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Top 10 Overwatch Abilities You're Still Using Wrong

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Top 10 Overwatch Abilities You're Still Using Wrong. There are some hero abilities and ultimates that you're still using wrong. Here are some tips on how to actually use them 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Video by Rusty Molboxer Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (370)
Yannick Melbourne (3 days ago)
When a team mate gets stuck with pulse bomb and walks into you
Joe Kronawitter (3 days ago)
Are you grandmaster? I don't think so STOP TELLING ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE
Gridino TheCoolMan (4 days ago)
where the hell is my girl mei with her ice walls used to climb up things and her cryo-freeze who's used to stay on point when its overtime !
i'm nobody (10 days ago)
Thanks for giving me the sombra tip
Solar Boy (24 days ago)
I fuckin hate Brig
Halie Marie (25 days ago)
for the love of god if youre reading this DO NOT listen to the roadhog one. if you can self heal, DO IT. do not force your healer to come to you or use up their ability when you can easily heal yourself
TamTheMeerkat GD (29 days ago)
The comment section is savage a f in this video.
ManiX207 (1 month ago)
now now now ... baiting Crees flash out easy as tracer if its a dual and not some sneaky cree that is behind a coner ... avoiding an op shield bash as tracer ... well damn you must be perfect into looking into the future. like literally the shield bash ist so instant with now windup time no way oyu can react to it with blinking .. best here .. just dont fight her if she can focus on you ... because .. 1 shot combo.... (stupid hero, cute and stuff but stupid ... Brigitte that is)
Andrew Lovitt (1 month ago)
#tracermain like if you also are
Cody Hines (2 months ago)
(before watching) I hope Concussive Blast is on here! :D As I understand it, the ShadowStep is mostly for stealthing around, crossing gaps without being seen to get behind the enemy team and fuck up their healers and/or snipers.
jacob sibson (2 months ago)
As a 400 hour 3850 peak Reinhardt I’m glad that you cleared up fire strike because I’ve been using it to heal not to, as you say, “Deal Damage” whatever that means. Anyway cheers guys!
Newoah (2 months ago)
Conquer N Cam (2 months ago)
*Hits 10 minutes on purpose* 😂
BubbleShield570 (2 months ago)
2: DON'T CHARGE AFTER SHATTER Edit: In the clip in dorado with the shatter to charge your zaria had to ult because you booped the ennemy team in all directions. This mistake is in ALL your videos PLEASE STOP
Furrah_Main :3 (2 months ago)
Huh, i know most of this stuff...?
bombskope STORM (2 months ago)
I dont get how not using these strategys is using the ability wrong
Jinxxd (2 months ago)
Hint Of Sarcasm (2 months ago)
The 5th thing is actually really strong on volskya defence
RacerNoah (2 months ago)
Use tale a breather when youre ON 300 HP or lower. Cause The take a breater recovers 300 HP
A (2 months ago)
10 reasons why everyone at tgn is in bronze and doesnt know anything about overwatch
Mamut Chikito (2 months ago)
the sombra tip is bad bad bad! hacking healthpacks is no longer a focus for sombra. it's useful, but you should never go out of your way to hack more healthpacks, just hacking one relevant health pack is enough. the hack is better on enemies as it creates opportunites. hacking a pack instead concedes that your team will be retreating to it. that is to say, it only gets value if ur team is losing the fight, that's not a good plan. if ur between fights, hack a pack, but even between fights you should be harassing and building ult.
Josh Bryan (3 months ago)
The nowadays reaper wraith form people usually use it to get out of a fight or to get into enemy territory for a great ult but, what I do is go up use all 8 shots and then wraith form then cancel it right away so I have 8 more shots to tear apart the enemy team with
LeniFeis Lenifeis (3 months ago)
haha 1 second too short
bcrosser28 (3 months ago)
i dont listen to people who play purely quick play
mik dahl (3 months ago)
good video untill you mentioned genji the worst hero in the game!
Kristian Hoovy DK (3 months ago)
I’m happy to know that most of the things i do in-game is on this list, though there are some i need to train with... (tracer)
Rampia The Man (3 months ago)
Shield bash needs to be removed. Brigitte is so annoying because of it
Roguebat 11 (3 months ago)
hold up hold up. support ults take the longest to charge? there some of the fastest in game. the take a breather ability thing yeah if your safe and missing health give them ult if they have ult get yours dont be stupid.
A Faggot (3 months ago)
Roadhog (3 months ago)
LOL, i got teached by bronze player
charles87 (3 months ago)
Lmao i laugh on how white people say sombra lololol Its not soum bra its soom bra
ultimate (3 months ago)
Stop telling people what to do
DeviHyuga (3 months ago)
Roadhog mains pay attention. Cant tell you have many times I could have had my ult already as mercy if that fat fuck would let me heal him.
kermit (3 months ago)
I only heal as frequently as I do as Roadhog even at my own base because healers seem to disregard that Hog is prime real estate for charging their ults.. like ok I guess I'll do it myself, if you're going to ignore me and let me die. Good point about Mercy though. No I won't rez you so stop spamming for it, you died by over extending and that's your own fault.
Luuk van Rijn (3 months ago)
Those two rein tips are obviously created by someone who does not play reinhardt
Tutti Frutti (3 months ago)
HOW IS PHARAH'S SHIFT A FUCKING DISENGAGE TOOL LMFAO Maybe swap to Junk if you wanna have aoe spam on the ground?????
Da Llama (3 months ago)
These tips aren't that good... You can't say "only use jump jet to get away from fights". That's bullshit. I'm a grandmaster Pharah main and if I only did that, I'd probably be in gold. It depends on what the team is doing. If they dive you, than it's better to use concussion blast, turn 180 degrees and than use jump jet. That will give you the maximum speed so you can fly back to your team. But you can also use it to dive dps players, like soldier, mccree and widow. The speed will scare them and there aim will be way of. If you kill them, which is easy, than you can use jump jet to get up in the air and rain rocket down on to the enemy and they can't do shit to counter you.
metalfaust19 (2 months ago)
lol did you just suggest diving, as a pharah, your three biggest hitscan threats in the game? and you're grandmaster? LOL do you even own the game or are you just trolling? any GM level soldier or widow will instantly punish you for that shit. widows even in gold will be good enough at awareness and headshots to drop you if you try that foolish bullshit. stop lying.
Jackson (4 months ago)
Nobody uses these wrong
Jackson (4 months ago)
What if you want you own ult as roadhog
Kartono Khachun (4 months ago)
Moira can use her fade to Dodge everything
Axel Zamora Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Typhlo33 ow (4 months ago)
Brigitte was one of the heros that came natural to me. She had certain aspects that I was able to take from other heros that I feel I do good with. I was already good with knowing when to stun enemies so i was able to work that in well. I'm fairly decent at knowing who I need to prioritize when healing. I know how to effectively use my shield and I know when I can or cant lower my shield to recharge it.
Woof Woof (4 months ago)
I once used Shadowstep for a pretty awesome POTG in Rialto. Shadowstepped onto somewhere high right above the cart (Nobody could see me) and dropped for a nice Death Blossom.
Glitched gamer 99999 (4 months ago)
I got play of the game by getting 4 environmental kills as Reinhardt It was so funny as hell
clemio (4 months ago)
how tf are u playing pharah? .. u know that she can fly right?
Kirby meh (4 months ago)
My top kill game is 49
Lolly Hail (4 months ago)
“Support ults are some of the most powerful abilitys in the game, and take the longest to charge” Really?!
ReLja (4 months ago)
Pharah tip is the biggest bag of dog shit ive ever seen....
MrHeaDbase (4 months ago)
knew every single of these one, still chillin in low diamond
iamspeedyalex (4 months ago)
I finally was doing something right! :D Glad, it was for Sombra too. Never seen an enemy Sombra do it before though, except once.
Milton Östlund (4 months ago)
The roadhog one is kinda wrong. If you need healing and youre near a health pack, you should take a breather. Because you will get ult charge for healing. Then just camp a 250 health pack.
Paragon jonas (5 months ago)
Seeing a mercy use there ultimate at a random time is annoying
K Favro (5 months ago)
Every new hero equals another reason to give widows hell. I know, I'm a widow main.
The Real Dirty Dan (5 months ago)
An abilty I dont use wrong is uninstalling overwatch
MattSipka (5 months ago)
I used to do 5 a lot and for 6 it’s worth noting that Moira’s Ultimate charges faster when she’s healing. Healing orbs for days unless the team has full health and the enemy players are all nearly dead
Abraxis86 (5 months ago)
5:45 McLovin!!! McLovin is my friend and she is great; I love you McLovin!
Craig P (5 months ago)
Some of the worst advice I ever heard. If I find out that this video is the reason Pharah players don't fly or Roadhog players never use breather, I'm reporting it.
Ur Dawg Berke (5 months ago)
This channel is dead
Riryz (5 months ago)
I disagree with the Roadhog tip. reasons: 1. youre a tanky hero meant to be a distraction so the enemy cant completely focus your healers/dps 2. your E is on a low cooldown + reduces incoming damage so you can do some bodyblocking for your team if neccessary or get in the fight almost immediately again 3. you charge your own ult depending on how much you heal from your E as well why wast an opportunity to get your ult charge when your healer can heal other players which 100% guarenteed are also losing their hp 4. the amount of hp you get from using your E is better than most healers can do in such a short duration, let your healers heal your team who dont have selfheals, no point in forcing your healer to use their long cd burst heal or their slow healing on you. it doesnt matter if you give them ult charge, youre wasting their cds or time with wich they can heal the rest of your team.
SlyFox2235 (5 months ago)
Bear (5 months ago)
how do you measure a pixel in a 3d scalable game
Sparkle Amino (5 months ago)
All of this is probably easier to do on a computer But I play Overwatch on console So rip me I guess
magek l r (5 months ago)
i saw sombra on the thumbnail...and was like oh shit...what is my gold ass doing wrong this time...literally watched it and though that was a no brainer that everyone knew to do right off the bat lol
captainstrike141 (5 months ago)
tip for playing mercy: DON'T RAMBO REVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Canoz Cankin (5 months ago)
we played like 30 mins ago :P
Bubby Ultramega (5 months ago)
I subbed for the overwatch 😊😊😊
Games of Benefit (5 months ago)
1:25 NEVER and I repeat NEVER ult with Reinhardt and then charge when you hit more then one target. You set them up to spread them away that’s stupid. I will unsubscribe to this bs!
Halvos (5 months ago)
WRONG! I'm not using any abilities wrong because I don't play Overwatch.
Ecks Gaming Benchmark (5 months ago)
Why are you pronouncing Brigitte name as Brigitta instead?
lilcharmyb (5 months ago)
Sombra hack tip is dumb that’s wasting hack cooldown just hack a health kit on your team side and go hack the team that’s it you clearly don’t play sombra
D-LZ AI (5 months ago)
Tittle is misleading. Most of this stuff are common for everybody who played this game more than 10 hours, rest are just wrong.
Bleh Blah (5 months ago)
Dis was on mah birthday. :0
Gizmos Monster (5 months ago)
i mainly use deep breather as damage mitigation.. once i drop below 100, sniff it and walk into the enemy zone.
AssassinsRage (5 months ago)
That's almost what I did
Mikko Översti (5 months ago)
Scroll up to ult are you crazy?
Jase Kemke (5 months ago)
How does this have only 110 dislikes. He is acting as if no one know common sense. And for the roadhog one, what if i want 30 ult charge ever think of that
Lars Coolboy20 (5 months ago)
Pffft tracer, im somber main, I hack her and she’s death
Vanitas (5 months ago)
Honestly to learn as much as possible people should play FFA deathmatch. I was doubting it but it actually helped me with my Widow performance.
Dva (5 months ago)
You guys don’t have to be jerks. Some people don’t know these things.
Lettever (1 month ago)
Yeah, bronze players
D C (5 months ago)
Shatter charge combo? I don't want to be that guy, but in this video you shattered and instead of killing all those squshies with swing>fire strike>swing you charged, killed 1 guy and helped the other two that bounced from the charge escape! On top of that, you saved them from the Zarya grav that was right after your charge! (we could ignore the second bit I guess)
snicksim (5 months ago)
This is "<500" guide AT BEST. You can hack health packs? wow. You can hack a 1hp mcree too 4:10
Wolfsign (5 months ago)
firestrike to build ult... REALLY PEOPLE WERENT DOING THAT ALREADY??????? charge 'people are afraid to approach rein w/charge' bruh charge isn't hard to outplay - also charging into the enemy from highground is a pretty rare thing to be able to do safely.... pharahs jumpjet and conc mine can be used as mobility and safety the real tip is rocket jump up and save both :') - if ur in range to be flashbanged by a mcree what the hell are you doing on pharah and you can nuke mcree without him using flash because he shouldn't be in range to flash you and unless you are going to get a quick kill on him you shouldn't be fighting him reaper shadowstep - you are talking about niche situation on one map that wont always work how the hell is not doing this 'using an ability wrong' tbh cool tip tho because I didn't know that ur tp followed the platforms (tbh ive never tried it but it makes sense when I think about it) sombra - did you really just tell us how to do the most basic thing on sombra? also you don't need to necessarily deny the enemy a hack pack you can just do it on two of yours sometimes and rehacking enemy packs that aren't critical is usually not as worth as hacking an enemy.  moira - healing.... did you just tell me how to heal on a point and click hero (I play a fuck ton of moira no hate) roadhog - this is legit not important at low elo. focus on ur own survival ur healers suck. however if u get the chance give them the heals ofc tracer - you legit just said 'git gud' in the longest way possible mercy - this is probably the only closest to good tip here. as someone who also plays mercy this isn't too bad brigette - shes op bash all day u numpties :') no one needs this tip. (getting ur reins shatter off with it feels gud tho) in all seriousness please get good at the game and stop talking about stuff you don't understand. get good then make guide that can build foundations for new player and allow them to improve too. rather than this trash
Violet H. (6 months ago)
When I resurrect people, I spin violently. Like, I literally drag my mouse across the desk and it makes my character spin like hell. This has seemed to actually work, because I was doing this once, and a snipe went RIGHT past my head. It would have otherwise hit me. This might be a bad idea. It's something I do, though.
Candysuxx1011 (6 months ago)
Needs more ads.
OlympianPlayzGamesz (6 months ago)
Overwatch is still a ting?!
Grzesiek Antkowicz (6 months ago)
#5 (Sombra 4:00) is something that I try to do as much as possible, but I never see it when I watch OWL. Why do you think they don't use Sombra that way?
Slεмισ (6 months ago)
That sombra tip is false, I'm a sombra main and the enemy team doesn't necessarily use health packs on their side since they push, rather than hacking one on your side and one on their side, hack two on your side to put them at a disadvantage when they're pushing. This video is really not amazing tips lol just common sense...
ddremoboy (18 days ago)
Slεмισ I understand where you are coming from, but as a Sombra main myself, I'd say hack 2 health packs on their side and let your supports do their job. This will build your support ult, and will not allow for enemy heals if their support(s) is down or not around.
Kyle Kern (6 months ago)
"How to Guide for Reinhardt." That actually doesn't sound half bad, you should do that sometime.
LordzBacon (6 months ago)
#7 "Wait for the supports to come to you" ha...haha...HAHAHAHA! yeah, sure
Literally Just a Potato (6 months ago)
"10 Things Only Found In Low Gold To Wood Tier" "10 Things A 10 Year Old Could Figure Out In 10 Minutes" or better yet "10 Signs That You're Running Out Of Ideas For Top 10 Videos"
Leo Hansson (6 months ago)
Healer ultimates take the longest to charge? *Insert Jonah laugh here.*
Sebastian de Vera (6 months ago)
I don’t even play over watch and somehow already know this 🧐🧐🧐
Katuvideot (6 months ago)
”Fighting Mccree as Pharah kinda sucks.” With that dropoff he foes like 18 dmg per shot... EDIT: does*
Thomas (6 months ago)
I remember when this channel had other games other than Overwatch.
Sned Ndues (6 months ago)
How about combat roll? Just me???
oxKnightxo OW (6 months ago)
I still say zarya ult is slow AF supports not so bad but hers.. damn.
Caio V. (6 months ago)
About Roadhog tip; it may work but it requires team comunication. Healers usualy don't heal self healng characters as often as they do with otherwise.
Hunter 96 (6 months ago)
yesterday I've stopped Moira's ultimate with shield bash
Anonymous Affection (6 months ago)
Antonio Pisani subscribe to my channel, l can make videos on Spider-Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan loy (6 months ago)
Let me just say, watching this dude play RoadHog made me want to puke. I don't think I want to listen to someone who hooks walls.
TheDisaster5093 (6 months ago)
Um...shield bash has a 5 second cooldown...

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