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How Does Sony Manage To Get So Many Exclusives?

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Sony and PlayStation are known for exclusive games, but how exactly does that happen? How do they build a portfolio? Let's dive in. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Loveunit (58 seconds ago)
Either they have better analysts, or bigger balls than Microsoft.
Icant (1 day ago)
Because so+many=sony
Mike Marks (1 day ago)
I'm an xbox fan and I'll admit Sony kicks Microsofts ass when it comes to exclusives they perform so well that they dont need multiplatform support the way Microsoft does
Mike Marks (1 day ago)
Life of black tiger was confirmed to be a joke game they even released it on a joke holiday April 1st aka April fool's day
Eddie P (1 day ago)
I just wish sony didnt abandon the vita or made a sequel to it.
Eddie P (1 day ago)
If xbox invested in jrpgs theyd be solid. I love sony and their exclusives theyve dropped lately but the jrpgs they dropped during slow times helped me get through this gen. Same with the switch. It gets pretty dry but nintendo keeps a gem or 2 as well
blckboy 71 (1 day ago)
well the answer is ps4 is the best platform to play video games on
Ignacio Rivera (1 day ago)
Dave Meredith (2 days ago)
They have built these teams up for years. They invest and help their teams and allow them freedom. Now they are reaping the rewards.
Brian Patrick (2 days ago)
Falcon’s audio sounds weird
Tyler Brock (2 days ago)
They invest in devs instead of micromanage them into the ground.
Carlos Saft (2 days ago)
Crackdawn 2, was a 70/60 metacritic game, now crackdawn 3 should be game of the year? Please, yuu can say that about halo or gears of war, but not about crackdawn 3.
James Ali (2 days ago)
Great video as always although it feels you need to sleep your tired
PUBG PLAYER (2 days ago)
With all the power the xbox one x has now... game developers must be dumb to release games on ps4 pro.
PUBG PLAYER (2 days ago)
I bought the Xbox one X instead of PS4 pro. Now i feel like crap.😑 I already own the ps3 and ps2 from sony. The only reason i bought it because it had more power and handle heavier games than its rival ps4 pro. but the real joke is, there are no such detail heavy game on xbox!
Real fake Pewdiepie (3 days ago)
Becuz they rich and they pay the company monies
Pvt. Salem (3 days ago)
You are talking too Much about indiegames dude
Evil 1 (3 days ago)
When I want to play Forza I boot up my XBox. When I want to play Horizon I boot up my PS. While I do what I love, play games, I’ll leave the kids to argue who’s “console” is bigger...
Gabe Newell (3 days ago)
PC game is better
ninjalemurdude (4 days ago)
I play PS4, but I'm not personally a fan of exclusives. It's not worth shelling out 300-400 dollars to buy an XBOX just for a small handful of games. I guess it's good for the market though, right?
Eric G (4 days ago)
Came to this channel after so many months, falcon sounds different, more nasly
Andrew (4 days ago)
i just bought an xbox x and im pissed spiderman is only on ps4
andrechkl (4 days ago)
You needed 8 minutes to explain this?! It's very simple: they own 8 major high quality first party studios plus a few more and 4 quality second party studios (second meaning they are not owned by sony but have exclusivity contracts for all their titles with them, at least for now) plus two more. These studios alone are enough for sony to churn out titles one after another. Yes, they do sign exclusivity contracts for certain games from some third party studios but these are mostly to fill in the gaps.
Adresh Ahmed (5 days ago)
PlayStation is boss👍👍
Ryan Dwyer (5 days ago)
Horizon zero dawn is whaaaack af
Karma TAM (5 days ago)
Microsoft who invented window computer Sony = ??? Microsoft one of biggest company Sony= ???
out of fall 11 (5 days ago)
Can somebody please Explain the diffrence between first party and third party developers.
Lava Yuki (5 days ago)
I'm a JRPG fan, so I really like the Sony exclusives like Disgaea, Persona and Tales. Crash Bandicoot and Nier Automata were initially Sony, but Xbox seems to have gotten dibs on them now albeit much later than the PS4 release
Kyle Phantom (5 days ago)
Love both Xbox and Playstation. Anyone who says Playstation the master race or pc or Xbox. I imstantly want to wack them so hard with a aluminum bat.
Kdn (6 days ago)
BLOODBORNE PVP (6 days ago)
Sounds nothing like Falcon!!!
Ayush Redhu (7 days ago)
Exclusives are coming to give last push to PS4 sales because PS5 is on the corner, probably in E3 2019 PS5 will get introduced.
James (7 days ago)
Umm, Nier Auotmata =/= PS4 Esclusive. That is all.
Raghav Duggal (7 days ago)
Who came here thinking the title read "How does Sony manage to get so many Excuses.?".
Doommc44 Conley (7 days ago)
I'm thinking about getting a PS for the last of us 2 but i want a opinion
bauan jalal (7 days ago)
soon they will also make gta VI ps4 Exclusive!
Ers Zen (7 days ago)
Guilherme Ferreira (7 days ago)
Being Evil. Answered. Now go see another video.
Mega Max (7 days ago)
Sony is not Microsoft simple.
Isaac Ezac (8 days ago)
Show profit and make more money
Leonardo DaVinci (8 days ago)
What are you talking about... Sony has been controlling the best games for like forever.
Dustin Flick (8 days ago)
Man I've been eagerly waiting for dreams for so long. It's the highest game on my list for forever now.
Seahawksl1969 (8 days ago)
I have no interest in Playstation.
crazeeavery XVII (8 days ago)
The answer is very simple.. They own most of the Studios making those exclusives.
Szabolcs Zimonyi (8 days ago)
So how exactly? Talking about nothing for 8 minutes once again
Epsilon's Dilemma (9 days ago)
There's no reason to buy a PS4 over building a similarly priced PC with mid level gaming specs except those exclusives. Sony is making sure that their consoles remain relevant through great exclusives and milking this platform for as long as possible, paying for the overhead of their games' exclusivity with the revenue of their console sales. Microsoft XBox on the other hand, either due to poor luck, bad management or just not being good at picking the right projects, sees that their exclusives lineup isn't as compelling, so they just released their biggest titles to the PC as well and indirectly labelled their console as a convenient extension of the PC for gaming purposes. In this process, XBox pulled more players towards the GAMES instead of the CONSOLE, to compete against Sony. If Microsoft had stuck with the same business model as Sony while losing these small battles, they wouldn't even have been able to profitably compete within a few years. Smart move, better games for all of us, while the consoles have saved their relevance for a few more generations. However the practice of console exclusives is unhealthy for the industry at large. No matter how good a game may be, it won't reach the same level of penetration as a console exclusive as it would have being platform independent, and that is holding gaming back in multiple ways.
Umer Salman (9 days ago)
Mehh. The only game i am looking for are last of us 2 and kingdom hearts 3. Goddamn kingdom hearts should get released before i die.
Giogio Caporaletti (9 days ago)
Overkill’s the walking dead
white wakanda (9 days ago)
Because Sony makes interactive movies instead of games and they are cookie cutter, they all look and act the same just different skin
Natanel Davidoff (9 days ago)
Because good games will always be on a good console. Simple logic.
Daniel Jaeger (9 days ago)
80 mil ps4 sold. 5 mil gow sold. And people incist on that first party nonsense!
Paul (9 days ago)
an exclusive doesn't mean good game
C4 & SpudGuns HD (9 days ago)
Still no mention of pubg on ps4 🙈
The Angry Gamer 360 (9 days ago)
The answer to the question is painfully obvious: Sony doesnt take advantage of its partner companies. Sony buys high, sells higher. Microsoft buys low, sells high which is the smart move HOWEVER only in the short term. In the long term, buying low selling high doesnt give you the opportunity to buy AT ALL. Why do you think Destiny on PS4 gets exclusive shit? Microsoft fucked Bungie over when buying Halo. Dont fuck people over and they'll keep coming back.
They said themselves in e3 2018 when asked that they give creative freedom AND that their job is to remove obstacles from devs in order for them to be able to make their game.
Tastet 55 (9 days ago)
They invest in their own studios. And 3rd party devs want to work with them because they give full creative freedom
Dimi000 (9 days ago)
ghost of tsushima :D
Dan (9 days ago)
Was that a grime instrumental in the intro or am I crazy?
Tapan Joshi (9 days ago)
dodged a big one not buying xbox one!
Old Time Gamer (9 days ago)
BY PAYING the devs tons of money not to release their games for PC .. that's how... stupid video
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
Salty Xbox fanboys in the comments, and apparently 361 who disliked are obviously ones too. How pathetic.
Toxiicz.E5 (9 days ago)
Oh btw black ops 3 just became free ps plus Exclusive
Toxiicz.E5 (9 days ago)
Roninakuma where the hell did calling me a console fanboy, internet connection, steam deals and you showing off your mac?come from? Damn stupid pc players these days.
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
Because I own a PC & PS4 and I'm not stupid enough to pay extra for an Internet connection and a few shallow games. LOL Steam and GOG's library blow anything away that PSPlus or XBLA has, console fanboy.
Toxiicz.E5 (9 days ago)
Roninakuma at this point why the hell wouldn't you have ps plus, 9 year olds during christmas can just buy another 1 year member ship and get a new one every year and there are plenty of glitches to get 2 day member ships and when you go to buy it, it say PS PLUS EXCLUSIVE.
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
Not an exclusive and it's not free. You need to pay for PS Plus to get it. LOL
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
All I have to say about Xbox exclusives is this. "Most of them you can buy on PC." and that makes any exclusive argument fall apart for Microsoft.
jesper wikenholm (9 days ago)
Great exclusives? HAHAHA XD
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
I'd say HZD, God of War, Uncharted 4, TLOU, Yakuza 0, and Detroit are great exclusives... and those are just the ones that are already out with Spider-Man, TLOU II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding looking very promising.
TheAlas Bardes (9 days ago)
playstation is not console. it is a Playstation(:
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
er, OK then. smh
TheAlas Bardes (9 days ago)
No i mean a ``play station" that why i buy it .
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
I love the PS4 and its current exclusives but yeah, it's a console dude. You really sound like a peasant saying that.
ProoGenji (9 days ago)
I would tell you the differences must lie in management. If the management are people who really care about gaming and gamers and have the right vision, they will naturally attract good studios. If the company is ruled by investors and businessmen who only care about numbers and have no gaming taste, the result is plain to see.
river Brown (9 days ago)
Sony is better lol
harsharsenal1 (9 days ago)
Sony > Microsoft
NSXTypeRGTRLM (10 days ago)
Hey, Microsoft could also use the talent from Rare. Seemed to have worked well for Nintendo right until Microsoft bought them out.
Jānis R (10 days ago)
Not exlusive its complete garbage.
Kamron Thurmond (10 days ago)
If you need a reason to play a PlayStation console look to the video game The Last of Us.
GrayFox370 (10 days ago)
Exclusives hurt you the consumer the most.
W A X Y (10 days ago)
just wait xbox will make a come back
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
4 years and still waiting. That's a long ass time.
Nate Gilkerson (10 days ago)
Bullshit KILLZONE is one of the best shooter out there! Definitely the best on Playstation! This excludes KILLZONE shadow fall
Primed Galaxy (10 days ago)
Wouldnt exclusive games give the company who made that game gain less money if they only sold it to one system, if they sold the game to other platforms like pc or xbox, wouldnt it give an increase in sales, so an increase in money gained.
japhygato (10 days ago)
You said a lot of words but nothing at all. Weird?
Meme Machine (10 days ago)
As a Xbox owner, PS4 hands down has better exclusives. Only reason I got Xbox was because all my friends were on it, and I have to admit I’ve been regretting it. So many great games coming out. GoW, Detroit, Last of Us, and so much more. For every great exclusive Xbox has, PS4 has 5 more.
No No (10 days ago)
Sadly only one that matters. KNACK (2) BABYYYY
друг (10 days ago)
Despacito 2 is a Playstation Exclusive
level94836 (10 days ago)
DayeWilliams (10 days ago)
They been bringing heat since the PSX..nothing to be surprised about
King Loot (10 days ago)
Sony fanboys are fueled by this biased video about Sony and Xbox's E3 conference review of exclusives, Xbox's E3 announcements are the best off all of the console game announcements at E3 and nothing can change that. And have fun switching to your ps3 to play ps3 games while xbox one users play 360 games on the same console. Hope these fanboys still like their bethesda games with their unsupported modding system while xbox gods play with full modding capabilities. Filthy Sony fanboys. By the way, the entire uncharted series is garbage.
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
Whoah mUsiC He is biased. Microsoft's E3 conference was a disaster to anyone but the most delusional fanboy. LOL
Woah mUsiC (10 days ago)
you sound pretty bias
MrDonManny (10 days ago)
I look forward for the PS4 to continue to crush the competition on exclusive games. And for the Xbox One to continue on the EA path. Can you tell what councel I'm rooting for?
HamstaGanza (10 days ago)
Max Ramos (10 days ago)
CUPHEAD is not exclusive so you are wrong
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
A Real Gamer Which means it doesn't count. If you own even a low end PC, it's easy to run.
A Real Gamer (10 days ago)
it is console wise
Leon S Kennedy (10 days ago)
sony jerking off with Shinzo Abe as Japanese favoritism
Daniel Wellington (10 days ago)
A cold ? falcon has a cold.
Daniel Kudela (10 days ago)
They put first party studios to work on their exclusives
Rob Brockett (10 days ago)
Sound a Lil sick falcon! Feel better buddy
Juan Amaro (10 days ago)
I'm a old retro player but Sony's videogames looks so crisp and clear and real that it's scary. I'm waiting until one the character comes out of the screen and grabs me by the neck. LoL.
Shawn Benjamin (8 days ago)
Juan Amaro Why would you want that? I'd have a heart attack if such a thing happened.
Hello (10 days ago)
PC-gamers can get many of those for free, due to emulators.
Hello (9 days ago)
No it isn't. Like i said, its legal piracy, so technically it isn't piracy! But what matters is that it's legal. And it isn't immoral, as some emulators also charge money, as there is very high amounts of work going into making emulators. And emulators wouldn't exist if exclusives didn't exist. But emulators are also in use for old video games which people would like to experience for their platforms. And emulators are not only on the pc market, but also on the mobile market. And, if it was piracy, don't you think the devs of those games would've sued these people if they we're indeed doing something illegal? I bet the devs would've made tons of money from those paid emulators.
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
Keep telling yourself that. Like helping yourself to a friend's Blu-Ray collection without their permission is just borrowing it. You'll return it someday. Maybe.
Hello (9 days ago)
I mean yes sure, it's piracy, but it's legal piracy, and there is nothing immoral to it. Think of emulation as modding. And it's the developers fault that he or she chose not to include an entire platform.
Roninakuma (9 days ago)
Emulation is piracy. Keep telling yourself that while stealing that somehow it's okay.
Hello (9 days ago)
Lol, it's not piracy, it's legal. By them not choosing to make the game for pc gamers too, we can emulate it so that we also can play it.
Joel Rosario (10 days ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn was a risk for Sony. Not only had the Gorilla only worked on Killzone they had never done a game in that genre or in that scale. I can guarantee that when Gorilla studios approached Sony about a story-driven, open world game set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, Sony must have had serious reservations that the studio could pull it off or that they should invest time and money in that. But it worked. When Cory Barlog approached Sony about rebooting God of War, a franchise that was on the decline for the last generation. And when he proposed the father-son story and over the shoulder gameplay, I think Sony must have been apprehensive. And that is the thing. Not all of their games have been hits. But they take risks with their games. I don't think Microsoft wants to take risks. Halo, Gears of War, Forza, even Sea of Thieves. These are not really risks in my opinion. Take for example Quantic Dreams. taking on a game from this contreversial and divisive studio is always a risk. When Quantic approuched Microsoft with Heavy Rain last generation, Microsoft wanted them to change that game and take out all of the convtroversail stuff. This year Sony invested in that studio and succeeded. That game could have been a failure like the last two quantic dreams games were. But it succeeded. And that is why Sony is succeeding.
Dave Meredith (2 days ago)
Joel Rosario some truth in this. Sony has a pack of very talented Sony owned studios. They also allow risks and variety. Quantic Dreams is tesitment to this. They also allow major devs change up their formula.. Zero Dawn and God Of War... they put trust and money into projects. Been doing it for years. Dreams..... Death Stranding...Ghosts and Days Gone are all new takes from Sony owned Devs where as Death Stranding is something new ...
Ichwal Draggnel (7 days ago)
Joel Rosario true...sony always seen a talent developer wether its is new or old they always believe and unlike Microsoft that doesn't believe on developer make big games that need a big budget they CANCELLED IT....
I R (10 days ago)
why do you butcher the word game so much? stop trying to make GEM happen it's not going to happen...
Carlo Bissolotti (10 days ago)
1) Do you have a PC? Buy a PS4 or a Switch cause exclusives. 2) You don't have anything? Buy a PC and then if you want and can afford it go back to point 1.
EPires (10 days ago)
genuinely looking forward to consoles to die already so i dont have to buy them every 4 years
Liam Connolly (2 hours ago)
It’s been 5 years since the ps4 came out
Shawn Benjamin (8 days ago)
EPires Cheapskate.
Kent Reed (10 days ago)
The first game I’ve played on PlayStation was killzone. Around that time I’ve been playing a lot of halo 2 but I thought killzone was amazing. I gave up on halo and now play on a PlayStation
Clutchyfinger (10 days ago)
Crackdown 3 will be the nail in the coffin. Cus it will suck. I'm calling it. Crackdown 1 and 2 as a foundation is like a foundation made of...brittle foundation..material.
G Unit (10 days ago)
There exclusives are shit compared to the Xbox exclusives what do you mean?? Lol almost all Bethesda games are free with Xbox game pass now
Kabir Sh (10 days ago)
You gotta give it to Microsoft though, they make the best trailers.
I like your special effects on your video.

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