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I've been investigating how to make force fields behind the scenes on me channel. I suppose it's a hobby. Source footage: Three Miles North of Molkom (documentary) https://youtu.be/yE6kB1vmCkc MORE OZZY MAN: Book me: http://www.bookcameo.com/ozzymanreviews Here's me Patreon by the way: http://www.patreon.com/ozzyman Here's me Twitter: https://twitter.com/OzzyManReviews Here me Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozzymanreviews/ And check out me teesping shirts: http://www.teespring.com/stores/ozzymanreviews Fair Dealing - parody, satire, review, commentary.
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Mustavo Gaia (4 months ago)
My virginity was protected for a long time by a force field or akwardness.
JGK29 (2 months ago)
Pj Halafau well he obviously did, so your comment was superfluous.....
James Whittingham (2 months ago)
Did you have to give it to me for the first 24 years of my life, Mustavo, you bastard?!
alison paulik (2 months ago)
Robin Maibals, nice one
Sofie Pedersen (3 months ago)
Mustavo Gaia o
Cannon Max (3 months ago)
My virginity is still protected thanks to all those force field xD
John Peterson (4 hours ago)
It's almost like a metaphor about religion !
Anonymus lll (1 day ago)
Ozzyman's smile at 4:00😂
adele williams (1 day ago)
Imagine going onto the beach and seeing that
Adil Saleem (2 days ago)
That guy watches too too much dragon ball
A Zed (2 days ago)
This Zumba instructor's routine is on a whole other level. But, fucking Janice...he told you to look between your hands!!!
Chippy Tucker (3 days ago)
Magnus had me in stitches here! More so than the rest!! THEN!! Then the chick gets run tha feck over! AHHHHAAAAA!!!
Kson Aichem (6 days ago)
Orygen 0z 7z (6 days ago)
4:00 that smile
Jessica Bellamy (8 days ago)
Shouldn’t his force field protect him from their force fields......?
Jason Brewer (8 days ago)
07:54 Glossolalia from behind annnnnd… ah Fahk Janice gets the steam rolah!!!
MWS ICT (8 days ago)
Fergie video loll.... need to find..
Mystery (8 days ago)
heres me dumb fucking face.
Thot Bot (9 days ago)
LSD is one hell of a drug
A'bad Pris'ner (10 days ago)
Hey this legit?
Adil Saleem (2 days ago)
A'bad Pris'ner totally. You should try it sometime. You can shoot people
A'bad Pris'ner (10 days ago)
Hey this legit?
Kelly T (13 days ago)
The problem with him is he has never caught a proper lickin,a good old beat down and if ever a bullshido master needed one.
DrunkYouTube (14 days ago)
Stroking the beard makes you want to understand something but even though what you're watching is completely nonsense, stroking your beard will make you seem like you're interested in the shit that's being said. *Strokes beard*
Darlena Hall (15 days ago)
One Boy Pubg (15 days ago)
May the force be with all of you.
NOT LISTENING (16 days ago)
I literally cannot stop laughing.... Holy shit is this funny
Captian Jack Sparrow (16 days ago)
Australians, save the world then go back home and have a billy and a beer. Just like Iris.
A Desiree’ (16 days ago)
That was some weird sh!t
adrian antazo (16 days ago)
pretty sheila hands you have there mate... Peace!
Swazi Figueiredo (17 days ago)
This is to epic😂😂
Jhae Mrll. (18 days ago)
WTF... if I walked up on this group of crackpots doing this shit on the beach, I'd run up to their leader bloke and give him a good old fashioned throaty punch. Feel MY energy!!!
Rovarn Treleven (18 days ago)
is he sure this isn't how u transform into a super saiyan 3 lmao
Sergey Shinkarev (19 days ago)
Do some more vids like this 1
ravikar singh (19 days ago)
Fake hair
howlingthunder26 (20 days ago)
We need a radio host like you in the USA ...a uncensored program version I'd tune in
nick M (20 days ago)
Anyone else love he starts the video off by insulting his viewers then insults himself🤣
id104335409 (23 days ago)
This is some super sayan shit. Did anyone graduated, or..
enzoli23 (24 days ago)
mikOy' sAmA (25 days ago)
It's funny how Ozzy tries to keep a straight face throughout the whole video 😂
Darius Karremans (26 days ago)
Ozzy quality went down ;(
jim jimjim (26 days ago)
Teaching the application of mystical energies and a defiance of reality on a beach, and not inside a laboratory...…. seems LEGIT.
swapnil udapure (26 days ago)
Dark energies won't affect you, when you are high on weed,,
Guido Sarducci (26 days ago)
Who the F is down voting this!!! ?Ozzy Man nails it!! Where do I sign up for this retreat???
Wardance (26 days ago)
Janice got owned...lmao
Mike LoPinto (28 days ago)
Benny Miller (28 days ago)
I love it when you start to laugh a touch before you get through your sentence, fkn oath that was worth watching though. Janice got fkd in the face, loving it!
trevor p (29 days ago)
Whhhhat the fuuuuck
Zach (30 days ago)
Thot Bot (9 days ago)
Zach WAT
Zeta Convex (30 days ago)
8:02 Smack. Love the way he stays in character, though, flopping about like a fish and infusing her with healing energy afterwards.
Abrahim Javed (1 month ago)
Man Janice flew. She flew a good foot back
Sark Karmir (1 month ago)
I was expecting you to say "destination fucked"!
Keanu Renz M. HINDAP (1 month ago)
Fucking janis
THAToneGUY594 (1 month ago)
Omg it's so cringeworthy lol
Edwin Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Dude Ozzyman. How do you deal with those f'in channels that steal your content. A lot of them have a ton of views.
Templar Knight (1 month ago)
FFSK !  How can you not love Ozzy Man.  This is one man you would definitely have to get pissed with one night. The guy is so funny.
Rubber Ninja (1 month ago)
So this is where Neymar trained
leongt1954 (1 month ago)
I wounder what drugs these people are on to believe this dickhead
Juggs McBulge (1 month ago)
Janice got fucking levelled!!!!
George Jetson (1 month ago)
Yeah, Mother fucker. Nikola Tesla studied that shit for realies and then Edison tried to cornhole him with DC but Tesla did a double reverse reach around and wound up cornholing Edison with AC. Edison was butthurt from the severe cornholing and in the end Edison shafted Tesla with the mightiest of cornholings of all recorded cornholings and Tesla ate shit. So you can thank the inventor of the goddamn light bulb for fucking us out of force fields AND free electricity.
Fernando Dominguez (1 month ago)
Jajajaja the best
Jayawickrama WM (1 month ago)
Oi leave some energy for the rest of us 😂😂😂😂😂
Dick Jokes And Bondo (1 month ago)
How dare you say this is a scam! It looks legit to me. Yeah nah it’s definitely a scam.
Joshua French (1 month ago)
Ozzy man its NOT fake. Fucking Janice was still collecting energy when sensei ran into her.
Kael Zildjian (1 month ago)
Great. I can harness this knowledge to keep mosquitoes & chicks at bay. Very practical..
daniel zuk (1 month ago)
R u ever going to shave that beard buddy?? I have not seen black panther cause I'm white.
snow cones (1 month ago)
Would not like to get one of those girls in the bed be like hitting her with a taser
Yusokuh (1 month ago)
9.17 hahahahahaha
Nelio Anderson (1 month ago)
Turbo Turtle (1 month ago)
What a Cocksnap
Casper Jägell (1 month ago)
Oh no they’re fucking sweds
Casper Jägell (1 month ago)
This Is some fucked shit
Ross Phillips (1 month ago)
Justin Unknown (1 month ago)
10 minute tutorial on how to become Raptor-Wolverine, in a Black Panther vibranium suit, with forcefield abilities and the powers of Ego?
Jamie Hibbert (1 month ago)
Force fields aren't real Ozzyman. How can you not know that?
Seaf Halabi (1 month ago)
F**k your own face
Jonathan Benitez (1 month ago)
Ozzy man you might be my favorite youtuber ever!!!
Goliath (1 month ago)
Please, get a job as a commentator in fifa 2022
Mr Epic (1 month ago)
Ozzy Man Saves The World : Starring Despacito 4
Jakob Hinton (1 month ago)
I tried to summon the forcefield power but all the energy i brought in to my body exploded out the back of me in a premature evacuation, not sure what to do now.
Misho Pruidze (1 month ago)
“It’s also a great exercise”
harsh RIDES (1 month ago)
Fucking amazing you are... 😁
Keith Whisman (1 month ago)
I do that when I’m constipated.
Ambttethv (1 month ago)
If she was working out in any kind of way outside of hippy dippy bullshit force field training, her body could have been capable of absorbing that old man bumping into her without her whole world ending.
G m (1 month ago)
What is this sorcery?
Adrian DeLira Munis (1 month ago)
3:55 he sounds like a creeper from minecraft gonna explode
Susan Rachel (1 month ago)
I want what they are smoking 🤣
Carlton Rose (1 month ago)
Hugo Rosas (1 month ago)
jeb bryant (1 month ago)
Can’t believe people trust this shit
BlindGuardian495 (1 month ago)
I nearly died when Janis got ramed..!!!! Wasn't expecting that..!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Sarah Smith (1 month ago)
Lol when janice got bowled down I inhaled a skittle 😳😂😂
Michael Clary (1 month ago)
What in the holy [email protected] is this? [email protected] bloody good [email protected] mate! Where do I sign up? Will it teach me to summon a [email protected] Deathstar?
Marky Potter (1 month ago)
I dont know if theyre possessed, constipated or just high
Daithi h123 (1 month ago)
I feel like he's just pulling the piss
BadgerBeard (1 month ago)
8:00 Destination fucked!
william Ehrhardt (1 month ago)
You should clip your nails
ruben de leon (1 month ago)
She went straigth to destination fucked
Ash ahahh (1 month ago)
Watching these tools would make Darwin weep. Pass the beer.
Ranger Ryan (1 month ago)
This guy makes easy money by telling people shit
mgtow rage (1 month ago)
This just proves people are fucking stupid and maybe killing these retards is what the world needs god dam dude your a fucking cracker lol keep your eye out so we can learn how to use the force
Ace Arch (1 month ago)
7:55 @ .25 speed. You're welcome!
Budi Prakoso (1 month ago)
I'm fucking crying 😂😂
BannaTaco123 (1 month ago)
Some people are retarded.
mike jones (1 month ago)
Poor Janice
magincap70 (1 month ago)
I think anybody actually witnessing this happen would call the police and they'd be searched for drugs.

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