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SEASON 8 Confirmed Deaths PART 2 ! Game of Thrones

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Text Comments (304)
Heartbeat Storm (22 hours ago)
So yur guessing,, and you don't actually know.. Its like those peeps the perdict the end of the world... Why don't yu just say,, this is my perdictions for game of thrones.. But hey why not try and ruin it for peeps so yu can get a few likes...
Joey Clemenza (1 day ago)
sounds like mad fanfic..... i dont buy it for a second.
fuck you spoiler's sob
Sikhumbuzo Arthur (4 days ago)
taz santiago (5 days ago)
Don’t FUCK with GAME OF THRONES FANS BRO!!!! all you information is BULLSHIT just like your accent 🖕🏿😵😏😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’ll cut you up into Lil pieces &feed you to my dogs Like a BOLTON Fire and blood my 🍑👍🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dawn Pineau (6 days ago)
All I can say is"WOW'. I did not even think about taking all of those things into consideration!
Kasoma Uthuman (7 days ago)
Red swift (8 days ago)
i still want jon and danny even though they are incest
RomanicusMaximus (10 days ago)
Is this talking a Chinese voice generator?
Wilmo Wilmoson (10 days ago)
Haha Cleganebowl! Love it
AEGON TARGARYEN (12 days ago)
u know nothing.....
Video Quoter (14 days ago)
You have a shitty, nasal narrator voice and I can't listen to more than 30 seconds of it.
Rick (19 days ago)
I still feel like J is going to have to kill D. Maybe after she gets made into the night queen but then be killed after the NK is killed by Jon.
Uzair Khan (23 days ago)
NBCini (24 days ago)
Brilliant analysis! Last season was very lackluster. If it plays out the way you theorize, it's worth watching again.
Letoya Shuler (25 days ago)
Omfg stfu ur voice is annoying and no one can understand this shit !!! Delete this video ASAP smh
Arnab Sen (25 days ago)
What accent is that? I couldn't understand half of what you said...
Gary Jocher (25 days ago)
Looks like a great trailer. I compose original cinematic music, 17 year experience, hope to be used in film one day. Friends say I have a lot of talent. You can find me via YouTube search term "Gary Jocher" Thanks.
maxine lowe (25 days ago)
could you slow down a bit please i miss most of what you said
Daniel Disanti (25 days ago)
Brienne will sit on Brons face and grind him to death
Very good
Tommy Ross (26 days ago)
I had to stop video in the middle to give my mind a break so I could understand him! Great theories though!
Ralph Heron (27 days ago)
For fucks sake....slow down...you are talking to fast. Twat
Lucifero El Hooligan (28 days ago)
Jon is going to need the Red Witch .I think sending her away was a big mistake, she did have that little girl burned alive, but her parents allowed it.
Tim Chamberlin (29 days ago)
This dude is an idiot... Won't be clicking on any more of his video's
Avishek Bag (1 month ago)
You need to work on your throw of words. It is pathetic.
Tuff OleBird (1 month ago)
Spark _9000 (1 month ago)
eu senti uma vontade de bomitar quandk escutei a teoria do cazo de amor do daney com o rei gelado .
debbie darling (1 month ago)
Won't come here again.
debbie darling (1 month ago)
Does he talk too fast and not so clear. Hardly understood that.
SASHA Miray (1 month ago)
Too fast bad pronunciation
Samwon Lee (1 month ago)
Fuck shit Its too fast... Fuck you men
Claire Brown (1 month ago)
Hi I love your videos but please don't take this as a criticism as it isn't.........could you please slow down the speed at which you talk. I tend to hear words here and there and so I can get the gist of what's being said. You have a beautiful accent and a lovely voice........... I'd just like to hear it a little better hon xx
Fire And Blood (1 month ago)
Thank you for letting me know. It might seem like I'm doing it on purpose, but it's the way I talk in any other language. I've tried multiple times to talk slow on purpose, and it sounded weird. I'll try to talk slower in tonight's video. Let me know if you like it better.
Manuel Bart (1 month ago)
Why don’t u guys just shut the fuck up with your shit spoilers ?? God damn it !! Always trying to break hopes of others. Shut up 4 your mom sake !!!
BMAD01 (1 month ago)
Find someone else to narrate these videos. This guy accent and him talking so fast is very hard to understand what the hell he is saying!
floridagoods (1 month ago)
talks too fast with bad accent, cant watch
Bexs likes grapes (1 month ago)
can't wait for season 8!
JJ truth (1 month ago)
I don't believe this. I know the writer will have Cersei sailing for another destination while her city will be defended by wildfire. If they've got wildfire they have an excellent chance for not only survival but defeat to the Night King's forces. Don't ever count out Cersei. Dany won't die either. They have already messed up when they made the dragon into a white walker. They can't freeze to death they are fire. Fire melts water until it evaporates. The dragons aren't mammals or mortals. They need to really think hard, refer back to the books and use some basic logic. Jon can't die since he's already living dead.
Clockwork Apostle (1 month ago)
Clickbait, disliked.
WAKANDA FOREVER (1 month ago)
chaz stewart (1 month ago)
For God's sake sort out your narration
mormegil thurin (1 month ago)
Well we'll just have to wait and see won't we
chris lee (1 month ago)
Don't understand wth you are talking about. Sounds jibberish
Gunther Wurm (1 month ago)
I call bullshit on this
So you dont really know ? Only guessing are you . Hmmm .Thumbs down for Your BS #
Davy Jones (1 month ago)
Piss off spoiler
mandybumble07 (1 month ago)
And breathe .................
Barrie Hirst (1 month ago)
bittersweet ending with everybody dead?
Ehab Khoder (1 month ago)
End will not be expectded may be happy if sam tarly found a cure for the flue of white walker and may be sad at any other expection and the death of many other xpinsive persons like nid
Ringo son of England (1 month ago)
Love to know what the hell you are saying...
San Hung (1 month ago)
can't understand a thing you say ......................................................
JWM Schonberger (1 month ago)
Democracy isn’t what Martin’s going for. Even if you like it to happen that way, it’s a medieval society where even the elite don’t have that kind of education. Don’t get too caught up on themes and philosophies. This is a story. Think like a storyteller. This is the story of a war between two families for the control of a kingdom. At the heart of it, all the 5 kings are tied to either Stark or Lannister. You could also argue that it’s Stark and Targaryen as the Baratheons and the Lannisters by proxy are Targaryen descendants. That makes it a civil war between different branches of the extended Targaryen family since the main branch is facing extinction. The Iron Throne is what matters. The White Walkers are a plot device. Without them, Mance wouldn’t rally the Wildlings, Jon wouldn’t meet him and eventually become the de-facto leader of the Wildlings, leading them to retake Winterfell. Without the White Walkers, Jon and Daenerys would never meet and thus he wouldn’t be embroiled in the Southern Conflict. But they’re just a threat. A problem that needs to be addressed. The ultimate goal of the story is the succession to the iron throne.
JWM Schonberger (3 days ago)
The series has the intention to show the irrational horrors connected to the GAME OF THRONES. In the real world every beginning has an end, so I expect that no legacy of Starks or Lannisters will survive....... In the 20th century humanity has overcome the powerstruggle typical of patriarchal and traditional society. (the fact that the US is now ruled by the Trump mob family seems to contradict this)
I do not believe the endgame of the series is the battle up north. This is my theory:The real endgame is in front of us: the iron throne? Think for yourself how silly it is to tell a story of political intrigue and civil war if it means nothing in the end. The war in the South is what’s ultimately important. The Northern threat is just a sideshow, a plot device to enable a particular result for a particular person to gain the support he needs to claim the iron throne. House Lannister is the ultimate enemy, a human enemy, not some monster. But House Starks are not heroes. In this conflict, neither Stark nor Lannister will win but the Stark legacy will survive
JWM Schonberger (1 month ago)
Modern society has overcome Mediëval powervalues (Game of thrones), also communism and the story must have a happy end to be believable........
dean morris (1 month ago)
Shit video that's why I don't watch them they've only just started film so how does this person know.
Nguyen Dung (1 month ago)
i wait that.
Dee Nick (1 month ago)
I do not agree. The night king magic increased hugely when the dragons were born (as a balance against fire) hence his desire to go south... maybe if the dragons are destroyed and this would include undead viseryion, the night king's magic or powers whether dead or still existing (the word alive seems inappropriate) would evaporate... Just a thought... a balance has to be maintained... as GRRM said there are no good versus bad...but 2 very differents views...
Aly Row (1 month ago)
Wtf are you saying, rambling on ffs can’t understand you
Okemo Okemo (1 month ago)
Can't wait for new season--sub me/I sub you thanks
maureenbell9 (1 month ago)
John has to marry Cersei - strategic play to end the targaryan stark lannister conflict after deneris death. It's game of thrones.
Ed Villa (1 month ago)
My safe word is Pineapple Juice. Не гласите этак стремительно. Трудно осознать ваш британский.
Melinda Luscomb (1 month ago)
Slow down dude! I cannot understand 90% of what you are saying!
Bullshit The Mother Of Dragons will not die and this isn’t confirmed for season 8 of Game Of Thrones so STOP PUTTING CONFIRMED ON THE TITLES OF GAME OF THRONES!
Dee Nick (1 month ago)
If you kill every main characters you are sure to get some right but then you make the ending just bitter... GRRM said it was bittersweet! doesn't this hint quite another ending...
jannot wilbrette (1 month ago)
chozen9 (1 month ago)
What did u say?!
jeremy guthrie (1 month ago)
Couldn't finish video this dudes voice... 😣
Christian Langer (1 month ago)
Das English des Sprechers ist nicht zu verstehen.
Fire And Blood (1 month ago)
Du kannst nichtmal englisch schreiben...
Michael M (1 month ago)
J (1 month ago)
None are confirmations you dumb heavy accented fuck
Thornburn Histories (2 months ago)
Im not even subbed but cop the biggest spoiler ever from your thumbnail. I dont wanna know this shit. Change your thumbnail you wanker
Senior Woodz (2 months ago)
This would kind of explain why Night King didn't kill Dany when she landed Drogon north of the wall.
HannaH (2 months ago)
sounds like you have a small tongue..you are eating some of the words.. :P
Common Sense (2 months ago)
Nothing has been leaked they made a bunch of fake shit to throw this stuff off...
Stephen Tattersall (2 months ago)
slow the fuck down ha ha .winter is coming
AlabamaSoldier (2 months ago)
Dany dies? how is that bittersweet?
Nathaniel Stacy (2 months ago)
this leaked pick could be a screen shot from a nightmare John/Aegon is having.
Eurus 21 (2 months ago)
So John won't kill the night long then?
Nigel Healy (2 months ago)
Danny's child, which would have to be a girl, is from incest so Night King can convert her into his queen?
Mistynne D Strong (2 months ago)
I always suspected gendry was cerceis son..
Danny Coe (2 months ago)
I'm still waiting for Daenerys dead baby from season 2. Who is not dead, but hibernating. He has had 6 years to grow into a vicious killing machine. He looks kind of like the thing from Jeepers Creepers. He will arrive episode 5. And kill everything that he finds!!!! His mother abandoned him when he was born?? White Walker or human no matter to him!!! All he wants to do is kill!!!! And he will get his chance.. they only wants to survive are the ones who are down in the catacombs. For some unknown reason or some unknown power it cannot go into the catacombs. Now the real fight begins???????
Bubba21 (2 months ago)
would be nice if you didnt show potential spoilers in the thumbnail. some of us like to avoid spoilers but you cant avoid what isnt tagged. gg asshole
JoshCepterBoss (2 months ago)
That thumbnail scared the shit out of me
Gil Lara (2 months ago)
Josie M (2 months ago)
I hate repeats these are not confirmed
Joe Kerr (2 months ago)
I "love" all these theories taking the story of Azor Ahai literally. Tell me...is Longclaw the Lightbringer, the famed sword? Ridiculous...the whole story is a metaphor actually. As Jon is not Azor Ahai, he IS the Lighbringer. Rhaegar plunged his "sword" into Lyanna and she gave birth to Jon i.e. Rhaegar "forged" the Lightbringer. Ppl take these stories too literally as has been proven countless times already...
Edward Webber (2 months ago)
Melissandre has had it coming for a while now. Luckily she was able to do something good when she brought Jon back to life, but otherwise, she's been pretty evil.
sal gazzaz (2 months ago)
if this is true i dont wanna watch it its a bad ending
killmebaby (2 months ago)
how is it confirmed when the show hasnt aired yet idiot..
Joris Embregts (2 months ago)
When this is true, every fan of game of thrones will hate and all the love for game of thrones will be gone. So i ask every fan to Runite against this script
Junjun Romero (2 months ago)
What is the latest episode in season 7?
Paulinp Demmanou (2 months ago)
j'aime cette série elle est ma préférée
james taylor (2 months ago)
Dany is partial to sum ice penis
Joshua Peer (2 months ago)
Dean Winchester (2 months ago)
nope. pretty lame way to end things if even was true. so no.
Ken Parnell (2 months ago)
That CGI voice is so bad I can't understand a damn thing.
Falling Eisberg (2 months ago)
blyad this accent...
Natalee Oz (2 months ago)
Michael D (2 months ago)
Her dream in The House of the Undying also foreshadowed a window with a 7 pointed star in it. Cersei already replaced those with lions. A lot has changed in the development of the show since that dream. After the close of S4 it's quite obvious that they decided to go in a completely different direction.
Risky Jim (2 months ago)
No such thing as confirmed anything for S8
Asser Nghikufwasha (2 months ago)
This is my favourite series and wish I could be part of this series. My favourite actor Jon and Ariya.The most animal that I like is Ghost.
The Last Hero (2 months ago)
Sounds more like tinfoil

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