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Mannequin Scaring People Prank!

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Text Comments (102)
Tiago Amoras (9 days ago)
Muito bom, achei muita graça!!
Sultana Muhamedgus (28 days ago)
nice keep it up guys 😆😆
Jalen Johnson (1 month ago)
Titus Ayers (1 month ago)
I love it I love it I love it
brett k (3 months ago)
At 1:37 does he say if he was a Mechanic he would not shake or Mannequin? :P
Jeffrey Lindsay (4 months ago)
Scary looking person
Rockland_ TriEye (5 months ago)
0:28 sad to see that Dwight shrute homeless.... :(
Tejas Shinde (5 months ago)
Love u buzz pranks
Flynn Livescmd (5 months ago)
1:23 is probably the most obnoxious person in america. Especially if hes drunk.
Flynn Livescmd (5 months ago)
I take that back....any 18-40year old girl at starbucks in yoga pants glued to facebook on their phone, is the worst. Ill hang out with that fucker any day over that.
Ashu Sharma (5 months ago)
Love from India 🇮🇳
Ashu Sharma (5 months ago)
You're bravo man. Live from India 🇮🇳
Pooja Jana (5 months ago)
What was the girl at 2:51 doing Something like black magic 😂
miqueas botto (6 months ago)
T. Wolfe (6 months ago)
Protest is not a riot.
Maned Kangfoxaroo (6 months ago)
That dude at 1:26 was a huge asshole.
LumpRee (7 months ago)
Oshini Gomes (8 months ago)
Sarah Stewart (8 months ago)
Hahaha. Nice creation. Neat plotline. Cool
Jake 7 Unleashed (9 months ago)
Is that like, yellow shirt day something??
GizliMan (9 months ago)
Where can I get this mask write me on fb Tjan Rebernak please...
ROBERT MAGICIAN (9 months ago)
3:16 idk why but that was the funniest 😂
bhupendar adhikari (7 months ago)
Read More biutiful
Extreme Stream (9 months ago)
I wont take candy feom a stranger because they might put drugs in there
badnip (9 months ago)
That man on 1:09 huh! Love it
Thomas Kuc (9 months ago)
get in (9 months ago)
When is the last time you saw a mannequin with a cloth and a seam in it on it's head? And standing with it's legs apart? People really don't pay attention anymore.
NICHOLAS_J_O_F (10 months ago)
Haha most agenus prank ever
manoj bharti (11 months ago)
Good job bro
Falixd TV (1 year ago)
1:08 "love it"
Aim High (9 months ago)
Just on Ice he has been trained
onepcwhiz (1 year ago)
What city is this?
Shailaja Nayak (4 days ago)
Nice video which place.
Ryan Zhan Feng (1 year ago)
The guy at 1:32 is so much fun
The Gaming Onion! (9 months ago)
Ryan Zhan Feng Yeah, that's what I was thinking, everyone hates him for some reason though.
Hk Juice (1 year ago)
0927 peter (1 year ago)
1:06 "Love it" was he pertaining to the candy or the scare?
FuriousPixel (8 months ago)
Peter Jan Ahmad the scare tbh
Khysarth Gaming (1 year ago)
Peter Jan Ahmad both
mouli reddy (1 year ago)
THESATURNSSC1 (1 year ago)
That big ol tutsoon really needs that ice cream?
Full 2 masala (1 year ago)
Sami Jumppanen (1 year ago)
This was cool.
hasan bilal (1 year ago)
amazing 😂😂😂😂
reinhard osborn (1 year ago)
U should scare them a lil more. .It wud be cool
Emma Kingdon (1 year ago)
that last one though 😂
Adam (1 year ago)
Peter Brafford (1 year ago)
I dare
HeyBooBooKitty (1 year ago)
Anyone else down to jump the little bitch 1:23🔨🔨🔨
The Gaming Onion! (9 months ago)
HeyBooBooKitty No, because he did absolutely nothing wrong.
Morris Falker (1 year ago)
Ice cream makes her 1:37 fat and now she wants candy.
Nate W. (1 year ago)
Tha chick at 1:13 Yummy...
JPLMONEY23 (1 year ago)
@:38 WHAAA !!! LOLZ
LordO Prior (1 year ago)
i like me boy
clubfoote1960 (1 year ago)
Very good prank, I loved it,
ugly minger (1 year ago)
he has no personality....
treestump flyer (1 year ago)
Dora Zamarripa (1 year ago)
it all about having fun and scared.
Angie Fishler (1 year ago)
Great job, Happy Halloween!
reign80 (1 year ago)
A lot of yellow, must be after the Pittsburgh Steelers game.
Odhora Neelima (1 year ago)
I'm from Bangladesh.Nice video dude
Yumeitoアルジュン (6 months ago)
Hi, I'm from Mars. Nice video
Cpt. Macmillan (1 year ago)
who tf cares?
Evtatiana (1 year ago)
Literally died at 0:41 hahahahahahhah
Joel Asene (9 months ago)
Same lol
I Hate Everything (1 year ago)
Evtatiana stop time baiting u fag
nice doggo (1 year ago)
do that with money!
Stagger (1 year ago)
Expect the unexpected 👻
cquilty1 (1 year ago)
+Stagger 1 If you expect the unexpected then it ceases to be unexpected.
epoche10 (1 year ago)
Dude your timing is way off
Bugz Magee (1 year ago)
what's with the douchebag trying to prove his point...fuck you guy
Cameron Parker (7 months ago)
Hes a wanna be nigger
Donny Waltkins (9 months ago)
Nobody bothered to touch his arm
paige and nina awesome凸 (10 months ago)
Bugz Magee ikr
Stone Rigid (10 months ago)
Bugz Magee I'm pretty sure he called a mannequin a mechanic also
dualplay (1 year ago)
At 0:48 B.A. from the A team
cquilty1 (1 year ago)
+dualplay A slightly camper version than B.A...
Briana Rigsby (1 year ago)
them homeless peeps do lmfao
Gar Laa (1 year ago)
Would have been funnier , if he clubbed that dude at 1:26 with a hammer or something , just sayin. Cheers
Sarah Stewart (8 months ago)
Gar Laa Hahaha. The 'Scarey Snowman' would have...with special effects of course. Lol
Justin BentRails (2 years ago)
You should have a fake mannequin arm holding the bowl and have your real arm reach up thru the bowl when they grab a piece of candy. :)
Mr Steal your peanut (2 years ago)
0:47 the guy on the right looks like the hog rider from clash of clans
Isaiah Wolcoff (2 years ago)
0:47 please tell me that noise didn't come from that huge dude...
Sharni Lowe (9 months ago)
It did
Mary Price (2 years ago)
that was pretty cool and a harmless prank. I liked it
rior247 (2 years ago)
Would've been funny if he actually moved
I was waiting for someone to take the bowl and run.
Shadowninja 569 (2 years ago)
What was that riot about?
Babla (2 years ago)
stupid gay people everywhere
CuteSnowyOwl (2 years ago)
Artyom NoCopyrightSong (2 years ago)
Artyom NoCopyrightSong (2 years ago)
+Artyom NoCopyrightSong yeah
Dan Galan SK8 (2 years ago)
Gay guys everywhere lol
Dan Galan SK8 (2 years ago)
Cool I always loved these
Water (2 years ago)
Ok guys, what's the difference between peanuts, and deez nuts? JOHN CENA!!!!!!!
Jennifer Sharp (2 years ago)
Doesn't make sense and has two shitty memes and also has absolutely nothing to do with the video? Thats gotta be some kind of world record.
MrSinisterSixty (2 years ago)
No just..... No
Fa Bel (2 years ago)
LaKisha Brown (2 years ago)
Javier caldera (2 years ago)
Bruhh savage
Chuck Cluck (2 years ago)
Spaznight24 (2 years ago)

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