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Minecraft | SkyWars (skyblock warriors minigame!) | Plugin Tutorial | UPDATED

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Follow me on Twitter to talk to me! ► https://twitter.com/EasyRoast This is an updated tutorial on the awesome minigame called Skyblock Warriors a.k.a SkyWars! ☺ New Minecraft Tutorials ☺ Open description for all info! ► Join the UNOVERSE! http://goo.gl/Iyjfc8 ► Talk to ME! https://twitter.com/imnumerounobaby ► 10% OFF servers right now! http://goo.gl/0ykw1i ──────────────────────────────── ► Skywars: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mglib-open-skywars/ ► MinigamesLIB: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/instances-minigamesapi/ ► Map Used in the Vid Download: http://forum.hivemc.com/threads/skywars-jungle.24433/ ──────────────────────────────── ► Partnered with Tgn.tv/BroadbandTv: http://tgn.tv/ ► Join the Team: http://bbtv.go2cloud.org/SH32 ──────────────────────────────── Outro Song: ► Doin It Right - Timeflies
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Text Comments (237)
DragonPlay24 YT (1 month ago)
Good me when I put / sw savearena (sand) the server falls down tell me how I solve it
TheGameBeastNL (5 months ago)
Oh no, the old poor SkyWars
Avapt (7 months ago)
"THis might lag a litte" Lags a lot becuase it has to save 2203740 blocks and my server crashed
Airidas Zum (7 months ago)
Nice Intro!
SweSlime (10 months ago)
really nice
Xitharis (10 months ago)
@NumeroUno HEY! I'm liking this plugin ALOT! It runs smoothly when I'm playing with friends, but it won't load up the JOIN sign when I type in [SkyWars], and under that, my arena name! Please help me! I've tried at least 4 other skywars plugins and I just want the JOIN sign to work!
Xitharis (10 months ago)
When I say that it won't load up the join sign, I mean that it just stays EXACTLY the same, as if I'm running a vanilla server instead of a bukkit. Can this be fixed by restarting the server?
ExplosiveGaming (11 months ago)
is there a command that teleports players to the main lobby so they can pick their join sign or am i going to have to use command blocks
How did he get to a empty world
r3nns (1 year ago)
how do i add a max of players to join ?
AliTPG (1 year ago)
When I spectate it doesn't work! I can't move at all!
AliTPG (1 year ago)
Nevermind fixed!
AliTPG (1 year ago)
i can move left right and forward but not up and down!
RaytamerGaming (1 year ago)
please answer! how to open jar file?
Genx 5™ (1 year ago)
name music ?^
Potato Hater (1 year ago)
i had 8 spawn points, it says 0/4, please help me
Potato Hater (1 year ago)
i already fixed it in the config ;)
Splash (1 year ago)
1. Go to the world you have your islands in 2. Do the command /sw setmaxplayers [arena] 8 3. Go back your lobby and destroy and replace the sign... it will then say 0/8
Dagelijks EH (1 year ago)
intro song??
Jinx Fire (1 year ago)
When I do /so join [my arena name], it says "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" Please help me!
AhmadAradii (1 year ago)
well i know i am late and probably you have fixed the problem but i will say this so new people won't have same problem. if you got this error there is a chance that the version of your server isn't supported or that you sets the bounds wrong. Well you will say how i set the bounds wrong of course and i will tell you that you have to go to the corner of your arena and go to a higher place and do /sw setbounds [arena name] high then you go to the opposite corner of the arena and do the same command but this time do low instead of high and you have to be below the arena this time not above and be at least like 5 blocks above the void and your arena islands should be above
Roblox Kevin (1 year ago)
I cant save it
ImNotPerfect (1 year ago)
When I do it, it just says unknown command. D:
RedDustRR (1 year ago)
the pvp on this plugin isnt working FIX
AxAl63 (2 years ago)
What Version?
JailBreaker (2 years ago)
My Chest dont work. What can i do ?
Astro (2 years ago)
my Chests don't fill up
I got the 1.8 version but there is nothing in the chest
Spagetts (2 years ago)
Look up a premade chest.yml and the download and put in the Skywars filder
TheMcGuy (2 years ago)
How can i set up the chests ?
Matts Aasen Myhre (2 years ago)
I got a problem when i og in for playing skywarsthey other players are coming to my island and when it start i die
zapplower (2 years ago)
it doesn't work
zapplower (2 years ago)
how do you delete a spawn where the players spawn when they start
HR3Edits (2 years ago)
i have a glitch can someone help me if i spawn and i wil fall out the glass i died
HR3Edits (2 years ago)
Skypad6000 (2 years ago)
Thanks you
KidtokidsGaming (2 years ago)
tyy helped a lot!
Sharky MC (2 years ago)
Can you help me this problems when ever I go in the map and star game the stubbed poisen keep coming out and I can't star the game
Knut Olav Kleiv (2 years ago)
How can i change the amount of max players ?
grbSB GAMING (2 years ago)
so good Man! :D
IT'S A BOY (2 years ago)
yeahh it halps ne aa loot butt can you do it to in minecraft pocket edition plss :)
Kaii (2 years ago)
its not letting me click on the signs unless I'm opped how do I fix this
YungHypers (2 years ago)
plzz do the plugin of the skywars off cubecraft
WekelijkseGamers (2 years ago)
Dat is de plug-in BiteSkywars
Kayloo (2 years ago)
Theres nothing in my Chests help please
Curvinghawk 5 (2 years ago)
Lel I crashed my server saving the arena
maloy (2 years ago)
does the map reset after a match? or does it just stay the same way it got griefed???
Anwar Mian (2 years ago)
Hey I have a question, what is the perm node to be able to click the sign to join game?
DarkCosmo (2 years ago)
does it work with multiple core that it only works in the skywars world?
Draken (2 years ago)
My serveur shutdown when save it arena...
+Draken allocate more ram do you have 8 gigs allocate 4
Max K (2 years ago)
30000th sub!
Justin Littlefield (2 years ago)
RealLights Yt (2 years ago)
What About the chests? How do i set them up?
Darky (2 years ago)
It says Something like debug info spawn0 false!?!?! HELP please
Emil Kliver (2 years ago)
How does the chest refill thing work? I cant get my chests to refill and have loot in them.
Tigootje (2 years ago)
How can I change the kit?
TheCSGOClutch (2 years ago)
Sometimes its a red thing potion that explodes and u fly away. How can i remove that? How can I add maps? When I do that there's nothing in the chests.
MehamedGamer (1 year ago)
yeah how i add map
Nexurent (2 years ago)
+TheCSGOClutch yea that happens to me too
dead channel (2 years ago)
I got the same thing! A red potion effect that doesn't let me start playing... Wtf?
BadF :배드에프 (2 years ago)
Click on the sign that I want to go to the lobby to wait in the lobby waiting for the world to create a multi world. Click on the sign let me know how you get to wait in the lobby created a multi-World!
Bart Smitshoek (2 years ago)
+Numero Uno How can i give permissions for non OPS
Billy Ye (2 years ago)
can u tell me how to add skywars maps?
dustymuffin (2 years ago)
I accidentally placed a spawn egg in the wrong place... how do i undo it?
dead channel (2 years ago)
Go into the config and remove it manually... I think that's the only way
anziTDS Plays (2 years ago)
+Numero Uno When i set 8 spawnpoints and i do the sign it shows only 4 are max and how do i fix it
kurt17 (2 years ago)
/sw setmaxplayers (arena) 8
iMeteor (2 years ago)
How do you get chests with random stuff every time?
jojogast38 (2 years ago)
But on my server if the player not have op they cant join How i most to fix this
jojogast38 (2 years ago)
and leave
jojogast38 (2 years ago)
+Shehmir Rangwala But if you see there is not a permision for join
Shehmir Rangwala (2 years ago)
+jojogast38 there are permission nodes you have to set for the players on this website if you scroll down http://www.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/mglib-open-skywars#t1:description.
TRG - Top Random Games (2 years ago)
hi How Did You install the Map PLS PLS help
Charles Olsen (2 years ago)
How do you set the spawns for the arena
DigitalElemental (2 years ago)
Debug Info LOBBY:true; SPAWN0:False; BOUNDARIES(Possibly needed): low:true, high:true PLEASE HELP!
Mystic YTP (1 year ago)
You didnt set spawn points.
// WestSided // (2 years ago)
+DigitalElemental same ;I
Hello +Numero Uno - Minecraft Plugin Tutorials i have an error when i do /sw savearena and then the name, is says ¨an internal error acurred by preforming this command¨, need some help with this pls ;)
MCgirlSis (2 years ago)
song intro?
ONLY ADAM (2 years ago)
AiiWreX (2 years ago)
Hey man i dont get a dragon egg to place out my spawns..? :S
Yellowill960 (2 years ago)
+AiiWreX Emil Nielsen aw... u have diffrient plugin u need MGSkywars (MinigamesLib)
AiiWreX (2 years ago)
yeah no i got it i just had to restart the server 2-3 times but awesome plugin btw, altough i get a bug that the first player who joins is sometimes unseen by everyone else just for that round  and t goes away sometimes and then its back againon another player who joins first mayby like 2-3 games after the first one, thanks for answear btw
Yellowill960 (2 years ago)
+AiiWreX Emil Nielsen u haven't got dragon egg because you have diffrient version of plugin
SmilingWitherMC (2 years ago)
The Coolboys Play (2 years ago)
Help me my chest doesnt refill
Dutch Gamers (2 years ago)
he's saying An Internal Error! as i will save it!
Clemens Dotson (2 years ago)
Hey guys it just says in the chat "SignChange" I don't know what it means and won't let me place the Skywars join sign :-( Please help
Rickard Örtberg (2 years ago)
Numero Uno how can i do so i can have more player play in the same game i dont want 4 player i want 7
Rickard Örtberg (2 years ago)
Gestopt (2 years ago)
Typ /sw setmaxplayers (arena) (amount)
Joe (2 years ago)
How do you make it so that the chests have random things in them at the start of a game?
Jacob Vigileos (2 years ago)
+Numero Uno - Minecraft Plugin Tutorials im having problems with the signs it used to work and just stopped they dont tp u to the lobby or spawn u just stay where u are and than the game starts like in the spawn it doesn't tp me to the island and the island is enabled in multiverser
Mika Eekhof (2 years ago)
Please help, i have OP and i doe /sw savearena <name> En i have a internal error occured while attempting to perform this command. Pls Help!
ki chun tse (2 years ago)
You need to set mainlobby first
Gestopt (2 years ago)
Are you OP?
Arthur Kudlay (2 years ago)
Help I wrote /saw savearena 1 It says an internal error occurred when attempting to perform this command Please help
Yellowill960 (2 years ago)
+Electric Channel you must op yourself :P
Arthur Kudlay (2 years ago)
RareGamesFun (3 years ago)
but the chests not refil why ??
RareGamesFun (3 years ago)
this is late but how do u make a flatroom for multiverse? or a skywars world
Gestopt (2 years ago)
For a flat world typ: /mv create (Name) normal -t flat for a VoidWorld you need a plugin!
Tristan Duco (3 years ago)
INTROO SONG????????????????????????????
niek veenstra (3 years ago)
nice intro man!!!
Calvin Love (3 years ago)
With chests how do you know which chest is 1 and which chest is 2?
Calvin Love (3 years ago)
How do you set up chest and kits and stuff bro?
AnimatedGaming (3 years ago)
I did everything but i get An international Error occurred while attempting to perform this command BTW i use 1.8.8
Yologamesnl (3 years ago)
if i join the game and when it starts firework comes and they set my ou of the island with pussing and i am not allown
Nuno Rodrigues (3 years ago)
i make all tihs but only OP can use sign !
Eutim Putnoki (2 years ago)
i know how promission ex works but whats the command line?
Eutim Putnoki (2 years ago)
+Risker +Silver_Gaming if i have premissionsEX what is the command or line that allows non op ppl to use the sign?
Kuromiya (3 years ago)
+Nuno Rodrigues Or Type in console Op yourname
epic gamer 22 (3 years ago)
U need PermissionsEX.
RedYFY (3 years ago)
how do you get the map in the server ?
Hakim567 (3 years ago)
+binoy debnath k
RedYFY (3 years ago)
nvm my friends helped me :P
Hakim567 (3 years ago)
+binoy debnath wanna know but i cant help you on youtube to many to type :p add me on skype swat2434
Go Gamer MineCrafter (3 years ago)
i cant save it. i think it crashed
Dewey YouTube (3 years ago)
Hey um i need your help please when i finished everything i added lobby mainlobby spawns everything but it wont let me save the arena it says Failed to save sandstorm ++Debug Info++ LOBBY:true SPAWN0:false BOUNDARIES(possibly needed):low:true, high:true thats it please help me i really want my server to work out please
Jacob Vigileos (2 years ago)
+Mario Miller ok everything must be true do /sw setspawn (name) it will give u a dragon egg right clikc on each island so u can set spawn for each 1
_NGEN_ (3 years ago)
Hi, I need some help with this plugin. Its about the chest configuration. Can you explain how I can set the chests with the chest.yml file?
kauantp1 (3 years ago)
intro song?
Luka Begic (3 years ago)
thx dude
Malte Sjogren (3 years ago)
How did u add a new world to your server?
epic gamer 22 (3 years ago)
Get MultiVerse Core 2.
Yona Shim (3 years ago)
what is the intro song?
LordSenior-Games (3 years ago)
numero uno its a great plugin i subbed you, but i have a problem with the plugin wenn the timer starts the players spawn in the glass caves but wennn it need to start the caves gonna not open, the players stay in the cave and then they die. can you help me out with this issue ?? great job
Deagle Scope (3 years ago)
How to set the shop
rockets 1995 (3 years ago)
I like the new Intro
JeanPierre Aarts (3 years ago)
the chest are not filt if you start skywars
ManyCombo (3 years ago)
HELP PLZ!!! I need help dude, the plugin is perfect but when I try to pvp it doesn't work :// please help I really need help and I know that you're the plugin master haha :')
AliTPG (1 year ago)
please tell me how you fixed it
RedDustRR (1 year ago)
What Did U D So You Can PVP?
RedDustRR (1 year ago)
I Cant PVP Can You Tell Me A Fix?
Turtle Tutorials (3 years ago)
Oke :D no problem.
ManyCombo (3 years ago)
No, now it works perfectly dude but thanks haha :)
NextOG (3 years ago)
How do you make 1 arena have teams but not the others
Habs223 Plays (3 years ago)
do we need to put items in the chest or does it already do that
greenharry'games (3 years ago)
Thank you soo much... helped alot!
Thomas Charleston (3 years ago)
HALP MINE SAYS 0/4 EVEN THO I SET 8 SPAWNS? IS IT JUST THE MIN AMOUNT OF PLAYERS TO START A MATCH? *edit - For players getting this error change max players in config and reset your arena.
Nitsan David (3 years ago)
+WhiteSharpie Just use /sw setminplayers <arena> <amount> and then /sw setmaxplayers <arena> <amount>
PoepVlekje (3 years ago)
An error corrupted.... How I fix this

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