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✅Best Faucet Water Lock | Hose Bibb Lock with Padlock for Outdoor Faucets HD Review

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➜https://amzn.to/2OBZmHr or ➜https://ebay.to/2BYxJpY, The best faucet water lock system is by Hose Bibb in my opinion. I noticed my water utility bill was 4x higher than usual so I started to investigate. I found out that neighbors and strangers were stealing my water. Once I installed this Hose Bib lock faucet system I noticed that my water bill when down dramatically. There are many faucet water locks but this one seems to be one fo the most simple and easiest to install and uninstall. This is just my quick review on the hose bib lock or padlock spigot. If you are looking for a cheap effective faucet lock then definitely consider the hose bibb lock.
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Vibrant Deals (1 month ago)
*✅Best Faucet Locks ➜**https://amzn.to/2OBZmHr** or ➜**https://ebay.to/2BYxJpY* *✅Door Lock Blocker ➜**https://youtu.be/3aUNpdBRaDQ*
John Gonzales (16 days ago)
I had never seen this device. Thanks so much for sharing this vid and the amzn links as well. I'm ordering two of them.
Tracy McGrady (25 days ago)
Probably want to make sure there isn't a video on how to break into this kind of lock which there is! Just finished watching one! A false sense of feeling safe and protection! Cha Ching! If they really made one that was unbreakable they would be out of business!
Travelin Thru (15 days ago)
Just turn the water off inside the house to that spicket
stephen piccioni (1 month ago)
ok well somebody can still hacksaw the lock off
Vibrant Deals (1 month ago)
True but it serves its purpose as a deterrent. Most thieves will levitate toward unprotected faucets lol.
bigge chese (1 month ago)
My chinese nighbor keeps stealing my water i just cought him so now i need to get a lock
Bella Channell (3 months ago)
I'm experiencing the same problem with neighbors stealing my water so I'll certainly invest in one of these locks! Thanks!
Bella Channell (3 months ago)
Vibrant Deals my water bill has tripled within the past 3 months and I also found my hose spliced, so after a little investigation I found that one of my neighbor's water was shut off approximately 4 months ago... Coincidence?🤔 I don't think so! I'm going today to purchase a lock and thanks to your video I know what kind to get! ☺️
Vibrant Deals (3 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I had tenants that told me their water usage went from 3/mo to 12/mo and I knew something was wrong. I have no issues since I installed these locks so I know it works!
R. Lynch (3 months ago)
I imagine a strong set of pliers, or some strategic gluing could get around that. Or like the other person said vindictive folks would just ring off the entire faucet.
Vibrant Deals (3 months ago)
I’m sure there is a way around it but most people will be interested in the easy access unlocked faucets lol!
Love Aaniq (3 months ago)
Cha a made new app lock that can open with your phone no keys needed
rlllau (3 months ago)
Good product and review. But where I live, they'd break the entire faucet as revenge for locking it
John Gonzales (16 days ago)
LMAO! That was my first thought. Some pissed off punk would come back and use a blunt instrument to break the faucet as "f--k you" type of thing. I live in that type of neighborhood, but I'm still gonna order a couple of them and take my chances. Thanks for the chuckle!
bigge chese (1 month ago)
Fucken assholes
James S (2 months ago)
I think a better solution in that case would be to just install a ball valve on the pipe inside the house....
Vibrant Deals (3 months ago)
Thanks. Wow that's crazy!
Ethan Whatley (5 months ago)
hey man ive been watching your videos and wanted to know if there was a way to contact you for more information on some stuff
Vibrant Deals (5 months ago)
Ok great!
Ethan Whatley (5 months ago)
Vibrant Deals actually that video helps a lot thank you
Vibrant Deals (5 months ago)
I have a few videos on it like this one ➜https://youtu.be/00U3VLjlar8. Is there sometime specific you would like me to elaborate on?
Ethan Whatley (5 months ago)
Vibrant Deals well I wanted to know how you did that trolling motor on your kayak I have the same one myself and wanted to know a little more on how you set it up
Vibrant Deals (5 months ago)
Sure we can communicate here. What would like to know?
DrGopta (5 months ago)
Interesting, I was not aware of anybody stealing water. Looks like a nice channel lock pliers might get thru that depending on how strong the outer metal cover is.
Vibrant Deals (5 months ago)
I'm sure there are ways of hacking this setup but this lock setup just serves mainly as a deterrent. Most thieves are going to target the easy accessible unlocked faucets.

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