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Minecraft Admin How-To: MaxBans [FREE]

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https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/maxbans/ A lot of great features in this plugin. You can customize all ban messages and even direct them on how to appeal bans. You're able to warn and have automated actions after so many warnings. Another great feature is you can lockdown the server and kick all users off the server. ======Credits=============================== Tutorial Music provided by Jake and Chris Fleming ~~~~~~Ways to Support~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/koz4christ Looking for a good server host? http://bit.ly/1aWPFY3 Looking for a network? http://bit.ly/mcfcurse --------Social------------------------------------------------------------------ Twitter = https://twitter.com/koz4christ Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/Koz4Christ/ ==========================================
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Text Comments (77)
Brad (3 months ago)
I like LiteBans more
Codename Turtle (4 months ago)
this combined with staff+ is op
Patrik Gamer (5 months ago)
Çan you exempt yourself on MaxBans?
THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! Needed to my server :)
Koz4Christ (6 months ago)
You're welcome!
PocketCraft (6 months ago)
How do I list all the banned people?
Coesmations (9 months ago)
Are you able to clear a players history?
Koz4Christ (9 months ago)
Yes, I believe that was one of the commands I mentioned
CaptainYoloG (9 months ago)
Please Do ShopGui+!!! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shopgui-admin-gui-shop-plugin.6515/ I am Having Problems With Permissions!! I can do /shop but I cant Select Any Shop Page!!!
Fire Blaze (9 months ago)
CaptainYoloG Yes, I agree! Please do!
Reflex Desingers (9 months ago)
https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/stafflist-website-addon-html.49922 can u please make a tutrial on this site!?
Cameron Dahl (9 months ago)
Please check out EzServer, it was made by me. It is a fast & free way to create a MC server. https://ezserver.camnooten.net if you'd like to check it out.
AllAboutRuptic (9 months ago)
You should do a seperate series for sponge plugins, like votifier on sponge (including a good listener), and such. It would be awesome.
Harry Pawter (9 months ago)
Hi! does anyone know how to do dupeip everytime I try to do that it says You do not have permission to use this command'
Viper (9 months ago)
Hey maybe you have a plugin that you can showcase about The game mode BattleRoyale?
Rocket League Fanatic (10 months ago)
Can you do a tutorial on Coupon plugin
Koz4Christ (9 months ago)
Stay tuned! *Spoiler Alert* This saturday :)
dea abd (10 months ago)
Killmachine NL (10 months ago)
how to use dynmap-worldguard?
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
Krishhh (10 months ago)
Could you please do a tutorial on zPermissions https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/zpermissions.11736/ This would really really help out players that want to setup a server. Thanks! :)
RarelyRoger (10 months ago)
PLZ Do PrisonGems I Would love some help! https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/prisongems
Marinesquirel (10 months ago)
Can you please do a tutorial on subservers 2? I haven't been able to find any thing on it. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/subservers-2.11264/ (free)
What would happen when u do all the plugins? 😟
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
Never going to happen. There are SO many plugins
Extreamfilmaking (10 months ago)
Hey kos4Christ I love the channel could you make a tutorial on the plugin Superbvote what I need help with is the cumulative voting on it I can't figure out how to set it up when ever I try it just doesn't work I want to be able to set numbers for votes like for example. 1 vote you get Voted rank 10 votes you get member I just can't seem to get it to work thank you I tried to mess with the config file mutiple times but it just does not work
CreepzHD (10 months ago)
Can you do Treasures [PRO] please! :)
povilas0408 (10 months ago)
Can you do a tutorial of paid ranks v3.8 plugin by the messageofdeath. I have multiworld setup and i don't want players to rankup in certain worlds for example hub world, but i want them to rank up in world groups like skyblock, skyblock_nether, skyblock_end another group survival, survival_nether, survival_end and i want ranks to be world group specific.
povilas0408 (10 months ago)
Koz4Christ I found that video but there is no config anymore and everything is done in ranks.yml and I don't know how to correctly set it up
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
RaveGraph (10 months ago)
This plugin should called LiteBans wannabe
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
But free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw9ikdHkDsM
Matrix (10 months ago)
Hey there! Thanks for replying to my comment. I am a setup specialist, I basically know the ins and outs of every plugin, think I could record some videos for you when you don’t have time?
BrytonBro (10 months ago)
Could you help me with Kiteboard?
Crazy Man949 (10 months ago)
How can i contact you?
Crazy Man949 (10 months ago)
I had mail you almost a week ago but haven't respond that's why. I want a tutorial on a premium plugin of mine.
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
depends on why but my contact info is on my website (koz4christ.com) or the about section of my YT
Crospin (10 months ago)
Can you please make a tutorial on CustomJukebox? I'm confused and I don't know how to use it. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/customjukebox.30577/
Jack (10 months ago)
Can you do a permissions setup for quicksell, everytime I put in the permission node to use the sell to a shop, It does not allow the group to sell to them...
Jack (10 months ago)
Hey Koz4Christ, my server is running on 1.10, I have pex working, and also my quicksell plugin working properly, I put - QuickSell.shops.C as the permission node and its not letting non op players sell items to the shop. I am very confused on why its not letting me. >.> is the plugin dead or something? Thanks.
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIZ2wwzhgbM also make sure that your perm plugin is working correctly and you added the node correctly.
Tomma Vlaemynck (10 months ago)
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
Xero Space (10 months ago)
Koz, can you please make a tutorial for FactionsUUID? Thank You!
Xero Space (10 months ago)
Does anyone have a link for citizens2 for 1.8?
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
Look at the past version on the citizens website
BrytonBro (10 months ago)
Yes!! Thanks for more plugin tutorials!
BrytonBro (10 months ago)
You should do kiteboard! Its a premium plugin.
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
Coming in hot!
cybernitegaming (10 months ago)
Do randomPackages (premium)
And raé (10 months ago)
Do this plug please. Its for RPG servers https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/racesandclasses
LolWatchThis XD (10 months ago)
I have been looking for this plugin for so long tysm ❤️❤️❤️
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
You're welcome!
Noah Emmert (10 months ago)
Nice IP 2:48
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
There's no place like :)
SoulWolfGamer (10 months ago)
that's the local host ip
LolWatchThis XD (10 months ago)
Unseen Minecraft LMAO
Unseen Minecraft (10 months ago)
Fine then. DDOS yourself LOL
Noah Emmert (10 months ago)
what if i wanna tho /: the ip is
jordan busschers (10 months ago)
Can you please make a tutorial about DungeonXL https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dungeonsxl.9488/ this really helps people who own RPG typed servers
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
I'll consider it!
SMG6 GAMING (10 months ago)
I am making a Minecraft server thru bungeecord. And I use advanced bans which on would you recommend this or advanced bans?
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
This has settings specifically made for bungeecord. I would use this plugin
Bört (10 months ago)
use this
BurakAbi (10 months ago)
Good :)
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
You're welcome!
Matrix (10 months ago)
nice to see you back!
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
Good to be back!
PyroKnight - Minecraft (10 months ago)
Do a plug-in tutorial of a plugin that is the best free shop plugin there is
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
I've done a lot of different shop plugins over the years
PyroKnight - Minecraft (10 months ago)
Nice vid
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
ConfusedPillow (10 months ago)
Very nice video great channel! I am about to release my server on my channel thanks for helping me learn!
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
No prob and thanks!

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