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The Evolution Of Free Roaming In WWE Games

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The WWE Games evolution second season continues with a look at the short history of free roaming in WWE Games. This video is looking at free roaming in story/career modes and not Falls Count Anywhere (we have a video of that already!) Make sure to like, comment and subscribe.
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Text Comments (109)
Chef Fat Stacks (1 month ago)
SVR 10 DS???
Brock free roaming in SmackDown: Shut your Mouth:- Don't mind me, just walking around the town in my underwear/tights!
Ross The Boss (3 months ago)
You forgot WWE 12
loui coffey (5 months ago)
You forgot wwe here comes the pain
svr 2008 ds
Clifton Pierre-Antoine (5 months ago)
The old games > New games.
Asshat 2016 (5 months ago)
Smackdown just bring it and here comes the pain are the G.O.A.T.S of wwe games.
Amaru (6 months ago)
crazy year gaps for when free roam returns :/
Naruto Uchiha (6 months ago)
YouTube Renegade (6 months ago)
what is the outro music called?
Robbie Porter (6 months ago)
WWE 12 had free roam on like the very first mission
Slim Reaper (6 months ago)
Riding a train wearing brief only 😂😂😂
L W (7 months ago)
2:46 really no shirt no pants :/
Uncle Hirohito (7 months ago)
Yeah goes down the street with his under wear
leo messiah (7 months ago)
No way out 2003 you can go roam in the city!
Almighty Finesse (7 months ago)
There was free roaming in SVR 2007
Almighty Finesse (7 months ago)
Why does 2k make the WWE games just why THQ did a far better job
Re-Diamondsniper (6 months ago)
M Douglas 2K adds their stuff to the games though
M Douglas (6 months ago)
2K doesn't make the games, they just publish them. Yukes made the games and still makes the games
Alex Tingley (6 months ago)
THQ closed down
EJ Universe (7 months ago)
I wish SvR '11 and WWE 2k18 would mix to make one great freeroam.
Mike Andrew West (7 months ago)
Boo for 2k
CasualUfcgu y (7 months ago)
Lmao after 07 the games started going down hill
Oggsgaurd /Magnus (7 months ago)
It was in WWE'12
Jesus Christ (7 months ago)
Smackdown shut your mouth greatest free roam of all
KTF GAMING (8 months ago)
Wth since when did Baron blade Return!?!?!?!?
yin yang (8 months ago)
Another example why thq is better than 2k
Louie Baltazar (8 months ago)
2k18’s career mode was made so lazily. It’s a shame. I’d love to see a new studio host a wwe game in the future.
fortnite friendly (8 months ago)
rtwm should return in wwe 2k19
That Australian hobo (8 months ago)
Didn't wwe 12 have it? Or was that when you had to look for a target to beat up
wloydwiii (8 months ago)
2K18's free roaming sucks!
wloydwiii (8 months ago)
Mr Clean (6 months ago)
wloydwiii haha
julian RL (8 months ago)
2k19 voice acting doubt it but I hope
Ra Im (8 months ago)
How to play the wwe2k18 free roam??
10.5M views (8 months ago)
I wish they'd bring back voice acting in WWE games.
Nightmare Fuel (8 months ago)
Sym had amazing freedom when it came to the season mode
Mohsin Shaikh (9 months ago)
Thq is best,2k is a shit develepor
kingslayer (9 months ago)
Smackdown hctp is the best freeroam game of alltime
Matt Caporuscio (7 months ago)
BABLU _ Shut Your Mouth had more and all the same venues that HCTP had. HCTP didn’t have the train station, inside the world restaurant, inside the arena main lobby, snow in NYC.
Nihal DHALIWAL (9 months ago)
If the first one had no limit I would get it
€Sama€ (9 months ago)
lunatic mods (10 months ago)
2k 👿😒👿
GamingKid Arcade (10 months ago)
Hey dude you forgot WWE '12
iMRA (10 months ago)
Forgot Wrestlemania XIX
here to make u smile (10 months ago)
Anyone think dean ambrose was the thumbnail
Josh Howatd (10 months ago)
Technically in Road to Wrestlemania WWE ‘12 had free roaming
Josh Howatd (10 months ago)
I loved the way SvR 2011’s was
wwe fanz123 (10 months ago)
Overlord of Gaming (10 months ago)
Oh how far WWE Games have come yet how far they've sunk.
Overlord of Gaming (10 months ago)
I remember that line about being under power lines like it was yesterday.
prateek dahiya (10 months ago)
U forgot here comes the pain. Greatest game of all time(GGOAT)
ThisGenGaming (10 months ago)
There was no free roaming in HCTP in story mode. Just Falls Count Anywhere which we have a video for already.
KingsLight (10 months ago)
"Voice acting was added" 90% of the time the superstars would pretty much say this "Get lost."
Hellraiser988 (10 months ago)
BlackLight that doesn't count it's just lazy
lilmcgaming (10 months ago)
Not that it matters but SVR 11 and '12 were also had free roam
lilmcgaming (10 months ago)
Hellraiser988 You're right. That's why I said not that it matters.
Hellraiser988 (10 months ago)
SkittleSkits he showed smackdown vs raw 2011 and WWE 12 barley had free roam so it doesn't count
Kakarot (10 months ago)
Loved the one on SVR 2007, probably my favourite.
mishaal reacts (10 months ago)
Can it only be done with s created superstar
Paul Karkavelos (10 months ago)
SvR 2010 for Nintendo DSi had the coolest free roam,you could go to your house
Gaming world (3 months ago)
Haha. But graphics and controls are bad
Ace Raid Havin (8 months ago)
Paul Karkavelos true
Ahmed Tamer (10 months ago)
Guys .. you re awesome
Iskul_bukol ML (10 months ago)
Better than NBA 2K18 😤
Джиз (10 months ago)
Eshan (10 months ago)
Nice Video
Eshan (10 months ago)
Who won
Saiful Aimran (10 months ago)
Imagine if you’re on the train and suddenly a Brock Lesnar enters.... with his wrestling gear
nwowolfpacfan415 (4 months ago)
b2R.hBk. mia 😅😅
b2R _M (10 months ago)
But if I did that I'd be arrested and fined
Darklord 500 (10 months ago)
Saiful Aimran One way ticket to Suplex City 😂😂😂
Quincy Toney (10 months ago)
Wwe 12 had it some what
aravind kumar (10 months ago)
thq is great in making wwe games
Re-Diamondsniper (6 months ago)
THQ is great at publishing games
M Douglas (6 months ago)
thq published the games, Yukes made them
Ser Auden (6 months ago)
Nightmare Fuel they're back
Nightmare Fuel (8 months ago)
aravind kumar then they went bankrupt and closed
XxPaddy BlackxX (10 months ago)
Good stuff bro xD
james jobber (10 months ago)
Old free roaming was more fun you could go outside use random weapons and drive vehicles
Jonathan Rodriguez (10 months ago)
I remember that in the game wrestlemania 19 for gamecube you could fight security gaurds in a building and throw them to the ocean. I always used brock it was so danm fun
CRAZYD4VE87 (10 months ago)
+PHILL SHIVELY I go to HCTP SYM and 2k17 lol
PHILL SHIVELY (10 months ago)
I Go back to SMACKDown Just Bring it and SmackDown Shut your Mouth or Wrestlemania XIX On Game Cube for my Backstage Carnage
james jobber (10 months ago)
That's what i meant free roaming falls count anywhere matches before they took it out in the first smackdown vs raw game. the early smackdown games
CRAZYD4VE87 (10 months ago)
No you couldn't, that was in hardcore matches.
vive la france (10 months ago)
Redhead wtf?
ThisGenGaming (10 months ago)
We couldn't seem to change it. We did kind of rush through the creation too as we have not started MyCareer yet.
Randy 200662 (10 months ago)
TayTakeFlight (10 months ago)
2k really got lazy they really couldn’t add voices like 2k16
Re-Diamondsniper (6 months ago)
TayTakeFlight they didn’t feel like spending the money and getting the rights
JumpmanNationTM ikr
David Reyes (10 months ago)
After watching this episode I feel so special to have 2k18
Daniel Serrano (6 months ago)
David Reyes I dont like 2K18..
David Reyes (10 months ago)
My favorite phrase to read in wwe2k18 is at 5:00😂😂😂😂
Lec Lek (10 months ago)
You Forgot SVR 07 In the Locker Room Mode kinda
LEGENDARY ONE (10 months ago)
5th comment
jarvis simmons (10 months ago)
Be glad when more than two players can fight backstage again
Tisheba Wells (10 months ago)
The last time we could free roam before wwe 2k18 was SvR 2011
Gaming world (3 months ago)
Svr11's camera view is perfect and better than 2k18 but wwe 2k18 got more and more and more features than svr11. So finally wwe2k18 won wwe svr11
Curtis Simmons (10 months ago)
Tisheba Wells i wish. We could go in other places not just backstage
Jason Castillo (10 months ago)
Tisheba Wells and 2k18 will probably be the last wwe2k game of free roam until 2k26 or something watch
Skeleton Crew (10 months ago)
Tisheba Wells could what
CR7 Fan (10 months ago)
You are 'GOAT'
Christian Vi (10 months ago)
Johan Yhakur Thakur greatest of all time
beast in north (10 months ago)
THE PHENOMENAL ONE full form of goat?
Dashawn Ballestero (10 months ago)
Good stuff
Just Promas (4 months ago)
Dashawn Ballestero he forgot here comes the pain

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