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10 Best Free Steam Games That Should Cost Lots of Money

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You don’t have to pay loads of money to play a good video game because sometimes quality comes free of charge, and Steam is usually the best place to find such hidden treasures. There are a lot of free to play games on this platform and some of them are really complex titles, with gameplay that can be enjoyed for hours or even days, and this is why we thought it would be only fair to share with you our pick for 10 of the best Steam games that should break the bank, but are actually totally free. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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IzSlasher (20 hours ago)
sad to say this looks doesn't work, but my teammate stumbled onto a performing tutorial 15 mins ago: bit.ly/2OGxyRY I hope its still works
I got diablo three for free if you have battle.net
SHINOBI X (2 days ago)
Warframe managed to do all that free what Destiny couldn't do with 2 installments and like 10 expansions
Titan Dude (3 days ago)
Omg if your going to put up Warframe say grineer correctly please
Titan Dude (3 days ago)
Will Motomura (4 days ago)
war thunder is free???
This Guy (4 days ago)
why is this list entirely war games?
Da Chop Up (8 days ago)
I'm selling a rx 480 4gb and a ryzen 5 1400 combo for 300 bucks
Da Chop Up (8 days ago)
Wats your set up
TheDarkness_03 (18 days ago)
hawken literally looks like a first person Walking war Robots...
Geoffrey Karnbach (22 days ago)
Black Squad is also cool
Anna Kazze (23 days ago)
Guyz best free steam game is??
Hint Of Sarcasm (24 days ago)
Paladins is also an overwatch rip off
Da Chop Up (27 days ago)
Has dirty bomb regained a community I liked that game but the community died off
SaltyDzn • Designs (1 month ago)
Warframe is still the best free game
MunkeyAssass1n5 (1 month ago)
Kiko Persyn (1 month ago)
Tushar Sharma (1 month ago)
best free steam game- black squad
MEGATRON GAMING (1 month ago)
Black Squad is not in list?? U kidding
Typical Gamer (1 month ago)
relam royale
deryl Robinson (1 month ago)
What about WarFace?
Vogue Arts (1 month ago)
Don’t play planet side 2 it sucks and is pretty much dead! Took me 25 minutes to find a normal casual game
Catalin Ghinea (1 month ago)
Paladins and tf2 the best.But in tf2 u have to spend money or nobody respects you ;)
Aiman Boss (1 month ago)
thanks bro to giving us the free games
mntvr ali (1 month ago)
want free steam games ? check out igg games that well give you free steam games
Nig Ward (1 month ago)
YEs HE SAId TF2 lol tf2 should not cost money
Sampo Övermark (1 month ago)
Wtf BLR on this list? That game was the best f2p game like 5 years ago.
handwashedstars (1 month ago)
Great games listed in this video. I highly recommend Path Of Exile and Warframe.
AeroMatrix Gaming (1 month ago)
TF2 was paid UNTIL 2011
MR. Negrete (2 months ago)
Hawken doesn’t appear on steam.
thor CoolGuy (2 months ago)
Hawken is basically every single goddamn mobile game. PtW mech fighter.
Gamepro (2 months ago)
really paladins, its free because of Overwatch
Sankalpa Chhteri (2 months ago)
Can we get fortnite in steam???
Toast Army (2 months ago)
Toast Army (2 months ago)
ZooM OriGiNaLz (2 months ago)
I tried to play tf2 Im not good at it...
John Payne (2 months ago)
Radithya Pasha (2 months ago)
Warface, Fortnite
ExoticKL3gend (2 months ago)
wy paladins its a overwatch rip off
Hawken shutdown....
Banana Peel Gamer (2 months ago)
I recommend mandagon
John Thorne (2 months ago)
So far the best free to play #1 Hawken & Crossout #2 ? #3 ? #4 MWO
GalaxyZoid (2 months ago)
TheRamenNoodle Lion (2 months ago)
Neverwinter is Magic: TG not D&D
Sentient2x (2 months ago)
Not even going to mention eve online?
Jainil Gosalia (2 months ago)
did he fucking say champion at 3:32?
Sven Moestue Solheim (2 months ago)
Cuicine royale is a great fun free to play game. It started out as a joke, but now it is a actual battle royale. It offers amazing graphics that you never would expect in a free to play game. You should really go check it out!
SquidKing (2 months ago)
Ps2 <3333 Tf2 <3333333333
TADEJ PUCER (3 months ago)
Laughing out loud tf2 as a paid game? They already got 340$ unusuals what the fuck do you want more
אלעד רוזנר (3 months ago)
"that should cost lots of money" THINK OF THE -13 PLAYERS AND LET GOOD GAMES BE FREE
M1K4N (3 months ago)
if you ask me none games should cost :P like if you agree
Pilgrim (3 months ago)
hawken is dead
dipin deyanandan (3 months ago)
Where is BLACK SQUAD???
fatboyvin (3 months ago)
dota 2 and champions? gtfo u LOL noob
Frenk Hidri (3 months ago)
Rly probably a quarter of these are ripoffs and some are just made for low end pcs I played planetside i couldnt find anyone idk if it was the tutorial or what
Luka Pešić (3 months ago)
I installed every... They are great
jon snow (3 months ago)
what about red crucible?
Echo Less (3 months ago)
In other words First: overwatch rip-off Second: titanfall rip-off Third: halo rip-off Fourth cod rip-off Fifth:warframes actually sooooo good so yeh Got bored so I stopped typing now
Collin Coulter (3 months ago)
Dota sucks shit. you dont get any chance to actually play, only click an area for the character to go than that is it.
Collin Coulter (3 months ago)
That Blacklight: Retribution game doesnt even work. you download a shit ton of viruses that are required, then the game doesnt work, and you have to replace your computer.
Leo Joseph Ajero (3 months ago)
black squad
trebZ (3 months ago)
What game are you playing on the last part of the video? 5:20
vishvendra Singh (3 months ago)
How about heroes and GENERALS
leo prestel (3 months ago)
thanks for warframe love it thanks to you
Marios Quinn (3 months ago)
paladins its >>BETA<< its not out yet
Rahul Goradia (3 months ago)
you should also add leauge of legends and black squad
For Of War & DCS
Rhino & Birds (3 months ago)
Showing only the trailers and no actual gameplay doesn't make up the best video. Looking for games to play and would rather see gameplay to have a better idea.
JFMgaming JFMgaming (3 months ago)
I search hawken on steam but it's not there where do I get it?
Spacenoid X (3 months ago)
it's dead
Pomerainiansrule 66 (3 months ago)
What about Doki Doki literature club
Google Assistant (3 months ago)
Warframe deserves first place lol And TF2 is hardly ever updated
Frosty Games (4 months ago)
paladins is a rip off...
Edgunsuk (4 months ago)
Hawken has been closed for PC
White Knife (4 months ago)
line of sight
Tim Edward Amelo (4 months ago)
Yoooouu Forgot the WarFace Man!!! This game is also cool that should be paid but free game. CHECK IT OUT!!!
Blaze It (4 months ago)
black squad is also an amazing free shooter
Wayne Clark (4 months ago)
Neverwinter is amazing one of my favorite of all time it’s a mmo not a story base game at all
Wayne Clark (4 months ago)
These are on ps4
Yorick ten Brinke (4 months ago)
Heroes and Generals? Fun WW2 game that is even better than BF1 in my opinion
I. B. Ch. (4 months ago)
Hawken is not in steam any more
Rusty Therapist (4 months ago)
Still remember playing dirty bomb
Zack/Red Gamer (4 months ago)
hey enjoy it wile ya still can
Cody Whytcross (4 months ago)
lol paladins is shit as, why is it on this list
Derya Lange (4 months ago)
No, they shouldn't cost lots of money.
Screamo (4 months ago)
Why are people saying black light is dead??? I can get in a game really easy
Shen Reilly (4 months ago)
Howken is a rip off of titan fall get the real game it’s worth it
doggollamaman (4 months ago)
“Steam free games” -on PS4, that is
nonstop gamer (4 months ago)
Why couldn't I find hawken
ANGELINA HINTZ (4 months ago)
finally someone gets path of exile!!
NDKSOCC (4 months ago)
Elite Trials Gameplay Video https://youtu.be/t-pFaicfefg
ThatOnePerson 7256 (4 months ago)
Honestly Brink will always have a special place in my heart, it was the only reason why it got me into Mirrors Edge and other games that are either FPS's or even TPS's, maybe even some Free running mechanics
Ben Moore (4 months ago)
... Did you just say that the TF2 characters are "Hero's"? They're called classes. I know this is a small detail but come on! Huge TF2 fans will tell you the same thing if you call the TF2 classes "Hero's". These guys don't have super powers for gods sake, they have technology, not like for example Overwatch's kinda tech, alright? Jesus Christ. Again, I'm just a normal TF2 fan like any other and if you ask another TF2 fan that the mercenaries of TF2 are "Hero's" then they'll probably be saying the same thing. Well that and I'm a grammar nazi.
MANAS SABLE (4 months ago)
What about Black Squad...??
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S T Ξ Λ L T H (5 months ago)
Tf2 sucks
VIMETEZO SOPHIE (5 months ago)
not champions but heroes
VIMETEZO SOPHIE (5 months ago)
not champions but heroes
DoctorSiggy (5 months ago)
I cringed with the pronunciation of grineer, but man I'm happy Warframe's getting the recognition it deserves <3
Zach//Sniper Gaming (5 months ago)
4:42 b-b-but i dont have any friends
Rory Eyre (5 months ago)
Fractured space, heroes and generals, some other games too - thanks guys for suggestions in comments. Hate this pubg stupid fps meta with no variaty. Even games that were decent like crossout - now becoming another pubg simulator...
Yahya Nael (5 months ago)

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