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10 Important Overwatch Dialogue Interactions You May Have Missed

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There's no shortage of important voice lines in Overwatch that add to its lore. But recently, a lot of new voice lines have been added that you might have missed, and they have some important facts 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (838)
ackerman Titans (1 day ago)
Wow so symmetra , ana , moira are the evils , actually just by hearing their vioces i know the are evils
ackerman Titans (1 day ago)
Fuck you Moira
;;Sombra (2 days ago)
In Latin American dub I think Mei cries more than in English, At least how I renember at least.
Omar. (4 days ago)
Moira just keeps on more badass by every event lol .. except for her skins
Jimmy Huynh (4 days ago)
I like the Hanzo and widow maker
Pixel's studio (5 days ago)
Mattis Grotegerd (6 days ago)
Oh god...
Kha Duy (6 days ago)
Why you hate mei
demoneye (7 days ago)
Mei is not bad mei player is the one that is bad
SiuL PR (9 days ago)
Is it possible that OverWatch or blizzard make a movie out of OverWatch en If so what if they make the movie as a surprise box to everyone just to compensate the final ending of OverWatch if they ever do how big the reaction would be in the social media
MaybeeShark (9 days ago)
1:22 my now
Kurami Chan (10 days ago)
XD that last one lol
sonic speed gaming (11 days ago)
I got the one when tracer says some thing to Winston
Jaidyn Fritz (11 days ago)
Poor Mei
Everything Great (11 days ago)
#1 confused me...why is that important again? AM I MISSING SOMETHING??? IS GOD DEAD?
RBS Adventures (12 days ago)
Jeez how come everyone hates mei she’s so nice
The Human Souls (12 days ago)
Jamie Hind (12 days ago)
Mel is God
cosmiccosmog (12 days ago)
awwww moira made mei cry GOOD
Blue Animator (13 days ago)
She's so sweet
Blue Animator (13 days ago)
Idk why you hate her so mutch?
Blue Animator (13 days ago)
Hey mei can be a nice person
No_Name Proxy (13 days ago)
Mccree your accent in Italian is little wrong, if you want learn the real "accent italian" I can help you, I'm Italin lol. Wait maybe He want learn the accent Venetian, is little different from the normal italian.....MCCREE SAID ALWAYS SPAGHETTI AND PIAZZA, and we'll understand you.
Yes-a mcree I would-a like-a some spaghet
Galactical Animator (14 days ago)
Mr. Sleuth Fortnite (14 days ago)
I am so sad about Mei's dead friends 1 like makes mei happy more
Wiliam Afton (16 days ago)
Satan crying oh my god
AquilArgento† (16 days ago)
That Italian accent is awful, an Italian is telling you this
Nickolas Bradham (18 days ago)
The NVIDIA Shadow Play at 8:12 got me. I was like, "Wait what? I didn't press anything."
Mary Kate Harmon (19 days ago)
The 76 and Moira line more made me think that he resented Moira genetically altering and experimenting on Reyes and Moira is pushing back on why Soldier didn't notice anything was happening earlier. Real questions: If Moira was already in Talon, how much did she push Reyes until he ended Overwatch? Is there any abuse/manipulation involved between her relationship with Reaper? WHY ISN'T THERE MORE FANFICS ABOUT THIS?
The Real Rugs (22 days ago)
Mei: "crys" me: (silent) ahhhhhhh Moira: mmmm? Me: "tackles Moira" Me: FFFFUUUCKKKK YOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!
Charles Millera (23 days ago)
Sanzo team unite
angel cat (23 days ago)
Its hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
AbysmalAce139 (24 days ago)
How about just adding Athena already!
AbysmalAce139 (23 days ago)
+BoboFett 72 ...fair point...
BoboFett 72 (23 days ago)
+AbysmalAce139 because they have other characters to add
AbysmalAce139 (23 days ago)
+BoboFett 72 yeah I know but she has been a part of the game for so long why haven't they added her yet.
BoboFett 72 (23 days ago)
Because adding character isn't that easy
Armour Farmer (24 days ago)
was sam samsung?
Friday 13 (25 days ago)
Guys! I just found the rarest voice line in the game! Its for widowmaker, and its sais: -I am moving the payload!
Friday 13 (25 days ago)
4:40: its normal to call our parents in their name. I call my father János too! (whats his name)
Glitch Animations (25 days ago)
We need Jetpack cat in the real game.
Xxwilliam5avi93 xX (26 days ago)
Its prononsed (Fare)<>(A)
Alex (26 days ago)
If their is a diva and a sombra on the same team diva will say “ I can’t stand you hackers you give us people with skill a bad name” and sombra says “ you know that’s not the type of hacking I do, right?”
Sky Panda Gaming (26 days ago)
Sam is probably Pharah’s stepfather or he and Ana weren’t married.
CaptainKitty (28 days ago)
Hanzo/Symmetra is retarded.
Datboi 420 (1 month ago)
5:22 well mei kinda deserves it for freezing others solid
Datboi 420 (23 days ago)
Datboi 420 (23 days ago)
You have a piont
BoboFett 72 (23 days ago)
No she doesn't. Whoevers playing Mei is the one freezing people.
MY N4M3 IS J3FF (1 month ago)
anyone watching this after the release of the hero 'wrecking ball'? (5:05)
S_T4R (1 month ago)
welp looks like the ships have sailed hanzo and symmetra bout to be getting some fanfiction
Maximos Newbern (1 month ago)
I just got overwatch today
Räver (1 month ago)
Why Mei Cry why not Devil Mei cry xD
BoboFett 72 (23 days ago)
Ba dun tis
Cyro Orion (1 month ago)
Lybra101 (1 month ago)
These are the questions
SimilarOtaku (1 month ago)
Spaghetti is important and it must be savored.
Project ZEVOLITA (1 month ago)
How dare you, mei maybe evil in the game but she’s sweet lore wise, I’m reporting this video for abuse
Igzilee (1 month ago)
umm its Reinhardt's daqughter, not torbjorn's daughter...
David Gebel (1 month ago)
Reno Brooks (1 month ago)
Inglorious bastards McCree :D
A (1 month ago)
Why did i comment this?
James Bernadette (1 month ago)
Hmm... now that I think about it, Shimmetra would be the first strictly platonic romantic ship. Hanzo is clearly focused on himself and his own inner struggles whereas Symmetra, having relatively mild case of ASD, seem to struggle with concepts like love. Respect towards one another and seeing eye to eye philosophically certainly paints a strong picture of political marriage with mutual respect.
Lt Scouton (1 month ago)
But iss mine now
simon larsen (1 month ago)
Tracer and sombra Got one - Where Tracer says she knows Where sombra stole her translocater from
Red panda Animates (1 month ago)
Poor Mei ;(
Gary Flanagan (1 month ago)
Pharah calls him Sam is probably because she knows he's stepdaddy. Cash money says either Gabriel or Jack is the real daddy if i'm right. (Double the wager says it was Gabriel.)
Shine Shiny! (1 month ago)
8:02 I’m Italian and I feel bad
Ragena Procunier (1 month ago)
Throws devil mei out the window welcomes devil moira
Emily McCloud (1 month ago)
Vex the Pichu (1 month ago)
Mei is a good girl who deserves happiness You guys are just mean
Cedra AlKarri (1 month ago)
5:34 me😂😂😂 Mei can gth
Rage Incarnate (1 month ago)
8:00 He sounds like johnny bravo!
Sava Kirilov (1 month ago)
All of us know ana is pharah's mother but i think jack morison (soldier 76) is her father
Lavender Townie (1 month ago)
'Hanzo and Symetra could both use a little more romance' *Points to McHanzo*
PJ Props (1 month ago)
AN SHITTY ITALIAN ACCENT THE FUCKING MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i agree
Adamari Godinez (1 month ago)
I personally enjoy the sombra dialogue with d.va and reaper
Red9282 The Robloxian (1 month ago)
*McCree speaking Italian* sOMeBOdY tOUcHA mY sPAgHEt
blackjack 87 (1 month ago)
Bouna sera signore... Potevano lasciarla nella versione italianaXD
Badr Sameh (1 month ago)
5:24 She deserves it
oblong (1 month ago)
why am i addicted to overwatch videos now?
LPS GalaxyRose (1 month ago)
D.va and Lucio have some really cute interactions. Such as Where is my favorite dj? And something involving dva being like play my favorite song or something then him being like tunes are great but your my favorite song. I ship BunnyRibbit.
captain_cool112 (1 month ago)
Moira made me cry... this is why moira is my least favorite character, I love mei, she's my favorite.
HemligAnannas EX (1 month ago)
Lillian Harvey-Parkes (1 month ago)
Genji and Zenyatta in Kings Row
10starpranks (1 month ago)
The Italian mcree reminded me of the part from inglorious bastards
Gamer Droid (1 month ago)
Mei is a jerk on the enemy team
Bush did 9/11 (1 month ago)
I also hate Moira a lot and then she made mei cry so now I hate her 10 times more
Frisk girl (1 month ago)
who knows Sam could be a step dad and Phara doesn't like him edit : like not as a dad but still likes him so she called him sam I only know a little bit of Phara and Ana back story so I could be totally wrong 😓
Ghost Dragon BG (1 month ago)
i want to see more of Mccree`s italian accent
Houndoom10 Ftw (1 month ago)
Cana ia saya asomethinga
the hell is happening (1 month ago)
György Fabos (1 month ago)
Reinhart and Ana flirt.
Mei is evil but cute. The perfect combo
Simse (1 month ago)
Zen read "binary". Kappa.
no ty (1 month ago)
*literally me reading the game browser* if girl hit you she marry you hot girl hanzo 18+ mccree mains only
mlg master FOXY gaming (1 month ago)
No one gives a shit about hanvo because he sucks
Olivia Mailhot (1 month ago)
How dare you speak of Hanzo and Symmetra possibly likening each other. Hanzo and McCree obviously like each other.
Aidan Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Cadalex1110 (1 month ago)
TGN : "Awww, Moira madr Me I cry! GOOD! " Me : "There isn't any better way to describe that!"
ALP_ FireFox (1 month ago)
No Mei :’ .....(
丂ひ尺キ (1 month ago)
Imagine symm know that her boss is talon side Symm will be like OH NO IM SECRETLY WORKING CHAOTIC
Mr. Piggly (1 month ago)
Split Rex (1 month ago)
Pharaoh stole your play at the beginning
Sweet Eats Sugar (2 months ago)
What about the one were solder 76 finds out Anna was alive ( I think I heard in one of the quickplays)
Garrett Rocks (2 months ago)
Bridget is Rineharts daughter
Chara (2 months ago)
The evil mei joke isn't funny anymore its just annoying

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