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Game of Thrones Season 5: Episode #1 Clip - Cersei's Prophecy (HBO)

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Text Comments (796)
Luna Alma (2 months ago)
How will Jamie strangle Cersei with one hand? So her death might be at the hands of Tyrion but I would love for it to be Jamie. She’ll probably die before she gives birth in S8
Baspa Vall (2 months ago)
"And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you." . Who is a self proclaimed drowned god with 2 good hands? Isnt it very clear?
Jane Furlan (4 months ago)
I bet she wishes she wasnt told her future now.
Yee E (8 months ago)
"Gold,their shrouds" OHHHHH
TW (9 months ago)
OMG!!! Most people in this fandom are fucking delusional. Some people are saying its Arya, some saying its Jon Snow, some are even saying its The Hound for fuck sake. "Younger, more beautiful to cast you down and take all you hold dear" Cersei's most precious things were her children(who are dead) and power, maybe even Jaime. You have to realise that Sansa was with Cersei for 4 years, Sansa was planned to marry Joffrey, he died because of Sansa. Why? Because if she hadn't of told Olenna about how horrible he was, then Olenna wouldn't of poisoned him in the first place. And Joffrey meant a lot to Cersei, we all knew even for him being the little shit he was. Cersei and Sansa know each other very well. Dandelion (Daenerys)and Cersei didn't even know each other or see each other before season 7 episode 7, all Cersei knew was that Dandelion had 3 dragons and a powerful army. Stop being fucking stupid and open your eyes and your fucking ears!!! Its not Dandelion, its not Arya, Its not Jon, Its not Jaime, Its fucking Sansa. Sansa hated Cersei with a passion.
TW (8 months ago)
Ikr? I mean people are saying its her because she has the largest army, I mean she has Dothrak's, Unsullied, the people who were FORCED to knell before her all in season 7, now the north, thank Jon for that, lol, and 3 fucking dragons. I mean its too obvious for me, Dandelion didn't even touch the throne like you said, there isn't gonna be a magic Targ baby, they isn't gonna be this whole Ice and Fire bullshit between Jon and Dandelion, its just not gonna happen. How's about my girl Sansa have something for a change. Thank you anyway!!!
ty_sophie (8 months ago)
fuckyeahjonsa Thank God someone finally fucking said it! All the dumb millenias cheer on Dany through season 7 oblivious to the show's heavyhandedly revealing her as the villain. If those Dracarys fans believes in prophecies so much then they should go and watch it again~ 2x10 Dany's House of Undying prophecy. She can't touch the fucking throne!! Even the camera zoomed in..
ScarlettM (1 year ago)
Maybe this was covered in the book, so please correct me if I'm wrong. 1) Cercei gave birth to 4 children (1 from Robert, 3 from Jaime), so prophecy obliviously does not refer to TOTAL number of children she will have. 2) Where in prophecy does it say that her children will die BEFORE her? It's totally possible that Cercei will have 3 more kids that (as all humans) will die someday. 3) And part about "choking the life" - well, I refer you to Buffy season 1 finale. Choking is not a sure way of killing someone. She can die from choking and be revived (hell, Ironborn kings do it all the time - though drowning, not choking). 4) Some say that Jaime can be her killer, but practically, I don't think it's possible to choked someone with one hand. And he obviously can't "wrap his hands around her throat".
What about the boy that Cercei and Robert had together? Was Cercei lying, in season 1, when she told Catlyn Stark that she lost a son with Robert, as a baby, due to a fever? I'm big on the books, but I am re-watching the TV series, and this is bothering me😕
Teema Darwinisti (1 year ago)
Cercei was to have 3 children but in season 7 she is pregnant again... I wonder if it means anything or is this just an outdated prophecy 😅
TheCracker27 (7 months ago)
Thats exactly what I thought, this probably means she is going to die or just the child. I personally think Arya is going to kill her pregnant like Cersi did to Rob Stark's wife.
Yasemin (1 year ago)
cersei only have three children so how about this pregnancy ?
TheCracker27 (7 months ago)
Thats exactly what I thought, this probably means she is going to die or just the child. I personally think Arya is going to kill her pregnant like Cersi did to Rob Stark's wife.
Victor Leon (1 year ago)
She will have 3 children, so that means the current one will never be born? I think her end is coming in episode 7.7
Joker Ismile (1 year ago)
Who is here after Cersie's pregnant!??
aishatlol (1 year ago)
Damn, what happened to the brunette girl?
Angelah (1 year ago)
The witch got something wrong though. Cersei had 4 children, not 3. In season 1 she admitted that her first child had been a "little black haired beauty" and that it looked like Robert Baratheon, but died of a fever soon after being born.
arcticmonkeyzzz (1 year ago)
Pissed off the Valonqar isn't mentioned, but I'm still hoping Arya kills Cersei wearing Jaime's face
Irish Princess (1 year ago)
I wonder if this was always Cersei's fate, or just until she became cursed.
Yusuke Urameshi (1 year ago)
In the books she prophecied that Cersei's brother will kill her
Arc66 (1 year ago)
it starts at 1:12
RollTide1987 (1 year ago)
Cersei thought the prophecy pertained to Margaery Tyrell, which is why she had her marginalized, imprisoned, and eventually killed. I wonder how soon into season seven she'll realize that Margaery wasn't the queen the witch was referring to in the prophecy.
Smitty (1 year ago)
I wonder if she was not just foreseeing her future but causing it as well.
Ancalagon (1 year ago)
I like to think that this prophecy is about Brienne. She is younger and has a inner beauty that Cersei will never have.
Sali Yang (1 year ago)
anyone know what's the music/score used in this part?
Dawn Lafayette (2 years ago)
Or t could be AYRA. Cersi is on her list and she could become Queen.
yamatonadeshiko567 (1 year ago)
This! I so agree with this. Arya in the books IMO has got what it takes to be a good queen.
firetopman (2 years ago)
It's not a prophecy, it's a curse.  She's a witch, she's been insulted and threatened and the person who did it just gave her fresh blood.  Why wouldn't she take this opportunity to curse the little bitch?  Everything she says can be interpreted as things she sees will happen, or things she commands to happen, so it could be either but it would be cooler to me to think it's a curse.
Anne Zanita (2 years ago)
there is a thing i don't get. the witch said you will have 3 children and they will all die, now there all dead. and the seasons 4/5/6 showed that all of this happened. BUT am i the only one who remembers that robert and cersei also had 1 child who also died? so in the end she had four children who died so they made a big mistake in the show.
RebelWild21 (1 year ago)
That child died stillborn, or right when he came out of Cerseis womb. The prophecy is about her 3 living children. Well...WERE her three living children.
IronSabbathPriest (2 years ago)
"There comes another. Younger and more beautiful to cast you down" Obviously it's Jon Snow. The prophecy never said it was female. (unless I haven't listened properly) And we all know Jon's prettier than both Tormund's daughters.
Queen of Thorns (1 year ago)
Jon Snow is a Queen?
Nishant Tyagi (2 years ago)
arya stark would be the next queen on iron throne
Jose lopez (2 years ago)
When Jaime Lannister earns the title of king & Queen slayer. lol DIE Cersei
Teu ii (2 years ago)
That's fucking hepatitis right there!
Jerry Hu (2 years ago)
Can you imagine how fucked up it'd be if in the end, none of this was true cause the witch was full of shit?
Sljima64 (2 years ago)
I want Jaime and Daenerys to fall in love which would destroy Cersei.
Striker163 (2 years ago)
I Jaime to kill Cercei as there's been plenty of buildup for that. I don't expect Jaime to live, or want to live after that. What I truly hope to see is Brienne filling out his page in the book of the great kingsgaurd of Westeros. That's my personal wish for it.
Ella Shy (2 years ago)
sansa is the one cold will be their craft
Missbeepage (2 years ago)
from the book last words for Cersei "And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you"
Fai Chan (2 years ago)
You will be queen, for a time, then comes another, younger, more beautiful to cast your down and take all you hold dear. That is Dany.
Striker163 (2 years ago)
Cast her down. Yet it says nothing about usurping. Maybe no one will sit on the throne.
Commander FemShep (2 years ago)
Why did they omit that Cersei will die by the hands of a younger brother??! O_o this show is dropping the ball, man!
Striker163 (2 years ago)
+Ripleyw Snipley they could filmed it and are saving it for Season 7. Or they want it to be more of a surprise for show watchers cause I mean S6 has really set up Jaime to kill Cercei, with that one stare lol.
Ripleyw Snipley (2 years ago)
Means she wont die by hands of young brother
Daniel Ossa (2 years ago)
Everyone came for this clip after watching season 6 finale
Mariah Senna (1 year ago)
Daniel Ossa Me:)
akhs denlew (2 years ago)
well, it makes sense to come back here
Ken Donato (2 years ago)
I'm fairly sure Tommen will not be getting a gold shroud... LOL
Eric John (2 years ago)
They left out the prophecy that Cercei will die on the hands of a "The Valonquer", means "Little Brother". *hints* ;)
Striker163 (2 years ago)
Maybe they filmed it and cut it deliberately, like the TOJ
Fckgogle Pluss (2 years ago)
well they told us..
Ayiz A (2 years ago)
were is the part about the valenqar and her friend dying?
Reuben Taylor (2 years ago)
+PandaBear No problemo
PandaBear (2 years ago)
Reuben Taylor (2 years ago)
+PandaBear Read this, it explains everything in great detail so you'll understand fully. http://watchersonthewall.com/theories-valonqar/
PandaBear (2 years ago)
CAN you explain more i dont read books thats why
Reuben Taylor (2 years ago)
That was in the books I believe. They just left that part out in the show.
emma h (2 years ago)
Anyone else come here after the Season 6 finale? The Tv show's version of the prophecy is now complete.
Striker163 (2 years ago)
She has not been cast down yet, and it's possible that they filmed the bit about the Valanqar because they didn't want to show it to early, cause let's be real, we all know it's Jaime, and show fans may get more out of it if they reveal it later in season 7.
Louisdidnothingwrong (2 years ago)
I was hoping Tommen would be posioned so that all three children died the same way
nufta1 (2 years ago)
Assasins Creed: Westeros...
akhs denlew (2 years ago)
yea but we wouldn't have all those "King's Landing memes" on the internet then
pegasBaO23 (2 years ago)
he was, mentally poisoned
Pie Tart (2 years ago)
lmao I thought the same XD
BillyHali (2 years ago)
everyone here going Dany is the queen mentioned but it could as well be Sansa too. GRRM fucking with us again and stuff
Smitty (1 year ago)
I hear what you're saying but it has to be Dany otherwise her storyline wouldn't make sense. Stannis was on similar path but we all knew he would die bc he's too dull to be king or even win. They want you to think Dany will die bc it's too obvious for her to be queen.
Burnt Orange (1 year ago)
+Lady_Alpha Cersei doesn't have any power over the seven kingdoms. All the noble men of King's Landing are dead. Dorne won't support her, the North won't support her, the Vale won't support her, the Iron Islands won't support her, the people won't dupport her, her house is split and the Commander of the Wall is not really sympathetic to her either. A crown means nothing if no one supports your claim (i.e Stannis). The only power she has is the remaining Wild Fire. And Marge did take everything from her. Joffrey was killed by Olenna because she didn't want Margaery to marry him. Tommen killed himself because of a direct result of Margaery's death. It wouldn't have mattered how she died. Margaery took the fame and the crown from her and the say in what to do. She manipulated Tommen and would have done the same to Joffrey, if he lived.
Legion Ivory (1 year ago)
Well, considering he has now granted the writers to produce original content, there's no telling who will be queen. It could Danaerys, Sansa, or even Arya. Hell, it could be a Sand Snake for all we know. Or the best shock of all, Missandei.
yamatonadeshiko567 (1 year ago)
Dany and Sansa are popular choices but I won't be shocked if it turns out to be Arya. hahaha
Striker163 (2 years ago)
Actually it doesn't say anyone will be queen, just that a younger more beautiful person will cast her down and take all she holds dear. I'm a firm believer that no one will sit on the iron throne in the end. A lot of the visions throughout the series point to this, and for me this vision also kinda confirmed it.
Kenji Mapes (2 years ago)
Maggie the Frog is so hot
i guess the prophecy holds up.
mianna lov (2 years ago)
Well after 06x10, we know the new queen is Dany.
A Song Of Weiss And Fire (5 months ago)
mianna lov I didn't know Dany was behind Tommen, Myrcella and Joffrey's death; did I miss something? I mean, Cersei did say that she only loves her children, so she holds them dear, and Dany didn't even know of their existence, so how can she kill them? That's why I went with Margaery (before she died), because of the chain reaction Olenna caused when she poisoned Joffrey for Margaery(i.e. the death of most of her family). After they both died I went with Sansa because she was the one who told them what a monster Joffrey really is.
Agatha Chacon (1 year ago)
RebelWild21 I don’t think Tyrion will sit on the throne, he himself said he wouldn't. He was about to give up on life until Varys told him to follow Dany, he is an amazing character, but he wouldn't fit as a king, he needs a reason or incentive to keep going
RebelWild21 (1 year ago)
+Striker163 true. Daenarys will sit on the Throne eventually but it won't be long. There's still that threat with the White Walkers and Dragon fire is the only thing that can kill them. I believe Daenarys will die in the battle with the White Walkers. I believe Tyrion will sit on the Throne in the end.
Striker163 (2 years ago)
+Jumping With A Buck it's funny cause the prophecy states that another person will cast her down and take all she holds dear. Didn't say anything about usurping or reclaiming a throne, so I still don't think anyone will be queen.
Elise O'Connor (2 years ago)
George RR Martin will probably change it dramatically and she won't be queen or something 😂
Stefanía Cedeño (2 years ago)
*"You'll be queen. For a time. Then comes another, younger more beautiful to cast you down and take what you own"* she thought it was Margaery, so she tried to eliminate her many times and it results it's Daenerys HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER. FUCK CERSEI, I WANNA WATCH HER SUFFER AGAIN.
Oswald Thatendswald (1 year ago)
Nicole Saldivar Blazek I like that theory
Nikki (1 year ago)
Arya will kill Cersei using Jamie's face
Lasciel (1 year ago)
Stefanía Cedeño danaerys will never touch the iron throne, it was shown in the house of the undying in her vision
spirittammyk (1 year ago)
I don't think so. I love Arya, but she isn't exactly what the witch had in mind of more beautiful and taking away everything that she holds dear. I think it's going to be Dani, and more than likely she will win the affection of Jaime and he will fall in love with her over Cersei.
sleepypoodle (2 years ago)
At 1:39 the witch says that another - more beautiful, comes to cast her down and that Cersei will have three children. Now I don't think that many would argue with the fact that Cersei is far more attractive than Margaery, but also that she actually has FOUR children as she had a boy with Robert who died in infancy.
Justin54 (2 years ago)
Yeah but that baby's hair wasn't golden blonde like the other three.
Rishon Marrell (2 years ago)
Nah bruh, Cersei 4lyfe. Margery can RIPererino in pepperino.
Robert Vysther (2 years ago)
I like the way the witch handled that knife.
David R (2 years ago)
omg literally same thought
William Clayton (2 years ago)
Shame they left out the bit about the valonquar or whatever
Rose Marsili (5 months ago)
My thinking is that they will show it in the final season.
AC Ander (1 year ago)
But... isn't Jaime younger than her by just a bit? maybe Jaime will strangle her
BlueBerryKing (2 years ago)
+William Clayton ooooooooh, that makes sense
William Clayton (2 years ago)
+BlueBerryKing Valonquar apparently means "Little brother" in Valyrian. In the books the witchsays that the valonquar will strangle Cersei once all her children have died. Hence why she hated Tyrion.
BlueBerryKing (2 years ago)
What's that?
Krizpyy (2 years ago)
so this debunks the theory that Gendry is the son of Cersei and Robert?
Germs many (2 years ago)
+Pygowsky why are you so defensive? unless you are admitting the fact that you lied
Pygowsky (2 years ago)
Fuck you're an idiot. Just because I personally thought about it doesn't mean that there was an actual theory about it you fucking plug.
Smittz (2 years ago)
"There never was a theory that Gendry was the son of Cersei" "Hmm okay to be fair i have though about him being her first son" Pygowsky, just because you liked Krizpyy's theory doesn't mean you have to lie and say you have thought about this too...
Pygowsky (2 years ago)
Yea but like you said I do feel this video debunks that theory as she is told she will only have 3 kids.
Krizpyy (2 years ago)
+Pygowsky maybe she gave him away at a when gendry was a baby because robert didnt love her. and she would rather "keep the bloodlines pure" with jaime. it would be really cool if he acually is her son, i hope so. gendry did also mention that his mom had blonde hair..
Euron (2 years ago)
Cersei had 4 children lmao
Euron (2 years ago)
+Trainwreck_x_og Dude, we have no idea what you're talking about. We're not talking about R+L= 
Ken Donato (2 years ago)
+Trainwreck_x_og it's possible, but you stated it as fact.. thought I missed something
Trainwreck_x_og (2 years ago)
+Ken Donato it's just a guess.. Only a opinion, if I'm wrong I'm wrong .. I move on
Ken Donato (2 years ago)
+Trainwreck_x_og where is it stated that cersei is gendrys mother??
Im868 (2 years ago)
+Trainwreck_x_og cause if you are, that's not Cersies son it's Roberts
Lizzie Huangdi (2 years ago)
To those that claim that the new queen in the prophecy is Daenerys, I actually sincerely doubt it. Cersei was a queen *consort* and currently a queen *regent*. Dany wishes to be a queen *regnant*, the female equivalent of a ruling king. Dany is not after Cersei's position, but rather (currently) Tommen's. It would have to be Margaery, or perhaps Sansa.
Lizzie Huangdi (2 years ago)
Yeah this was written before the latest episode. It's definitely Dany now.
Nelcomarproductions (2 years ago)
if you watched the recent episode cersei is queen fully. so Daney is going to cersei.
Nikki Jay (2 years ago)
+Shakira Daley Exactly
Nikki Jay (2 years ago)
+Shakira Daley No she hasn't. She still has Jamie and the crown.
Nikki Jay (2 years ago)
It's definitely Dany after watching tonight's episode.
Mari Z (2 years ago)
Who is the other girl???
yamatonadeshiko567 (1 year ago)
+Shakira Daley​​ Although I also have a feeling that Melara didn't really die exactly that night. I sort of remember Cersei saying how none of her lady companions pleased her. She somehow thought of how Melara turned out to be a schemer or someone who wanted to aspire something that is very far above her station. I guessed she meant Jamie. Cersei often accuses anyone just so it can justify her horrible acts. I guess I have to reread her povs to find out which chapter did she thought of that. I forgot how entertaining her chapters were but in a really ridiculous way. And it doesn't mather whether she did die that night, it was still implied that Cersei killed her.
yamatonadeshiko567 (1 year ago)
+Shakira Daley True. Maggy also said, "Your DEATH is here....Can you smell HER breath? SHE is very close." Not the exact dialogue but something like that.
Kiyan Kayser (2 years ago)
Harambe Junior (2 years ago)
She get raped by the moutain right in the ass
Jerry Jeong (2 years ago)
Is it any way possible that this witch is Melisandre? They are both witches and in season 6 episode 1, it cannot just be a coincidence that the title is 'The red woman' and Cerci mentions about the witch in the same episode. It is just a speculation I am making, so don't judge me..
C Mac (2 years ago)
+Jerry Jeong Probably not. Melisandre sees visions through the flames, but they are vague and she often misinterprets them. Whereas Maggy's premonitions are much more accurate and not explicitly from the Red God.
Lizzy T (2 years ago)
Tommen will die in season 6
TK L (2 years ago)
Wait, are you the maggie?
Black Tiger (2 years ago)
lol obvious
Delta (2 years ago)
GG man
Ay Kay (2 years ago)
"And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you" o_o
John Mackender (2 years ago)
I really hope they filmed an extended version of this scene which includes "the valonqar" line and D&D are saving it for the future.
Jasmin Foersterling (2 years ago)
Hammer hab die 5. Staffel gesehen
Jennifer Zhu (2 years ago)
"Gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds..." Two down, one to go?
Hei ko (4 months ago)
florian1023 : You dont think a 9 years old boy would kill himself?? .... oh boy, little do you know ... there are a lot of graves around the world, over times and years ....graves of children, who killed themselve before their 10th birthday. ...sad.. but true
Melanie Larson (2 years ago)
They were all dressed in gold when they died.
Jacob Cass (2 years ago)
+The Excavator what a fucking idiot
PandaBear (2 years ago)
bopha (2 years ago)
@FirefulXD thanks, I came here to learn this. because i don't remember the witch saying that
Ha Ja (2 years ago)
what if cersei chokes herself to death by wrapping tommens dead hands around her throat?
V. S. Cosplay (2 years ago)
They're talking about the role of Sarah Connor.
Chrys Rubio (3 years ago)
I wondered why they left out that bit in the prophecy where Maggy mentions that once all of Cersei's children are dead and when the new queen takes everything from her that the "valonqar" will strangle her to death?
EvieLions (3 years ago)
gold and what?
Zipgun TV (3 years ago)
So good, easily one of my top scenes for season 5
Experiment Master (3 years ago)
The witch giving the prophecy looks a LOT like the guy who plays the Many-Faced God.
channel409 (3 years ago)
The new queen = Sansa? (maybe Queen in the North)
House Frey (2 years ago)
+channel409 Margaery or Daenerys.
Robert Papageorge (3 years ago)
Tyrion won't kill verses cuz he's in Essos. Jaime will kill her without a doubt.
Daniel Williamson (3 years ago)
Cersei is a fucking evil bitch.
Ally (3 years ago)
Taha Pamuk (3 years ago)
dimabuxx (3 years ago)
How to waste one of the three questions: - You won't marry the prince, you will marry a King. - So I'll be the Queen??? >.> (No you won't...)
Doğukan Tekin (3 years ago)
Why would Cersei have 3 children from Jaime after hearing Maegi's prophecy?!
The Unknown (3 years ago)
Because she is stupid.
Ani- Me (3 years ago)
Has anyone notice that HBO messed up on Cersei's prophecy.  Maggie said Cercei will have three children, which is true in the books but in the show she has four. In S1E2 she walked in Bran's room to talk to Cat; here she explained how she had lost her first born son to a fever, which mean she actually had four children not three.
Naomi Robson (3 years ago)
So the younger Queen I think is Sansa. I know most people think it's an allusion to Margery but the prophecy states the queen will take ALL she holds dear. That is her children and Jamie. Sansa has already SPOILER killed Joffrey it was the poison in her necklace that was used to poison him, I think Littlefinger's intends to raise an army in the North using Sansa as a Stark to be Queen and they will march to take down Cersei. Tommen will be killed in battle essentially due to Sansa and Sansa becomes the younger beautiful Queen. Cersei will escape and align herself to Dorne allowing Myrcella and Tristan to wed in exchange for Dorne marching on Kings landing to reclaim the Iron Throne in the course of which Myrcella is killed. Cersei will survive and possibly align herself to Dorne but at some point Tyrion will come with Daenerys and it will be a three way war for the Iron Throne Sansa and her armies Cersei and Jamie with Dorme and Tyrion and Danerys. I think Tyrion will somehow make an alliance so that Sansa becomes queen of the North with the North possibly becoming independant and Daenerys rules over Kings Landing however Part of the agreement will be that the rest of Lannisters need to die as a means of fully avenging the Starks so Tyrion will kill Jamie at Sansas orders especially cause Jamie has sworn to kill him that confrontation will come back around, effectively making Sansa take everything Cersei holds dear. Cersei will escape and ultimately be killed by Arya.
commanderjohnscott (3 years ago)
You know what, I totally get why the witch was laughing, that's not because she's crazy or something. That's because all the drama she foresee in Cersei's life. Wow, even I think this girl's nasty...that's what she thought.
John Smith (3 years ago)
Cersei thinks it is Margarey, I think it is Daenerys.
Lizzie Huangdi (2 years ago)
Ooh and I forgot to check the date on this comment, sorry!
Lizzie Huangdi (2 years ago)
I actually sincerely doubt it. Cersei was a queen *consort*, and now a queen *regent*. Dany is a queen *regnant*, the female version of a ruling king, as opposed to being just a king's wife. Dany is not after Cersei's position, but rather Tommen's currently.
Usul573 (3 years ago)
+John Smith Sansa! Never know.
John Smith (3 years ago)
+Usul573 The pretty queen that overthrows Cersei, I believe it is Daenerys.
Usul573 (3 years ago)
+John Smith Myrcella?
Sophie Ewa (3 years ago)
I can see a lot of Joffrey in young Cersei
TheMetalhead678 (3 years ago)
Cersei is such a bitch.
rezbarbie24 (3 years ago)
" You get THREE QUESTIONS..." Cersei asks TWO questions... Frog breaks out in HUGE maniacal laughter... END SCENE. WTF?
Nick Moir (3 years ago)
Could the queen who comes and takes all Cersei holds dear be Dany?
MrDibara (3 years ago)
"Gold will be their crowns. Gold... their shrouds." Me: No. No! No! Don't tell me... ARE TOMMEN AND MYRCELLA GONNA DIE?! C'MON, WHY MUST THEY PAY FOR THEIR MOTHER'S SINS!!
wbslnger2004 (3 years ago)
They cut out the Valonqar part of it
rachelandjolanda (3 years ago)
Cersei HAS to die this season. I will be disappointed if she doesn't lol
aryx12 (3 years ago)
Yeah okay, but where the hell is the rest of the prophecy??
Slenthem Muntir (3 years ago)
Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode - The Wheel F.U.L.L.M.O.V.I.E. https://plus.google.com/111408913744729742824/posts/bza7aQq2PcE
Tobey VanWeston (3 years ago)
SPOILER: "and the volanqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you." everyone assumes its gonna be tyrion. but of course it's gonna be jaime jaimie, despite having the reputation as the most dishonorable man in all of westoros, is strangely the one with the most honor, in the twisted world of westoros. at least he questions the rules set forth before him, and does what he needs to to protect the ones he loves. But he's gonna get fed up with Cersei's bullshit eventually, and she's gonna push him too far, and he will kill her.
KD6-3.7 (3 years ago)
"No cure for being a cunt."
Russell Leong (3 years ago)
Guys. I'm very sure that they'll include all of the prophecy.  1. Maggy stated she'll answer 3 questions. 2. The scene had a sudden cut off. 3. They're most likely saving the other parts for later. After all, the process of making the show is different than the books.  4. They also said there's going to be more flashbacks in this season.
sanguinelynx (3 years ago)
For F**** sake HBO Maggie was supposed to be creepy, not a slightly mussed attractive chick with a few smears of dirt.  Have some artistic dignity will you! Could have been like that creepy scene in Pumpkinhead.  And.......you forgot a bit of her prophecy, but I guess that's planned.  Right?
annastesia67 (3 years ago)
The actress who played a young Cersei was spot on!
Joffrey Baratheon (3 years ago)
I'm dead.
Buenomars (3 years ago)
What does "gold will be their shrouds" here mean?
The Unknown (3 years ago)
They put shrouds on noble people when they die, in this series. So when Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella are buried, they are buried with shrouds in the color of gold.
Katherine L (3 years ago)
+Buenomars It means the color of the overlay to bury their dead bodies will be the color gold.
Albert Fernandez (3 years ago)
Didn't cersei have another child who died? That means she had 4 children not 3
Samantha Azura (3 years ago)
lol this kid got cersei down pat
LCNighthawk (3 years ago)
Wow Cersei was always a bitch since kid
19EHF (3 years ago)
So Cersei was always a bitch good to know. Start walking bitch, start walking (book readers know what event im talking about)
Perma Frost (3 years ago)
+19EHF HAHAHA yesss. Can't wait to see that.
jay love (3 years ago)
damm even as a little girl cersei was a bitch!!!
Abel S. Phoenix (3 years ago)
This Maggy tho, I'd totally do her
Marc Shimpar (3 years ago)
All you losers do is bitch about nonsense XD
Earthling Crusader (3 years ago)
"..with cat's teeth and THREE EYES.." Anyone else think of the THREE-EYED raven when she said that?  Especially how following the "witch" said "You don't know WHAT I am".

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