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Game of Thrones Star Reveals Series Finale? (Season 8) SPOILERS

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Text Comments (262)
Me From Maine (1 month ago)
Maisie was one of those who were insisting that Jon Snow was dead (which, I suppose technically he was)...which was, of course, misleading. She knows what she's doing with this tweet.
Kostas Tsere (2 months ago)
Maybe the blood in her shoes is real and killed the whole cast
Ash Scott (2 months ago)
Dyes her hair blue...people look at her shoes. Nerds!
God Emperor Darrin (2 months ago)
Make you a bet...arya WILL kill Cersei. Cersei will poison Euron...As Euron dies, Qyburn will bring Cersei a celebratory drink. Cersei will drink. Then begin to choke (ala the Frey's)...Then Qyburn will reach and remove his face revealing Arya....As Qyburn does not carry weapons...Arya also will not have her weapons...Sooooo...instead of slitting Cersei's throat as was done to Lord Frey...Arya will help Cersei on her way by strangling her...Arya is the Valonqar...And will rule Winterfell after Sansa 's death as Lady-Wardeness...or maybe even restored Queen...And...Maybe King Roberts words will come true ("I have a son...You have a daughter...Our houses will be joined") by marrying Gendry.I dk about the marriage...But I will put money on Arya being the Valonqar
Amira El-Khaouli (2 months ago)
She’s dead. There’s no head in the picture
R H (2 months ago)
Little finger crossed cerise so would not go near her no ?
Christopher Clarke (2 months ago)
Prob that she was the last person filming... I wouldn't read too much into it
Al3c6239 (2 months ago)
The game of thrones directors have said that they'll be filming multiple endings to the series to prevent leaks, and with a show as big and secretive as game of thrones the actors will most certainly have confidentiality contracts, this might just be a fake lead for fans to mislead people, otherwise Maisie Williams can probably expect to be sued.
Krazy Hatter (2 months ago)
I told you so
333wheeler (2 months ago)
Wearing a couple of white walkers.. ! mm lol.
Oliver Haag (3 months ago)
I fear Arya will not survive season 8. Her revenge on the Freys is unforgivable. So I think Arya will be punished and become the lone wolf. And we all know: "The lone wolf dies."
Frankie TheHeathen (3 months ago)
Nonsense. It just means they had a long day of shooting and Massie as the last woman standing that day and she thought it would be fun to tease all the fans so they do exactly what you and many others are doing,....speculating. It means nothing!
CelestianProphet - (3 months ago)
If Daenerys dies I'm honestly going to have a mental breakdown
daverjax (3 months ago)
But dealing with this, I think she gets Jamies Face (remember the Valonqar). Plus Arya as of last season was STILL "A Girl" i.e. a Virgin.  A Girl becomes a Woman wheeeeennnnn..... Pop goes the Cherry.....  Perhaps Gedry's Fate?
daverjax (3 months ago)
Maise's a Trolll of long standing so don't take her tweets seriously, Here Ya Go, How about you stfu, stop trying to ruin the last season eh?
Nymeria Darkstorm (3 months ago)
I saw this on Insta and was hoping that you would take this on.. ;)
Mathias Emil Kuntz (3 months ago)
Have you thought about the riverlands joining the fight to the north, now that Jaime is heading up through the riverlands, could he potentionally break free Lord Tully and Reunite the Tully army to head north?
David Allen (3 months ago)
Theory question - if Arya kills a white walker or a weight - can she take it's face, too? And thereby get close enough to kill the Night King? I mean, it would be a total deus ex machina, but it would help her get close enough with Valyrian steel.
Hot Pie Gravy (3 months ago)
I’m only familiar with the movies so I’m not sure if there is additional information in the books. The Starks say “there must always be a Stark in Winterfell”. Is it possible that if a Stark is not in Winterfell, could that possibly “break the spell” on the wall and be the entire motivation of why the Night King is moving south? I noticed in s2 ep10 that Bran leaves Winterfell and the Whitewalkers are officially moving south (past Sam). Coincidence? Just curious.
rob 2406 (3 months ago)
arya better not die in season 8 or im done with game of thrones
Random CC (3 months ago)
your intro always give goosebumbs love that intro
HaSSan G (3 months ago)
All publicity is good publicity.
SeanPatrick (3 months ago)
I think it means she is messing with the fans.
hardybryan (3 months ago)
Martin revealed long ago that his wife would leave him if she kills off Arya (her favorite character). It was a joke obviously, but I'm confident Arya survives the series. I doubt she's the only woman, but what do I know.
Skipper (3 months ago)
Oh come now,. wouldn't it be poetic if Arya, kills Jamie Lannister and returns to Cersei, as Jamie then kills Cersei and becomes Cersei and rules the Iron Throne?
Lยςкץ L๏ς๏ (3 months ago)
never been clickbaited so hard before :D
Wolfgirl (3 months ago)
I have heard that she is GGM's favorite character (or his wife's favorite)
Joshua Mon De Belen (3 months ago)
Isn't it going to be awkward if she used Baelish's face?? I mean he was killed publicly and left to die.
Stephanie Nickels (3 months ago)
I know that this is not the best place to post this.... Does anyone else think that the valanquer ( little brother or sister ) Has to do with the second sons?
Nora M. Garcia (3 months ago)
Last woman standing can also mean that her character is the last female character to wrap her scenes. Can wait until Season 8 airs so we can all stop dissecting everything related to G.O.T. Season 8.
Rob Brown (3 months ago)
Arya use Littlefinger's face? NO. Littlefinger is too well know, and folks already know he is dead. But she could use the face of an ordinary soldier to get around unnoticed, though not likely close enough to Cersei to hurt her. Who knows what is possible?
Swapnil Bansod (3 months ago)
In S05E05, Stannis and Samwell were in Castle Black's library when Stannus told Samwell that they have dragonglass in Dragonstone. And Samwell didn't occur to me like a person who can forget things.
Walter Rae (3 months ago)
Looks like Jax tellers shoes from the end of sons of anarchy
BrotherhoodofLev (3 months ago)
Just means she did in fact Finish her List..... read too much into this
Luna Price (3 months ago)
I was curious, I've been watching season 2 and there is much speculation about the red comet that is shown. It doesn't seem to be talked about after season 2.
AiiCii (3 months ago)
Hey. Buddy. If you are going to have some potential spoilers, maybe dont put them in the thumbnail or title and in stead save it for the video. I like you and your videos and I also like the show. Thanks!
Jasmine Marseilles (3 months ago)
The AFI on her shoes makes me think of the band and their songs Miss Murder and Love Like Winter.
Indra Verhoeven (3 months ago)
That would be something if it were true. Knowing D&D though, this is probably misdirection/misinformation.
psrandz (3 months ago)
We already know that she is gonna survive cuz of george's wife.... we also know 5 people roughly will survive.. last woman standing lol
Alex MacKenzie (3 months ago)
Could simply be that she was the last of the main female cast to film scenes, which as we all know are filmed out of order :)
alize8605 (3 months ago)
She didn’t spoil anything she literally is the last one standing since she is the last one to finish shooting and those clothes she is wearing are not Westerosi, she is wearing jeans and sneakers
Cobra Kai-Zer Soze Soze (3 months ago)
If she did just reveal the ending with a real spoiler. Her career is done , finished and rightfully so. That would be the most selfish act in acting history. I'm just going to hope it was a misdirection.
Colleen McDonald (3 months ago)
Lena Headey left the comment "QUEEN" after Maisie's post! I can't wait for Season 8!!!
James Williams (3 months ago)
I hope she kills them all
Scott O (3 months ago)
Probably didn't wear a face of a 21st century person wearing athletic shoes.
skirrid1 (3 months ago)
A photograph of some bloody white walkers
Laurel Reef (3 months ago)
I wish the last series could air in January rather than April. What a way to start the year!
D Rex (3 months ago)
My guess is she was the last woman to film whatever was left to film for season 8. From what I've heard most are done anyways, I doubt it has anything to do with spoilers or any plot points.
mdavid32 (3 months ago)
In the books, Old Nan tells Arya when she’s complaining about sewing, that she’d, “die with a needle in her hand” or something to that effect I don’t remember word for word. I always took that as Arya dying in battle with her sword she named Needle. Other rumors says she disguises herself to fight The Mountain but fails to kill him. Who knows we’ll have to wait and see.
The Silent Canvas (3 months ago)
I don't know if anyone else has thought about the final season from the angle of the Lord of the rings. Specifically, the poem that was used in the final movie and the one referenced in the book as well. I read the poem and if grrm has used Lord of the rings as an inspiration for the asoiaf series and in consequence, the Got TV series, then could this poem hint at the ending ? Here's what I thought-out All that is gold does not glitter - tyrion/Lannister/gold/always neglected by his family so does not "glitter"?? Not all those who wander are lost - Arya Stark The old that is strong does not wither - yohn royce? Deep roots are not reached by the frost - Bran?? From the ashes a fire shall be woken- Dany was "reborn" from the ashes of khal drogo A light from the shadows shall spring- unclear so far ...any ideas ? Renewed shall be blade that was broken - ICE ?? The crown less again shall be king - Jon snow ?? Let me know what you think
Yukine_Kun (3 months ago)
Or She kills the night king and takes his face
Elizabeth Desmond (3 months ago)
Aria doesn't wear modern day sneakers. Practice, maybe
JJ NN (3 months ago)
That video was way too long. And btw. it could mean all other women kneeled...
D Halps (3 months ago)
There’s no way Arya wore those shoes while filming! Lol
Jonna Panda Bengtsson (3 months ago)
Arya was suppose to die at the red wedding but she is Georges wifes favorite character so he promised her she wouldnt die in the books. So it could be that everyone dies except her because of that promise.
Randy Tusone (3 months ago)
I could see Arya being the one to kill Cersei!
God Emperor Darrin (2 months ago)
Arya WILL kill Cersei. Cersei will poison Euron, and celebrate with a drink from Qyburn...But qyburn will actually be Arya...And Arya will assist the poison by strangling Cersei. Arya IS the Valonqar. wait and see.
Mike Bushnell (3 months ago)
Death to arya
Black Lanner (3 months ago)
She's the youngest. So ... yeah. They will of course do a final scene years after the war wrapping up the "story."
Smokey 316 (3 months ago)
Arya is one of my favorite characters in the show/story but if shes the last women standing then that’s complete BS, Sansa has been through too much and changed for the better to not become the wardeness of the north, and Long Live Khaleesi
Batman (3 months ago)
I’d like to see Balish back even tho he’s dead. What’s a season of GOT without him?
obibear123 (3 months ago)
It just means she was last female to shoot a scene as they don’t do things in order or she was recalled for a reshoot. The blood on trainers is showing she killed someone significant in S8 I believe.
Kono Dio Da! (3 months ago)
God dam harpy. Where u been tho
dardell2001 (3 months ago)
She either was the last female to wrap up filming or she was the last one standing after the after party lol. No hidden meaning there. NO spoilers.
Pizza Rat (3 months ago)
Nah. Maisie is just joining the wwe and facing Ronda Rousey in a last woman standing match at summerslam.
Mahdi Asaad (3 months ago)
I hate my self for watching this video.
Jordan__ Roadhouse (3 months ago)
Arya Stark doesn't wear trainers.
Alexander H (3 months ago)
I think it was a play on words and she did it on purpose to trick us.
Cannibal_Soup (3 months ago)
Who survives the GoT finale..?.. No One...
Southern Fried Media (3 months ago)
NOPE! Arya is destined to die for breaking the North's most sacred rule.
Turbo Tracks (3 months ago)
Damn dude you have grown since I subbed back when you made walking dead vids
Yusuke Urameshi (3 months ago)
They filmed multiple scenes and not even chronologically. The actors don't even know the ending since they shot different scenes with each character being the last stand.
Gimjioh (3 months ago)
Sansa is sitting on the throne
Level Joe (3 months ago)
Last "Stark" woman standing.
Chris Foye (3 months ago)
In the thumbnail dude? Unsubscribed....
Talal Siksek (3 months ago)
So Daenerys, Cersia and Sansa die?
Gabi Braun (3 months ago)
Talal Siksek at least 2 of them will die
Mohammed Shazaad Jogee (3 months ago)
that shoes does not fit the time TROLLING!!!
J (3 months ago)
First Tom Holland spoiled Spider-Man and now this girl ugh 🤦🏻‍♂️ those kids can’t shut their mouths❗️
Kaotic404 (3 months ago)
*those are NOT ordinary shoes ! those are NIKE's Airforce Ones ! geeee RESPECT for Maisie W ! she has more SWAG than todays mumble rappers ! XD glad to see you back TLH !*
Tennille Covington (3 months ago)
Thank goodness you brought back the intro..love that intro...thank you
James Patterson (3 months ago)
Maybe Jamie is killed and she uses his face to kill Cersi.
Rajeevraj1995 (3 months ago)
The tweet is very obvious and i dont think Got will give away spoilers in a tweet..I dont agree with this theory bcoz it seems too obvious for everyone to guess.
Rajeevraj1995 (3 months ago)
Indra Verhoeven yes may be!
Indra Verhoeven (3 months ago)
Rajeevraj1995 Agreed, probably just for the hype-machine.
Rajeevraj1995 (3 months ago)
RM PA (3 months ago)
Maybe Little finger knows no one and Bran shall be king!
RM PA (3 months ago)
Chaos is a ladder.
huevonesunltd (3 months ago)
I mean, they can't just tweet obvious clues like that, because they would get a lawsuit up the asshole
Jaqen H'Ghar (3 months ago)
So can i expect s8 around nov-dec ?
Igor Balashov (3 months ago)
Oh cmon, she's not so stupid, she is trolling us, little sneaky troll
Babar Asghar (3 months ago)
lol ... I mean lol
Marwa Kiki (3 months ago)
Arya has always been my favorite character in the series
laertesdd (3 months ago)
If only he could restore my dental life.
Sexy FIsh Sticks (3 months ago)
What's happened to this channel?
TarvalieEvans (3 months ago)
Anyone know where I could download his theme? I would LOVE it as a ringtone
Keith Starr (3 months ago)
if you look at that differently it say #lastwomanstanding it can also be read last two man standing
w0t3rdog (3 months ago)
Or... she is just the last woman main character who had scenes left to film? Or... she ends up on the iron throne, impersonating daenarys. Your choice.
Care (3 months ago)
i think your mistaken... "No one" survives..... wink wink
Hemant Agarwal (3 months ago)
Lena Headey aka Cersei commented *QUEEN" on that same Instagram post of Maisie Williams
Curt Randall (3 months ago)
this theory makes no sense. there were many witnesses to Baelish's death. Cersei certainly would have received news of his death. she would easily become suspicious if she saw Baelish appearing as alive.
Brock Wakham (3 months ago)
It is good to have you back. Brilliant as ever.
utkarsh bhardwaj (3 months ago)
long time no see
Yavindu de alwis (3 months ago)
she is not a woman. she is a “person”.

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