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Cersei Lannister blows up the Sept of Baelor

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Mattras7 (20 hours ago)
Everyone in the comments here is like:"oh, i hated that sparrow. i loved watching him blow up" You do realise that the high sparrow was as thorough in his believes like Ned Stark, played the game like Baelish and won against Cersei. Cersei literally had to blow up a part of the city to get rid of him. That's amazing.
Andrew James (20 hours ago)
The last political correctness died. RIP.
Hauo hakuthaksi (1 day ago)
That was such an unsatisfying way for one of the most annoying characters to die...
Zed (1 day ago)
Margaery was my gf's favourite character, so as a joke I told her Natalie Dormer hadn't renewed her contract for Season 7. Watching this scene with her I had the same sinking feeling that Margaery had. "She's never going to believe I was joking!"
Danny Hart (1 day ago)
Why would Loras follow that child though? Since when does he ignore orders from the High Sparrow because he was distracted?
Riccardo Fidanzia (1 day ago)
Fuckin hell I came here just to see tommen suicide
Leslie Handsome (1 day ago)
This music...
EleCticCOokie (1 day ago)
I think for me personally. Margerie didnt deserve to die like this everyone else is fine. Im saying this because she was to smart to die. The only stupid shit she did was to announce the problem out loud she wouldve escaped otherwise
yasir khan (2 days ago)
How to make make an atomic bomb by Cersei
yasir khan (2 days ago)
Whatever it takes to win the game of thrones.... even if it mean betraying the only dick (Jaime lannoster) u have had in ages....
doreamon doracake (2 days ago)
can someone send a link for this episode... thanks...
Winaska (2 days ago)
How come no one gives the High Sparrow/Septon credit where credit is due? I mean he lives in poverty and serves the poorest citizens directly. Yeah he is super strict with the rules. But he’s still a good man doing good deeds for those who need it most..... And he was indeed trying to demonstrate to the common people that nobility and royals need to suffer too. Makes sense in a society where most of the commoners have been oppressed in one way or another
LordBezard66 (2 days ago)
Its ironic, she sent the Mountain to keep Tommen from the trial, but she got him killed anyways
Thomas (2 days ago)
Epic music 😍😍
Brandon T. (2 days ago)
I literally hate Cersei! However, bish did that 👏👏👏!!! I hate the fact that Marg had to die, but this revenge was EVERYTHING! This honestly made a small part of me like Cersei, still waiting on Karma to catch up with her though. Im gonna enjoy her death lol.
Qaz Wsx (2 days ago)
Amazeballs Music here. Kudos to the people who composed and directed it.
Qaz Wsx (2 days ago)
3:48 Loved it when that kid stabbed that little piece of shit Lancel.
Qaz Wsx (2 days ago)
I pray to the Old Gods, the New Gods and the Lord of Light, that Cersei didn't use up all of the wild fire.
Qaz Wsx (2 days ago)
Oh! I loved Cersei for this.
Raquel Vila (3 days ago)
It’s weird but this scene made me love Cersei
Károly Timár (3 days ago)
Nick Shire (3 days ago)
My dream...
Cha Cha (4 days ago)
The Freeza of Game of Thrones.
Edward Horsey (4 days ago)
This plan made me a Cersei fan for life
MyBean (4 days ago)
Ok cool but that killed alot of her own innocent people with it, she is a very bad ruler...
Joel The Pizza Wizard (4 days ago)
The music made this millions better
raven caponpon (4 days ago)
The backround song is called The Light of Seven. Beautiful isn’t it?
Jakub Piteľ (5 days ago)
where did the kid stab the guy so he cannot walk? :D :D i mean the kid has to be damn strong to puncture the spine to damage the spinal chord :D :D :D but then again whatever ... fanfiction GoT ...
dshew d (5 days ago)
1:48, lol wtf? ohana means family
Brenden (5 days ago)
Brenden (5 days ago)
Fokin took her long enough.
Jake Abel Vlog (5 days ago)
battlefield 1gamer (5 days ago)
I liked every second of this part of the episode. It's also the only time I liked cersei for doing something.
MEUGA (5 days ago)
Actually Cersei killed his 2 sons .
Crispy Cookie (5 days ago)
Noooo!! Melted titties and bone! Rip Margery 😢
Wojciech Kapelinski (5 days ago)
Vasto Lorde (5 days ago)
7:27 *It was at this moment that he knew, he fucked up*
Vasto Lorde (5 days ago)
2:55 DAMN!! My balls can barely contain the hype created when those boys in the background begin to sing "YOOYOO.... AYOOYOOO.." 😂
Dean Andreoli (5 days ago)
Cersei Lannister ~ One hell of a chess player.
Franco Bino (5 days ago)
She is the mad queen, she burn so many innocent to achieve her goal, her mind is corrupted by madness. SO COOL, Lena is so brilliant
Matthew Housham (6 days ago)
What I find lacking about season seven, is that Cersei killed probably hundreds of lords and ladies of various stature in the sept, and yet that hasn't come back to bite her. Surely the likes of Randyll Tarley would have been avers to serving such a person? She even killed Kevan, the de facto leader of the Lannisters, so shouldn't there be some dissent amongst her forces?
Varga Julian (6 days ago)
Shaf alqurbaa ackbar!
Abhishek Pawar (6 days ago)
Cercie is actually a Targaryen , Jamie too
Abhishek Pawar (6 days ago)
Tyrion is the only real son of Tywin
GamingNerd (6 days ago)
Damn if only we can blow up cults like that in real life.
Gamenity (6 days ago)
Poor lad got hit by the bell
The Sleeping Giant (6 days ago)
Don't lie - you were rooting for Cersei on this one. And some brilliant acting as she watches the sept erupt in green flame: her face says more than any words could. *Cersei, you slay!* ;)
Alex Chaudhari (6 days ago)
Oh how I wish that I could do that to at least a good chunk of the US just to save this country from being plunged into a Cultural War ever again.
Bhavin Patel (7 days ago)
This personifies mastery and perfection. Every second was perfection.
Moaz zulfiqar (7 days ago)
Cersei is a BAD BITCH 💕
Johann (7 days ago)
Can someone explain something to me? Were the children just randomly hired by the other guy to stab the maester or did he touch them or something and therefore it was some kind of revenge?
Vinny C. (7 days ago)
This and the dragon fight were the most satisfying parts of the show.
KỳNam Văn (6 days ago)
All of the children are his spies, his "little birds"
gill azwer (8 days ago)
Man this scene really gives me goosebumps because of the music and all.. really man hats of to the director 🎩..
Aman Singh (8 days ago)
The most powerful sequence in television and cinema history
Truth Hurts (8 days ago)
Revenge is the sweetest of emotions.
Petty Hardaway (8 days ago)
sean doyle (8 days ago)
Some say lancel was still looking for the breast plate stretcher
hongbo zhang (8 days ago)
something big will happen, but the music feels quiet~
Let It Happen (8 days ago)
Only Judge Dredd can kill her in fashion.
Yash Avinash (8 days ago)
Love the background score
King Reaper (8 days ago)
This cult really thought they was going to take her out huh 😂 stick to your kool aid
_ Psycho (9 days ago)
One reason why I hate Cersei is because not only did she kill the Tyrells, but also Margaery :( Daenerys and Margaery would've had a good alliance if Margaery was still alive :(
George (9 days ago)
This scene has the best musical score in the series.
Dene Gwynn (9 days ago)
Unpopular Opinion Cerci is my favourite character in the show (she has some competition in the books that were not as well executed in the show). She’s so smart, smug, spiteful and in control since day one. And Lena Headly, and the other Lannisters, are easily the best actors in the show.
Karthik Sekaran (9 days ago)
the music tho........pure brilliance!!!
Chris Anon (10 days ago)
HBO decided they needed to cut payroll.
solomun Pascal (10 days ago)
Forget about the bloody gods and listen to what I'm telling you
Subject 49 (10 days ago)
I'm suprised the old man didn't try to take a few kids with him
Lawman280 (11 days ago)
Anders is at it again #DragonAge
Zach Amos (11 days ago)
The intro of this episode is probably some of the best 10-15 minutes ever put to tv/movie. In terms of the soundtrack, the directing style, the tense build up. Just a damn masterpiece.
Anthony P (11 days ago)
Predictive programming from the Tribe!!! when will they do it for real..? The dome on the rock will suffer this end at there hands blamed on another goyim boogeyman... rinse repeat!
Ith ith (11 days ago)
I have enjoyed the song from the start until the end, awesome! Like if you like the song :)
Lol the Star of David in the windows. Jewish shit show.
Kay Waters (11 days ago)
Then the cello comes in...
This season was miles better than the seventh season, especially for this episode, how could they fuck things up so much, so sad, Hope season 8 is as good as this
mvmed12 (12 days ago)
one of the best scenes on tv history !!!!
X4mat (13 days ago)
So why did they not let those people leave? Were they forced to watch the trial or something?
Akim Lettner (13 days ago)
Remember remember the fifth of November the wildfire treason and plot
Lato Yo (13 days ago)
She completes her revenge but at the time she losts her only child
Zahra S. (13 days ago)
Kieffus (13 days ago)
Fucked up cuz Margery knew too but it was too late when she realized
We Are Venom (13 days ago)
Cersei had the High Ground
Darrel Noronha (14 days ago)
The Tyrells didn't deserve to die
John Doe (13 hours ago)
Nor did the Tarlys . . . or the Starks . . . or whole lotsa characters in this series. Just desserts have nothing to do with Martin's view of the cosmos.
Shivesh Kumar (15 days ago)
HOWARD CHANG (15 days ago)
That’s why fuck religion
BloodyBay (16 days ago)
The High Sparrow: "Bring the Queen Mother here." Lancel Lannister: [runs off after some random kid] Way to follow a direct order there, Lancel. Idiot. -_-
Jimmy Lander (16 days ago)
I really love that scene but it’s such a shame that Margery figured it out in time to escape yet was completely powerless. I wish she’s survived so we’d see how things would have continued then.
Eduardo U. (17 days ago)
600 mamadores
Aldrine Yeah (17 days ago)
I love Cersei. #TeamCerceiForever
mvmed12 (12 days ago)
yeah !!!
Zak (17 days ago)
Pycelle is badass just like varys
cagdas güven (17 days ago)
im sorry about margaery but it is satisfying to see black sparrow vaporizes
Aadrit (18 days ago)
If Sparrows were to be alive till the last season,I would myself go and kill those fucking ACTORS!!!
Nova N (18 days ago)
I remember when I first-ever saw this, I was unsure about the music and tone but I honestly bow think it's one of the most dramatic episodes.
The Ozymandias of Got
Karanvir Kooner (17 days ago)
The destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor is a terrorist act one terrorist act is proof that Cersei Lannister is a terrorist
Dodgy Dingoz (19 days ago)
Qyburn is my favourite character XD
shanmuka shravan (19 days ago)
THIS is the reason i like cersei. She will destroy her enemies.
Dodmyr-official (19 days ago)
"It appears the queen mother do not wish to attend her trial" You dont say, you potatosack wearing moron
John Buhl (20 days ago)
Pycelle put up more if a fight than in thw books
Paul Lannister (20 days ago)
I felt sorry for Olenna she had her whole family and probably bloodline wiped out 😕 Son and grandchildren. If Margary just listened to her grandmother.
Personal Space Invader (17 days ago)
She had loads of other grandchildren
Kandregula Sairam (20 days ago)
Best music 🎧

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