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SEASON 8 Confirmed Deaths PART 2 ! Game of Thrones

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Text Comments (370)
Elizabeth Alonso (15 minutes ago)
Jennifer Patrick (13 hours ago)
Mihai Mihai (23 hours ago)
Îmi place melodia
Deborah Wilson (2 days ago)
I think melisandra could become undead queen she's fire too...
Should I start doing the honoloulou?
Welcome to paradise
Blargal D'Alien (7 days ago)
Greg Meadows (8 days ago)
Terrible voice. Hard as hell to understand. Piss on you jackass. Slow the hell down
adva sh (8 days ago)
i couldnt understaned a word. slow down man
Alaitain (9 days ago)
I want Cercie to die.....
Alchemist Gaming (11 days ago)
Relax nothing in this video is confirmed. Just more clickbait
nehema supp (13 days ago)
Love it
Albert Chehade (14 days ago)
I can't believe people are so desperate to know the future of this series. What will be will be....... Relax, take it easy.....
Diana Prince (14 days ago)
I never believe in any assumptions of those people who just like to get attention. It's still best to watch and see it on air. That's what makes GOT exciting. Sorry bro but u can keep ur own review. We'll just wait for GOT!!!
Belinda Campbell (16 days ago)
Talks too fast can’t understand particularly with accent.
dennis yumang (17 days ago)
i cannot undertand what you saying ,your pronounsation
Dennis Mayfield (20 days ago)
Thanks Friend; Good Stuff!
t brown (20 days ago)
i love brianna and jamie
Daniel Pete (21 days ago)
Slow the speech down, and move away from the mic ------------- and maybe turn the bass level down --------- not appealing to listen too. This was my second video of yours I listened too, thinking maybe the first was a technical mishap ---------- I wont be back- thanks-
rageb saad zedan (21 days ago)
مسلسل عالمى
Verna - (22 days ago)
Dude calm tf down damn didn't understand a single word :|
Faham Technology (24 days ago)
Slow down
Lucky C (26 days ago)
Roger Ledoux (27 days ago)
I did enjoy the video but if it ends the way you described it, what a disappointment the last 7 years will have been.
NoahVV (28 days ago)
But thomen, geoffre and myrcella are also pure blood born of wincest. Why not take them instead of waiting for dany?
m mc andrew (29 days ago)
Nah.... Tyrion has to 'top' the mad Queen. After all the crap he's copped from his "Twisted Sister" (and prior to that, the crap he copped from Joffry the demented "boy-king"), he should be the one who "does in" Cersei. BUT.... a "faceless" Arya putting Cersei to the knife, would be just as cool. :-)
naif alfgfg (1 month ago)
What is this ! Valeirian speech !
Odochi Chinkere-Okezie (1 month ago)
Even though i barely understood half of wat u said, i think all dese r speculations. N y won't dia b speculations wen d makers of d movie don't wanna release d Season 8 already? Mtcheewwww! If dey keep dis suspense up for long, pple r just gonna lose interest.
Brittany Garrison (1 month ago)
Arya.....die you little ugly bullshit fighter. DIE.
capain Kalombo (1 month ago)
Dont tell me! the Queen of the Dragons will die?
Mamata Ranabhat (1 month ago)
Plz upload episode 8 I'm waiting
ALicia MM (1 month ago)
lays causes anal leaks
Tone James (1 month ago)
I’m picking up every other word.
Maryolet Villalobos (1 month ago)
So hard to understand and so fast
Archangel2017 Rivers (1 month ago)
Davis will kill Mellisandra as he is Azor Hai.
Marlena Jacklin (1 month ago)
Slow down sweetheart. please slow down.
Junaid Ali Zahid (1 month ago)
Game of thorones season 8 uploaded
SavageInk 93 (1 month ago)
I cant understand him :( i wish there was a slo mo optio
Rebecca Moe (1 month ago)
I have a hard time understanding the person talking
thabom reram (1 month ago)
Trevor Provencher (1 month ago)
I need to take a leak
budi budiman (1 month ago)
i like GoT, i waiting for season 8
Daniel Timmerman (1 month ago)
i don't mind the story just the narrator
Barry Andrew (1 month ago)
No such shit is confirmed. Someone has to lose, the mother dragon 🐉 n her human army will definitely conquer.
Danuri Sherpa (1 month ago)
Pronounciation is not under standable....are you chewing a gum while explaining
Tommy Simpson (1 month ago)
Joseph Ramus (1 month ago)
My chickens are hungry
ida bushells (1 month ago)
fast as train
Charmaine Waterfall (1 month ago)
I lov it
Huge Dabs (1 month ago)
Kool ice queen pic
Gul Han (1 month ago)
Instead of my curiosity about spoilers , impossible to listen this english:))
Nate Haupt (1 month ago)
Funny since they are filming 8 different endings...
Heartbeat Storm (1 month ago)
So yur guessing,, and you don't actually know.. Its like those peeps the perdict the end of the world... Why don't yu just say,, this is my perdictions for game of thrones.. But hey why not try and ruin it for peeps so yu can get a few likes...
Joey Clemenza (1 month ago)
sounds like mad fanfic..... i dont buy it for a second.
average-angry-person ! (2 months ago)
fuck you spoiler's sob
Sikhumbuzo Arthur (2 months ago)
taz santiago (2 months ago)
Don’t FUCK with GAME OF THRONES FANS BRO!!!! all you information is BULLSHIT just like your accent 🖕🏿😵😏😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’ll cut you up into Lil pieces &feed you to my dogs Like a BOLTON Fire and blood my 🍑👍🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dawn Pineau (2 months ago)
All I can say is"WOW'. I did not even think about taking all of those things into consideration!
Kasoma Uthuman (2 months ago)
Red swift (2 months ago)
i still want jon and danny even though they are incest
RomanicusMaximus (2 months ago)
Is this talking a Chinese voice generator?
Rick Clift (2 months ago)
Haha Cleganebowl! Love it
AEGON TARGARYEN (2 months ago)
u know nothing.....
Video Quoter (2 months ago)
You have a shitty, nasal narrator voice and I can't listen to more than 30 seconds of it.
Rick (2 months ago)
I still feel like J is going to have to kill D. Maybe after she gets made into the night queen but then be killed after the NK is killed by Jon.
Uzair Khan (2 months ago)
NBCini (2 months ago)
Brilliant analysis! Last season was very lackluster. If it plays out the way you theorize, it's worth watching again.
Letoya Shuler (2 months ago)
Omfg stfu ur voice is annoying and no one can understand this shit !!! Delete this video ASAP smh
Arnab Sen (2 months ago)
What accent is that? I couldn't understand half of what you said...
Gary Jocher (2 months ago)
Looks like a great trailer. I compose original cinematic music, 17 year experience, hope to be used in film one day. Friends say I have a lot of talent. You can find me via YouTube search term "Gary Jocher" Thanks.
maxine lowe (2 months ago)
could you slow down a bit please i miss most of what you said
Daniel Disanti (2 months ago)
Brienne will sit on Brons face and grind him to death
Very good
Tommy Ross (2 months ago)
I had to stop video in the middle to give my mind a break so I could understand him! Great theories though!
Ralph Heron (2 months ago)
For fucks sake....slow down...you are talking to fast. Twat
Lucifero El Hooligan (2 months ago)
Jon is going to need the Red Witch .I think sending her away was a big mistake, she did have that little girl burned alive, but her parents allowed it.
Avishek Bag (2 months ago)
You need to work on your throw of words. It is pathetic.
Tuff OleBird (2 months ago)
Spark _9000 (2 months ago)
eu senti uma vontade de bomitar quandk escutei a teoria do cazo de amor do daney com o rei gelado .
debbie darling (2 months ago)
Won't come here again.
debbie darling (2 months ago)
Does he talk too fast and not so clear. Hardly understood that.
SASHA Miray (3 months ago)
Too fast bad pronunciation
Samwon Lee (3 months ago)
Fuck shit Its too fast... Fuck you men
Claire Brown (3 months ago)
Hi I love your videos but please don't take this as a criticism as it isn't.........could you please slow down the speed at which you talk. I tend to hear words here and there and so I can get the gist of what's being said. You have a beautiful accent and a lovely voice........... I'd just like to hear it a little better hon xx
Fire And Blood (3 months ago)
Thank you for letting me know. It might seem like I'm doing it on purpose, but it's the way I talk in any other language. I've tried multiple times to talk slow on purpose, and it sounded weird. I'll try to talk slower in tonight's video. Let me know if you like it better.
Manuel Bart (3 months ago)
Why don’t u guys just shut the fuck up with your shit spoilers ?? God damn it !! Always trying to break hopes of others. Shut up 4 your mom sake !!!
BMAD01 (3 months ago)
Find someone else to narrate these videos. This guy accent and him talking so fast is very hard to understand what the hell he is saying!
floridagoods (3 months ago)
talks too fast with bad accent, cant watch
JJ truth (3 months ago)
I don't believe this. I know the writer will have Cersei sailing for another destination while her city will be defended by wildfire. If they've got wildfire they have an excellent chance for not only survival but defeat to the Night King's forces. Don't ever count out Cersei. Dany won't die either. They have already messed up when they made the dragon into a white walker. They can't freeze to death they are fire. Fire melts water until it evaporates. The dragons aren't mammals or mortals. They need to really think hard, refer back to the books and use some basic logic. Jon can't die since he's already living dead.
Clockwork Apostle (3 months ago)
Clickbait, disliked.
WAKANDA FOREVER (3 months ago)
chaz stewart (3 months ago)
For God's sake sort out your narration
mormegil thurin (3 months ago)
Well we'll just have to wait and see won't we
chris lee (3 months ago)
Don't understand wth you are talking about. Sounds jibberish
Gunther Wurm (3 months ago)
I call bullshit on this
So you dont really know ? Only guessing are you . Hmmm .Thumbs down for Your BS #
Davy Jones (3 months ago)
Piss off spoiler
mandybumble07 (3 months ago)
And breathe .................
Barrie Hirst (3 months ago)
bittersweet ending with everybody dead?
Ehab Khoder (3 months ago)
End will not be expectded may be happy if sam tarly found a cure for the flue of white walker and may be sad at any other expection and the death of many other xpinsive persons like nid

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