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How To Get IOS 10 on All Devices FREE (No Computer)

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This is for Developer Beta 1 and I shall update this video in the next few weeks for the 2nd beta IOS 10 Profile Download: http://bit.ly/1WMoEUb No Software Update Popup: https://oldcat.me/web/NOOTA9.mobileconfig MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T DIRECT YOU TO THE YOUTUBE APP, IF SO, DELETE THE APP TEMPORARILY Feels Good to be back!!
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Text Comments (44)
Ainanas (3 months ago)
I cannot find "profile" (I am not stupid but iT just isn't there"
Demonic Zombie (3 months ago)
I saw the software update at the begining of the video and it didnt work for me
Unicorns Unite (3 months ago)
this didnt work... :/
Unicorns Unite (3 months ago)
none of the sites can be reached....why....?
Isra’s Journey (3 months ago)
9.3.5 9.3.5 9.3.5 9.3.5 9.3.5 9.3.5 seen this number somewhere?
Ali Hassan (4 months ago)
404error fix please sir
Eijiro Kirishima (4 months ago)
My iPad 1st gen said in software update "iOS 9.3.5 is up to date" so basically that's the only thing I only see
Javed Akthar (4 months ago)
Faff 1 do is run off an if so if Di is eek off an of run I'd an if eh if cm hour ah b FYI fry in dB b
Note TheLove (4 months ago)
I need a fricking Dropbox account? Damn you didn't say that
Clizzardbash (4 months ago)
NoteTheLove ! You don’t
Chris XD (4 months ago)
hakeem karim (5 months ago)
What is the link to getting iOS 10 on my iPad3
Ťhę Ğāmêř (5 months ago)
i installed profile and i check the ubpdate its not happnening
Dude it says I have iOS 9 not ten why
Jonathan Maula (6 months ago)
Hi I try to open the download link but it says the file is not found or maybe removed.. Please help .. I have iPad 2 9.3.5 tax alot
Jonathan Feinstein (6 months ago)
Oh well it doesn't work I don't see profile I checked a million times
Paula DeeDee (7 months ago)
Mine says file doesn't live here anymore.! What news do you have for us to put iOS 10 on now.?
Allen (7 months ago)
Paula DeeDee same
Sonia Ferguson Ferguson (8 months ago)
Your out of focus
Dashka Ts (8 months ago)
Fuck you man
Chea Khoeung (9 months ago)
I install the profile and restart. After it restart I go to software update and it say your device is up to date 9.3.5
Tmunchies Love (2 months ago)
Chea Khoeung exact
Hockey Hockey (3 months ago)
Robert Owuor (3 months ago)
Chea Khoeung mine is still stuck
Me too
TechWhiz (5 months ago)
It is because you have the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4 which are devices that support iOS 5 to iOS 9.3.5. So I consider purchasing the iPhone 5 or 5S and 5C as they can support iOS 10
SuperJLoew (9 months ago)
profile doesnt exist on what ios im using
Cookie and milk (3 months ago)
SuperJLoew same
Leah Yates (2 years ago)
It want work when I click on it it says this is copy write
Taya Rennie (2 years ago)
Thank you it worked and it's perfect !!
FacelessShrimp (2 years ago)
When I click the link it send me to a porn site. What kind of sick joke is this?
Welcome One (2 years ago)
Wow it worked, thank you so much 😀
Julissa Martinez (2 years ago)
When I click the link it goes blank
Joseph Creighton (7 months ago)
Clizzardbash z
Paula DeeDee (7 months ago)
Help says file doesn't live here anymore., now what can I do.?
THAD YT (2 years ago)
+Clizzardbash The download file got removed
Julissa Martinez (2 years ago)
nevermind, i got it! it kept redirecting me to my youtube app so i had to delete it and finally be able to go through safari. thanks!
Clizzardbash (2 years ago)
try restarting your device and try again

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