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EPIC Game of Thrones: Rains of Castamere Cover Teaser - PiscesRising

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Coming May 2016: EPIC Rains of Castamere by PiscesRising
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Text Comments (31)
make the cover of the half mans song plese
Organization Enemy (2 years ago)
0:47 who is this?
Erwin Smith sansa
Rabia'atul Adawiyah (2 years ago)
Matthew Moonen (2 years ago)
@piscesRising do you have more from laura fazal? huge fan of her voice
TWICE What is Love? (2 years ago)
Please do "It's Always Summer under the sea" or Shireen Baratheon's song :(
syll2k (2 years ago)
Aaro Kulmala (2 years ago)
0:21 Heisenberg?
PiscesRising (2 years ago)
Strings, Brass, Percussion and Choir recorded - solo cello and solo voice being done over the next week... should be finished next weekend, nearly there!
Radhia Guenoun (2 years ago)
when ????????????
Alexander Carr (2 years ago)
The suspense is killing me...I hope it will last!
Nolbert Isaac Briceño (2 years ago)
I'm always check your page, waiting your cover!!!! I'd been looking for a choir-orchestral cover, and i'm really impatient for hear it!!!
PiscesRising (2 years ago)
Thanks for your patience all - it's very close to being finished and with you soon!
PiscesRising (2 years ago)
Hey folks, thanks for your patience - was quite ill last week unfortunately, might be a day or so in to June before it's done. Working on the mix now, be with you soon.
Álvaro Medeiros (2 years ago)
I love the name Pisces Rising...fancy!
vivek tankariya (2 years ago)
when this cover will release ?
Ellietech19 (2 years ago)
Yo, this sounds lit.
Tricia McMillan (2 years ago)
It would be awesome if you can do a cover of the Doomsday Theme from Doctor Who
Stavros Moysiadis (2 years ago)
today!!!! it's the day!!!
raladin3dd (2 years ago)
Gideon Sumual (2 years ago)
Im sorry if this may out of context, but can you please do cover the Avengers Assemble (Avengers Theme Song)?
egi duclenk (2 years ago)
please reminds me if this cover released
BiG25BoSS (2 years ago)
Caaaaaan't Wait !
HitokageProduction (2 years ago)
I can't wait!!!! totally love this song and can't imagine how awesome it will be as your cover
SolutionFX (2 years ago)
EPIC. Hehe
Anoir Trabelsi (2 years ago)
Do we have to wait until May? Can't you just please hurry up a bit to make it happen right before the premiere of season 6 on April 24th? That would be much better! Regardless, thanks a million for your brilliant and truly inspirational work..
JPA (2 years ago)
Soy el primerooo ^_^ buen video

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