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The Complete History and Lore of Reaper

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The Complete History and Lore of Reaper. We continue our series of Complete History and Lore of Overwatch videos, this time with the former leader of Blackwatch: Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Voiced by Moxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (415)
Midnight Lantern (2 days ago)
I hate Reaper. Evil to the core with no regard for anyone but himself. Mercy was too easy on him saving him like that. I would have left him to the crows for what he did. And he deserved it.
NeuroticTrash666 (2 days ago)
wow nice break down of the lore ty
LeeBear33 (4 days ago)
I’m nine today
Blueberry Cheesecake (5 days ago)
It’s hard to imagine a face behind that mask, it’s so emotionless. Like Reaper!
Rust Lord (8 days ago)
Reaper is anakin he became the very thing he swore to destroy
Steelheart (9 days ago)
Probably a body image thing. He probably looks like a zombie at this point if his cells are constantly dying and regenerating. He at the very least would no longer even resemble human.
Snowy (10 days ago)
Isnt gabe reyes ghost riders brother
Andy Deleon (13 days ago)
Also know as the biggest edge lord
the gaming panda (16 days ago)
Maura is a girl
Nadine Smith (21 days ago)
actily reaper joined talon becoues he wants to die
memes memeslol (22 days ago)
Note the the game still calls reaper and outhers "Heros"
Coyote Man (23 days ago)
So basically Reaper has the powers of the Smoke Monster, -shapeshifting
Peter LeGarrick (24 days ago)
the father of that family at 7:40 could be Liao. Like, Reaper is stalking him, debating on weather or not to take him out. That would be cool!
Ender Girl (25 days ago)
He is cool 😎 I like him verrrry mutch and Jea I think he could be good again cours I think some body must tell him that it wasn’t Soldier 76 who decided to be the leader...🤔 and I think he feels somthing if he doesn’t he wouldn’t be angry about Soldier 76... would he? 🤔
Galaxy _Wolf6655 (26 days ago)
Reaper is OP...... *That's why I play him* I also play him because it's fun to shred tanks into a billion peices.
MASTR Jon (27 days ago)
How similar is this to Fortnite??
creepycrawly cats (27 days ago)
Welcome to Reapers hair Salon, we don't cut though, we only *DYE DYE DYE!!!!!!*
Retonya Kidd (28 days ago)
Nightblack Daywhite (28 days ago)
Did i just se an prottos unit
Dima Shahin (29 days ago)
I'm a reaper Main and maybe I could see some good because everyone has a weakspot
DeathReaper (30 days ago)
This whole time i was saying reaper was black :( we need better black heros!
LYN PS4,PC (1 month ago)
305,666 veiws
So, Reaper is Basically Overwatch's Evil Captain America. Huh. Interesting.
Kelvin Chong (1 month ago)
shane a (1 month ago)
If you are a reaper main comment or like this comment
EmemonD (1 month ago)
0:57 - 1:12 Blizzard why did ya copy this to halo
Mason Hetzel (1 month ago)
that is the greatest villian story ever, better than vader, and maul even
Shadow Reflex (1 month ago)
Theres still good in Reaper.
Reaper looks like raven from fornite
Bjoejiecozy (1 month ago)
Did reaper make or join talon?
Reg Pett (1 month ago)
That reaper highlight at the end from Reyes to reaper was smooth as butter
Realsquirtle97 (1 month ago)
This needs to be remade when Reaper has a lot more info. He already has more. But he’s getting more
Kyasarin Reyes (1 month ago)
I still believe theres THE good Gabriel Reyes....friend and a leader.
Soilder 76 (1 month ago)
Damn Reyes damn him.
Jakov Kresic (1 month ago)
No he is now on the dark side
Crimson Titan (1 month ago)
Does anyone know if overwatch is coming to the Nintendo switch? If anyone does please tell me
Mega Rayquaza (1 month ago)
If reaper had wanted to kill jack, why did he aim for the waist instead of the head?
christoffer gezici (1 month ago)
i like evil
FOXCOR THE. KILLR. FOX (1 month ago)
UD genji & marci
Gilleee (1 month ago)
Can someone imagine a fallen angel skin for reaper
StrikerFX47 (1 month ago)
Reaper has a very interesting and tragic back story.
iinfinitus Yes (1 month ago)
john wick is reaper.
Reaper edgelord (1 month ago)
Haha! Awesome!!
Conner Boatwright (1 month ago)
They should make an anime about overwatch
Vanessa Liu (1 month ago)
Actually Morrison and Reyes never hated each other they were “best war buddies” and even as far as lovers all this was explained by none other than Jeff himself
Junk Juice (2 months ago)
Fuck overwatch , look at what they to me.
sister bitch (2 months ago)
Simon Corcoran (2 months ago)
*He protacc* *He attacc* *But most importantly...* *He bacc in blacc*
Black Phantom (2 months ago)
Maybe if reaper killed 76 maybe he will join overwatch again because u said reaper blames 76 right thats wat u said
King Arthur (2 months ago)
MidnightArcher147 (2 months ago)
Except a lot of Reaper's choices point to him being undercover as well. At least in my opinion. I know a lot of people think he's truly evil, but I don't think that's the plan Blizzard has for his storyline. I would go on about why I think he's a double agent, but the list is really long and I just wanted to state my opinion, so if anyone's curious let me know and I'll try my best to explain.
the furry gamer (2 months ago)
You forgot the other part about how reaper can pull infinite shotguns out of his pockets
George Bray (2 months ago)
Reaper is my second favourite character
George Bray (19 days ago)
Soldier 76
Spooner Man (19 days ago)
Whos first
Carson Casmirri (2 months ago)
You say it was surprising that Reyes and Morison got along despite their differences in background. As someone in the Military I can tell you that to most of us background means nothing. What we care about that is that the buddy to the left and right of you has your back and won’t let you die.
Antawan omega (2 months ago)
Wait is he all new Ghost rider's brother???????
Enrique Garcia (2 months ago)
So a badass turning into a better badass alright blizzard
Daniel Aguirre (2 months ago)
Do you think Reaper has clapped Widow's cheeks already?
tooepik4u (2 months ago)
Actually, I may need to correct you. It was actually Angela who turned reyes into the reaper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPXKBFXS3wk 19:20 michael chu states that reyes had some "issues in his genetics", this is why he needed Moira to help cure him. It also explains why reaper hasn't killed Moira yet.
ZzE 223 (2 months ago)
0:21 i like what you did there
Im A Cat Borf (2 months ago)
How does this not have more views??????
TheOtakuComrade (2 months ago)
*_Edgelord McMuffin_*
Madalin Grama (2 months ago)
Classic tale o boy-scout vs renegade.
Devin Hackley (2 months ago)
I mind
woitU (2 months ago)
Edgar Hernandez (2 months ago)
Wasn't Reapers name unknown? Blizzard gave us his real name on a silver platter! Plus looking at the lore, Reyes was using the guns known for Reaper! Same a Morrison became Soldier 76, Reyes became Reaper
Dragon Squad (2 months ago)
My favoroite character is reaper
Kutaxter (3 months ago)
So is the soldier enhancement program the one captain America used
Rin's Everything (3 months ago)
2:30 anyone see the Scout character from TF2 behind Reinhardt?
Nick Garcia (3 months ago)
Kookie Ackerman (3 months ago)
Reaper still have good in him
Average Commie (3 months ago)
Fish (3 months ago)
thepurplepichu 21 (3 months ago)
Wait wait wait Remember the Archives event? Oh wait That was when Gabe was human nvm
GoldGuy GT (3 months ago)
If you kill Soldier 76 as Reaper (or the other way around) he might say “This is how it should have been”
Dislodged Grump (3 months ago)
rythememeguy 27 (3 months ago)
They need to add more talon heroes to the game
See? Mercy is not that bad.
Kaden Elijah (3 months ago)
The omnic crisis came before Gabe Reyes got his powers.
xblad3 221 (3 months ago)
So im tje soldier enhacment experiment so far we have: kack morroson, Gebriel Reyes and Steve Rogers
Sergi Al-Kabir (3 months ago)
But why can he pull out infinite guns?
DarkTailedGamer (3 months ago)
Question.....Where can you get the novel? Plesssss tell meh if you know.
CPT2 (3 months ago)
You forgot to add that he's a potato
danNdeverything (3 months ago)
I love this video
Very Confused Child Hi (3 months ago)
Anyone else get a Star Wars vibe from this like Anakin skywalker
EndMeSoftly (3 months ago)
At the beginning of the video did you say time to reap or rape?
PRkeepitrealHD (3 months ago)
Where do the cinematic scenes in this video come from? I’m new to Overwatch btw....
SomeRandomGuy (3 months ago)
Who is the head of talon is it a robot or is it a human and also what if the blast triggered something in reaper which turned him into what he is now
Alexa Joanne Hofer (3 months ago)
Ana's face at 6:56 XD
Jelena Hazova (3 months ago)
Commander Morison didn’t dye he goes around in secret aka soldier 76
Clear Games (3 months ago)
I want to see a skin of Reaper without the mask- like- horrifically scarred from the explosion or something
joe chason (3 months ago)
I think that reaper can become a good hero but he needs to recognize that the reason he's like this is do to his own part
Ben K (3 months ago)
Overwatch is racist.
Sterling S. (3 months ago)
So... Reyes never resented Morrison for being passed up the position of Strike-Commander. In fact, he prefered being out of the limelight and letting Morrison take the more political role.
Sterling S. (3 months ago)
Also, it seems it was Moira's genetic experiments that caused Gabriel to develop the abilities that he has. It does not seem like the Enhanced Soldier Program had much, if anything to do with it, as we see Soldier: 76 doesn't share a similar condition.
Somber Forest (3 months ago)
2:03 they look hotter
Papa Chanka (4 months ago)
76 is like Captain America and Reaper is like Bucky Barnes
R Bogdan (4 months ago)
Loved it !
Miguel Baeza (4 months ago)
I think that the improvement that Reyes got in the soldier improvement program was that his cells regenerated faster so his wounds would regenerate faster, and what Moira did was to make this process even more faster so he could vanish in a dark cloud and regenerata like nothing had happened
Hey Squidward (4 months ago)
Ya know what this is a dumb question but still a question Is reaper white? i know this is dumb im not trying be racist. I was just wondering PLZ NO HATE JUST WONDERING also im not saying white supremacy since i aint white so what is the point
Marisa Williford (3 months ago)
He's Hispanic, most likely looks Mexican. He's not really white, but he's white now because he's revived half dead as the Reaper.
Oscar Björck (4 months ago)
I like reaper more now then he got that cool mask

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