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The Shampoo Prank!

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Text Comments (169)
Gurmeet Singh (1 month ago)
Chí Đông Trần (1 month ago)
Улан Жумашов (2 months ago)
Isaac Hulk (4 months ago)
Kallu Rai (4 months ago)
Abdul Karim (5 months ago)
Mohd Dazli (6 months ago)
Next time pls make the tiny liquid shampoo wire supply..assamble near at the shower pipe up on their head,..
Anaika Sham (6 months ago)
Nice prank video
Javeed Sofi (6 months ago)
Anaika Sham you are looking awesome where are you from
waj khaj (7 months ago)
who all came here for the thumbnail girl?
Robson Gamer (7 months ago)
Ankit Shaw (7 months ago)
Khan Sahab (7 months ago)
Feneti Kuse (7 months ago)
Piolo 86 (9 months ago)
I'm asia and I want to sex American woman really realy love
tv cng (9 months ago)
mother the fuck if some one do it to you do you like it? ??
Nek Soomro (9 months ago)
nice prank
Fazal Khalil (9 months ago)
techno tips&tricks (9 months ago)
Nabil Zaki (10 months ago)
hahaha so funny
Jessi patel (11 months ago)
Divyu upreti (11 months ago)
its awesome........... hahaha
hahahahhhh very nice
Narendrapotla Babu (1 year ago)
Dian Surya (1 year ago)
Twitch The plague rat (1 year ago)
In romania nici apa nu e,dar sampon..
omer ahsan boeing 777 (1 year ago)
Senpai-sama (1 year ago)
0:30 horny blonde kid lol
Anil Desai (1 year ago)
they dont need to bath for next two year
Narayan Pattanaik (1 year ago)
leonf1111 (1 year ago)
lisaa xx (1 year ago)
that is mean tho
Y a d i M u l y a d i (1 year ago)
im sorry to hear that
Md Mainoddin (1 year ago)
Relly funny
David Alsagoff (1 year ago)
Beautiful black bikini girl
David Alsagoff (1 year ago)
The girl is looking so beautiful in the black bikini
nagarjun dhanve (1 year ago)
Ramesh Nataraj (1 month ago)
nagari in dhanve
Shyann Johnson (1 year ago)
This comment won't get 10 likes
Nemanja Stupar (9 months ago)
u are right
Your Melanin Doll (1 year ago)
That was so funny
Vampire vampire (1 year ago)
white girl is really beautiful
Vikash Kumar (11 months ago)
Vampire vampire become
ajaya ghosh (1 year ago)
Miguel A (1 year ago)
los plebe de olancho
Miguel A (1 year ago)
los plebe de sinaloa
Hyder Tungekar (1 year ago)
This Video Was Shooted at which Place ?
Yumy Foxy (1 year ago)
I think the girl with shorts on had her phone in her pocket when she was showering
Donald John Trump иσт αℓℓ ρнσиєѕ αяє ѕσ...?
Donald John Trump (1 year ago)
don't you know that phones are waterproof lol
пышку в черном я бы выебал
A&T channel (1 year ago)
My bf died
Rick and morty (1 year ago)
I'm dislikeing
Rick and morty (1 year ago)
this prank is soooooooo dumb
Robin Carey (1 year ago)
I liked at the end
wasting water
-Shut Up- (1 year ago)
It's ok we have a lot
Arus Hambarcumyan (1 year ago)
people you are so boring,its just a joke and its really funny,why so serious damn .
Geometry Dash Crisis (1 year ago)
Geometry Dash Crisis (1 year ago)
had already done this
Hafil Hafs (1 year ago)
TroniC (1 year ago)
I will not subscribe.
Reshan Ranga (1 year ago)
Amelia Moreno (1 year ago)
Haha 😊
shadow huntress (1 year ago)
jordan (1 year ago)
I would just wash it out in the ocean after it kept happening
Blake Conner (1 year ago)
What if someone was allergic to it
Fares Fares (1 year ago)
HeyItsNat (1 year ago)
i feel bad lol
Jesus Vazquez (1 year ago)
that mean
Surister (1 year ago)
Why do people in American shower in the beach?
Surister (1 year ago)
Yeah, the same happens in Spain but ppl doesn't wash with champoo and stuff xd that's the thing
Andrew Smith (1 year ago)
+Surister Not all beaches have showers - only the ones that have many visitors. People want to wash off the sand and sea water, which is salty (and in some places polluted).
Surister (1 year ago)
I do live in the coast but i've never seen someone having a shower with shampoo in the beach. Nobody does it here.
Gaming_Lad FTW (1 year ago)
Have you ever been on holiday to somewhere near the beach?
mhark ian (1 year ago)
can you make deja vu prank?
julio yunga (1 year ago)
fuck you
Poookiiiee Gaming (1 year ago)
That's mean
mohd. haris (1 year ago)
Charlotte Belcher (1 year ago)
Is it mr or does it look like the black girl is showering with her phone in her left back pocket???
-Shut Up- (1 year ago)
+Charlotte Belcher yes
Charlotte Belcher (1 year ago)
are they waterproff
-Shut Up- (1 year ago)
It's an s7
Emmelie Heg (1 year ago)
its bad for some ones hair...
ACM (1 year ago)
bad hair would be cut and new hair grows into place if it's that broken but mostly some products fix the hair way before it goes this bad
Sora (1 year ago)
Stolen vid?
You can't do that mabe same of shampoos is not good for the people
TiPN (1 year ago)
Stolen video check out the real creator of this video named RobbieTV.
Blatant_Haxorus12 (1 year ago)
Way to steal this video guys.
Who R. You (1 year ago)
Debbie Ayers (1 year ago)
I hate soap shower pranks because they waste water and we don't have a lot of it so ya
ACM (1 year ago)
it dont waste ever the amount what is going into animal farms, those are huge wasting areas, meat is not very important to eat
MB man (1 year ago)
Издеваются над людьми(((
Zafer Kıvanç (1 year ago)
Best prank ever
Richard van Pukkem (1 year ago)
Boring & annoying for the victims.
Aléxandros (1 year ago)
I feel sorry for them ,their hair must be dry as hell after all these amounts of shampoo
ACM (1 year ago)
there are good products to easily fix it, no problem
yTRY Puppet (1 year ago)
D C (1 year ago)
0:32 haha how that kid was dragged away from watching
Lex Bryner Narciso (1 year ago)
balik balik upload
Umeek (1 year ago)
Abdul Mujid Uddin (1 year ago)
when's the fucking police shampoo prank coming
spankmepink (1 year ago)
Another case of paid actors.
derik johnson (1 year ago)
ikr... they cant put mysterious shampoo on people.
Colin Skibniewski (1 year ago)
TakeFlight__ (1 year ago)
I like how in the thumbnail there's an arrow pointing at her boobs.
ziko6666 (1 year ago)
*itjustaprankbro* :DDd
Colin Blight (1 year ago)
fucking stupid! how would you not know
tritonmole (1 year ago)
most people shampoo with their eyes closed
Flashing Force (1 year ago)
mooseVFX (1 year ago)
waste of shampoo really...
Keishlyan Ramos (1 year ago)
+Keishlyan Ramos they care about food,shelter and people
Keishlyan Ramos (1 year ago)
+mooseVFX no they dont even care about showers
derik johnson (1 year ago)
+VierTeam  ikr?
MKEXP (1 year ago)
Derik you are so fucking annoying
Honda Rider (1 year ago)
+Respire Hades lol
Markus Strömberg (1 year ago)
This is so fun😂
Tomer Morag (1 year ago)
i dont get it SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME
Tomer Morag (1 year ago)
oh yeah i got it nvm
-meido (1 year ago)
are u serious
Tiaa xx (1 year ago)
Why is she showering with shorts on😂
Sachin Thakur (3 months ago)
Tiaa xx Xxx
Tiaa xx (1 year ago)
+Dovahmon no but why doesn't she just wear bikini bottoms
Døvahmøn (1 year ago)
Because she's in public?
Ammad (1 year ago)
VideJ Gaming (1 year ago)
Love your pranks! 😊😊❤️
Mustafa Eracar (1 year ago)
that's sick LOL
TheKing ofDarkShadows (1 year ago)
Andrew Martinez (1 year ago)
Now that's good wholesome fun!
Adnane Mekk (1 year ago)
I'm the 3rd guy

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