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Dragon Ball Super/Z「AMV」- Ready Or Not (Super-Cut) 1080p

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This is an anime music video of scenes from Dragon Ball Super and Z Dragon Ball Super/Z「AMV」- Ready Or Not (Super-Cut) I edited it with beats and notes in concern. Music: Ready Or Not TV Show: Dragon Ball Super This is a Fan-Made Anime Music Video All rights to the footage used in this video belong to Toei Animation JP.
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He wasn't ready
unJust Nero (1 year ago)
not to mention the outro song xD just awesome xD
Nayshjin (1 year ago)
Yea...I know right
unJust Nero (1 year ago)
just came to this vid through Dragon Ball Super「AMV」- Same Old War . You wanted some opinions? definitely better then the one i mentioned and were i saw your "advertisment". great potential because of epic editing. Hope you get some more views in the future. Good luck and keep on the good work
Nayshjin (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot, videos like these are all luck based , so if I suddenly get a boost in views that would be amazing .. Anyways thanks for your review spent quite a bit of time on it so I appreciate it
kuki luki (1 year ago)
Hi there. Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to your channel. Let me know when you have subscribed, so it is easier for me to subscribe back.
Gunslinger Rose (1 year ago)
Anseled you still need views
Gunslinger Rose (1 year ago)
kuki luki you won't get money off of subs you need views
Hessian (1 year ago)
Amazingly timed edits

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