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2CELLOS - Funniest moments 1

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http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.facebook.com/stjepanhauserofficial http://www.facebook.com/lukasulicofficial 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser funniest moments! interview clips
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Oleg Nechaeff (1 month ago)
Фууууууууууууууу нигер... отчего не застрелили ???
LoveAuntAshley (1 month ago)
6:23 Is it weird that I thought he was gonna burst into the Beastie Boys song "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party"?
miticasabina (2 months ago)
They just reply the proper way to idiotic questions.
Alora Aldridge (3 months ago)
Sisterhood is diverse.
Neo Aiden (4 months ago)
Croatian Bavis and Butthead! XD
Janapi (6 months ago)
Ko na vutri
jennti (1 year ago)
These are the kind of guys I'd like to have a drink with....
scizodd (1 year ago)
He laughs because hes nervous, I know how it feels, when I get shy and you know.. I start laughing x.x
scizodd (1 year ago)
i like that theyre so awkward.
diis mami (1 year ago)
don't do red bull kids
ejano Crowsnatcher (1 year ago)
"what else is in your life" "the bow" ;;) so to the point Stephan
Alexis Moua (1 year ago)
I guess i have to fight for my rights now....
Christine Sabella (1 year ago)
I can't fucking breath😂😂😂
Maria Antonia Machado (1 year ago)
they look like a musical version of supernatural
Xeasar (1 year ago)
They honestly seem like genuine assholes.
LegendaryCanary (1 year ago)
I watch a lot of comedy (tv/movies) and stand-ups but these guys made me cry. Each eye had tear drops coming down xD
Atreadis (1 year ago)
Balkan humour at it's finest. :P
La Vidéo Visible (1 year ago)
where are you from in fact ??
Andrew Hunter (1 year ago)
Very funny guys
Chris White (1 year ago)
No wonder they laugh so much, alot of these questions they get asked are just daft lol
Ma Diba (1 year ago)
He couldnt beat me so he joined hahaha
book junk (1 year ago)
God, they're cute.
AntonioG (1 year ago)
Damn just like two kids cant stop laughing when someone says something funny. Besides Im from Croatia just like them
BethBatt 666 (1 year ago)
love you guys xx
Sally J (1 year ago)
A sense of humor too....OMG! You two are awesome!
Isabella Campbell (1 year ago)
are they from serbia??? cause thats where im from! idk but they speak serbian
Jugo Betrugo (1 year ago)
Isabella Campbell a YOU kidding?
Leonick Gaming (1 year ago)
WhysoSeriousXx (1 year ago)
I will bother you in Africa xD
Phaethon (1 year ago)
The sheep... meeehhhh
mihaela007 (1 year ago)
so funny haha
Izz - ee (1 year ago)
stjepan sounds like waluigi when he speaks English
Abnormal DJ (1 year ago)
Stjepan is so sarcastic and it's great
Eileen Lebbie (1 year ago)
I knew they weren't American
Wolf (11 months ago)
Eileen Lebbie Americans only like to shoot stuff bro, they have no brain
Autizmo ?? (1 year ago)
5:32 I wish I could be that smooth...
chelso0o (1 year ago)
You have to fight for your right..... to parrrrrrrrty
Mohammad (1 year ago)
You guys are crazy 😂😂👏👏🌹🌹
Zach Attic (1 year ago)
"And you are going to play for us in the studio, what are you going to play for us?" "Cello." - Stjepan Haha, holy hell, I loved them for their music but this video makes them even more gold. Awesome!
gloin turn (1 year ago)
I'm in Africa and we know them
Shamshomi me (1 month ago)
Me too...
gloin turn (1 year ago)
Ahmed Amir (1 year ago)
gloin turn same here!
Meongsil Cheong (1 year ago)
They are just great friends
Renata (1 year ago)
Stjepan looks like uncle Jesse
The Music of The Night (2 years ago)
so crazy😂
VaMPiReExpo (2 years ago)
2CELLOS - давай те по русски гласите, а то чувство, что я все понимаю и ничего не понимаю, благодарю.
Klokateer Jam (2 years ago)
XD so its like the cello joined their minds as twins and now if one cracks up the other follows along making them look like an amazing pair of abnormal people XD nah you guys have amazing talent, please keep rocking out that cello and 😹😹😹the bow too
Akarra (2 years ago)
Well now, they are talented and funny XDD
Dijana Polić (1 year ago)
and attractive but in different ways, I love both way. One is a man. Other a boy.Their look says so.
S Neno (2 years ago)
They're so dorky I love them! >.< Marry me Stjepan! :3
It's so hard for them to be serious 😂
Hidden Manna (2 years ago)
I only Just discovered you Guys..... Just fantastic......I haven't been hit by music like your... since the Punk rock/// and especially The Clash.. That would be great if you did some of their music.... maybe you already have.... I'm off to buy your CD now! ..... Love you friendship with each other... It's great to have a good mate to joke around with as well has work with. I still work and joke around with my old school buddy.
Melanin Queen (2 years ago)
I never realized how cute they are! I mean, I did find them attractive, but their accents make it more, uh, how do you say... attractive I guess! Lol! They both have great personalities. I also love their good sense of humor. They just keep on laughing and laughing! I love guys that smile all the time, and joke around. It can brighten up others day! That can make a girl smile all the time whenever they're around them. If not so, I know I would smile!
Dijana Polić (1 year ago)
me too, cause, they are 2 different personality, but it's so hard believe it how they function well. Girl, both of them, are my kind of guys. u know, we say, like someone ..your legs sorry. Stjepan is wow, omg. I would stay with a look of sheep and watched trough him, as a statue. though Luka is a type of a BOY ;) make me laugh, I make him and I'm down on the flore (? ,( ) smile all the time in love, laugh, cause I've fall in love.
Zoeannaart Valkyrie (1 year ago)
Asia Williams I'm with you
İlayda Özdemir (2 years ago)
He really loves to cuddle -Really? Me, too (cries while laughing)
mario mandzukic (2 years ago)
made in croatia
Victor Chambliss (2 years ago)
I was laughing so hard watching this
Alina Perez (2 years ago)
lmao so cute, good frienship, hope it last forever. great team. great talent, great humor...
Eternal Beings (2 years ago)
Birgit Rusbach (2 years ago)
This video left a really big grin on my face and I can't get it off, please send help
Michelle Thefreeone (1 year ago)
Can't speak for the other fans here, but the only help I can give you is to exchange the big grin on your face with the big grin on my face ... I'm guessing not that kind of help. They're so funny, and talented, and cute OMG.
Renata Katura (2 years ago)
legende !!!
Angel Kaneki (2 years ago)
Dude pfft these guys are so high, they are so fucking high in most of thosee im screaming,
Granny Drryyy (2 years ago)
5:33 How to pick up chicks
Ranya Qabbani (2 years ago)
"it's a tough world man, you have to fight for your.. rights" i died laughing
Bi Pa (2 years ago)
hvala vam ... kad god gledam porpavite mi se raspolozenje..samo nastavite..
Renata Kisova (2 years ago)
Renata Kisova (2 years ago)
has he fantastic
Shannon Jin (2 years ago)
I honnestly love both of these guys so much. they are literally the reason why I decided to play cello again.
Nancy Ahmed (2 years ago)
they are so funny
fastfordman1965 (2 years ago)
Rock on guys 😎
Omar Almalouhi (2 years ago)
Alicia Keller (2 years ago)
Stjepan: Jokes all the time. Luka: Laugh of Stjepan's jokes hardly.
Monica Carrillo (2 years ago)
"We are sisters"
SideShow Bob (2 years ago)
May much success follow these fellas. Such light hearted manners.
Ange Lowery (2 years ago)
Is there anything else in your life except the cello? -Yes , the bow . 😂😂💀 I'm crying
ToWavy Bri (1 year ago)
Ange Lowery same 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭
Lynzi Oliver-Musto (2 years ago)
I know, that made me laugh so much. And Ellen asking "So what are you going to play for us?" "The cello." :')
Christa Hernandez (2 years ago)
Luka was so adorable when he dropped the bag and panicked. hahaha so clumsy. my fave
karly Bennett (2 years ago)
They are so cute especially luka
Brian Orr (2 years ago)
Looool them laughing :D
Mandi Fitzgerald (2 years ago)
love you guys and so down to earth, great fun xx
Aca Ludi (2 years ago)
Decki, carevi ste, svaka cast !!!
Amelia Rufus (2 years ago)
00;51 to 1;01:P
natjaa (2 years ago)
12.56AM (3 years ago)
these guys are so savage I can't cope with them 😂😂😂😂😂 too funny!!! Laughed through the entire interview hahaha
Niko Zilic (3 years ago)
saveusmilkboy (3 years ago)
Koji carski trolovi. Umirem od smijeha.
Shawn Leimbach (3 years ago)
Mariah Mejia (3 years ago)
Lol I so get the feeling of continuous laughter. My best friend and I can never stop laughing at each other. And when it's a serious situation we laugh even more|
Nate Little (1 year ago)
It not about the comment it's about your face
Michelle Siegel (3 years ago)
They are just too stinkin' cute  !!!
Susan Tgirl (3 years ago)
WOW ! "Jel se vi smatrate normalni decki" ??? Hhihihihihi. Pravi ste. strasni i simpaticni. Wish you all best. ( Ah..tra l'altro dato che sono nata a Rjieka.. qui si parla FIUMANO non Italiano, capittto ? :)
EnglishNerd (3 years ago)
they are way too cute
Beloglavi Sup (3 years ago)
Luka se smeje kao lud na brašno
I imagine interviewing them must be so frustrating but also rather hilarious
Ana Ivkovic (3 years ago)
Kako su blesavi ..luuuudi skrozzzz.. a tako i sviraju! Luuudoooo..............
Stormy (3 years ago)
To sum it up: Stjepan: *talks* Luka: *laughs* Stjepan: *laughs louder* Both: *break into an endless laughter leaving the interviewer amazed*
Janapi (6 months ago)
Yea right, maybe.... but they are very very funy and have good sense of houmor
scizodd (1 year ago)
He laughs because hes nervous, I know how it feels, when I get shy and you know.. I start laughing x.x
Kayla Walker (2 years ago)
And they like sheep.
Logan Plourde (2 years ago)
That's basically my life... Except it was just me laughing... Alone
Stormy (2 years ago)
+TheAwesomeBrooke XD ikr it's awesome
Andrea Farkas (3 years ago)
Because they are always high. :-)
EnglishNerd (3 years ago)
+Andrea Farkas seems like it lol
ROSMEISTER MSP (3 years ago)
fuck these guys are funny xD
Tamara Cherry (3 years ago)
Luka is perfect. 😍
Maria Wood (3 years ago)
love these two so much omg
Sthunderrocker's Vids (3 years ago)
Funny... but you get the impression that they don't take any interview seriously.  Not all were dumb questions.
Alyssa Griffin (3 years ago)
in almost all the clips they can't stop laughing, reminds me of me and my friends.
K Maz (3 years ago)
Got to see you tonight at Buffalo University and you were spectacular!!
MineAllMine (3 years ago)
Wow - that's awesome - we are American of Croatian descent - now I know why my teen son has been begging me to play cello and he never even heard of these guys. I'm taking him to the concert and for his Birthday - You guessed it - A CELLO
Helena (3 years ago)
It's a shame that some words can't be well translated to English, Croatian humor is excellent. :'D
Helena (3 years ago)
postoji li išta u vašim životima osim čela? Gudalo. Umrla sam na to omg :'D
Dijana Polić (1 year ago)
gundjalo ;) jedan drugom ;)
Kerry McKee (3 years ago)
Does anyone else think they are always high or something? LOL They can never keep a straight face.
jackiefreitas1 (3 years ago)
Are these guys gacked or drunk...or both? Love them

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