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Top 10 Overwatch Abilities You're Still Using Wrong

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Top 10 Overwatch Abilities You're Still Using Wrong. There are some hero abilities and ultimates that you're still using wrong. Here are some tips on how to actually use them 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Video by Rusty Molboxer Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (252)
Slεмισ (1 day ago)
That sombra tip is false, I'm a sombra main and the enemy team doesn't necessarily use health packs on their side since they push, rather than hacking one on your side and one on their side, hack two on your side to put them at a disadvantage when they're pushing. This video is really not amazing tips lol just common sense...
Kyle Kern (1 day ago)
"How to Guide for Reinhardt." That actually doesn't sound half bad, you should do that sometime.
LordzBacon (1 day ago)
#7 "Wait for the supports to come to you" ha...haha...HAHAHAHA! yeah, sure
"10 Things Only Found In Low Gold To Wood Tier" "10 Things A 10 Year Old Could Figure Out In 10 Minutes" or better yet "10 Signs That You're Running Out Of Ideas For Top 10 Videos"
Leo Hansson (2 days ago)
Healer ultimates take the longest to charge? *Insert Jonah laugh here.*
Sebastian de Vera (2 days ago)
I don’t even play over watch and somehow already know this 🧐🧐🧐
Katuvideot (2 days ago)
”Fighting Mccree as Pharah kinda sucks.” With that dropoff he foes like 18 dmg per shot... EDIT: does*
Thomas (4 days ago)
I remember when this channel had other games other than Overwatch.
Sned Ndues (5 days ago)
How about combat roll? Just me???
oxKnightxo OW (5 days ago)
I still say zarya ult is slow AF supports not so bad but hers.. damn.
Caio V. (6 days ago)
About Roadhog tip; it may work but it requires team comunication. Healers usualy don't heal self healng characters as often as they do with otherwise.
Antonio Pisani (7 days ago)
yesterday I've stopped Moira's ultimate with shield bash
AnonymousAffection (6 days ago)
Antonio Pisani subscribe to my channel, l can make videos on Spider-Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan loy (7 days ago)
Let me just say, watching this dude play RoadHog made me want to puke. I don't think I want to listen to someone who hooks walls.
TheDisaster5093 (7 days ago)
Um...shield bash has a 5 second cooldown...
Clint L (7 days ago)
Pretty entertaining, seeing how many of the comments on this video are 4-year-olds whining about "silver rank" and "these are all so obvious." I see all the drug-rehab babies came out to play today and forgot to take their nappy-time. XD While I may have known these tips already, there are plenty of people out there who don't, so I think the video was worthwhile. People all start somewhere, after all. Evidently, the Overwatch community has forgotten that fact. How terribly disappointing.
AnonymousAffection (6 days ago)
subscribe to my channel
The gaming corner (7 days ago)
Well let’s hear this Guy call us stupid for 10:00 straight
James Salmon (7 days ago)
i love how he acts like hes super good, but eeeehhhh
Brandon Cortes (7 days ago)
I like to use the shadow step to dodge ultimates
Trovelicker (7 days ago)
07. Yeah, but remember, sometimes it's hard enough to your healers to keep everyone alive, or full healed, so in this case it's better to you to heal yourself, because this will be less 1 player to eat healings while the entire team is dying. I often don't heal hog when I'm having problems with healing, so I leave this task to him, so I can focus on the rest of the team.
Kazumi Nana (7 days ago)
Didn't McCrees flash bang get a buff that kills momentum ?
Aymen Fayçal (7 days ago)
wtf why would a Mcree want to stun a pharah lol
Quick KG (8 days ago)
Everyone is saying the hog tip is bad its not even that bad its good it gives your healers ult charge and if the enemy team has a hog you are dead with no take a breather zulul
Ignore no.1 and 2. Both fake news. Keep your shield up and stay on the objective.
Hope Pintor (8 days ago)
U r sick titterly you sound like your ill
thunder atack (8 days ago)
make a full rein guide
Ollie Topps (8 days ago)
number 3 is *FAKE NEWS.* mccree got a buff so flash bang now cancels almost all momentum. this was buffed specifically to counter the movement of pharah and lucio.
Mitja Tukio (8 days ago)
numbers 4, 5, 7 and 10 i already have accidentally realized and taken advantage of.
23 106 (8 days ago)
#08: Cmon, don't give advices for character you can't play. Oh btw for Brigitte, you're gonna dodge her once, but in only 4 seconds she will get another shield bash. You get 1 blink every 1 seconds, and you need to get behind the Brigitte to kill her (since she will probably shield you). At the end you'll run out of blinks and get killed. Oh and Gl to oneclip a Brigitte.
Slime Boy (8 days ago)
Number 7 helps alot.. I'm a Roadhog main, I may not use the "Take a Breather" often in real match so thx
Miggy . org (8 days ago)
I do number 5 all the time
The Furriner794 (8 days ago)
Nice video, but, why am I not seeing TF2 videos as often?
The Superforge (8 days ago)
Yep... It's me. Firestrike, tuning in.
walkerexorcist (8 days ago)
I really like playing Sombra and this triggered me. Why wait for translocator cooldown when you can easily hack a health pack throw trans on a nearby ally health pack, deal damage and return to hack the other health pack just like that instead of waiting...
Pickles The Lizard (8 days ago)
the add was the retribution event for overwatch PERFECT
von rokers (8 days ago)
I have the mercy cute span y where have to revive 5 people without dying
A yellow Banana (8 days ago)
this is sewius
Sandra Caraballo (8 days ago)
My god it should say people not you’re
Campfire (8 days ago)
What surprises me is "You can use Shadowstep"
The gamer M Lover (8 days ago)
The best thing you can do with her shield bash is stop death blossom I did it once it was amazing
Jareth Pierpont (4 days ago)
Saaaame, i also like eating Junkrat's bombs he drops after death
Endless_void_ gamer (4 days ago)
The gamer M Lover but I will have to admit I do love eating reapers ult as d.vs in a clutch comp game 😂😂😂
Endless_void_ gamer (4 days ago)
The gamer M Lover you people are evil 😂😂😭
Jareth Pierpont (8 days ago)
agreed, stopping ults with Briggite is so satisfying, though i'll always love making a winston jump to his death trying to jump a huge gap when I hack him mid-jump XD
Laughliin (8 days ago)
When you accidentally make the video 9:59 long
Kite (8 days ago)
Anyone else not that good but still knew most of these?
Emmie Lower (8 days ago)
Throughout this entire video, there were 3 ads. All of them were Overwatch ads to play the new event. WOW
Kody (8 days ago)
Ive been thinking about that mercy 1 for a while now xD been playing mercy a lot at low elo. pretty sure shes the best to clinb elo at a certain level... well the way you talk about tracer maybe not
Christian Garbe (8 days ago)
Kody I dont think mercy is great at climbing low elo at the moment... She was god tier before the nerf but i think main tank and dps are easier to climb as and even for support i think zen and moira are much better because you actually have offensive options on those heroes.
Kody (8 days ago)
good shit bro. would love to see some unedited choice games of yours.
Zer_ Hero (8 days ago)
The thumbnail is the best advice and tip ever
I like the way I already knew all this...
Wilkham (8 days ago)
"Top 10 Overwatch Abilities You're Still Using Wrong" . More like : "Top 10 Overwatch Obvious Tips Say By A Guy Who Is Silver".
ABlaster_12 (8 days ago)
Wilkham said*
Clumsy Ninjx (8 days ago)
Thanks for the vid helped me get a better perspective on people I play
Raspyberry (8 days ago)
Mid ad videos aren't cool. Keep it up and I'll unsub.
Gamer Trash (7 days ago)
ThatOneDudeWhoDrums WOW🤣🤣
ABlaster_12 (8 days ago)
ThatOneDudeWhoDrums LMAO
Cosmetologeek (8 days ago)
ThatOneDudeWhoDrums Savage 😂😂😂
ThatOneDudeWhoDrums (8 days ago)
Oh no! Not the unsub! Please don't!!!!! I'm sure they'll take off the mid ads and deny themselves easy revenue integral for sustaining an online content business all because Raspyberry is about to unsub from the channel! They'll work it out soon, I promise!!! Get fucked facedown on a concrete floor you self-righteous sack of worms.
Michael Warner (8 days ago)
Raspyberry fuck you
illiminutti (8 days ago)
Symmetra’s turrets should heal allies when they’re at critical or close to it. Dont @ me. Also, add me on Xbox: iiiuminutti.
Zion Weise (8 days ago)
Lmao this like when your tracher starts talking all slow and making you feel retarded. All these tips are basic
adam proulx (8 days ago)
If you have a support. So many tanks no healers is the way people play nowadays
Chris Carter (8 days ago)
so. many. ads.
rahul hero (8 days ago)
every one bashing on ther keybords or phones this video is bad wtf this video is for new player not for u gold players which know every trick stop give bad comments
lunerlilly (8 days ago)
The mercy one was sadly needed. I've actually told mercy's to Not rez me if I get knocked out of position and diex.
Pok3mngamer (8 days ago)
umm lol i allready do that sombra thing
NotDaily Dubstep (8 days ago)
Can you guys just stop being assholes
Sir Octopus (8 days ago)
#7 kind of annoys me, like you genuinely believe that a support won't tell you to heal yourself??? HA!
landn0_0 (8 days ago)
But number 3 cant even get you out of line of sight and it was intended to help you get up in the air
WateryMelon (8 days ago)
Nice vid
kurisu7885 (8 days ago)
Thanks for the tips.
Chef Ness (8 days ago)
Okay but when you are a tank with critical health a tracers going to follow you and finish you off if youre playing against human beings.
Sticky Bubble Gum (8 days ago)
If you made your video 1 second longer it would be 10 min... rip add revenue
Morgan Demon797 (8 days ago)
I got 4 ads for the retribution mission during the video Kappa
ProOverwatch Ashton (8 days ago)
1:37 anyone see Sombra?
Akuma Gaming (8 days ago)
I was playing Mercy in a competitive game and got screamed at by a reaper for not rezzing him when he was in the middle of three DPS. He did that. Every. Single. Time. I don't think some people see how hard it is to actually pull off a rez with the new mercy changes in competitive, because if the enemy team have good comms and one sees you you get pounced on immediately by genjis, tracers, dvas, winstons, etc.
LionWithAGun (5 days ago)
Akuma Gaming yeah those people really suck but just remind them that they chose to go in without backup or that you're not idiotic enough to kill yourself for one toxic reaper
Nathan B (8 days ago)
You guys are 100% plat
o: FishsiF :o (8 days ago)
4: That is kinda what Shadowstep is made for. And most people use it that way. 5: Same 6. Okay. I'll let my team alone without healing, bring myself in danger just to heal that fat guy with self-healing? Stupid. 7. WAIT WHAT? You can use Blink to dodge!? WOW -.-
Daood Qasim (8 days ago)
And here I thought I was the only one doing the sombra thing
NotRe1ji (8 days ago)
Daood Qasim hes a silver he doesnt even know what hes saying your probably doing it right this is fake dont trust a silver hey your better i bet ;)
Stale_snicker-bar (8 days ago)
how do you get that crosshair?
ZeroCloudGaming - (8 days ago)
Haven’t watched it yet but I still think I’m going to get Jebaited
KyleCorbeau (8 days ago)
2:50 If you are close enough to McCree as Pharah for him to use his Flashbang, chances are you're doing it wrong. She can stay in the air indefinitely, completely out of range of the flashbang, with good fuel management.
Christian Garbe (8 days ago)
KyleCorbeau Ye and flashbang isnt the problem with mccree, his hitscan revolver is.
CleafPlays 🎮 (8 days ago)
Great content 👌🏽
AsianWeeb (8 days ago)
Why does sombra finger look like a marker
Becky G (8 days ago)
65th XD
Keesonic (8 days ago)
All Of These Tips Are The Most Bronze Ass Shit I’ve Ever Heard
Youtube Art Channel If you need these tips then no you don't.
Youtube Art Channel (3 days ago)
idiot, just because i dont play ranked, doesnt mean i dont know how this game works
He's a quickplay pleb.
zanesmith666 (8 days ago)
talking about ranks, instant fuckwit
adam proulx (8 days ago)
You are whats wrong with competitive you skum i bet you go for the POTG every time. These tips are worth it, i am watching the overwatch leauge as we speak and they do all of these tricks so why dont you get off the channel you 12 year old. You obviously dont understand the concept of team plays.
Brian Bradford (8 days ago)
The irony is, I got an Overwatch ad.
chris anderson (8 days ago)
Lol ow suckkkkksssd lolololool
Keesonic (8 days ago)
Tristi (8 days ago)
You'd have to be legit dumb to not come up with nr.5 on your own.
Keesonic (8 days ago)
Why the fuck we’re all the clips from a lvl200 quick play account? Like someone like that is gonna know anything closer to advanced about Overwatch 😂
wowjennawow (8 days ago)
for roadhog, sure, but if there are people who need healing more then don’t wait. take a breather has a really short cooldown so you shouldn’t always take the risk of waiting for a support, especially when others need healing
John Seidle (3 days ago)
I agree with your point as a fellow mercy main but to clear up some confusion I’d add that in the video he wasn’t referring to desperate situations, he was referring to situations where ‘’no one is chasing you’’
Matthew Forde (6 days ago)
Don’t listen to this guy he’s a silver player who plays quick play
wowjennawow (6 days ago)
Drake45k obvi, i’m just saying if you’re in a desperate situation it’s better to just heal yourself if the supports are busy
Drake45k (7 days ago)
wowjennawow its not getting healed. Its about getting the supports ult charge and he also said if you are in a safe position meaning everyone should be getting healed fine. This is a tip i got from a grandmaster friend of mine and he said it literally has won him entire games. Ive started using it and now im winning allot more. Key is not to just heal cause ur panicked
Keesonic (8 days ago)
How was that Firestrike shit “advanced” that’s the most basic shit there is for Reinhardt
DJ0fthedead (8 days ago)
Keesonic ikr
You should do a joke version
NotRe1ji (8 days ago)
it is :/
ben ramert (8 days ago)
This video might as well have been a joke with the awful tips he gave
Anis BEng (8 days ago)
Some Poeple are kinda rude in the comments section
LionWithAGun (5 days ago)
Anis BEng well when a tip is to not self heal and make the healers do it for you, you piss off the support mains.
Omar 2548 (7 days ago)
Anis BEng welcome to youtube's comment section
That_Assassins_Ass (7 days ago)
For obvious reasons. This video covers some of the most basic stuff in the game..
Brandon Stevens (8 days ago)
Anis BEng welcome to the internet
LionWithAGun (8 days ago)
Why do I watch these? Your tips are ridiculous. As a moira/mercy main in comp if I were to see a roadhog sitting around waiting for me to heal them when they can do it themselves or get a pack I'm not going to drop all the people on the point pushing or the people who actually came to me. Fuck off with that it's the healers job. We don't need to heal everyone especially the people who can self heal. And it's not hard to get a support character ult if you actually know what you're doing. Fastest ults i got was mercy in 1 min and a moira ult in 45 sec.
Shin Higaku (8 days ago)
Ok but I don’t want a silver player telling me tips that are useless that most people know.
Gamer Trash (8 days ago)
I got an ad for overwatch while going to play overwatch while wearing an overwatch hoodie
AnonymousAffection (6 days ago)
subscribe to my channel, l can make videos on Spider-Man!!!
Jareth Pierpont (8 days ago)
you think they're trying to tell us something? XD
WateryMelon (8 days ago)
Gamer Trash while trying to watch an over watch video
3:22 im a Reaper Main (100+ hours) and i already know this....
EDGEY BANANA (6 days ago)
JumboWatch// //Overwatch Videos no one cares
ABlaster_12 (8 days ago)
JumboWatch// //Overwatch Videos k showoff
ABlaster_12 i have 114 hours on Reaper,113 on Genji,91 on Moira,88 on Winston....
ABlaster_12 (8 days ago)
JumboWatch// //Overwatch Videos yea they're all probably like 10 hours and Reaper is up above at 100+ so that's still a 1 trick
ABlaster_12 no i play Dva,Hanzo,Winton,Ana and Moira!
IceKink (8 days ago)
All these tips are obvious
KidAnime20 (7 days ago)
I'm good with all the tips except for Roadhog. He makes it easier for Support heroes to focus on other heroes that need healing, removing some of the burden on their shoulders. Besides, he takes half damage during his Breather, making him appropriate to face-tank targets that are attacking him or his teammates. Irrelevant note, there was a time where I outhealed a Moira, but that guy had the attention span of a donkey.
Oofskiis Septa (8 days ago)
10 min ad revenue
bitezaducksto (8 days ago)
That hog tip is bs, guys if you play hog you should use take a breather at anything under 200, as you'll still have a few hundred health to go. Hog is a big meaty distraction, so running and cowering away while you wait for a Healer is not something you ever want to be doing. Just grab a health pack if you need to tap yourself off so you can get back into the battle and hook some enemies for easy kills
KidAnime20 (8 days ago)
Behave, Kessonic.
OJC (8 days ago)
not just that, the self healing gets you some nice ult charge, i constantly use it and have ult every big fight
Shawn T (8 days ago)
The video says "if you're safe and nobody is chasing you" so in that instance you should definitely be letting your supports gain ULT charge so it's not BS but in the midst of battle I agree with you.
Brayden Hatcher (8 days ago)
Keesonic dude literally heals himself to the max. Plus if dva uses her bomb and u hit no where to go u better use them heals boi
bitezaducksto (8 days ago)
i guess we dont see eye to eye, but as someone who plays both support and quite a bit of hog, i find its much easier to keep the team alive when they use their self heals effectively
The Porg's Nest (8 days ago)
"Tracer can dodge literally anything" what bout tatical visor 😎
Christian Garbe (8 days ago)
brenten & devin mayer Just oneclip the soldier ez...
The Porg's Nest (8 days ago)
Malevolent OW yes but otherwise your dead
Malevolent OW (8 days ago)
brenten & devin mayer blink into cover. Successfully dodged
gosh (8 days ago)
alternate title top 10 overwatch techniques everybody figured out on their first day
KidAnime20 (7 days ago)
I'll just assume there's a joke there somewhere.
gosh (7 days ago)
its just part of my rebellious and carefree persona
KidAnime20 (7 days ago)
And yet you type like you're under 12.
gosh (7 days ago)
ur under 16 u have no opinion
Landon Greer (8 days ago)
I’m a silver player, but even I knew these
Zippr (8 days ago)
So use tracers blink, got it!
charles richard (8 days ago)
can you do 10 reasons TGN is running out of ideas
Unicorn Pup (7 days ago)
charles richard can't act mature
charles richard (7 days ago)
Unicorn Pup cant take a joke
Unicorn Pup (8 days ago)
That's unfair. TGN is probaly running out of ideas but thats because hes already thought of everything, take you and your comments somewhere else, thank you.
ThatOneDudeWhoDrums (8 days ago)
Christ, you fucks again?
Michael Yeh (8 days ago)
Support ults take the longest? That’s incorrect.
o: FishsiF :o (8 days ago)
Michael Yeh One word: *SYMMETRA*

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