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10 Important Overwatch Dialogue Interactions You May Have Missed

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There's no shortage of important voice lines in Overwatch that add to its lore. But recently, a lot of new voice lines have been added that you might have missed, and they have some important facts 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (555)
Hanzo x Symmetra I physically cringed when he mentioned it. Not a good ship. And fuck you Moira, no wonder I don't like you! Mei is a cute bean who needs to be protected!
lilbigp (23 hours ago)
5:30 Mei-by Ahhahahahahahhahshahhshshdbdixgzsuj7sbdzdudOMG I'm SOoooooOoOO funny
Fish (1 day ago)
Matt Mercer, voicing a southern accent thats poorly attempting a Italian accent, and he nails it... this is why Im a Matt mercer fanboy.
megamaz (2 days ago)
Why did you fail at making the best joke in your title *Thumbnail*: Mei *Title should've been*: 10 Important Overwatch Dialogue Interactions You *MEI* Have Missed
jose garcia (2 days ago)
*wheeze* she's canadian (woah :o)
Lana Jukic (2 days ago)
Its Hanzo + Mccree 😝
Alaztair (3 days ago)
it's not torbjorn, it's torbjörn
Tori KittyCat (3 days ago)
Has anyone else heard junkrat saying something​ about someone liking him?
Preston Denoo (3 days ago)
Moria main (maybe me): sees this *laughter* I'm a jerk, aren't I?
HAMSTERMAN000 (3 days ago)
I've only ever got one voice interaction to happen and that with Widowmaker (my main) and d.va where Widowmaker says something like children shouldn't be in the fight and d.va says who you calling a child
It's sound like mccree and genji was yelling at each other.
Little Ghost (3 days ago)
Can u guys stop being mean to Mei it is so sad when she cries and u saying good 😞😔😣😖😭
WarDemon Hunter (4 days ago)
"I'm putting a rock in this one" wtf mei
DarkWolf546YT -2 (4 days ago)
When doomfist sugests hanzo to enter to talon
H3ROPLAYZ 3905 (4 days ago)
Mccree getting fired from his undercover job
Spy: medic , medic , medic . Moira makes me cry.
Juvinosport ZNC (5 days ago)
Karl Gunnar Sunnanå (6 days ago)
I call my father by his name. That dels not mean He is not my father
7:57 I didn't even hear the Italian accent
TheFairestInTheLand (7 days ago)
Ummmm how did mercy find out?
The Tech Mate (7 days ago)
WHat is better? shadowplay or OBS?
ms vanjie (7 days ago)
Rip mei Symmetra and hanzo are officially soul mates
DreamCatz (7 days ago)
i feel bad for mei ;-;
Vicky ciocan (7 days ago)
As an italian,i actually believe McCree speaks better than some actual italians 😂😂
Satya Vaswani (7 days ago)
5:56 Oh boi...
Skull Kid (7 days ago)
Hanzo means he's autistic as well.
Oliver Beuchert (8 days ago)
i'm thinking pharah referred to her father by his first name simply because they wanted to name drop him
Guardian Phoenix324 (8 days ago)
How is that last one important. It's more comedic.
uxserdvghbjl (8 days ago)
OR we can actually have a Native American in a video game and or movie
Luis Carlos García (8 days ago)
Moira did something with gabriel In retribution asks is he is ok
Luis Carlos García (7 days ago)
No, is about experiments with the spectral powers
Satya Vaswani (7 days ago)
Moira x Reaper confirmed?
sans (8 days ago)
Symzo 😊
eclipse_d. midnight (8 days ago)
i have a weird feeling that pharas dad kept her out of overwatch and Sam will be hero 28
TigerKirby215 (8 days ago)
Gibe Canadian OW hero plz.
Win Stoned (8 days ago)
that pharah jacked your sextuple kill LOL
Lon30n3 (8 days ago)
If that Hanzo thing with Sym is real. Brace for the all the rage McHanzo shippers rage. It'll be so good to see those tears.
Fricken Frick (8 days ago)
The Moria and Mei interaction almost made me cry
erfan moaref (9 days ago)
5:23 devil may cry
Austin Hunter (9 days ago)
Michael Chu has gone on record saying that voice lines aren't canon. So even If the Hanzo/Sym lines did indicate something (which they barely do. Sounds platonic at best) they might have absolutely no bearing on the overall story
Trickster Gamer (9 days ago)
Nice to no no one gives a fuck about my weeb I know he got one but no one spoke to him
OverWatch Tracer (9 days ago)
5:58 Oh boy, First Mchanzo and now this ( I’ll be honest I only like the straight ships so I approve)
Kartono Khachun (10 days ago)
Moira Made Mei cry GOOD
Be nice to me (10 days ago)
Moira is so savage that she made the devil cry.
Red GP (10 days ago)
5:37 GOOD!
chaoskid (10 days ago)
5:37 You hate mei I HATE YOU!!!!!! And I'm not talking about Moira
Xx UltraGaming xX (10 days ago)
Crazy theory with no actual proof, what if Talon came to the base in Antarctica and shut down all the other pods except meis. Crazy theory, but I could believe it.
Satya Vaswani (7 days ago)
I will take your opinion under advisment... But yeah, they might have missed this capsule for some reason, maybe they didn't have enough time(because a snowstorm might was coming), or has something to do with snowball...
MyLuckPro (10 days ago)
Country folk doing an Italian accent. Sounds like an Inglorious Bastards reference.
Fezgaming 123 (11 days ago)
The genji gameplay in the back is my potg
Jon Laskonen (11 days ago)
You MEI have missed heh end me pls
Clara Young (11 days ago)
TGN is the buzzfeed/watchmojo of overwatch
Laura Stricker (11 days ago)
Mike Madsen Sørensen (11 days ago)
It is actually highly unlikely that Moira wanted Mei to cry. She have no issue with Mei, and seem to ask merely out if scientific curiosity. Issue is that Moira is lacking empathy. In her mind, she would simply see Mei's dead colleagues as the best examples of what can happen through prolonged cryostasis. To her, they are dead, and simply objects to be examined. The way she addressed Mei isn't showing disdain either, as she clearly uses first names when she spites someone. Mei were given her title in a respectful manner, and Moira wanted to know what she, as a scientist, could tell her of the failure that took her colleagues, and cryogenics in general likely. Moira didn't expect Mei to get emotional over it though, which fits well with her personality, that is clearly showing a lack of empathy with others.
Banana Manden (11 days ago)
When are you gonna do something else that not clickbait like “10 things EVERY [insert character here] main hates” like only 30% only hate those things you say in those videos. So please just make things non-overwatch related for once
Jacob Craft (11 days ago)
Moira knows solider is jack?
meijidragon (11 days ago)
In french, the added interaction between McCree and Moira in Retribution (When you are approaching the last zone) could be translated like this: McCree: Am am literate! I sometimes read books without pictures! Moira: McCree, You are an idiot! In french, it was too complicated to mix the accent to had a bad Italian accent, so they completely changed the interaction. At least, they kept the essential thing: McCree is an idiot, and Moira doesn't hesitate to tell him.
ninjaeris131 (11 days ago)
If anyone has seen SeigaVA Sassy Zenyatta, the one where Zenyatta does a Windows reboot at the very sight of Retribution Genji? Yeah, that happened with the discovery of the newest(?) ship for me
Mads Hoodie (11 days ago)
you're right I *MEI*of missed some of them
Oscar myrland (11 days ago)
What about torbjörn mocking symmetra about her autism? Torb: i think there is something om you dress Sym: no there isn’t
Lonnygold 4 (12 days ago)
Brigette and bastion have a voice line we’re she asks him how her fathers armor is holding up for him. Then bastion responds with beeps
Tallyme (12 days ago)
Mac Mcdonald (12 days ago)
Dude Moira makes everyone cry #RIPcompPlay
Laura Solis (12 days ago)
El diálogo entre doomfist y hanzo es interesante porque Hanzo llama a doomfist por su nombre de pila, Akande, en lugar de usar su apellido. Tengo entendido que los Japos solo llaman por su nombre de pila a las personas que conocen desde hace tiempo o tienen más libertad de tuteo. Vamos que igual y Hanzo si que considero unirse a Talón cuando su padre murió y el quedo a cargo del clan
TidalSwitch GT (12 days ago)
you forgot to mention that lucio asks orisa to help him do something with or about vishkar where orisa responds that she is not too sure but she is programmed to help where she can
Katy The Party Girl X3 (12 days ago)
Awww Moira make Mei cry.......GOOD
giokiller64 a (12 days ago)
Mccree deluded my nation XD
Phantom Zelpha (12 days ago)
You Mei have missed?
Archer Jewell (12 days ago)
When I first heard McCree's Italian accent in game I died..."can I uhhh get you uhhh somethin to drink?"
Caique Costa (12 days ago)
McCree's accent is a reference to Inglorious Bastards
Vidal Arellano (12 days ago)
And like that The Symmzo ship has finally sailed
infra sight (12 days ago)
#2 could be said about literally everyone in the game. Everyone hates moira
Sanzo? Hymmetra?
Satya Vaswani (7 days ago)
Tobias Cruz (13 days ago)
Nooooo McHanzo HAS to be cannon
Zryxeon (13 days ago)
'Ey Moxiness Please do "the complete history and lore of Mei" We need this.
Edward Tancak (13 days ago)
Genji and junkrat seem to speak, oddly enough quite friendly Junkrat: and I thought I took my licks. Genji: I was a reckless youth, but you are something else entirely.
Tsumari's World (13 days ago)
This was an amazing video! Thank you for putting so much work into this!
Froggzle (13 days ago)
oh yeah, widowmaker and dva. widowmaker: This Is No Place For A Child To Be Dva: Who Are You Calling A Child? when I heard this, I was laughing so much idk why tho
Satya Vaswani (7 days ago)
Correction: "This is no place for Children" I know cuz I main D.va s well.
Froggzle (13 days ago)
Moira gave reyes the ability to turn to dust and do good at killing
Marshimus (13 days ago)
You should have added Reaper doing his sarcastic clap at 8:03
imagine purple (13 days ago)
Froggyman145 (13 days ago)
Inexcusable. This video is not titled "10 Important Overwatch Dialogue Interactions You Mei Have Missed".
Nathan Evans (13 days ago)
Sam might be a step dad
DJtrollZz (13 days ago)
Trey Taylor (13 days ago)
I think Bastion should get an extra ability
Jemso999999999 (13 days ago)
mikeisright 3 (13 days ago)
“Aww Moira made Mei cry! *Good*”
Samwise495 (13 days ago)
And I thought Sly's Italian accent in Sly 3 was bad
ChippsyRipsyy 070 (13 days ago)
you forgot if you put tracer and widow in a team widow says: looks like we finally working thogeter
djwaglmuffin (13 days ago)
I don't think Symm/Hanzo was important other than a small glimpse into what values each characters uphold. But I don't think Hanzo is as uptight about "order". Discipline, sure. Not order.
MrToast0103 (13 days ago)
i heard #1 in game and that he had to use it because he was posing as a waiter as a cover job in retribution at the restaurant were you get picked up
EnchantedSoul247 (13 days ago)
I would really love if blizzard confirmed hanzo x symmetry (plz don’t kill me yet) it is such an underrated couple and their personalities are really similar. If you disagree I respect your opinion and feel free to comment telling me why I’m wrong.
Lady Ivy Vine XIII (14 days ago)
There is an interaction I adore where McCree says to Moira, "You always thought hiring me was a mistake." Moira replies, "The best mistake one could ever make." Her reply is actually said rather affectionately. It has always made we wonder if there is a past romance or friendship there that still lingers.
Lady Ivy Vine XIII (14 days ago)
I think you misread Moira's tone. I think she is more interested in preventing a repeat of the tragedy.
Jerry Ginzel (14 days ago)
THe bad italian accent is likely an Inglorious Bastards reference
Logan Cunningham (14 days ago)
Awe, Moria made mei cry....*GOOD* 😈
Logan Cunningham (13 days ago)
Edit: It was actually sad.
Maggie Hiebert (14 days ago)
FUKC YOU GO TO HELL Go die in a 🔥🔥🔥🔥
David Camacho (14 days ago)
How does Moira know? Nothing she says hints to her knowing? We're just assuming. Moira really cares about research. So she could've sincerely wanted to know
MythicalToaster (14 days ago)
Can I uh get-you-somethin-to-drink
Trash Co (14 days ago)
Wait it’s possible to make Satan to cry

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