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Top 10 Hottest Game Of Thrones Women

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Top 10 Hottest Game Of Thrones Women Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD Game of Thrones boasts having some of the most beautiful women on TV. From Talisa Stark, to Missandei, there's something for everyone on the hit HBO series. WatchMojo.com takes a look at the hottest ladies in Westeros and beyond. List entries and rank: #10: Shae #9: Ellaria Sand #8: Talisa Stark #7: Tyene Sand #6: Melisandre #5: Missandei #4: Cersei Lannister #3, #2 & #1: ? Watch on WatchMojo: http://watchmojo.com/video/id/15657 For this list, we're looking at the lovely ladies of Westeros, and those across the Narrow Sea. Special thanks to our user MattW128 and drewbrown for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at http://www.Watchmojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Hottest+Game+of+Thrones+Characters+%28female%29 Want a WatchMojo cup, mug, t-shirts, pen, sticker and even a water bottle? Get them all when you order your MojoBox gift set here: http://watchmojo.com/store/ WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 4-5 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!
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Text Comments (8362)
Judy Pratt (21 hours ago)
Daerynus --- cold..hard ....on a mission!
Ethan Paraoan (23 hours ago)
Sansa and Margaery are both hotter than danaerys
James Crenshaw (1 day ago)
Missandei is my favorite
CiCi Lu (3 days ago)
Rose and Emilia are my QUEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JustHead (4 days ago)
Missandei the most beautiful
DerekSniper30 (4 days ago)
This list if half Beauty half Girl Power. Make two separate videos next time. Also Gilly... Facepalm...
1) Margery, Melisandre, Daenerys, Missandei, Sansa, Ygritte, Tyene, Tyenes' Mum
Michael Gmeiner (5 days ago)
Misande is hot 😍
Izumi Akazawa (5 days ago)
Osha? :D
Carycced (6 days ago)
Daenerys THE BEST !
jfischi thereal (6 days ago)
1. Talisa 2.Missandei 3. Margaery 4.daenerys 5.ygritte
Gilbern Rangel (6 days ago)
Gilly all the way.She's one sweet kind lass and morals in westeros are hotter than anything if you ask me
Lunatic Monkey (6 days ago)
Missandei is 2 faaaaaaaaawq u mean
Royer Hx (6 days ago)
Natalie Dormer😍😍😍
Death Vader (6 days ago)
Francesca Colby (6 days ago)
Sansa #1 jon Snow #1 as well he’s a pretty women
byron2521 (7 days ago)
Well, Melisandre definitely gets my vote for top boobs! For her age, hers are more perky than most 20 year olds.
Vlasto Petráš (8 days ago)
Fire Fighter.! (9 days ago)
Where is lady Oleena?
BrianPatrick Keegan (9 days ago)
1. Daenerys 2. Sansa
king doom (9 days ago)
And wheren da hell is irya 😂😂😈
king doom (9 days ago)
Where da fuck is katleen stark ? 😂
Dan Witzke (10 days ago)
Brienne isn't like, traditionally hot, and of course she's purposely made to look ugly, but I'm a little surprised she wasn't included even as an honorable mention. She's badass af, she damn near killed the Hound. Also, Gwendoline Christie is a babe when not dressed as Brienne.
Die Gierige (11 days ago)
I think there is a difference between "hot" and "pretty" Daenerys isn't hot at all to me. She has an aesthetically pleasing face but she aint got any Sexappeal. She looks cold and disinterested all the time, an expression that doesn't says anything. I'd put Margarey definitely on number 1 . She has a unique and pretty face , plus she always has a kinda mischievous expression, smiles a lot and doesn't looks dead all the time as daenerys does. She really knows how to be sexy and shows that. She got the mit Sexappeal of them all and knows how to use it. Also the way she speaks. Just hot. (I'm a straight female btw but Margaery makes me weak.) You should've named the video different because daenerys doesn't fit's on number one at all. I feel like she's just really popular that's why you all put her on number one. FIGHT ME My list : 10: Sansa 9: Cersei 8: Shae 7: Ellaria 6: Tyene 5: Melisandre 4: Ygrette 3: Ros 2: Missandei 1: Margaery ♡
jugal shah (11 days ago)
Emilia was obvious duh
Rowland Young (12 days ago)
Come on, what about Lysa Arryn?
Serenity Moon (12 days ago)
I think Ross, Nymeria, Irri, Margery, Ygritte, Obara and Missande. But in real life Arya and Gilly are beautiful too. Just my opinion. But Daenerys is stunningly beautiful on GoT but in real life I wouldn’t say she’s one of the hottest. But then again I’m straight so what would I know 😂.
Serenity Moon (12 days ago)
Tyenne’s sisters are prettier than her...
Isaiah Colesanti (12 days ago)
All Hail The Queen!, Daneryus Targarian!
Joe Clark (12 days ago)
1:dany 2:missandi 3:masandre 4:sansa 5:cersi
Luis San Martin Vargas (12 days ago)
Yllaria sand?? Top 10??... good reason for not watching the rest.
Jarrod Gorham (13 days ago)
The only one they got right is number one Danny
Ryan Pearce (13 days ago)
All about preference really because Misandei is the hottest for me
Dani K (13 days ago)
missandei is hotter than margery
ABUBAKKAR ILYAS (14 days ago)
Doreah must be in the list
Chamex Xtreme (14 days ago)
Brienne of tarth should be #1
R34L100 (15 days ago)
They’re wrong for putting Gilly on here lol
Utopia Lord (15 days ago)
Congratulations to the King and Queen of the North in real life. Happy marriage.
Groomie (16 days ago)
#3 Melisandre without amulet #2 Lady Olenna #1 Reek
Lil Palm tree (16 days ago)
What about Sansa and Arya?
I W D (16 days ago)
Missandei 1 by far
Marin Del Tyrell (19 days ago)
Margaery Tyrell number 1.
SexedUpAtheist (19 days ago)
Where the hell is Brienne of Tarth? Not even an honorable mention. Your list is trash.
Bryan Mahoney (19 days ago)
Sansa is the hottest redhead on the planet as far as im concerned. She is hotter than Isla Fisher and Amy Adams and that is saying a lot. Now that Sophie Turner is 22 she is the hottest chick on Game of Thrones and definitely in my top 5 in the world
Joseph Nett (20 days ago)
Does Ros really deserve a place on this list? I mean, considering her..... you know. Her profession!
Aarix Aarix (20 days ago)
My favorite is Margaery *_*
Superhero Alliancezzz (20 days ago)
Jessica Henwick?
B.Chesh (21 days ago)
"the pillar and the stones" hahaha gets me everytime
Eamon Moore (21 days ago)
8. Nymeria Sand 7. Melisandre with the amulet 6. Tyene Sand 5. Dany 4. Talisa 3. Missandei 2. Ygritte 1. Margaery
Kawchher Tahmid (22 days ago)
Technically kept the most attractive girl Sansa out of the list. You should be ashamed, you are not playing game.
Skogsalven B (23 days ago)
Margery and the septa who say "shame, shame, shame!!"
King Sisyphus (23 days ago)
Tyene, Missandei, and Ygritte.
Cirilla Karataş (23 days ago)
There is almost 10 woman lol
Il Dio (23 days ago)
No Sansa? Lol she’s obviously #2 or even #1
Niko Schiebel (24 days ago)
Missandei Must be number 1 !! She is so hot
Sarah S (24 days ago)
1.Dany 2.missandei 3.sansa 4.Margaery 5.myranda 6.talisa 7.shae 8.Cersei 9.roslin 10.Doreah (Matter of opinion I hate when people always like “no fucking way” under a post. We don’t have the same taste. Mind your business😂I like what I like)
Shindy Plagiat (24 days ago)
Where‘s sansa stark? She is the the no.1 ...
gamexclusiv (27 days ago)
Jeremy Sartin (27 days ago)
ros was badass.
Dädpuhl _ (28 days ago)
2 is so uggly wtff
Emad Hamdy (28 days ago)
Ros must b no 1 .. the hottest then margery
nimmekayala tharun (29 days ago)
Arya stark missing
Iz Desie (29 days ago)
Misandei is my fav always,...
Kevin Kwok (29 days ago)
Umm, I love Gilly, but she is not hot imo.
Kevin Kwok (29 days ago)
Now Margaery has to be number 1...
Debra Monahan (29 days ago)
Ygrit #2 haaaaaaa... what a joke. And where in the hell is Ros? Hottest one on the show. Kinvara is hotter than the most of these girls also.
mal holcombe (1 month ago)
Tyene Deserved better.
Oana Horhat (1 month ago)
Remi K. (1 month ago)
This list was all over the place. Completely wrong lol
chintaneguru (1 month ago)
This list is a bit racist. You have to be redhead or blonde to make it to the top. For hotness I might just reverse the order, without being a racist.;)
Aljeane A (1 month ago)
Tyene Sand #1
aX Rapture (1 month ago)
the pillar and the stone.... B===D -- -
Arturo Varela (1 month ago)
Doreah should be #1 easily
Cole M (1 month ago)
Shae isn’t that hot
Michael Hurley (1 month ago)
everyone says emilia clark is the hottest. but I think no. 3 is the hottest.
MIKE MAN (1 month ago)
Da fuck sansa fucking sansa
finlay nolan (1 month ago)
Ygritte ?!?!
Abbe Satty (1 month ago)
Folk who say why X is not higher than Z, Remember It's not only about facial/body features, the character/attitude contributes to the definition of hot as well, NO? My understanding That's why Cersei scores higher than Missandei. In different context that for may not be the case.
Howland Reed (1 month ago)
Ellie Kendrick-Meera Reed over every one of those bitches..! 💜💜
MMM RRR (1 month ago)
Sansa is older now and I'd chop my own arm off for a night with her
dixon abraham (1 month ago)
Missande is the hottest
I love Arya
Todes Engel (1 month ago)
Arya Stark
kam ooo3 (1 month ago)
None one is the best if u know what I mean
Darth Balls (1 month ago)
where is Ros? she was hot af
Adolf Targaryen (1 month ago)
If deny isn’t one, i kill myself.
Hassan Mubashir (1 month ago)
Why is a porn star in this list? whore
Christopher Figaro (1 month ago)
she just has a pretty face that's all
Don Khan (1 month ago)
Watchmojo needs proper men to decide list. No one comes close to Ros.
Elkdog (1 month ago)
Missandei is hot enough to give Grey Worm a boner.
dark messiah-minecraft (1 month ago)
sansa is hottest
Dale DeCouto (1 month ago)
WTF Ygritte higher than Missandei?
aru tce (1 month ago)
Cersai Lannister😍
Pete Anderson (1 month ago)
All you need to know is Gilly got an honorable mention and Sansa didn’t
Robert Zulueta (1 month ago)
none of the sand sisters are that good looking. just an opinion
Wolverine Smith (1 month ago)
I think that Missandei would be much higher on my list than 5th. Ygritte would certainly not be higher on my list. I don’t know why, but I just don’t find Ygritte real hot. She’s pretty, but not really hot in my book. I’ll probably get a lot of dislikes on that, but we can’t help how we see things and beauty is very subjective and the eye of the beholder and all that shit. I just think that Nathalie Emmanuel is extremely beautiful. Maybe not the hottest one on the show, but in my top 3 for sure.
Jess dela Fuente (1 month ago)
1. Ygritte 2. Margaery 3. Daeny 4. Myranda 5. Misandei
PsicoMaktup (1 month ago)
The Hound (1 month ago)
I’d probably say missandei is the hottest

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