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Jack Ma on the Future of Bitcoin

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Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, answered a question about the future of Bitcoin. https://www.techwalls.com/
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Tu Khac (21 days ago)
Chào anh. Anh có thể tạo ra một bản vietsub từ video này không. Nó có thể giúp anh có nhiều người xem hơn.
salem almansoori (22 days ago)
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Hamza Alodaini (28 days ago)
I’m very respectful this guy. No shame if you don’t know. Just say I don’t know instead to tell wrong answer.
Rambo (1 month ago)
he know about bitcoin
Youssef Youssef m (1 month ago)
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Toderel Adrian-Aurel (1 month ago)
Well, for me look like a good actor ... and a big liar this Jack Ma! Telling us that blockchain is interesting, a big thing and a very powerful technology to move us in a cashless future but pretending to not know what bitcoin is are well ... simply untrue! Everybody hate corruption but in the same time everybody should love its personal freedom and in a cashless society treats to our personal and economic liberty can be very powerful and global! All is easy and dandy, you access to goods, resources, services can be almost free in any place with internet acces you need only a global identity id, something like a planetary citizenship issued and registered on the blockchain, and some virtual cryptomoney to spend but if you become the enemy of that global state then you only friend will be you untraceable cash from you purse! Remember who is the most corupt! Not only persons can be corrupted but institutions also! And with big institutional powers we get bigger corruption! That is a thing the Jack Ma liar cant tell us!
Aris Rome (2 months ago)
Now thats honesty for Jack Ma.. Im not sure about equality on a cashless society though..
Crypto MV (2 months ago)
It's nice video, thanks ))
Nixon Rexzile (3 months ago)
He's not a fan of decentralize. Got it! And what value does this bitcoin brings to society. Umm it already available to society, Dumbass! Corporation and Mediate hates bitcoin rather they love blockchain, GO FIGURE!
Van Litespeed (3 months ago)
bitcoin is the carrot created by self aware AI that gets humans to give it more computing power. Bow down to your upcoming computer master, free yourself!
卫立 (3 months ago)
Jack Ma is not a genius, nor a crook, but a genius crook. First, everyone must understand that in China there is no real private enterprise which can reach Fortune 500 without Chinese Communist Government (CCG)’s control behind it. What worse is that the control is often not exercised by government but by top level corrupted government officials and their family members. There is no secret that several most powerful CCG officials and their family members are the top shadow shareholders of Alibaba. Second, those top level government officials have used Alibaba to laundry hundreds of billions embezzled monies out of China, mostly through now CCG controlled Hong Kong and into Western countries, particularly the U.S. Third, Alibaba has no new technology nor innovation but just a cheap copy of Ebay and Amazon. CCG has not only used Alibaba to stop foreign businesses such as Ebay and Amazon entering into Chinese market, but also given Alibaba monopoly in Chinese market, upon which Ma/Alibaba’s successful myth is really about. For example, receiving deposits and paying interest are the financial and banking industries monopolied by the government, and many individuals and entrepreneurs have been imprisoned or even punished with death penalty because of raising capitals among friends and local people. Ma/Alibaba is the only non-state-run and non-banking business capable of receiving deposits and paying interest in China. Ma gave numerous speeches all over the world about how he became one of the richest persons in the world and how to become successful and so on, but none of what he said was true. Ma simply is the smiling face of the most evil dictatorship regime in human history, the CCG, which imprisoned Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate till his death on July 13, 2017 – something that even Adolf Hitler was not dare to do. Most importantly, in return for CCG’s favor, Ma has shamelessly promoted for CCG the dictatorship ideology and publicly supported CCG’s Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 using tanks and machine guns against its own peaceful people! Ma is a new phenomena challenging the conscience of every one of us in this fast-changing world – do we still respect universal human values as our first priority, or money is everything and we should do whatsoever we can to get money, power, and fame, like Jack Ma?
Jonelle Soriano (3 months ago)
No one knows what tomorrow brings! I hope the LEDU COIN that I bought will rise and be known to everyone
Noform Leo (4 months ago)
reempire888 (4 months ago)
Jack Ma is a joke. I love how this guy blew up a huge poster of himself for the audience to see and considers himself an actor because he paid his way for a role in ONE movie??
Ikenna Oruche (4 months ago)
That's an intelligent and simple answers, rather than saying rubbish.
水昆 (4 months ago)
Bitcoin 杀死 Alipay
Ramesh Jakkula (4 months ago)
Lily Cohen (4 months ago)
"Hey Guys, Can someone urgently help me out with this... There's this ICO starting soon that I'm quite excited about. Its called Blockgrain (AGRI ), i wonder if anyone has heard of it... I wanted to check if some of you can confirm whether they will be building their product on the NEO blockchain ? That would be really cool if true, Some much needed adoption of NEO over ETH."
Time to Invest !!! (4 months ago)
If he know about the technology he's also know about bitcoin. He must have million of Bitcoins but not allowed to say becouse of he's influence in the financial system.
Cody DeGraff (4 months ago)
And it was around this time that TRX was born.
broken heart hotel (4 months ago)
Mr. Ma, don't thrust her. You can thrust my wife Angela Merkel.
broken heart hotel (4 months ago)
Sifu Ma. How heartless criminals are Theresa Oxford university May premier minister of England?
Fakhrerazi Nikkhah (5 months ago)
Look , this monkey has had a 660,000 views . He talks like a god . How stupid can we be to listen to this ass hole who misleads all of us ? Buy a little bitcoin and we can fight him and his likes .
Fakhrerazi Nikkhah (5 months ago)
These guys like him ,Buffet and Gates , don't like Bitcoin . He knows how dangerous Bitcoin is to him and his likes . Don't believe this son of a bitch . Listen to them. They all like Block chain BUT they don"t like Bitcoin protocol . They all sing the same song . Good people , don't believe these anti human animals . Just buy a little bitcoin and Bitcoin will belong to all of us , the Humanity .
Zambino (5 months ago)
He is promoting TRX
crypto no limit (5 months ago)
Good bitcoin
Aws Garra (5 months ago)
When he says that he is a fan of blockchain but not Bitcoin. It's like he is a fan of engines but not cars. This is what banks are doing, steeling the technology behind Bitcoin but trashing its currency at the same time, because it is against them.
Johnnytturbo (5 months ago)
Jack would be developing blockchain technology today. He doesn't want to use Bitcoin, but he wants to use it's underlying technology to print his own free money.
Dick Chingas (5 months ago)
Spoken like a true commie cocksucker! Fuck you and your cashless society.
TheXgame (5 months ago)
ECA, Electra coin is the future
Blockchain bhakt (5 months ago)
he sucks in philosophy, how is cashless helps society, its a trap
Kyle Ware (5 months ago)
He doesn't like bitcoin but he loves Tron
Raidel Pichardo (5 months ago)
I'll take one of his paintings I believe will be a good investment lol
Momo Momo (6 months ago)
13/4/2018 it time to buy back digital money. good luck
Steve Sheldon (6 months ago)
Worth repeating - jump to 3:38. Could've been a two-second video.
Cesar mendoza sanchez (6 months ago)
quiero comenzar a ganar. que tengo que hacer?
Ajmal M U (6 months ago)
What bitcoin doing for society now I also curious? I like it block chain concept
clinton (6 months ago)
Informative video, take time to train your mind . with LEDU coin, you can get paid as a project creator
Marcus Lawson (6 months ago)
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Erdem X (6 months ago)
You can create thousends of Bitcoins but not 1 gram gold ! Gold is not creatiable . And there are other metals who are limited Than gold !
GhostlyX (7 months ago)
jack is a Tron(TRX) supporter not a bitcoin supporter, But jack ma does support the power behind bitcoin Blockchain!
Li Shiyao (7 months ago)
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Asif Ali Shah (7 months ago)
I love the way he reply about bitcoin. That's why im a big of him
Venus flytraps (7 months ago)
Hi Tuan Do, make a Vertcoin video, please. Do you already know Vertbase & Vertpig?
Archangel0376 (7 months ago)
Warren Buffet doesn’t believe in Amazon too yet Amazon went to the moon! Hodling Wabi Siacoin Cardano and IOStoken to Mars!👍👍👍👍
Jason Anselmo (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is a scam. Its a high tech Ponzi scheme just like Bernard Maddoff scam. Its a ticking time bomb.
Kishan Sri (7 months ago)
Tron trx
Richy Bitcoin (7 months ago)
I am available for any help regarding this type of investment. Lets grow together..
David williamcon (7 months ago)
Trollkiller 69 (8 months ago)
If you put the subtitles on, he said he is investing tons into Bitcoin.
Carlos Puig (8 months ago)
Imagine if Justin sun(trx) and jack ma teamed up! Now that would be a game changer🙂
Canis majoris (8 months ago)
Where bitcoin come from? Just a Japanese dude invention and everybody exchange hard cash for it.
Steve L (8 months ago)
ET phone home...lol
ABC (8 months ago)
he was acting and indeed very good, he would have alot of bitcoins , i bet,
Mondi AbdulBasith (8 months ago)
Jack Nakamoto pretend dont know lol
kevin vincent (8 months ago)
There you go “ The technology behind Bitcoin is very powerful”
Dipak Acharya (8 months ago)
The technology behind Bitcoin is huge and great but bitcoin is not great.........comedy statement.
Jessica Lee (8 months ago)
My Life (8 months ago)
Don't post against bitcoin & don't spread fake news...
Yasam Farooq (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is like gunpowder, cant be stopped.
ethereum coins (8 months ago)
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Freedom Togo (8 months ago)
awesome business man
Lear Drum (8 months ago)
Who ever said Bitcoin makes cash go away
Dollarcross Luciano (8 months ago)
Listen: This is the future of Bitcoin. Digital currency has come to stay and will never go away. It will transform as technology improves but again digital currency is here to stay.
Michael Odiase (8 months ago)
This man is one of my fav personal
Red Army (8 months ago)
i have 1282 Bitcoin
Cpt. Murray (8 months ago)
Most of bitcoin enthusiasts say they understand the technology behind it and how it could change the future, however it's doubtful they do. As well said by Jack, it is shameful to pretend you know something while you actually don't.
Crj X (8 months ago)
Buy zcash
tinoushgtr (8 months ago)
He says i like transparency and i hate corruption. Well North korea has had a lot of benefits and financing those rockets true bitcoin and mining. LOL
Jason Brooks (8 months ago)
Answer the question directly...people look up to you, and you know more about cryptocurrency than the average. You're not an actor, stop acting as one.
Juan Perez (8 months ago)
We want a cashless society where everyone will be equally miserable and slave
Zed Wolfram (8 months ago)
There's a fork coming up, MoneroV is the new coin (from Monero XMR) which is supposed to be airdropped soon. Hodl Monero for now. Thank me later mate.
Klifford AQuesi (6 months ago)
Zed Wolfram has it already happen?
Jasmeen (8 months ago)
Agree with you John, MoneroV is the hard fork of Monero and all Monero coin holders will receive 10x their XMR balance amount as MoneroV coins (XMV) after the fork.
mironyuk (8 months ago)
He is mr Nakamoto!!!!!! Sike the banks created bitcoin
Think Big Online Sales (8 months ago)
Jack Ma is one of the Chinese richest man and founder of Alibaba
Adam Brake (8 months ago)
Wow...this could be the next usa president... wow
Gabru munda jatt (8 months ago)
He is the founder of bitcoin
LEARN 2 EXCEL (8 months ago)
He says that he aware of blockchain technology and cashless society....but he pretends that he doesn't know anything about Bitcoin......here the thing is , he knows about Bitcoin , but he was not at all interested in speaking about Bitcoin..... something fishyyyyy😇
Ryan Ray (8 months ago)
Look guys , this just happened in China . Imagine this , other countries for sure will follow China sooner or later
hartono darmadji (8 months ago)
ada yang lebih HEBAT DARI bitcoin >>>>> BATKIK<<<<<<(alias BATU AKIK} LEBIH KELIHATAN DAN LEBIH HEBAT>>.>>>>
hartono darmadji (8 months ago)
iircaz kebab (8 months ago)
John Lee (8 months ago)
a sheer criminal westerners never understand
Ferdynan Iskandar (8 months ago)
Yeah.. Just heard that pope don't understand about Bible too 😉
sonam negi (9 months ago)
When i purchase a bitcoin . Then whom i am paying my currency to buy a bitcoin. If no one owns it
Sarah Yang (9 months ago)
At least he is honest that he doesn't know.
Tak Chi (9 months ago)
I admire him. If you don't know something but pretend to know it. It's shameful.
Asd Reh (9 months ago)
Looks like everywhere is fraud going on and people getting fooled.that's the actual game.
J Easter (9 months ago)
A haha a Chinese Business man saying he hate corruption. Its like Martin Luther King saying he just wants to see the world burn. Nice try Chinky
radiocrash (9 months ago)
Bit coin isn't for him because he's teaming up with Justin Sun to use the TRX Coin
F M (9 months ago)
Ms. Aly Baba bitcoin is a fairy tale. You know that and must tell people the truth.
Herb Petit (9 months ago)
Jack Ma's engineers are working with Tron's block chain. Invest in that instead of bitcoin.
Metin Memis (9 months ago)
TRON! TRX! future!
EMO G NYONYA (9 months ago)
mr jack ma i had question...can u make ali express and ali baba payment via bitcoin please...its more easy to pay via bitcoin...i'realy hope someday ali express and ali baba using payment by bitcoin
Jojo Estanero (9 months ago)
If you dont know its not shameful, but if you pretent to know which you dont know thats shameful- jack Ma
Planet Duh (9 months ago)
Nice guy
dkvdnekfdekdk32& (9 months ago)
from second 36 Mr Ma is cycling around the subject for 1 minut. I thought he was getting ready for a brilliant answer. If you don't know, it is not shamefull. But if you don't know, but you're pretending you know, it is very shamefull. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS FRAGMENT WILL NEVER BE IN THE COMPILATION OF JACK MA's MOST BRILLIANT MOMENTS.
Chris McMillion (9 months ago)
TRX.X get on TRON
Albert Thane (9 months ago)
Alibaba is still Alibaba!!!
dresell4940 (9 months ago)
Miraj Ali (9 months ago)

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