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I GOT ADMIN ON A MINECRAFT SERVER BECAUSE OF MY CHANNEL well this somehow worked My Server IP: Invadedlands.net subscribe thx yay minecraft yay
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Supreme (1 day ago)
tangocduc999 (1 day ago)
Ryaint (2 days ago)
That owner was so lit
IplayMinecraftonpc (2 days ago)
pureL sounds like sceptic
Thai HD Vision (3 days ago)
Is PureL a Kid?
Joey Distasi (3 days ago)
U a hole these servers can take a while to make
Ion Radu (4 days ago)
Mirror mirror on the wall Who has the Most silent keyboard of them all
A Joke (4 days ago)
It said sub or die so I got scared lol
J BrightZ (4 days ago)
VirtualBoy cz/en (4 days ago)
4:35 when your life sucks "ok destroy my whole life"
historiaaa (5 days ago)
" oHmYgOd this guy wrote a *bIbLe* "
Kennethhh (5 days ago)
Moslima Mostak (5 days ago)
1Million views ÑīÇĒ
Hey Hey (5 days ago)
IM THE 1 MILLIONTH VIEW! When I clicked the video it said 999k views and then I clicked on it and it said 1M views!! :)
DarkGhoulGaming (5 days ago)
pin or die tmr
Luminary X Will (5 days ago)
Just hit 10000000 views
Porkchop245 (5 days ago)
999,899 views inb4 1m
shone (6 days ago)
Skeppy, I've never laughed so hard at a minecraft video before. You've definitely earned yourself a new subscriber.
raindiy (7 days ago)
The Roblox Noob (7 days ago)
Why did u do that to that poor kid?
meow meow (7 days ago)
1 2 3
Wilhelm II (7 days ago)
I dont even play minecraft and i am seeing this ...
Light Joshe (9 days ago)
Gabosqui Nosqui (9 days ago)
jjajajajajajjaja i cant stop laughing
Dragos Andrei (9 days ago)
you shouldn t destroy his server i am sure he worked on it and he was a kid so....
QuotedCookie 848 (9 days ago)
Tryixin Dubz (10 days ago)
Applying for taff
realAnkkaYT (10 days ago)
ye et (10 days ago)
ur mom
the real shady (10 days ago)
What cross air mod is that
Yt panda Sub (10 days ago)
I actually watch your vids like all the way thru i never do it to anyone else unless i 10sec skip forward but your vids isn’t boring
Legitimised (11 days ago)
That guy stole fabed's crates lmao
it's zach (11 days ago)
Your so evil
Ğάмέя άςέ (11 days ago)
Lol the outro
Roy Muzuwa (11 days ago)
slippy snake (11 days ago)
1234567891011121314151617181920212322242526272728293031323334567890 sike took to long
slippy snake (11 days ago)
Let’s actually count to 100,000
slippy snake (11 days ago)
P Pi Pin Ping Ping pong
FireStone (11 days ago)
You remind me of Ceeday
iTz Tito (11 days ago)
apply for taff (no hate)
Mateo Buteler (11 days ago)
hate griefers... but i like hackers... you griefer ok but i like your chanell
Omq_ItsPikachu (12 days ago)
0:37 what music?
Oni ET (12 days ago)
uillion is gay (13 days ago)
*apply for taff*
Borshon Crafter YT (13 days ago)
i own my own server xD
RashSaturn (14 days ago)
god remix XD
calvin 232 (14 days ago)
Well you’re kinda being a dick to the first one you became mod on like you ruined that server and that’s why you specifically wouldn’t get mod or at least a role where you could cause trouble
PP Nguyen (14 days ago)
cutepupper :3 (15 days ago)
Update your server?
spidertyler 2005 (15 days ago)
ArvetixPvP (15 days ago)
i rly wanna be admin on server :C i never got to in my whole life :C
SpeckyYT (15 days ago)
xD dat final is perfect
skep lik m bols u ver gud al yit uh yesd SKEPPLY NEW NAME FOR CLICKBAITERS
Cooldudebig Boy (16 days ago)
Brittie Games (16 days ago)
what texture pack u have?
free day in google
YouCube26 The OK Cuber (19 days ago)
W o t
xMilky_ Road (19 days ago)
child, pls update ur server for 1.13.1 I CANT GO IN DIS IS A ISSUE TO SIT DOWN AND TALK ABOUT
Symix (19 days ago)
you censor link at 02:10 but didnt censor 01:20? lmfao
ShadowCore (20 days ago)
i would rather die tmr than sub to this..
ThePaveShow (20 days ago)
hi skeppi r u adopted?
sugardude 2092 (20 days ago)
3:19 instant replay
wedgeofedge ¿ (20 days ago)
1234567891011121314151617181910 but you see I doubled 10 You look back 20212224252627282930 Look back at these numbers The first thing you see is three twos I skipped 23 313233343536373383940 Look back You see three threes I didn't skip a number tho Oh ye YOU ALSO JUST SKIMMED OVER THE NUMBERS YOU NEVER READ THEM thx
Duong Tran (20 days ago)
This pretty messed up but I’m a fan!
XxSilentSilverxX (20 days ago)
lσl thє вαckrσund muѕíc íѕ mєh fαv ѕσng "єαѕч gσ"
Jason 0187 (21 days ago)
Give the PexCraft server
Russell8833 (21 days ago)
Why is the application for the 1st non-fail a Google Document?
Winterz (21 days ago)
dude im a verry layed back person but saying like or your going to die tomorow that uncalled for even if it is a joke
FTRCory (21 days ago)
Im not getting mod so I might as well pain spoof OMG I WAS DYING
Awesome rocks 15 (21 days ago)
-Minecraft has left the chat -Fortnite has come to bully Minecraft! (Fortnite is WAYYY better
Panda Power566 (21 days ago)
*apply for taff*
Vince Allen (22 days ago)
The diamonds are like participation rewards. Dumb and useless.
P A N D A (22 days ago)
Music at 4:49 ??
OI VLOGS (22 days ago)
I’m sure you use premiere pro
Syco Bryce (22 days ago)
You said "eliminations for bigger prizes"
HerØic Ninja (22 days ago)
0:09 *Your Spelling of Staff is Wrong,you just Wrote Taff*
Zanny (5 days ago)
+Kuriii Hi einstein
Zerviot (12 days ago)
+Kuriii lmaoo
Kuriii (18 days ago)
+Hosam Hosam Spell my name right :)
Hosam Hosam (18 days ago)
Ohhhh Kerri you roasted him hard
Kuriii (22 days ago)
Your comma (,) is used wrong. You must put a space between. Also you should use a ; as you're joining two sentences together that are both main clauses. Schooled kid
joespeed1952 (22 days ago)
It's 2018. You play 1.8? Why?
PureQ (22 days ago)
PureL is my MC friend dude I even nmed my user PureQ a few months ago but I changed it
Weirdflexbutok (22 days ago)
I failed an application to move, and I'm about to go homeless with my mom. And I wish I was smarter to complete it but I just will try to go to the shelter with my mom I hope the FBI doesn't take me away from my parents for not going to school any more, I hope I really don't become a homeless person I'm only 8 I'm crying hysterically I always have bad luck with everything 😣
Chris Tenuta (22 days ago)
I gave you staff because I like your Channel
Jolly Jakę (22 days ago)
Neva trust skeppAy
Sunset Cyanide (23 days ago)
Skeppy is a person I like
Knuckles the Hedgehog (23 days ago)
Lol I’m from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
TimSpellz- Minecraft (23 days ago)
WoahZz Theres me!
keith lawson (23 days ago)
I like how when he typed p it was blocked out
TheJetpackRider (23 days ago)
*Attention Fortnite players* Ninja And John Wick are playing Fortnite, but they needs your help, to wipe out the other players in Tilted Towers. All they need is your mommy's credit card number, the expiration date, and the three wacky numbers on the back. Hurry! So they can get the Victory Royale!
rose_broly (23 days ago)
Taz Rewokia (23 days ago)
Your server looks great Look how nice I am!
Minecraft Plus Roblox? (23 days ago)
*applies for taff*
ZozyPlayzGames (23 days ago)
Woah What texture pack is this?
Hakerr bRo (23 days ago)
Hakerr bRo (23 days ago)
Hakerr bRo (23 days ago)
Hakerr bRo (23 days ago)
*laging. xD
Kan-Kaneki TokyoGhoul (24 days ago)
I used to play this serverbut they ban me for roasting them and got perm banned
Atom Sam (24 days ago)
No staff lol
Raiden Gaming (24 days ago)
LOOOL laughing so hard at the last part! Subbed!
Blytee is dumb (24 days ago)
3:02 anyone else notice the "what is your discord username and tag? : lolol" xDDD "his irl name is:zack" LMFAO
Mr. Ducko (24 days ago)
As soon as it said sub or die I hit the sub and like button

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