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Text Comments (12896)
Mariana Ferreira (20 hours ago)
8:14 ohhh myhh god i have one of thoseeee 😂😂😂my sweet childwood
Preston Mathew (1 day ago)
8:47 little did he know....
Tom Grant (1 day ago)
It’s mah boi Martin: Oh it’s Gotta be mah fav video game character tails
Evgenios Megas (1 day ago)
Evgenios Megas (1 day ago)
Stuti Jain (2 days ago)
When the Sonic Happy Meal ad is Indian 😂
Franchute Viejo (2 days ago)
0:41 so disturbing
Blkmania emotrash (3 days ago)
The Linkin Park song...
Bogdan Marin (3 days ago)
I miss goubeeee
death slade (4 days ago)
Where did its mouth go?
Callum Woolsey (4 days ago)
adjie Bayu Segg (4 days ago)
Mr הμցց૯Ҭ (4 days ago)
Sconic sketebord
Tupac (4 days ago)
*SNAP* this is going in my cringe compilation!
Nikita Shimkus (5 days ago)
This is a masterpiece
Da legendary Smith (5 days ago)
So clickbait
I have that pipe, cost me 60quid -_-
Johnny Lee (7 days ago)
This is how pewds got over 1000 IQ
J loveo music (7 days ago)
What the shit
Debora Zlata Ivanov (7 days ago)
Not only the fact that they objectify women, but they didn't even consider that a woman would learn coding.. I don't think that whoever made the site thought that LGBt would also learn, it must be a coincidence, I guess they only thought straight men would want to see a woman undress.
Manatee The Manny (7 days ago)
When the girls camera flasH WENT OFF I WAS WEAK
Chris Tang (7 days ago)
i am noob (8 days ago)
Pfrrrrrrrrrrr ,😨😨😵😵😰😰😷😷 how he fart!!! Uhhhhhh
ps gamers (8 days ago)
E (8 days ago)
Am I the only one who watches the sonic happy meal ad over and over again?
PauPau Pau (8 days ago)
i m s t a m p y
Kimas LG (9 days ago)
Who clicked for Pewdiepie's face?
yiyosa TV (10 days ago)
Sonic sucker
Miguel Villagracia (10 days ago)
*SNAP* This is going to my cringe compilation
Marc Desvaux (10 days ago)
sonic, skateboarrrrd
Honey Pop (11 days ago)
Dr Beast (11 days ago)
5 years ago i tried to take a pic in school. cause the teachers forced us to do a wierd dance and i had the lightning on
stinky Ass (11 days ago)
No ads??? Wtf utube
I have Shadow's basketball
شيماء مهدى (13 days ago)
😥😥😥😥😥😥 the last part
TYMS0N 10 (13 days ago)
7:38 its hahahqhhhahahahhhagagagaggahagqgahahahahahahahaaha
Autumn秋 (13 days ago)
When you don't have any friends..
Etienne Noel (13 days ago)
I cannot believe he did this in one take. He's a goddamn hero! 4:58
Canada Is Better (14 days ago)
Kyle Hansen (14 days ago)
Whatever happened to Guble?!?
Rico Lorenz (14 days ago)
remember the old pewdiepie that used to swear
Ezio Sky (16 days ago)
bring back gubble
Henry Southworth (16 days ago)
Hella funny
Paul Jackways (16 days ago)
Those sonic games were so fucking cool. I wish I had all of them.
Ted Huber (16 days ago)
What the fuck is Pharrell even doing
Legend (17 days ago)
This is literally the best video on youtube
Nicholas Anthony (17 days ago)
There was nothing wrong the that handshake!
Danster P (17 days ago)
Send bob and wegana
Shaun Designs (17 days ago)
I had that tails McDonalds toy it was my life for 2 years. When McDonalds made good toys ;-;
Adeel Khan (17 days ago)
Pewdiepie In his prime
Stojan Gosev (17 days ago)
2k18 fam
jus krajnik (18 days ago)
8:35. Holy shit i had this
Zexy hraje (18 days ago)
Bobby The Blizzard (18 days ago)
Oh look, Pewdiepie pre-pubg
Aditya Kulkarni (18 days ago)
Elliot Mackay (18 days ago)
*(  ゚,_ゝ゚)*
Albert Morgills-Fisker (18 days ago)
what is the outro song ?????
ArcticFox Meow (18 days ago)
9:23 I used to watch him.... 🤣 IT WAS FUNNY TO ME!
ArcticFox Meow (18 days ago)
Øh MÄh GaWD ITs HONEY Senpai! MY BaBY!
Where... Is...... AINSLEY????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TRẦN KHÔI (18 days ago)
I shit my pant, piss my dick, fuck my cat, burn my roof when that fuck doll rise up with earrape effect
Shaban (18 days ago)
SNAP This is going in my cringe compilation😂
Baitrix (18 days ago)
i did not click this because of the thumbnail
Oh..how much i love those good ol' open cursing. :')
Praneet Jain (19 days ago)
Wow u uploaded this on my bday
Jared Iverson (19 days ago)
Demonetized for the e-pipe?
Colorado Life (19 days ago)
4:53 when feel someone touch you
GetBackIn TheKitchen (19 days ago)
Rest in peace Slippy.
"When The Cringe Is To Strong" 👍
GoldenPIXEL 105 (19 days ago)
The stampy one killed me
Nicolé Bartlett (19 days ago)
super cringy
Sophia Blanchette (19 days ago)
MarvelousGaming (19 days ago)
Talking about handshakes LOL
Tadashi Umemura (19 days ago)
You are beautiful. Your real power is, It is the power to come out when you are driven into desperate situation. You are beautiful. Thank you very much.
Cooperskillen (19 days ago)
Why does pewdiepie have a sex doll???????
RiptideV10 (19 days ago)
i regret ignoring him for 4 years
Ws Garcia (19 days ago)
What is the song at 9:47
I Hemaa (19 days ago)
fucken got click baited :(
Hadouken (19 days ago)
LWAY everyone 2016, after all... it is original show
DuesX (19 days ago)
Shadow plays basketball because he's the black sonic. That is when he's not busy wielding his pistols.... wait... oh... well played Sega. Well played
Onee Gucci Baka (19 days ago)
Nightmare Plushies (19 days ago)
Is that a &$# doll?.......
Peeyush Goswami (19 days ago)
whete is fucking.thumbnail
Marko (19 days ago)
8:15 sonik skatbord
9:35 the level of love in that hug made my heart warm
XZOM 198 (19 days ago)
When he still swears
Rip slippy
Potate Wizard (19 days ago)
Pewds criticizing other people’s handshakes. Ironic
rainbow dude 4567 (19 days ago)
Hello I'm a troll Read more
Brandon Falcon (19 days ago)
These are real (quickly proves bricks are fake) bricks.
Damir S (19 days ago)
Jordan (20 days ago)
The moment pewdiepie decided to learn coding
Puvendran Pillay (20 days ago)
(  ゚,_ゝ゚) <--- Shantinii Priya
aker abu (20 days ago)
i couldn't help myself to subscribe for your channels> hahahaha
eme (20 days ago)
The first one🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
eme (20 days ago)
The third one
Lerd the Therd (20 days ago)
Pharrell got me ded😂😂😂
Naimes Animation (20 days ago)
AutoTheLight (20 days ago)
4:19 have happen to me once when I was trying to take a girl pic secretly on world history and she was looking right at me, I got freekin embarrassing
AutoTheLight (10 days ago)
tahutoa u r something you know that
tahutoa (10 days ago)
AutoTheLight As you should have. I'm so cool I can ask for permission and get it.
Fact The World (20 days ago)
daaaamn! gonna go and start to learn coding at codebabes!
Rikisdead (20 days ago)
4:33 shhhhhhhhhhhh

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