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10 Really Weird but True Things about Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV was officially released a few days ago and the fans can at long last start playing it. The most recent title of the series has been in development for quite a while now and it has been long awaited by the hardcore aficionados. In today’s video we are going to reveal 10 of the most peculiar facts Final Fantasy XV features. The Final Fantasy real devotees might already have knowledge about some of them by now, but for the rest of the gaming fans there surely are several curiosities worth mentioning. Narration: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com
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Hoang Tran (2 months ago)
Well the Mountain Turtle can be beaten in 2-3s. Wait for the Alterna effect to kick in, that’s all
chase green (3 months ago)
Took me 2 hours to kill Adamantoise, but I was only level 55
pokismash (9 months ago)
Yeah it took me an hour to kill the monster too but i got lucky though easily could of lost dude
Michael Morningstar (10 months ago)
1. You assume facts without evidence. While it may have been announced back at 2006, you were wrong as it was NOT in development for 10 years; it was stuck in pre-production hell for years due Square Enix constantly pulling the staff out to work on the crappy XIII trilogy and they barely had any time to work on it. There is evidence for my claim on the internet. 2. The Adamnatoise is an optional SUPERBOSS, not the final boss. Get your facts straight before posting this video on youtube. 5. The "VR Experience" that was promised back at 2016 turned out to be nothing but false advertising like all the trailers from 2006 to 2015. A lot of players who managed to play it slammed it for having a lot of bugs and not controlling well, as of result it was canceled but there are rumors that the developers are trying to bring it back.
bryan allen (10 months ago)
not a single boss in this game is hard considering they buffed the ring of lucii so all you have to do is stand and cast alterna and one hit kill on full health adamantoise
Cescolo (1 year ago)
if there are so many comments who complain about the video, so, why the f there are more likes than dislikes? something is wrong here
Flaming Gilgamesh (1 year ago)
No the Adamantoise is a joke and pathetic. It's easy and just takes for-fucking-ever. and the actual final boss is pathetically easy
Wayward Son (1 year ago)
questioned myself, why did i watch a video from Fraghero? just fucking why?
Niko Wayne (1 year ago)
Adamantite is the worst boss fight ever. No real threat, miserable hitboxes and only a mass of hp :P
Rawnald (1 year ago)
Potato9 T.V. (1 year ago)
Meh. most of the hardest bosses in the series are in Final Fantasy Dimension s.
kazamijiro (1 year ago)
in the end the final boss is easy to beat
tekinoglusami (1 year ago)
When I first started the game, I actually managed to avoid spoilers and everything but trailers, all I did was listen to the menu music for a solid 30 minutes. I was expecting a really good game, a storyline which would, just like the music did, fill me with emotions and deeply touch me. Having played the game I feel slightly disappointed. There was soooo much which felt unfinished and while the characters became dear to me (Ignis <3) it felt like so much was left out/skipped. It felt like a massively unfinished game. while it was a very good game, I feel like it was a bad final fantasy.. I really hope I'm not the only one feeling like that
ICNstudios (1 year ago)
"Offers a very large array of gameplay activites" Fetch/kill quests*
SushiPish (1 year ago)
Finished Adamantoise in 45min. I finished it after 60 hours of gameplay.
TheHrebo (1 year ago)
i beat adamantoise as level 41 with no abilities in the ascension tree lol he was easy AF i just hit his leg and only dmg i recieved was from my weapons lol took me 4 hours and it was annoying and boring
Blake Cubler (1 year ago)
the superbosses in lightning returns were much harder than the ones in 15. erishkagal and aeronite were rough
Leon Kennedy (1 year ago)
I beat the adamantoise in 50 minutes.
Ashes (1 year ago)
I don't think Adamantoise is the hardest FF boss there is. Penance from FFX, anybody? Fuckin 6 hours on that bitch Dx
Minato Fagan (1 year ago)
can anyone explain to me what hell happened to the character marshal or known as Cor he appeared like 3 times and fecked off and there's no answer to it like in kingsGlaive he was impaled through the chest and somehow he just walked away you don't even try to fight him since he's on the empires side a lot of good things came to this game over the duration it was being made but they left out a lot of the good things that were only placed in the trailers or Noctis's Dream I was like gearing up for that part when I saw the dream and it didn't happen
Captainzeek (1 year ago)
Steviofo (1 year ago)
Captainzeek spoiler alert it isn't the last boss
mactiger98 (1 year ago)
Adamantoise is supposed to be the strongest FF megaboss? you stand and hold the button while being 40 levels below recomended. you dont need to think he barely ever attacks you dont even move. or maybe they meant "the most boring one"
Ziddy (1 year ago)
The Adamantoise is an optional super boss, not the mandatory final boss.
Jonathan Thompson (1 year ago)
the final boss is Ardyn and he's easy
bestintheworld568 (1 year ago)
Adamantoise wasn't that bad, just a long and boring battle. I managed to beat him in a couple of hours with breaks. Nifigar is much tougher as it can almost one-hit you with the majority of its attacks and seems to be immune to most things.
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
there are new strats to take down adamantoise in under 6 minutes.
Adam Block (1 year ago)
Yeah Adamantoise took me about 45 min. to an hour for sure. =/ lol
True antitheist2006 (1 year ago)
if you think adementoise is the strongest boss you're in for various rude awaking when you fight the 120 and 110 super bosses.
Tran Mark Andrew (1 year ago)
There're video show that boss only took 8 mins to beat, search google for it !
Music Lover (1 year ago)
Still adamantoise it's not harder than Yiazmat, Ruby Weapon, Ozma and FFV Optinal Bosses ...
Sukma Wathy (1 year ago)
final fantasy xv... biggest lie ever
Axium (1 year ago)
The regis isnt a car ? its called the Regalia
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
glad someone else noticed
Shonfrost (1 year ago)
Thanks for spoiling me Adamantoise.
Iain Mac (1 year ago)
What about Emerald Weapon in FF7? Surely that's harder than this turtle.
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
it is, with proper strats people have cleared the turtle in under 6 minutes. there are also places where you can abuse the game design to quickly grind many levels, and one in particular after chapter thirteen that many have used to reach level max in a matter of hours rather than days/weeks of grinding. You just need to play a little smart and the game becomes really easy too, especially if you just abuse items early game.
Gote the Capricunt (1 year ago)
Stop shitting about the game and just enjoy it! I know that some of the content in the trailers is missing, but clearly you don't know anything about programming at all.
0DarkEagle (1 year ago)
The Adamantoise was not the hardest boss in the game. For me, i was LV70 and killed the Adamantoise in 3 and a half in game days. The thing didn't even attack me so that much. I still had to use a shitload of elixirs but it was still an easy fight.
ImScared (1 year ago)
400,000$ for an r8. Isnt that like 200,000$ over sticker?
SPUD1880 (1 year ago)
Remember when commercials only played occasionally on Youtube? Now it's EVERY FUCKING TIME!!
El Ski (1 year ago)
It's been a long ten years. I remember when I first heard about it, which I was in high school at the time, and my friends and I were hyped for it. People who didn't wait as long should be happy lol. I feel old now xD
Sebastian Phillips (1 year ago)
it took me 4 and a half hours to beat the adamantoise
Shinku Media (1 year ago)
Adamantoise, hard? Laughable. Takes long, easy boss fight.
Shinku Media (1 year ago)
Firestar9114 I just jump warped for a hour, hour and a half. Super mundane but I got the parry interactions too
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
yep, have you seen the new strats that let you beat it quickly, nothing like the weapons from FFVII
SupahFly (1 year ago)
the game we got had a development time of 3 years....
carlton small (1 year ago)
thanks for the spoiler. I was dying to know final boss before I hot there
Brendan Conaway (1 year ago)
maybe warn of spoilers a-holes
AuronDzilk (1 year ago)
I saw umbra but what up with the other dog?
Bailey Clifton (1 year ago)
Wait.. what? I just beat the game an never cane across Adamantoise... what did I do wrong??????
Bailey Clifton (1 year ago)
Ahh okay. Thanks for clarifying. I was so confused.
Chris Cammidge (1 year ago)
No, you go back in time chapet 9 (I think) onwards and you'll get the quest from Cindy. He was talking about end game (after the main story) and the turtle isn't even close to the hardest.
Bailey Clifton (1 year ago)
Pablo P (1 year ago)
3:54 "In order to advance the storyline without creating other video games..." Yea, *BS*!! Don't be sheeple! There was plenty of space to put in extras. They just tore apart the game, which was a bad idea.
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
yep, and even if it was a problem they could do the same thing they have in the past. Multi disc release.
farg34 (1 year ago)
over $800 just to dress like an emo faggot? no thanks
Casey Jones (1 year ago)
lol at people who have only started playing the final fantasy games at ff 12 or ff 13 when those are the worst ff games of all time lmao
Neo Virz (1 year ago)
Casey Dittmann FFXII is clearly not bad i tell you, FFXI and A FFXIII is.
Casey Jones (1 year ago)
after completing ff xv 100% including post game content, I'm kind of disappointed. versus looked so much cooler and had a cooler theme. I wish they went darker and kept Stella or at least had Luna getting abused like she was supposed to and given the game more emotional depth so you knew her struggle and how noctis was raised as cattle to be slaughtered in reality and the back story behind it. it's a real let down honestly. don't get me wrong. it's fantastic game. but it's no Witcher 3.
Insomnia Zombie (1 year ago)
alot of the "cut" content will be added back in the "paid dlc" season pass chapters (25$) (so you pay 90$ for the full experience) they did make lots of changes and cuts but from a developer standpoint this was the best choice (release a bad game (ff xiii or ff xii anyone) or move the date up and release a big open world with extra backstory in the form of an animation and movie and extra chapters that are added later) and take in consideration that the story takes about 25 hours to complete in comparison to the yearly games that have 3 hour stories that is simply the same from the game you played a year before! the game has flaws but i enjoy it and respect the creators for their effort to make this game
SHAMANTIMEWAVE • (1 year ago)
the rock turtle,haha i finished it in 43min, at level 66 attack with the weapons that you get from molbo, i think thats the name. when you hunt the legendary monsters. what you cant do, is use the royal arms. they drain your magic with warp strike. aim for the eyes, neck,above the arms,and also another thing is you ha e to complete 2- 60,000points>of damage in 60sec. so wait to use the enhanced stike untill the challenge. you also have to block and counter every stike, i noticed when i avoided it. the seen looked like it just replayed it. like you have to do it to continue? idk, you will also need 6-19> supplies to heal the whole team. yea i thought it was going to be a better game. its a 8.5/10.when i heard how lond they worked/took to work, on this project it sounded impressive. but now that i played the game, just seems alittle dull. i would like to see if a online game would work. i dont think it would work with this currant map.
SHAMANTIMEWAVE • (1 year ago)
the rock turtle,haha i finished it in 43min, at level 66 attack with the weapons that you get from molbo, i think thats the name. when you hunt the legendary monsters. what you cant do, is use the royal arms. they drain your magic with warp strike. aim for the eyes, neck,above the arms,and also another thing is you ha e to complete 2- 60,000points>of damage in 60sec. so wait to use the enhanced stike untill the challenge. you also have to block and counter every stike, i noticed when i avoided it. the seen looked like it just replayed it. like you have to do it to continue? idk, you will also need 6-19> supplies to heal the whole team. yea i thought it was going to be a better game. its a 8.5/10.when i heard how lond they worked/took to work, on this project it sounded impressive. but now that i played the game, just seems alittle dull. i would like to see if a online game would work. i dont think it would work with this currant map.
Wolfnoodles (1 year ago)
smh the adamantoise fight might be crazy to the new comers of final fantasy but they never played any of the other ones 😂 example: Ject final fight without summons gg
Abdalrahman Alsubaie (1 year ago)
I needed 5 hours at level 50
Abdalrahman Alsubaie (1 year ago)
No stopping
natbrain (1 year ago)
Adamantoise is not the final boss. Also, it's extremely easy. i beat it in 30 minutes, and had to heal twice. Its attacks do very little damage, and it's so darn slow. It does by far have the most health out of any monster in the game, but health does not correlate to difficulty. You just spank it for 30 minutes. That's it. Two other enemies, Naglfar and Ayakashi, had 10% the amount of health Adamantoise had, but were easily 20x harder than Adamantoise. It's not even the final boss of the post game, since you can tackle quests in any order you want basically, so you could easily do the menace dungeons last.
Peter Shifter (1 year ago)
the adamantoise is nowhere near as difficult or time consuming as Final Fantasy 12 boss yiazmat.
Renan Vasconcellos (1 year ago)
Dislike... nothing weird about these facts
vulgarscreams (1 year ago)
What's the song you have playing?
Brandon Guimond (1 year ago)
Did they really claim it would take hours to beat the Adamantoise? There are videos out there of people beating it in under 6 minutes. >_>
Illeia Oslo (1 year ago)
Casey Jones not true. i beat it on level 89 in 20 minutes, im not good in combat technique wise though. Those people who beat it in few minutes is true, they even did it on level 1 challenge, there are tactics to beat it efficiently.
Brandon Guimond (1 year ago)
+Casey Jones There are Youtube videos of it, and those video have no jump-cuts. I recommend watching them yourself and making your own judgement though.
Casey Jones (1 year ago)
Brandon Guimond that's not true. no one could beat it in 6 minutes. even level 99 and highest Stat boosting fastest possible is maybe 30 minutes without editing your video to make it look shorter. I was level 93 and it still took me a little over an hour and I'm a master in this game.
SolaceWinter (1 year ago)
Kingsglaive, you definitely said Kingslave.
King D (1 year ago)
when are they gonna create a hard mode
Duane Livingston (1 year ago)
took me 5 hours to kill the tortoise... used 99 hi potions/99 potions 14 phoenix downs. use ignis element attack and gladius  power attack. attack the leg over and over. pain in the ass
Drake Lim (1 year ago)
There are many hidden bosses that are way harder than the Adamantoise. Like a Level 120 Nifalgr, MA-X Angelus 0, Level 110 Ayakashi. And also, a Level 99 no-item dungeon, and the monsters in its deeper can one-shot you even at level 99.
drifting dust (1 year ago)
Although it is well made game including graphics, the game itself is somewhat like a frankestein. They threw away of good things about j-rpg system and integrate Withcer like action gameplay. FF12 did whole lot better job on this. Open world game does not mean that they need a sort of transport to travel around and it is verg inconvenient during the game play. It is not a GTA. I think Japanese game companies nowadays misjudge on themselves that they still lead or they still think that they have to lead the game trends around the world. wrong. very disapponited as a fan.
Daniel Smith (1 year ago)
The adamantoise was easy only took around 20 mins, castlemark dungeon was much harder than that.
haseo1stform (1 year ago)
did anyone actually have issues fighting Adamantoise? maby my game was busted cause he litterally just sat there doing nothing but roaring every 2 minutes knocking me to about half health otherwise i just stood there and hacked on his foot for an hour until he died
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
yeah, sometimes people get glitched inside it for a second and take a little damage, and sometimes the character is flung out of range, but excluding glitches it's a very easy fight, and with proper strats it isn't even excessively long.
Konstantin K. (1 year ago)
why .... why square... no towns, shortest story ever, wtf was wrong with you square. the map is a joke, no sahara no ice mountains nothing just this rainy map. where was some story about nyx or his village who mentioned in movie. if it had 2-3 towns and to explore the other map it would be the best ff ever.... what a pitty. all the years they show us the battle betweene the kingdoms and in the game there is nothing just ardyn... wtf tabata cut almost 60-70 of nomuras game. he destroeyd this game
Neo Virz (1 year ago)
Firestar9114 well they followed the new trend and method for nowadays game standard, which is a little bit of a downfall regarding the FF series, but nonetheless FFXV is great at least for me.. but it would have been more perfect if they stick to the original concept with the characters and the gameplay design before it actually got released.
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
why not mash two games into one, FF games are supposed to be a vast and immersive experience and in the past they were never shy about about multi disc releases. FFVII, one of the best games ever was their creation and did exactly that.
Chris Cammidge (1 year ago)
It was in development, not everything stays in. Do you not realize your console/pc has to run this game by loading the open world. You can get Nyx's weapons in the game. His story was in the film, that's why it exists. And if everything was left in the game you'd have 2 games mashed into one. Stop complaining.
shanobian (1 year ago)
how can adamontoise be the final boss when it's a sidequest
michail gunawan (1 year ago)
Hajima tamata should not direct another ff series.
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
Wtf Ruby (1 year ago)
I hope what you said about the VR is true because that'll be A+
memes for president (1 year ago)
yo this is a really well made video! good job!
Thuy Nguyen (1 year ago)
I want the car but that price tho.
Tiffany (1 year ago)
I beat adamantoise in chapter 9. it took me close to 2 hours. I am glad I found Umbra :]
Patrick Bradley (1 year ago)
sorry did you say King slave ?
Pimphand Gamester (1 year ago)
I remember the earliest pics of FF 15 and this doesn't look anything like them.
Chris Cammidge (1 year ago)
Well usually they tend to develop things during development.
poooh keey (1 year ago)
ffxv has the most boring story honestly to the point I wanna play ff13 which i hate! ffxv is a great game tho
Firestar9114 (1 year ago)
no, even with the full experience only the four main characters were properly developed. The next best were regis and luna, but even their characters were relatively shallow and underdeveloped, even with the movie. some characters had good designs, like Iris, cindy, Cid, and arenea, but their characters had almost no depth even with their meager exposition. And for the game with all its character can you honestly say anyone not on these lists really stood out as a properly developed character? that's 10 characters. 10. and some of them are quite a stretch. I will say they did a good job with the main cast, but not much else, the story was also boring and predictable, and the thing with luna didn't make as big of an impact as it should have because we only just started to see her character develop before it happened. You can't bring in a character right before an event like that and then expect the player to properly care when something like that happens. While I felt a bit of emotion(probably due to watching the movie more than the game) I was mostly indifferent.
Dukefazon (1 year ago)
*Sheesh* I swear I would wait another year or to just to have the complete experience. The second part of the game was not good. And I don't like the general story. The E3 2013 trailer told me the story is gonna be something different. I'm sad because how the game ended and I'm more sad because the game is nothing like all those trailers were.
Evan Zablocki (1 year ago)
It took me 3hrs to beat adamantoise at level 58!
Duane Livingston (1 year ago)
I was 46 took me 5 :(
Ryan Forre (1 year ago)
King Slave? Never heard of that before...
Ryan Forre (1 year ago)
I know, it was a joke lol. It's just funny when someone makes a video about something popular that they know nothing about just to get views. I know it's Kingsglaive, you know it's Kingsglaive but that doesn't change the fact that he calls it King Slave, twice.
Sasank Kodi (1 year ago)
King's Glaive* .. its a FFXV movie..basically tells you about what happened just before the point where the game starts. About how the king dies!
sean patrick (1 year ago)
they should of stuck with versus. 15s story is so fuckinh shit. like how are they gonna put all this detail into fucking food but can't make a decent story??
Mads Gaming (1 year ago)
I got TBH here I felt like this game was short and it kinder ruined it for me I love the game don't get me wrong but it's like they couldn't be arsed to let us wonder like ff7 ,8 ,9 u know I what I mean they should have made the story longer but the game is beautiful graphics still give the game 10/10 but wished it was a longer game
Leshain (1 year ago)
tbh the weird thing is a lot of cut scenes from trailers before aren't even in the final game, there is so much content just mia
Revadarius (1 year ago)
Another weird but true thing I noticed. Only about 20% of the in-game scenes I saw in the past few years regarding FFXV seemed to have made it into the final product. Though, considering there seems to be huge segments of the game missing, presumably cut (as I refuse to believe such an intricate story could be this poorly written) it's not f**king surprising. I hope they didn't pull a Capcom, or do what they did with Desu Ex.
SpaysKing (1 year ago)
Chris Cammidge (1 year ago)
There is DLC and did you really expect what you saw years ago to be how the game turned out?
LASHINGS UK (1 year ago)
New Year's message from _Hajime Tabata_: "To provide a long-lasting and even more enjoyable experience with _FFXV_ for everyone, we will continue to update the game and release DLC."
Pablo P (1 year ago)
+JakeAmvs4Life Uh, no? He didn't work on anything prior to FF7, and he didn't work on FF9 or FF12. In reality, he only work 7, 8, 10, and 13. And he definitely wasn't the director of FF7. That was Yoshinori Kitase. I like how he keeps everything in the dark, but what I really don't like about Nomura is how he makes everything cryptic to make it sound cool, or how he convolutes his own stories. Look at Kingdom Hearts and the deep dive trailer he made. And on top of that, Tetsuya was originally going to make FFXV a part of Fabulo Nova Crystalis, a part of the nightmare of the games called FFXIII and Type 0. I wouldn't trust him with a Final Fantasy game, just Kingdom Hearts. I'd give it to Hiroyuki Ito. Apparently he was the director of the FFIX, one of the best FF games. But hell, at this point I think the best solution would be just firing the entire FF story writing team and hire someone who actually knows what an FF story should be like...
Jake Bles (1 year ago)
Nomura is a totally different director. I can trust in him since he made the original FFVII and practically almost every main character of FF series. You can see the difference in the trailers. it has been a year and Nomura hasn't showed us any new FFVII Remake trailer but Tabata showed us many trailers just this year. I like that style where he keep all his projects in secret.
Aqeeb Hussain (1 year ago)
Adamantois is litterally the easiest fight there is. 2/10
Erebos Tenebris (1 year ago)
I had more trouble fighting with the camera during that fight than I did with the boss itself.
Marc Matthaeus (1 year ago)
Aqeeb Hussain yeah it was pretty easy,but it took me over 1hour to kill this thing
Akihiro Aki (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy XV Adamantoise are nothing compare to yiazmat from Final Fantasy XII
Jim Dog (1 year ago)
your video is inaccurate just like you
Viokimoo -Chessy (1 year ago)
0:12-0:15 Gladio…😍😍😍💘💗💖💕😘😘😘
Judo Nomi (1 year ago)
Hahahaha! I swear I'm gonna marry a pixelated dude one day 'cause that's how Ardyn has me feeling. These freaking sexy pixels, sigh.
F-ckyeah 123 (1 year ago)
lv 42 and beat the adamantoise in 7 hours and 30 minutes
Rei SHIN (1 year ago)
game about Uchiha Sasuke.
Chris Cammidge (1 year ago)
Prompto used to actually look like naruto aswell.
InoshiKenshi (1 year ago)
the red haired mysterious guy is Ardyn, the main villain and Noctis ancestor who was cursed with immorality. In the end he kills Noctis bride and gets killed in the real world and in the afterlife by Noctis, after he kills himself to go there and finish off Ardyn once and for all. He's friend die protecting Noctis from evil monster outside the temple. No one lives.
Donald Violette (1 year ago)
They meant 72 hours of in game gametime, not real time lol and it's pronounce Star of Lucis (Lew-sis). And one hour of gameplay is nothing if you've fought previous FF mega bosses such as Ozma from 9 or Nemesis from 10, not to also mention the hardest of all, Warmech from the original version of FF1
Digg- O (1 year ago)
Two ideas: changes from the episode duscae demo to the final release And, things that were in the trailers and not the final game
Dr. Strange (1 year ago)
Jesus christ this guy has no clue what the hell is going on. "Adamantoise is the hardest, strongest, post game final boss." Fuckin idiot, there is no final boss besides the one in the story, it also depends on which quests you do. For most people, the hardest, strongest boss would be Nafglir or however you spell it, it's a boss you kill from the last Randolph quest which is lvl 120 and can 1 shot gladdy at 9999 health. Adamantoise is not even hard! think of it like a destiny boss, just a huge bullet sponge.
DeadOrAliveSpot (1 year ago)
Dr. Strange Kewl shit son.
D-Tomoyo's Atelier (1 year ago)
Adamantoise is easy as hell you just mesh square and triangle for hour or so than its over, no skill needed stopped when they said its strongest in series, this video has all but trash info.
Octagonapus C (1 year ago)
News Flash: Was Disappoint
Red I (1 year ago)
The main antagonist in FF15 is the White Wizard from FF1
Adan Rayner (1 year ago)
The final hunt boss in FF12 takes 6 hours to kill.
cagallia athela (1 year ago)
the adamantoise is NOT!!!! the toughest boss in this game fuck that. That damn nafalgar thing gave me waaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder of a time that fucker
cagallia athela (1 year ago)
also it only took me 50 mins to beat this thing using a regular sword. 72 hours or even 15 is bs
haitianxu (1 year ago)
Adamantoise isn't even the toughest boss, just the boss with the most HP.
haitianxu (1 year ago)
+anarchy846 Obviously I meant in FFXV. Why would I call a boss with 5 million HP the boss with the most HP in the entire FF series? Stupid.
anarchy846 (1 year ago)
haitianxu nah the one in FF12 had more.
Nej82 (1 year ago)
Adamantoise isn't the "hardest fight" however possibly one of the longer ones. Naglfar is a harder fight, and he's level 120, who's also been unofficially dubbed as FFXV's Omega/Ultima Weapon. There's a level 110 Ayamushi as well, but I wouldn't say he's overly difficult, unless you have a hard time with parry counters.

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