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14 Year Old Smoking Social Experiment 2016

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Text Comments (852)
YungeWolf (3 days ago)
Im 14 and acctually smoked my first one today 😜
SMILE TIME (20 days ago)
My brother began smoking when HE was 12 and HE still smokes hes 15 now
Cameron Sample (30 days ago)
Mystic Salt (2 months ago)
Lmao they all say your too young but still gives lighter.
VxzurayGaming (2 months ago)
I’m 13 and I smoke
TheNylon100 (2 months ago)
"You're too young to kill yourself. Wait a few years. "
PodNest (3 months ago)
It may seem bad that they're giving him a lighter, but if he really did wanna smoke he could go on to get a lighter anyway, so giving him the lighters doesn't really matter that much if he's going to smoke no matter what.
Luke DeRatto (3 months ago)
When i was about that age i always told People"I smoke because i want an early death and i Need something to hold on"
BIgman 0909 (4 months ago)
who gives a fuck its there decision let them smoke
Danae Alana! (5 months ago)
There telling him he’s young but yet there smoking, it has the same effect on everybody
is this video made in england
under age smoker (5 months ago)
I'm smoking right as I'm Whatching this and Im only 12??
Brandon Vasquez (5 months ago)
For all the people saying "He does not sound like he's 14" who cares? Its a voice its not gonna kill you. People have all different voices. (Im on my brothers phone btw)
RedAlbo (6 months ago)
14?? this guy look like he's 9. p.s in 14 i got a beard bruh.
Dirk (7 months ago)
You can't stop 'em can you?
caitlin xo69 (7 months ago)
There's nothing wrong with smoking it is a person's decision
tormey (7 months ago)
Australians are different I guess
Ahmed Yusuf (8 months ago)
plz give some
Fetex (8 months ago)
I am 13 and I smoke
Mark (8 months ago)
i started smoking as 14:(
Emma Rotije (8 months ago)
Emma Rotije (8 months ago)
Leafy Elf (8 months ago)
Most of the people who offered a lighter probably started smoking around the same age and they would have really wanted someone to give them a lighter so they probably felt like they knew what this kid was going through.
Aussie Angler Pros (8 months ago)
This is the gayest thing in the fucking world, I hope these faggots burn in hell
Tony McClish (8 months ago)
I did this by myself and it works I actually smoke though I’m 14
Jesse Kobobel (8 months ago)
I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette
Natalia Vassilopoulou (9 months ago)
What da fakkkk evry fucking teenager smokes
Hanan Allaf (9 months ago)
Are these people Australian?
Angela Xay (8 months ago)
Hanan Allaf Yes
captin beauty (9 months ago)
This is so disgusting
Connor Chisholm (9 months ago)
this is a shitty fucking video
Choky Greed Swaggering (10 months ago)
Think again. How you feel if your son smoking at 14... Why do all old people let him?
kk jennessa (10 months ago)
Ask a girl boys are retards
EpixDevo (11 months ago)
I recreationaly smoke dope at 14 it does not affect my grades or my brain.I'm already autistic with a high IQ
Manny Vanwingen (11 months ago)
omg 6969 likes
Fidget God Bruh (11 months ago)
I'm an idiot🤤
Fidget God Bruh (11 months ago)
For a experiment it's a bad life choice you can get cancer or ur lungs could calaps
Nathan Sciarone (1 year ago)
little shite is so stoked
hebbler2000 (1 year ago)
Them Australiens are just so chilled.
Skedge (1 year ago)
im 13 and i smoke but i only smoke sometimes P.S I OWN A VAPE!!!!!!!!!!! VAPE NATION ALERT
Cadon Barton (1 year ago)
Oh my word i would never give a kid a lighter for any reason of smoking.
TyTy Gaming (1 year ago)
Angel Le (995AngLe) (1 year ago)
That kid looks like a bull dog
Sevenkimy (1 year ago)
why dont you put a 7 year old there for smoking, some kids start at 11, i started when i was 13
ItzHydra (1 year ago)
Let's do the same experiment but with fat people.
MisssTini (1 year ago)
Dulce cruzKatty (1 year ago)
FordGuy 10162 (1 year ago)
he doesn't sound like he's 14!!!
Jm Forza (1 year ago)
It's weird watching this considering where I live in the north east of the uk people start drinking and smoking when their like 13
Vortex CA (1 year ago)
Lol all these kids in the comments feeling good about themselves because they think they look and sound older than they are. And who told you that? Lol
Sara Almeida (1 year ago)
Do this with girls!!
Jayson Jacks (1 year ago)
a lot of these people probably started smoking when they were 14, so why would they have a problem giving him a light? lol
Sean Johnson (1 year ago)
Greydon Parker (1 year ago)
This is biased because he is only asking people with cigs in their hands
Mark Azamar (1 year ago)
He's drinking blood ?!
Stephen Hador (1 year ago)
Dude your a complete ... how would you say it... a complete arse hole. You are a douche bag and I hope you and your little brother develop smoking cancer from second hand smoke because you truly deserve it for being such an idjiot ya stupid idiot moron. And you aren't helping one single soul. You are teaching your brother how to be a proper creep though so cheers to you and you super valuable "experiment" Thumbs upNOT
lsk (1 year ago)
Well even if you give him a lighter it wont stop him
罗兰匈牙利人__ (1 year ago)
i started smoking when i was 12 no one cares
bruh...i was 14 and i was 6 fot 3, 195 lbs, and if i tried this no one would bother me
Alborah (1 year ago)
lmao your parents have to be like 6'8
Lemuel (1 year ago)
I'm 13, and I stole a cig from my mom's box, lit it at like 2:00 AM in my backyard, and.. just enjoyed it, the warmth.. I was scared though, not addicted though. It's 2 months since I did that and just earlier today I went to my gas station, bought a 2 dollar pack, but payed the chick a 10$ bill. she stuffed 8$ in her pocket for the secret... I went to my friend, we're Christan's and we went on a walk and I pulled one out and my friend was like "ARE YOU TRYING TO BE COOL? OR GROW UP, UR ALWAYS HANGING OUT WITH GIRLS NOW AND NOW THIS? AND NOT TO MENTION A WEEK AGO YOU DROVE A CAR WITH YOUR BRO?" I admit, I felt "cool" for this, but it was mainly a one time thing... It's neat... he told his mom and she told my mom. my mom just laughed and took my pack away and got a little mad.. but not much, ordered some weed online the other day. can't wait to try it. though achol... is ehhh I stole my dad's beer and took a walk and tried it at my park... I hated it..
Meteor299 (1 year ago)
Smoking is common for us 14 year olds I started because my dad died and a lot of people start because of hard times so why don't u privileged middle class dorks stop giving us shit for it thx
Torian Cross (1 year ago)
as long as its pot
Torian Cross (1 year ago)
I don't see the big deal if u wanna smoke smoke
the boy have a nice clean butty aommmoah
Skylar Colton (1 year ago)
Where I live I get asked by so many people if I have a fag or a lighter and I'm only 12 lol
TheMightyAge 21 (1 year ago)
Zinab Manky (1 year ago)
retarded people give a lighter to a 14 year old kid they don't care that just say you are a bit young to smok and that's it and they give him the lighter what dumb people I swear to God if a kid like that ask me for a lighter I would say no these people there are really dumb hoe do they know if he is going to burn s house down with the lighter really dumb and what pisses me off the most that the people the most of them say yes to give him a lighter why would you give a lighter to 14 year old kid you know he's not old enough to smok allot of you guys that watch this video will say no for letting him use lighter OK yeah that's all I going to say to you guys who watch this and for the world like anonymous they are spreding peace all over the world
ToastyTheBreadSlice (1 year ago)
honestly nobody should smoke because it's just retarded but if 15 year olds wanna smoke ley them its america he should be able to make his own decisions
Anonymous (1 year ago)
people keep saying that i look older then a 14 year old do you think i do look older https://www.instagram.com/p/BNS17tIggad/
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Meteor299 but the kid in this video looks 10
Meteor299 (1 year ago)
Bruh u look like 16/17 lucky
ToXiC SpIcEs (1 year ago)
u gotta be fuckin kidding me
emilly hi (1 year ago)
half pf my class somes and vapes. and im in 8th grade😐
Yung Y (1 year ago)
if hes older than 14 its ok i'd say
Scunnid (1 year ago)
jordan s (1 year ago)
this is probobly in the uk. not in the usa
Wieger Piekema (1 year ago)
This is pretty fucking hilarious😂
noah cully (1 year ago)
When I was 13 I used to stand outside of the gas station and ask random people to buy me dip and cigarettes. You'd be surprised how many people would do it
Freo Rats (1 year ago)
Fuck off who cares he's 15 plenty of 15 year olds smoke NS people will give him a light
Christina Nikoll (1 year ago)
60% of teens in my country smoke and that has become something normal
Veteran Soul (1 year ago)
lmfao he looks awfully young for being 14....
Luke Reynolds (1 year ago)
wtf is wrong with human beings these days am I right
Der Falsche (1 year ago)
All These Idiots : im 14 look like 19 guys I doubt that xD
alphaphotoandvideo (1 year ago)
at 15 kids not only smoke, but get high too
NlGGER (1 year ago)
underage smoking is common here in the UK lmfao
Sebastian Gort (1 year ago)
i don't agree with the purpose of this video i mean if someone asks for a lighter to light their smoke then it's just okay to give them a light. And you guys just don't have anything to do and i mean why would you say to someone who smokes that it's bad to do and it's bad of them to give someone else a light. Like WTF leave people alone and go prank your mom or something. and also... that boy. he sounds and looks like he's 8 not 14. i am 14 as well but still i look and sound like a 16/17 year old. lol. hope you guys never do this shit to people you don't know again. fucking retards.
Lissy (1 year ago)
Just smoke week kids
BANEOFGAME (1 year ago)
Oh shut up, that jusf shows how kind these peoples there are, i would do it either... Not ur business if he smokes or nah.
Daniel _ (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie but at 1:24 that guy scared me since he looked like those pickpockets guys that stay in the hood alone.
NooZzleZ (1 year ago)
Today it was a half day after school (I'm in year 9) and a year 10 was smoking and literally walking through a busy street whilst doing it. Like wtf why would he do that
yo_ boi_al (1 year ago)
I mean dosnt
yo_ boi_al (1 year ago)
even the mother font care
Sews Gaming (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ, his voice is really high pitched for a 14 year old.
Casper (1 year ago)
Well, check it if you are that curious.
Scunnid (1 year ago)
Sews Gaming calm down mate.
Sews Gaming (1 year ago)
I bet his 8==D is tiny too
Avi M. (1 year ago)
Tbh most of them probably started smoking at that age too
IHateMaths !!! (1 year ago)
he doesn't even look 14 years old...I am 14 and I look so much mature than him
Fresh Appleseed (1 year ago)
If I were there I would give those people the biggest neck I have ever necked.
Lloyd Loring (1 year ago)
Give him a light
CrazyLetter (1 year ago)
Im 12 and i live in the uk and all you have to do is go to a garage and ask for some and you buy em and im 12 and they let me do that like wtf
Wild_ Evil_Kid (1 year ago)
Let people be people don't judge them
baylee boo (1 year ago)
my name's baylee
uh uh (1 year ago)
My brother smokes and he's 11
George Barton (1 year ago)
in Cardiff where I live 14 year Olds smoking is not very shocking 14 year olds do weed sometimes. I know its shocking but I c it all the time
Krafty Kittenz (7 months ago)
Fuken_goose I live in Cardiff Wales I'm 13 but I have never and will never touch a fucking fag eww.
Reckless Rhino (1 year ago)
I live in Winnipeg, Canada and it's the same here

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