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Game Of Thrones Season 1 Best Scenes

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Text Comments (491)
OK DOK (1 month ago)
jaime lat (2 months ago)
Why drogo ? Die did you see that drogo ang kaleesi have chemistry . So sad .. die in nothing 😢 disapointment 😡
rgm501 (2 months ago)
The one thing that always puts me off theses shows,why is the picture so bloody dark all the time are they saving on lights or effects....
Abelardo Billao (2 months ago)
hedzel lol
Lydia Howarth (3 months ago)
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xxrainbow x (3 months ago)
Joffrey sounds like such a whimp 😂😂
MrShadowhell62 (3 months ago)
Had to put my dragon to sleep. This is to much for his young eyes....
argw27 (4 months ago)
Thanx for the upload. Check out my G.O.T. playlist with Greek/English Subs here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRXRFwJIZgetYJIndeyOla-eYLOqtSHVz :)
Evi Marioli (4 months ago)
I can't stand the wailing of a woman.......5 seconds later wails like a woman.
sunkissed littlelime (5 months ago)
I goosebumps when i heard drogo maaaaygad
Sambo Hama (5 months ago)
Way is speak the french
Kiếp Tha Phương (6 months ago)
Ok great
Adnan Özgün (6 months ago)
Allah belanızı. versin
Adnan Özgün (6 months ago)
Allah belanızı. versin
Adnan Özgün (6 months ago)
Allah belanızı. versin
Jory Cassel (7 months ago)
Why are there Dany scenes here? Her storyline blows, just like her. Only thing she was good at was whoring up Khal Drogo
Bananakarma (7 months ago)
Judging by this i haven't missed much by not watching this TV series.
ENEN lovia (7 months ago)
I like drogo
Koroi Tuitoga (8 months ago)
Tufail Ahmed (8 months ago)
Luciana Gotea (8 months ago)
lilith ruby (8 months ago)
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Nathan Pearse (9 months ago)
when the kid was in tne window i was like go on push him you know you want to... when he was pushed i laughed, am i a bad person?
Muhamed Isic (9 months ago)
Seeing Joffrey get slapped will always be one of my favorite scenes. 😂😂😂
Said Rahman (9 months ago)
Charlton Hale (9 months ago)
Tan Tan (10 months ago)
Burak Erdoğan (10 months ago)
buğraak abi
MegaMissfitz (11 months ago)
I'm binge watching this... makes you & I look quite normal 🤣🤣🤣
Game of Thrones Archive (11 months ago)
Well, it certainly has been a while - so hello everyone!
And Vlogs (11 months ago)
ce voce avea ala blondu zici ca era fetiță
Sandeep Burman (1 year ago)
Dave Boone (1 year ago)
dude is a faceless men
Raghul Baskaran (1 year ago)
Damn I want Jon to put a sword right through Cersei's heart ...
Bobby Downey (1 year ago)
If Robert wasn't such a drunk he would have been a great king.
K.S.T. L (1 year ago)
great finally i got to see her with the dragons birth
G ram (1 year ago)
how can watch full session full movie any
Aleksa Ristic (1 year ago)
This sesason is for 10year old kids
ToStand (1 year ago)
daenerys is such a sadist, for god's sake
ToStand (1 year ago)
hd would have been better but thanks
Munna Shaikh (1 year ago)
Mkm shakih
bek (1 year ago)
sanjeev kumar (1 year ago)
laik him
sanjeev kumar (1 year ago)
Mistar Julmud (1 year ago)
i like it
Kat Price (1 year ago)
Do you understand (smack)
bobbydj01 (1 year ago)
1:28 he is as well the actor called Barnie of How I Met Your Mother.
pisami sirisan (1 year ago)
Alan Dennis (1 year ago)
Lord of the Rings meets Classic Rock! Pretty cool...check it out! https://youtu.be/zwxCTM9Vbqc
Wild & Free (1 year ago)
where can i watch this season, anyone knows?
Andrew Cashmore (1 year ago)
Cersei or Khalisee lads?
Rabee (1 year ago)
quality is too bad . shit
Abbha Tan (1 year ago)
I love this sex
Rkumar0499 Roy (1 year ago)
Rahul Roy
Ali Musroh (1 year ago)
is goood...
P L (1 year ago)
Imp Slap!!!!!
Muddy Witch (1 year ago)
I could Joffery getting the shit slapped out of him all day!
Muddy Witch (1 year ago)
I could Joffery getting the shit slapped out of him all day!
Bhupi Grewal (1 year ago)
Vry bad
Jzazzle (1 year ago)
12:11-12:17 Wow... He just summed up this entire series. Lol
Thaynara Mathyas (1 year ago)
razou amei
Antonio Córdova (1 year ago)
Tyron is awesome.
Antonio Córdova (1 year ago)
So is Syrrio.
gs gs (1 year ago)
(first two seasons)
Adnan butt Butt (1 year ago)
your are so hot and sexy
Eliana Lima (1 year ago)
the best khaldrogo and Khaleesi got....
Meteorite's sound (1 year ago)
"shame on me" for not watching it - call it as you want it but may someone tell me why did she burn the woman? 34:39
Theresa Telesford (22 days ago)
She killed her khal draggo
Catherine Vaughan (1 year ago)
Meteorite's sound She was a "witch". Dany trusted her to heal her husband since she saved her life, but instead she poisoned him, so she was burned.
Lord Cliff Padin (1 year ago)
harris gill (1 year ago)
Moussa Traore (1 year ago)
j'aime cette vidéo ces magnifiques
Tara M. (1 year ago)
Ned's death makes me tear up every time. Poor Starks ;(
Red Raven (1 year ago)
26:41 "Why don't fuck up my entire kingdom?"
PrishtinasiDE (1 year ago)
Drogo: ''I'm going to put melted gold over the gay haircut on this assclown'' Viserys: ''What's he saying?'' Dany: ''Uhm, he said yes''
FaZe Retri (1 year ago)
Dana Schmich (1 year ago)
'...hit me Baby one more time...!'
Troy Salter (1 year ago)
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TheSaneWarboy (1 year ago)
12:30 You should have continued the scene. It get so painful and emotional. It's probably one of the best scenes in GoT. Robert wasn't a fool, he just didn't give a shit anymore.
حيدر العيسه (1 year ago)
ى ﻻرتباق
حيدر العيسه (1 year ago)
ى ﻻرتباق
Gulfam Mahar (1 year ago)
كيف اوصل الترجمه
Avdesh Azad (1 year ago)
jami love u
Avdesh Azad (1 year ago)
awesome movie
Mister Spade (1 year ago)
I love the talk between Cersei and Robert.
mik John (1 year ago)
Where can i watch the full video plez
redtiger (1 year ago)
I really though in this season that Jaime lannister was a villain, but after that he proved himself to be worthy.
Struhar Sakura (1 year ago)
Season 1 is will be always the favor for me :))
Zarbo Gh (1 year ago)
hi what's name of film full
St. Evremonde VonWare (1 year ago)
♡.♡ I miss Khal Drogo
De Leon3376 (1 year ago)
Did she die in the third scene?
Igor Nikolovski (1 year ago)
Alex Demon (1 year ago)
Anny Green (1 year ago)
wassup guys if you dont mind ahha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeusDQ5nZ58
Anny Green hi
gamer 112 (1 year ago)
holy shit the dragon really so freaking awsome i wanna watch the ep 10
David James Younger (1 year ago)
The sword fight scene is very interesting (:
gamer 112 (1 year ago)
when that man push the kid on the window i will get revenge and kill him brutaly and woman get on my di ck nope sex suck and i wish sex will erase all in the world
muito bom gostei
Juliette sans Romeo (1 year ago)
Lennon Quinn (1 year ago)
The only thing that hasn't came on this show is winter lol
Jon Snow (1 year ago)
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Ladybug 18 (1 year ago)
alguien hablé español please
Miranda P J (1 year ago)
I swear I just cried when Ned died
Phoenix Wing (1 year ago)
Valery Perez Luna (1 year ago)
cual es el final
THE MASK (1 year ago)
Fuck this medieval bullshit, they should rename this show to game of moans, that would be a hit fucking medieval style
Debate Me Irl (1 year ago)
You actually thought that was funny? Lol

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