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Troll Boss | Troll your players! | Minecraft Bukkit Plugin 1.11.2

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★Troll Boss★ This Video is on the minecraft plugin troll boss I show you how to use it and any commands needed! Download link ➜ https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/troll-extreme Texture pack used ➜ http://resourcepack.net/persistence-resource-pack/ ======================================================== Thanks For watching guys, I hope this video has helped you ❤Please remember to Rate, Subscribe and Comment ❤ ========================================================
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Text Comments (25)
Anonimi Hamatzmatz (1 month ago)
hey, how can I contact you?
Anonimi Hamatzmatz (1 month ago)
Here's the link to my plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/wither-commander.61297/ Have fun :)
VariationVault (1 month ago)
+Anonimi Hamatzmatz I don't really review anymore as it just takes to much time but if you put what the plugin is called I'll make the video for free mate
Anonimi Hamatzmatz (1 month ago)
I'm glad that you responded to my comment, I knew you even 4 years ago and I thought you're not here anymore :/ Now the actual matter is that I have a useful(unique) plugin which I posted a few days ago want you to review it, do you do those reviews anymore? if yes, will I have to pay for one of those?
VariationVault (1 month ago)
Reply here?
Ron (7 months ago)
Please come back with plugin videos?
Leon's Tech n Gaming (7 months ago)
This plugin is completly without packets :D
xPlayZ Official (8 months ago)
Did you die?
R3dstoneMaster11 (4 months ago)
VariationVault we love your content and your very helpful plugin tutorials. We love you and remember to go be awesome everyday and all the time! Continue with your vids we’re behind u 100% and we all luv u.
VariationVault (8 months ago)
xPlayZ Official not as far as I'm aware! I just had alot on with work and moving house 2 times, was considering doing videos again but wasn't sure what you guys want and if you still want new vids
Yagnesh (9 months ago)
how do you stop trolling
Swifty / Grizzlybear (10 months ago)
Where's Mr VV(Variation Vault) gone? Does Mr VV have a server or did he give up on it?
0cp (1 year ago)
i got to instal this and delete punishmental
V&R ł Packs (1 year ago)
He Will comeback
Brainy Smurf (1 year ago)
Gone already? Please come back, I love your content!
Necip Kavaklı (1 year ago)
1.11.2 Can you make a Quik Chest ?
Ciurly_14 (1 year ago)
hei pls help me ... i need tutorial to slywars reloaded .... i have a error he say /swr [args] PLS HELP ME FOR MY SERVER MINECRAFT
Keelwa (1 year ago)
No problem.
Ciurly_14 (1 year ago)
NoNameSoLame thx
Keelwa (1 year ago)
Do it in the console.
Ika (1 year ago)
Yo dude, i want to know how can i make one command do more commands, like for exemple: I have FFA on my server and when players want to leave FFA they dont type /ffa leave like they should do, they just type /lobby and when they do that they still can see FFA scoreboard and they still have FFA items, i want /lobby command to do /ffa leave command too, can you help me?
Ika (1 year ago)
Thank you! :D
Λ C C Ξ N D I U M (1 year ago)
Just use an alias. Go to your Server folder and find commands.yml, their you can make an alias. If you don't know how, go to this for help: http://bukkit.gamepedia.com/Commands.yml#aliases
thegunnerjax (1 year ago)
oooh second lol
Jonnah L (1 year ago)
Good work

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