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✅Get Paid Money to Play Games | Easy Money via PayPal, Xbox, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Gift Cards

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✅Get Paid to Play Games & Much More: ➜http://bit.ly/2Bjur02 or ➜https://wp.me/p9lkEH-25 Here are the names of the 2 apps that pay: 1) Feature Gift changed to "Cash Bounty" 2) AppTrailers 3) FishforMoney App: https://youtu.be/Sktjc86o-Nw If you can't find these to apps then just search apps that pay in your app store or iTunes. It is possible that these games could be available only for a limited time. Playing games and getting paid is fun. One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored or have free time to burn is play these to free apps and earn a little money on the side. The points add up fast. It is like having a little online piggy bank. The money you earn is paid directly to your paypal account and then you can deposit it to your bank account. I made this video to give you some money making ideas so you can learn ways to make money from your phone in your free time. Anyone can do this and make a little quick money from home. Everyone has bill to pay and groceries to buy so a little pocket change always helps here and there. I've made anywhere from $20 to $80 a month doing stuff like this and it works. Check out my new website: http://funtechreviews.com #games #apps #play
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Vibrant Deals (6 days ago)
*✅Get Paid to Play Games, Shop, & Take Surveys ➜**https://wp.me/p9lkEH-25*
bosco chau (6 days ago)
Is there a paypal option on the second one?
Kankei62 Kerr (8 days ago)
Did it fking say iTunes store fk yeah I want this and thxs for the step bro!!
Kai (8 days ago)
I found it on my Android device idk how you guys aren't he literally says the two name of the apps, to if you listen and search for it instead of getting excited first. 1) " feature points" 2) "apptrailers" ...
Lovely Mae Bague (8 days ago)
I can't see the app to my appstore. What is the real name of the app maybe it has been updated
Steve zeh nadia (11 days ago)
MELTED DJ (14 days ago)
Did u get real moneyguys I agree if it works
Maria Rairao (15 days ago)
How do u get the money u win?
Kesheni De Hoedt (19 days ago)
What is the referral code?
fun and music home (20 days ago)
what the name app
Catwhind_ cat (21 days ago)
Is it okay Visa?
Mtk WORLD OFFICIAL (30 days ago)
Name of game
Udham Singh (1 month ago)
hey bro I m not able to find any app in playstore can u plz send me link in my gmail
Ashley McLaughlin (1 month ago)
This pays to plays or just get my 25 % points every day win win
Harbhajan Singh (1 month ago)
What is name?
TheRealBacon (1 month ago)
[MDNT] LDR (12 days ago)
Wendy Benz (1 month ago)
This makes my game playing justified 😊 thanks
gaurav kumar (1 month ago)
how to download it
Paul The Hacker (2 months ago)
I found the app on google play... It's called Make money-free cash reward
Jomar Quiteles (2 months ago)
I cant find the 2nd apps ???? Who can help me. Thanks
Om There (2 months ago)
please give app that can work in India
ReverseMarshmello (2 months ago)
Thank you
Lilly Williams Turland (2 months ago)
Do you HAVE to get gift cards or not
Ghanshyam Raghuwanshi (2 months ago)
This money can be used in games or not?
Ali A (1 month ago)
Ghanshyam Raghuwanshi yes
what's up song (2 months ago)
Jaboris Brown (2 months ago)
Do you make real money
Star Shifter (2 months ago)
Vibrant Deals where can you find the first one? I can’t find it ;-;
Vibrant Deals (2 months ago)
Yes, you play and accumulate points to redeem money in different forms like PayPal, gift cards, etc.
Hassan Khan (3 months ago)
Bro what is the name of this game??
Ferdous Amin (3 months ago)
Is it available now? :)
Barron Kids (3 months ago)
Is this real
Elf Girldoesroblox (3 months ago)
OMG girl thank you so much I subbed
Sonam Phuntsok (3 months ago)
How do I login
Aspen Atalig (3 months ago)
Vanitah Nambatya (4 months ago)
You need 3million points to win $3
Creative World (4 months ago)
Find also one app for Android plzx
BLE Solutions Limited (4 months ago)
whats your business email
Best Songs Worlds (4 months ago)
Game name
Xddd Will (4 months ago)
What is the name of first? App
English With F (2 days ago)
Ken Carter (4 months ago)
So.... for the first one... if you want the Google play gift card do they just give you the code or do you have to wait for it in the mail?
Ali A (1 month ago)
Ken Carter paypal
omar hussein (4 months ago)
Skip the ad to in the beginning of the video it’s stupid.
Rezazi™ (4 months ago)
There’s a game that’s called flappy ball that is the same also
Susan Jordan (5 months ago)
Only one is app trailers that is active on the list
Yassou (5 months ago)
cant find cash bounty or feature gift on app store
Joanna 209 (5 months ago)
Yassou the first game is called gift game
Lucky Ant (5 months ago)
I’m on iPad and I can’t download that
angel jacob (5 months ago)
Hello is it possible to buy steam games from this method
CloudCube X (4 months ago)
CloudCube X (4 months ago)
You can buy with paypal (the money u earned from the game)
Vibrant Deals (5 months ago)
I don't think so.
Will Burns (6 months ago)
you can only get paypal with the first one
noah sage (6 months ago)
Tittle: Paypal,XBOX,ITunes,....... Ps4 gamer: *triggered*
no eshop ;-;
Radcliff Gaming (6 months ago)
Bcuz it's ur website that u put In play for games link
XxIntensityxX (7 months ago)
Hey nice video just subscribed this video helped me just one question how long do you wait to get your reward ? Thank you for answering when you get the time :)
Sahil Khan (3 months ago)
XxIntensityxX hello
XxIntensityxX (7 months ago)
+Vibrant Deals thxs man really appreciate it 👍🏼
Vibrant Deals (7 months ago)
Paypal is instant and gift cards take several days.
Whayne Aquino (7 months ago)
what is the name of this game?
Rommel Mendoza (7 months ago)
i can't find feature gift in apps store why. help me how to download this app please..
Pinay Coastal (7 months ago)
have got idea for android game that do this earning
Jordan Alexander (8 months ago)
Why are they paying you ?
THE DRONE MAN (8 months ago)
Is this legal
Big pickle (5 months ago)
Lol no.. unless you got it from the internet
Alika Animations (8 months ago)
But in the first one,what do u do with all dat money?
InasGamingLife (2 months ago)
Momo? OMG
Vibrant Deals (8 months ago)
Put it in the bank via PayPal.
SHIELO ESTRADA (8 months ago)
Hi..you can play this game without internet?thanks
Vibrant Deals (8 months ago)
Yes but your points/credits won't update until you have internet.
JustAnotherDay (9 months ago)
do another one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mefancer QAXZ (9 months ago)
make money
GeneralGeekGamer (9 months ago)
How do you get the gift cards? Like how do they send them to you?
Bruce Decker (7 months ago)
Naldo Trillz (9 months ago)
Through your email
Maxcine Bright (9 months ago)
Yadnesh bate (9 months ago)
Bro show some apps that are related to patym earnings🤝🤝
Karla Daigneault (9 months ago)
It works this video is awesome 😊
fesel mehamed husan (1 month ago)
send me the apps pless
Sarita Maria (9 months ago)
I cannot get the first app you were talking about. Is it taken off the App Store?
Muhammad Titu (8 months ago)
Sarita Maria hi
Naldo Trillz (9 months ago)
Sarita Maria you can get it off Google
AppleId Gotchu (9 months ago)
Sarita Maria yes
XxAlyaXx Gaming (10 months ago)
Guys if you dont finde the First game then search Gift Games
Callum Snowden (10 months ago)
It works thanks
Lovely Mae Bague (8 days ago)
Could send here the link of the app
Alisson Benitez (9 months ago)
Is it really true!!??😓😓
Something Orignal (10 months ago)
This code is glitched
xToru (10 months ago)
What if you don't have paypal...?? where will u get your "rewards?"
Crypt Curse (7 months ago)
Vibrant Deals Do you get a card virtually or physically
Vibrant Deals (10 months ago)
Then you can get a giftcard instead.
Armando Quinones (11 months ago)
how do I download this app to my Mac, I searched for it in my apple store but nothing comes up by Cash Bounty search????....ty!
Kyle Durango (11 months ago)
Is it for Android? I can't find it. What are the Android analogues for it?
Kyle Durango its free reward card
Vibrant Deals (11 months ago)
I think there is a different game for Android users but this one was for iOS systems.
UNIQUE GAMER (11 months ago)
Bro is the payout is real?
Vibrant Deals (11 months ago)
AIyEdits (1 year ago)
Cash bounty right now charges you a lot of coins just for a few dollars. For example they charge you 1 million coins just for $50.
NieMonD (9 months ago)
Yeah well they actually have to make the money to give it to you and make a profit as well
gargi mukherjee (1 year ago)
does this work in india pleaseeeeeeeeeee reply
Grace Seranoussian (1 year ago)
how do they send you what you win ? by post
FirePlayz YT (2 months ago)
Grace Seranoussian there send you the code
wessel kuhn (4 months ago)
The_Angel_Simmer I also don’t have paypal
SHISHTAR SHANE (4 months ago)
Vibrant Deals what if you don’t have PayPal?
Smichalel Harrison (4 months ago)
Grace Seranoussian idk
Addicted Polarbear1206 (5 months ago)
Grace Seranoussian 81
Hello Mr Rain (1 year ago)
How to earn that money
Max George (1 year ago)
Link for this
CaliToys (1 year ago)
Perfect, really perfect like +1
Delon Dean (1 year ago)
use my code krxuhva to get 300 free coins
Usefully (1 year ago)
What apps? i want to play like this.
Ahmed Seeyam (1 year ago)
SMASH BRO (1 year ago)
pleas give me refferal code
Agrim Vashisht (1 year ago)
Where is feature gift for Android!!???
IGMP Gamer (1 year ago)
use your brain
Agrim Vashisht (1 year ago)
Come on dude it does not they both r different
North Dev (1 year ago)
It's called Gift Game now.
oOi Trippy iOo Lz (1 year ago)
I can't find the feature gift app on the app store
MrHype (1 year ago)
search feature game not feature gift
Jovex (1 year ago)
oOi Trippy iOo Lz no problem ;)
oOi Trippy iOo Lz (1 year ago)
Jovex oh ok thank you
Jovex (1 year ago)
oOi Trippy iOo Lz they changed name again name is gift game
Vibrant Deals (1 year ago)
You are right. That is weird. Maybe it will be back up soon. I know those that have downloaded it already still have and use it. In the mean time you can try using the app called "FishforMoney" https://youtu.be/Sktjc86o-Nw.

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