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Minecraft - Survival House v1 (1.5.2)

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This is a brand new creation that I started to create yesterday and finished today, big thanks to GoodTimesWithScar for showing me how to build this house, go check his channel and subscribe to him. http://www.youtube.com/user/GoodTimesWithScar ▶ Links ▪ Download map: http://download681.mediafire.com/valuhi04xvdg/yd6i61cz929x25m/Survival+House.rar ▶ Music ▪ Seven Lions - Below Us (Smooth Remix) (had to remove it coz of copyright) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxvCGtnM--g
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Text Comments (20)
Nina Botha (3 years ago)
how do you download
FatBerry (3 years ago)
What? I can't download, Can you please fix that? Thanks.
Zephen Kyutine (3 years ago)
i cant download >:(
Zephen Kyutine (3 years ago)
Ganter Chanel (3 years ago)
норм домик
dawn willett (4 years ago)
it wouldn't let me on pe
dawn willett (3 years ago)
Danial Adil (4 years ago)
How do you dowload it on pocket edition
Jakob Pena (4 years ago)
Hey man sorry about the copy cat thing. Downloaded the map. Awesome build. Your the best youtuber I've seen.
Jakob Pena (4 years ago)
Try his modern house
Jakob Pena (4 years ago)
Jakob Pena (4 years ago)
Copy cat goodtimeswithscar built this house
Jakob Pena (4 years ago)
Hey you want to be friends
Emma Anderson (4 years ago)
Awesome map!! One thing though, the cobble in the outdoor path is monster egg cobble and the stone in the little out door lounge is too. But besides that its really great.
MinecraftGalaxy (4 years ago)
nice world
T.M.G DRE (4 years ago)
+Kamikazee what is the song i fucking love it  
MikelZ2434 (5 years ago)
u watched goodtimeswithscar i have pretty much same house
Caleb Jefferies (5 years ago)
good map is the world in survival?
LL7 (5 years ago)
Cool texture pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LL7 (5 years ago)
WHy download even if its cool

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