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(CONTAINS SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #4 Clip - Olenna on the Purple Wedding (HBO)

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Text Comments (432)
Master Wave (1 month ago)
The GUY couldn't walk? Jesus, Olenna must have been god-tier in the bedroom 🤩
Notmatt (2 months ago)
Olenna's betrothed was Daeron Targaryen, youngest son of Aegon V The Unlikely (The Aegon from the Dunk and Egg tales), grandfather to Rhaegar, Viserys, Daenerys, and great-uncle to Jon Snow. Olenna lost interest in the handsome prince because he was gay. It's quite a funny theme—the Tyrell ladies and gay men, lol.
Boxghost102 (2 months ago)
Was Lady Olenna betrothed to Aemon Targaryen? Description matches on both ends.
lovelyte (2 months ago)
Should she really be telling her that there? Didn’t she tell Margery not to speak ill of Jeoffry even when alone with her and say there are ears everywhere?
Jose Hill (3 months ago)
“You don’t think I was going to let you marry that beast do you.”-Olenna season 4 episode 4 “He’s a monster.” -Sansa season 3 episode 2. Sansa was the one that gave Olenna the idea for the Purple Wedding.
Jack Murphy (7 months ago)
The Targaryen in question was Daeron Targaryen, youngest son to Aegon the Unlikely. And ironically, like Renly was a closet homosexual.
Ideal Ademaj (1 year ago)
Nguyễn Đức Lộc (1 year ago)
you don't think i'd let you marry that beast . do you ? olenna is the best
Jack Murphy (1 year ago)
I love how Olenna acknowledges that even if Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey, he likely would have eventually.
Ian Washburn (1 year ago)
She's a tough old broad! She's great!
mayln163 (1 year ago)
Stroll in the garden reminds me of South Park lol
Karpov Liam (1 year ago)
The battle against House Tyrell lasted about as long as the sex scene between Cersei and Jaime. They really made the house look weak af.
IronKnight117 (1 year ago)
Olenna Tyrell is even scarier than Tywin Lannister
luhole (1 year ago)
I love that this murder was purely committed to protect her granddaughter. It wasn't for politics, it was a genuine display of deep familial love from a grandmother protecting her granddaughter. And I love that coming from someone who is otherwise so flippant and sarcastic. She is a fucking fantastic character.
Oğuzhan Akşahin (1 year ago)
Lady Olenna is woman version of Tywin Lannister :D
Lauryn Brianna (2 years ago)
Biggest badass on the show. Not only has she lived long enough to have grandkids, but she doesn't take shit from NOBODY!!!!
Queen Margaery Tyrell (2 years ago)
I love you Olenna, u badass!! xxx
never ever (2 years ago)
The way she playes with Margaery's necklace at 2:10 resembles the necklace Sansa wore to the wedding which had the poison in it
Jose Hill (3 months ago)
never ever that’s intentional.
Trial Captain Mina (2 years ago)
not my proudest fap
Ace_Betrayer (2 years ago)
Bruh i was not expecting the queen of thorns to come out and say she had that A1 pussy and rocked some dudes world haha i was like damn
Jose Hill (3 months ago)
Olenna was a bad chick.
KabbalahSherry (2 years ago)
A1 pussy ... omg I'm DYING 😂😂😂
Sebastian Guo (2 years ago)
Awww thx grandma
mattwho81 (2 years ago)
Love this, Olenna just confessed to killing Joeffrey and framing Tyrion for it, two of the greatest threats to the Tyrells removed in one go. And she's proud of it.
Mara Ram (3 years ago)
epic woman
Austin Boylan (3 years ago)
Actually Littlefinger purposely arranged the dwarf jousters so as to create public conflict between Joffrey and Tyrion with the intention of framing him.
Leland Wood (3 years ago)
+Celes Riv. you make a very good point, although I don't think that anyone could have predicted that Tyrion would end up being the one holding the cup when Cersei started screaming bloody (or purple) murder that Tyrion poisoned Joffrey. If Olenna had jumped to Tyrion's defense she would only have jeopardized herself and House Tyrell's tenuous alliance with the Lannisters, who literally cannot afford ruling without assistance and support from the Tyrells.
Mara Ram (3 years ago)
+Celes Riv. well I really love this woman and the fact that she killed Joffrey... but letting Tyrion being accused and letting him be sentenced to death, maybe was not very nice of her. She is old and probably not going to live much longer, why let an innocent die? but for the rest, she is amazing
September2004 (3 years ago)
I didn't realize until recently that Diana Rigg was in "On Her Majestey's Secret Service". "I was good. I was very, very good." I believe her. She the one gal who got James Bond to marry her...
Joana M (3 years ago)
Maybe she is promise to Aemon Targaryen the master of Castel Black.
woodlt (3 years ago)
I'll be the first to admit that when I began to watch this show I had no idea that 70 year old grandmother was going to be biggest badass on the show- and her in the company of the Kingslayer, the Kingslapper, the mother of dragons and the Hound....
LT BlueQueen (3 years ago)
Daamn olenna!
SEDEF INAN (3 years ago)
I love Olenna Tyrell
stanley derain (3 years ago)
Lady Olenna Tyrell, The Queen Of Thorns, The Kingslayer.
Ani0227 (3 years ago)
girltalk with grandma are my favorite scenes.
bailomega (3 years ago)
Game of throne, where even the kindly granny kicks ass and kill the king.
Agent69 (4 years ago)
This is the only woman who got James Bond to marry her. She knows what she's talking about people. 
KabbalahSherry (4 years ago)
Who the hell would dislike this video?! Lady Olenna is a badass! Long live the Queen of Thorns! ;-)
gadfageyar (4 years ago)
Imagine ur grandmother telling u that! I would be horrified!
kilani benazzouna (4 years ago)
jay love (4 years ago)
olenna is no joke!!!
KarlVyt (4 years ago)
At 1:36 Olenna is rather wrong. Cersei is  both vicious and very....VEEEEEERRRRY....stupid.
shadowdance4666 (4 years ago)
wishcry (4 years ago)
Now I can't look at Olenna without thinking "she's very very good, in the bed" FFS Game of Thrones
Jacob Deon (4 years ago)
Olenna and LittleFinger go hand in hand. Olenna needed LittleFinger to do her bidding whilst the same time create an excuse to take Cersi away with him back to Lysa. Now with Joffrey and Cersi out of the picture, Olenna can have Margaery wed Tommen. Perfection! All Hail the Queen of Thorns! :D
HUNTER125X (4 years ago)
all it took was a granny to talk to little finger to get red of joffrey. 
Slowhiteguy (4 years ago)
fuck the lannisters and fuck the freys
Areli Aguilar (4 years ago)
Saurabh Kumar (4 years ago)
imp will kill his father tywin lannister.....!!! huge spoiler....:P
AyashaVo92 (4 years ago)
Olenna kicks ass :D
Jairish Tadeo (4 years ago)
Olenna would have made a fantastic queen
Jay Owe (4 years ago)
World's coolest Grandma. And Natalie Dormer..... just DAMN! 
RememberTheElephant (4 years ago)
notice the title- "Olenna on the Purple Wedding ". Guess it's officially called the Purple Wedding.
Haatchii (4 years ago)
Wait, Cersei isn't stupid? This old woman clearly knows nothin!
Christian Warrior TV (10 months ago)
M. Q. And don't forget Cersei is a cat claw. 😑
Henry Hammond (10 months ago)
She's only stupid in her short-sightedness, recklessness and belief that she's smarter than she thinks. She makes a LOT of stupid blunders, but she never reaches Joffrey levels of stupidity.
Mother Fucker (1 year ago)
not that stupid she's always scared that someone might complot against her and she has alot of power but yes she does some stupid stuff but those dumb decisions bring death to her enemies and they damage her. if she was that intelligent she'd cause harm to her enemies and protect herself
Velasca (4 years ago)
+M. Padilla One of the biggest cunts as well.  
Silence Is Golden (4 years ago)
who knows nothin?
Jesse James (4 years ago)
is that varys in the background near the beginning? 
wajiidkhan (4 years ago)
I hate the lord varys has only had one scene in 4 episodes
Manikanta Reddy (4 years ago)
xxminixkittyxx (4 years ago)
Somebody made my top fav. characters in Game of thrones! XD
Chi Bao (4 years ago)
I knew it when she talked to Sansa :-s
Busty Barbie (4 years ago)
!!! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF THORNS !!! one badass granny
halfrightface (4 years ago)
Margaery Tyrell.. I would drink her bathwater
Sheldon Gregward (4 years ago)
"Contains Spoiler" funny, when the whole clip is the spoiler.
August Fuhrman (4 years ago)
Great episode. They deviated from the novel quite a bit, but they did a good job and enriched the story. But I don't understand why they say the White Walker at the end was the Night's King. The Night's King was a human who married a White Walker.
DoctorWeeTodd (4 years ago)
Vampires, werewolves and zombies start off human or a different species. WW/Others might follow in lieu of other mythological creatures.
UnionLords (4 years ago)
Unlike what many people thinking, This scene tells us jack squat. It just made us reduce the possible suspects. That's all. Still no definite clue about who exactly the assasin is. I, for one, couldn't tell for sure, whether Margaery, playing the fool, making a innocence facade, covering her crime, ((putting a poison either in the plate of Joffrey's cake or in his goblet)) or her grandma, playing the "Godmother", revealing the devil inside her, ((either showing "Margaery's theatrical facade" doesn't work on her, or she, is the one putting a poison King's cake or King's wine... The King's wine... which was poured from Cersei's carafe... which could very well mean that... perhaps The Queen... or even The Hand... was the intended target... Not Joffrey...which actually makes much more sense to me)) Long story short ; The whole dialog... is nothing but Speculation... certainly not a Confession.
- wuusa - (4 years ago)
natalie is so fkin sexy
Daniel Chapman (4 years ago)
But of course Diana Rigg is behind an assassination. Didn't anyone watch the Avengers? No, the TV show.
The_Howler (4 years ago)
I love Natalie Dormer!...She looks like a fish...like a mermaid!
tinseltownchick (4 years ago)
She looks like E.T.
The_Howler (4 years ago)
+Lajos Papp yea thats why! especially in this episode when she's talking to Tommen in the bedroom. I love the way she looks, she's so beautiful.
Lajos Papp (4 years ago)
I understand why you say that :D Her eyes are far apart, and her mouth is little. That being said, I think she is one of the prettiest ladies on this show. (and there are a lot of pretty ladies in this) :)
Bien Got (4 years ago)
Gee, no way!!!
Jesray Garciano (4 years ago)
Hodor was hurt!!!
Evija3000 (4 years ago)
Seems she was supposed to marry the Mad King =P Good call.
Evija3000 (3 years ago)
+babablacksheepdog Oh, interesting. Who knows. I could definitely see her turning it around.
babablacksheepdog (3 years ago)
+Evija3000 She was actually supposed to marry Daeron Targaryen, the Mad King's uncle. He was the youngest son of Aegon V. Apparently Daeron was the one who broke the engagement, probably because he was gay. According to the World of Ice and Fire, he preferred the company of a handsome young knight. Olenna is probably trying to give a different spin to the story in order to protect her pride.
Evija3000 (4 years ago)
+babablacksheepdog She was only 5 to 13 years older than him. Even wiki isn't sure when exactly she's born. So it's not impossible. However she was 7 to 15 years younger than his dad so that is probably more likely. And probably even more likely is the mad king's younger brother who's name we don't know.  Still it's not impossible like in the case of Margery when she's both older that Joffrey and Tommen.
babablacksheepdog (4 years ago)
She would've been too old for that. If the Mad King was still alive he'd probably be around her son Mace's age. She was probably meant to marry his father, or his uncle.
Jordan Dean (4 years ago)
This was such a great scene
Jan Oliver Jr Artuz (4 years ago)
Did Olenna just take a piece from Margaerys necklace? Who's she going to poison now?
AJBfc (4 years ago)
marrying a targaryen was all the rage back then ... that's a very modern euphemism isn't it? seems out of place in like a middle ages setting
Snag Prophet (3 years ago)
+AJBfc That's just an expression translated into present day English.
WILTALK (4 years ago)
Mathew-- My post was in response to Ajbfc's questioning about things being out of place when, in fact, it takes place in a completely different reality. It was meant to be sarcastic. 
Matthew E (4 years ago)
Would you rather let them talk middle English with modern English subtitles? Because I guarantee you wouldn't understand a word of 15th century English.
AJBfc (4 years ago)
+MimiDahhling30 well i should have said middle ages, FANTASY setting then.
James Repstock (4 years ago)
They use common parlance so it is a phrase that fits. Besides every family wanted to have Targaryen blood for several centuries.
MerkinMuffly (4 years ago)
Ice, Ice Baby
SomeNiceMovies (4 years ago)
+Migues NO
XRenimages (4 years ago)
Olenna also wanted a grand expensive wedding, this her ploy to get the lannisters into more debt and position house tyrell to take over house lannister? 
Stacie Daugherty (4 years ago)
Go Granny!
ToXiCVaPoRz29 (4 years ago)
Joffrey deserved it.
Stephanie Shine (4 years ago)
BEWARE CONTAINS SPOILERS       The Game of thrones "who's who " for the bored citizens of internet my ultimate favorite, my obsession : Jon Snow The malicious one : Marjorie The cleverest character: Terien The best team : hound and Arya the mean and vicious : Circe  The ones i hate for no peculiar reason : the red lady,  stanis , the meanest, ugliest, most horrible, idiotic, agressive, vicious one who fortunately dies. we all know who that one is. the one i find attractive: Gendry the crazy feminist queen, chef and supreme leader but i have no idea how this will end: mother of dragons the one i have trouble hating but also trusting unsurprisingly: little finger  the forever male virgin: lord varys  the naive: sansa
Brynden Tully (4 years ago)
Well your wrong
Rodrigo Carrió (4 years ago)
OMG!!!!! I am absolutely in love with this character! I listen her like if she is my grandma :p She is funny, fearless and dangerous, she is perfect! :D
James Repstock (2 years ago)
+Arnaud Gaga Fine, it will be this next season. "My safety is the last thing I care about"- Olenna. She's out for revenge- she even stated she doesn't care. Cersei will have her assassinated.
Arnaud Gaga (2 years ago)
+James Repstock lmao try again
James Repstock (2 years ago)
... But she's going to die in the next season. Mark my words.
James Repstock (4 years ago)
Olenna is a wonderful character. She is the mind behind the Tyrells and it's greatest weapon. She plays the part of a patriarch and matriarch at the same time.
shmaveyea (4 years ago)
+rouzbeh61 pardon?
Emiscary1 (4 years ago)
I guess it really does skip a generation.
Stefan Maksimovic (4 years ago)
Good, good, GOOD! -Darth Sidious
Roy Robson (4 years ago)
*I am a bit lost now. Yes i have read the books and thought it was Littlefinger's conspiracy. Shit. Now i am having to investigate this again.*
paul schramm (4 years ago)
Sure, sex as a weapon. Skanks.
HyrdaRancher (4 years ago)
But I do know...
Vera Soler (4 years ago)
I am really mesmerized by this show and all the actors envolved on it. They bring to the characters so much life and deepness. Congratulations to you all!! <3
Bérangère (4 years ago)
I like the parallel which is made here with Sansa & Littlefinger.
PussiesUnite (4 years ago)
Love the subtle editing before (new friends to grow strong) and at the end of this scene (necklace fiddling).
adzrul syafiq (4 years ago)
The best grandma everyone would love to have
Angel of Sarcasm (4 years ago)
This makes you think of your innocent grand parents.
anoncollie (4 days ago)
My grandparents has five boys and on stillbirth. Innocent is never the word I’d use.
Kalum M (4 years ago)
+ahnox ohhhh he went there lol
ahnox (4 years ago)
+vgfunman ...Literally. Amirite? Honestly, if your grandparents were so innocent, how do you think you got here? Lol.
DJSmallz (4 years ago)
WafflingMean44 (4 years ago)
i did have my suspicions about the tyrells but this confirms them
Walter White (4 years ago)
Fucking knew it.
G. Araujo (4 years ago)
White Walter
Heisenberg 992 (4 years ago)
Hey :)
Danzie Reviews (4 years ago)
Check out my review of the episode on my channel! So far this season has been dark and filled with WTF.
interesting3067 (4 years ago)
not if you read the books
sahar christian (4 years ago)
Ok I don't know about y'all but that sound like a confession to me.
Shiryu Rain (4 years ago)
"Marrying a Targaryen was all the rage back then" LMAO I love this women's quotes they are too funny. I can't wait for someone to make a video all of her quotes
anakon4 (3 years ago)
+Shiryu Rain Thats actually how people talk. Its your problem you dont have life.
Shiryu Rain (4 years ago)
no clue how lol
Kathleen Prince (4 years ago)
Why dont you make one ? :) :) :) :p
EvanSol919 (4 years ago)
No! I don't want the Queen of thrones to go! :(
Dee Ker (4 years ago)
Queen of Thorns***
Dick Brag (4 years ago)
I thought she gonna give Tomi a blowjob
Ani0227 (3 years ago)
actually they explicitly state that this is one of the main reasons they age everyone up a few years. they cant show 13 year old daenerys getting pounded by Drogo. so emilia was playing a 17 year old dany. and because tommen is supposed to be really young for the story to work they just imply that margaery had intentions to do just that but then didnt. also you would want to think about putting a child actor in that position. its weird. like the rape scene with sansa during the riot, they had to have sophie's parents on the set while she was being attacked.
Kazia Santos (4 years ago)
That's fucked up.
TheMafyoz (4 years ago)
+WILTALK  good point
TheMafyoz (4 years ago)
its a TV show..... that airs in America...
jo el (4 years ago)
Not in Westeros mates
John Loco (4 years ago)
somebody give that future king the most lucky kid of the seven kingdoms, he gets to bang the hot chick :D
Kaarlo Moran (4 years ago)
Such an awesome actress!
SilentWeaponsIII (4 years ago)
Seems Olenna turns from Emperor Palpatine to Darth Sidious @1:57, as "everything is proceding as she has forseen and has transpired so according to her design..."
Migues (4 years ago)
Look up this sweet Game of Thrones browser mmo game people :D gameofthronesascent.tk
DeathΩMessenger (4 years ago)
+WiiKingMattitude24 *Starts singing the Imperial March, speaking Hodor nonstop* Hodor, Hodor! Ho-Hodor, Ho-Hodor. Ho-Ho-Ho Ho-Hodor, Ho-Hodor!
Lewis Carlin (4 years ago)
+Kelphy X But Vader is redeemed when he throws Palpie down the well, so Hodor must be someone important's father and he will intervene to save them from Emperor Tyrell
Lewis Carlin (4 years ago)
+WiiKingMattitude24 Make it so :D
WiiKingMattitude24 (4 years ago)
+Lewis Carlin Darth Hodor? Hope that doesn't spoil anything.
Andrea King (4 years ago)
I can't believe that lady Olenna had something to do with the Purple Wedding! Wow
Andrew Korhonen (4 years ago)
"Don't worry yourself about all that." Then plays with her necklace, that was well played.
Jazzy Jules (4 years ago)
The Craster's Keep scene is a huge divergence from the books. I hope they know what they're doing. In a way I almost like the changes so I don't know what's coming sometimes.
Joao Vital (4 years ago)
Best... Grandma... EVER
Jazzy Jules (4 years ago)
"If I have to take one more leisurely stroll through these gardens I'll fling myself from the cliffs" - I bet Diana Rigg said that about her scenes and they decided to keep it.
"i sucked a mean dick back in the day" - Lady Olenna
Fitzicus (4 years ago)
"Cersei may be vicious, but she's not stupid." No, she's pretty fucking stupid.

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