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How to upload a Custom Server Jar to a Minecraft Host (2017 Guide)

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Hey Guys, I made a tutorial here on how to upload your own Minecraft jar to a Minecraft host. Usually, Minecraft hosts are too lazy to add jars to their host for their clients to use. So this video should help! If you have any video recommendations you would like for me to make in the future, PLEASE comment it below! :D Have a Fantastic Day! ^-^
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Text Comments (7)
PerfectionPlayz (8 months ago)
out of 20 videos, only one that is remotely understandable for custom jar files. thank you.
RecentlyOnline (9 months ago)
does this work
Igor Pijetlovic (1 year ago)
i need the link
Mohamed khaled (1 year ago)
give me the link
Mohamed khaled (1 year ago)
hey i need link ok
LowRes (1 year ago)
Very helpful!
LowRes (1 year ago)

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