ago)
The wolf in Frey clothing.
Delerys (4 days ago)
Hello! I have a video about Arya on the channel. If you want, you can take a look;) P. S. You are not difficult, but I am pleased
Will Paul (5 days ago)
That girl is a pistol!
Ian Levinson (5 days ago)
I really hated what the writers did with arya in episode 6 of this season. Thankfully they fixed it in the finale
jakeworld (5 days ago)
they should make an arya movie
Sam Speight (5 days ago)
How fucking badass would it have been if she road into winterfell on the back of nymiria. i would have lost my mind.
sjoekiloeki (5 days ago)
If Jon returns to Winterfell and hears about Littlefinger I guess his reaction would be like: "What the hell happened here when I was away?" " Well, he was a piece of slime anyway, but next time wait for me first! "
Dingleberry Dan (7 days ago)
Arya is my favourite, hands down.
Angel Rose Mensorado (8 days ago)
That single line she told Hotpie "try not to get killed" my tears swelled up 😭 in my eyes that embodies her biggest fear to lose the people she cared about by death... Poor girl...
NotBensChannel (8 days ago)
Loved the comp, was a little unsatisfying to hear 'in the evening' without the break though lol
Peter Nicholls (8 days ago)
My favourite character is Arya Stark :) my son introduced me to this series of Game of Thrones... I had not heard of it, seeing as I do not watch TeleLIEvision :) . In short I enjoyed every moment of it from season 1-7 . Looking fwd to watching season 8 which I believe is the final episode. My son gave me my first granddaughter on November 8th at 8 minutes past 8 and I always wondered where he got the name Aria (obviously a slight take on the spelling) as I did not know of the series before she was born. I explained Aria is a given name to the beginning of an operatic song (as far as I recall lol) now I know why he chose the name :)
M0EMENTUM (8 days ago)
Arya blind on the streets, running threw out the streets with holes in her stomach IF ONLY SANSA KNEW WHAT SHE WENT THREW xd
ancelinaguillon (8 days ago)
I hope she fights with Jon against the whitewalkers. And that they let her have the pleasure of killing Cersei. A Stark should get to kill her. After everything she has done to the Starks.
VNDL5M (9 days ago)
16:02 ^^
Kintu Henry (9 days ago)
Am here
dmgreenberg (10 days ago)
41:08 - The moment Sansa realizes Arya’s on her side.
ferdinando campbell jr (10 days ago)
my next girl will be named Arya.
Cachi Morales (10 days ago)
Anybody recognize that famous face at 4:26
BoundSoundz (11 days ago)
i like to imagine this Ned:" father may i ask what became of my children since my death ? " The Father:" uhh...best not to ask a question you don't really want the answer to. " Ned:" but father i really want to know so i beg you tell me " *The Father sighs*" so be it but i warned you. let's see Robb was betrayed by the Freys and the Boltons took several bolts and got his throat cut. poor Rikkon got shot by an arrow cause the f*cking idiot didn't know how to zig zag. Sansa almost got raped then got raped some time later and is now a better manipulator than Baelish. Arya is now a faceswapping massmurdering psycopath. and bran is an emotionless automaton who can see the past the present and the future all at once. " Ned:" by the gods " Father:" told you "
Jose Estrada (11 days ago)
My top 3 GOT characters 1. Jon Snow 2. Tyrion Lannister 3. Arya Stark
Ale G (11 days ago)
The look on Bran's face when she gave Arya the dagger...
Liz Liz (11 days ago)
If Arya knew everything that happend to Sansa😨 I mean .... No comparation .... was easier for Arya ... I mean Joffrey.... Ramsey.... just saying. ... I love Arya but was a little bitch with Sansa
Allaina Allen (11 days ago)
More like The Adventures of a Bad Bitch! ❤️
Rizal Rhamdhan (12 days ago)
tony stark is the best stark
Johnathan Letren (13 days ago)
" The rules were wrong" Arya Stark
Will Preston (14 days ago)
I was half expecting to see Gene Parmesan, but an Arya reveal will do.
Sue Strong (14 days ago)
Starks rule I need a game of thrones fix just finished reading all the books amazing
Wyn Williams (16 days ago)
My favorite character
Aaron Villa (18 days ago)
I'm like you Arya, I'm a survivor.🤣😂
Ishita Saini (18 days ago)
the guy who was singing at 4:27 . for a second i was like, " Hey, that's Ed Sheeran. The fakkk he doing here!!! "
Estes Park (21 days ago)
Does Cersei know what Arya looks like???
Charles Wright (21 days ago)
I wish I could give this a Million Views and a Million Likes. Love this sooo much! Thank you!!
Glacier Clear (22 days ago)
"who taught you how to do that?" "no one." LITERAL CHILLS
Anastasija 1111111 (22 days ago)
She would easily kill Cersey if she ever went to Kings Landing
Albert Chehade (23 days ago)
Surely! The soldiers and the guards hanging around in the background and the sidelines MUST be thinking to themselves: 'Geez! What the hell is wrong with these people??' They must welcome death themselves.........
Kim L (1 month ago)
I love Arya but presuming she knows what Sansa went through with Ramsay, the whole face thing wasn't cool
KAMILLE TUMBIGA (1 month ago)
Ed sheeran beside arya ☺
Abdiweli Noor (1 month ago)
Its time for you to lead lady
Iron Man (1 month ago)
Arya strak is all stark family one of the better.
Albert Chehade (1 month ago)
Beautiful ending. I'm getting the feeling of buying the entire DVD Box Set, so I may watch this series in chronological order. OR Subscribe to HBO/Netflix. OR keep watching your brilliant work Mr Daemon :)) Hmmm, Let me be thinking.........
Albert Chehade (1 month ago)
Thanks, again.....
Albert Chehade (1 month ago)
Well, now Arya is not a kid anymore
Albert Chehade (1 month ago)
'I am no one' Same line in The Excorcist - Linda Blair movie so long ago......... When the priest is asking the demon for his name. 'I am no one'
Mike Custer (1 month ago)
S8 cant come soon enough..ughhhhhhhhh
jon buffalo (1 month ago)
Arya Deserved to turn those men into fat to make her candles.
Alma Cristina (1 month ago)
Watching this episode. Guest what ??? Still in shock. It was a best starting ever 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Fefnir Eindraer (1 month ago)
god damn, that one scene gives her the kill count of anyone else in the game, probably more. and hotpie and aryi forever xD
ARYA OF HOUSE STARK! I like the scene with Nymeria, but I think, it's a little bit sad too...
Big O (1 month ago)
Arya Stark, so young and so deadly
IDontKnowYouWhoAreYou? (1 month ago)
tzeentch will love using the three eye raven jaehaheaehaheahheheheh
Frank (1 month ago)
Awesome!! Thank you for the upload!
尚潇麟 (1 month ago)
californyaeh (1 month ago)
3:50 and in just one stroke she became one of the "worst" killer in the world..!
Onyango Florence (1 month ago)
Arya....my best ever
jonokid87 (1 month ago)
the first bit still makes me laugh, so fucking cringe.
Glennpalac Glenn (1 month ago)
"Have you seen ed sheeran"???????????
Brandon Agraviador (1 month ago)
I was scared she was going to kill Ed Sheeran lmao
Pokerface1337 (2 months ago)
The tomboyish attitude is what makes her so interesting. Even with the loss of the loved ones and what she has been put through... she is still that happy go lucky tomboyish rebel :)
chas farthing (2 months ago)
Why do people drink so much ale, it's disgusting lol
ed sheeran 4:27
Marco Enriquez (2 months ago)
Esta bien dejan un sovreviente y puede acabar con todos
UnknownOne (2 months ago)
I really hope there's more Arya and Nymeria time, those two really do need to reconnect, along with the two getting to reunite with their brothers.
Dean Turner (2 months ago)
If you watch at how Arya eats the pie and drinks her ale at 9;30, its almost exactly the same as the hound showing not only how she has matured since meeting the faceless men but also how the hound has rubbed off on her. Brilliant
abhi KUMAR (2 months ago)
arya is the cutest girl in got
Keith Coltrane (2 months ago)
Someone please put Arya Stark's best acts of badassery to 2 pac's Shorty wanna be a thug Because I can't Do it and someone should
Megan McDonald (2 months ago)
Arya was badass in Season 7 and I hope she's more badass in Season 8!
Daniel Kunkle (2 months ago)
Arya is supposed to be a tragic character. A child who lost her family, is surrounded by death and in turn learns to kill. That said, watching her be a bad ass is entertaining. although, watching her converse with the Lannister soldiers was refreshing.
Adam Richardson (2 months ago)
One of the things I think is great is how she’s always straight forward about her list or her plans to kill someone, and at first everyone thinks she’s joking.
Yaoreingam Ningshen (2 months ago)
The role she takes part seems quite awesome and remarkable.
TamptheChamp2 (2 months ago)
Sometimes...when I'm trying to understand a peson's motives, I play a little game
Willie L Pugh,III (2 months ago)
I always liked short women.
Yanku84 (2 months ago)
Please dont make end of my favorite character
Yanku84 (2 months ago)
I hope Arya Will not die in season 8 she is just superb playing her act, otherwise the not story will not lead too much interestingly.... I am waiting for her actions in coming Season 8th....
Biomirth (2 months ago)
Ned Stark would be so proud of his girls, and so impressed. I think it would warm his heart to realize that in life and in death he was a wonderful father and left behind both the strength to endure and the warmth to care for one another. #NoMoreOnionsPlease
Tanzanite (2 months ago)
- Born into money - Parents die - Travels the world to find meaning - Trains to me assassin - Refuses to play by their rules - Leaves assassins - Seeks revenge Confirmed: Arya = Batman
Tanzanite (1 month ago)
Terre Ferguson (2 months ago)
Written about Arya Stark
Terre Ferguson (2 months ago)
Her song: "Look What You Made Me Do" Written for her by Taylor Swift
Addie Jolin (2 months ago)
I'm just reading the comments and I can't stop laughing and screaming yasss
Ibrahim Øzbek (2 months ago)
The part were Arya "threatens" Sansa with the letter. The part were she says "What would the Little Lady Mormont think about it" well... that "Little Lady Mormont" Would slaughter her if she knew it AHAHHAHAHAHAHHA
ALLBLAZING 1 (2 months ago)
New favorite right here
shane winiata (2 months ago)
Arya Stark, This is Awesome
TWSTF 8 (2 months ago)
word. 👍
Jerome Steib (2 months ago)
“You’ve been making pies?” Hotpie “One or two.” Arya
Rizky Irawan (2 months ago)
is that ed sheran?
edd ed (2 months ago)
just subscribed to your chunnel

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