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CSGO Alias command.

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Today we look at the Alias command in the csgo developer console.
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lové Héj (5 months ago)
my aliases is saved but theyre not in the cfg folder and i wanna remove some of them. do you know how to ?
Just Hearts (8 months ago)
How the save alias codes? My codes are reseting when I restarted thje game
Welshman (8 months ago)
You could put the alias code in the autoexec and it will automatically create the alias in the game when it launches.
DesparVek (11 months ago)
How to remove alias ?
Welshman (11 months ago)
In my case they didnt save unless you put them in the autoexec or another config file. So they should remove themselves unless you put them there.
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CarbonImpulse (2 years ago)
Awesome Video I make cs vids too :P Earned a sub! :D
Welshman (2 years ago)
+CarbonImpulse ☆CSGO AND MORE☆ Thanks alot man i will check out your channel aswell!

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