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Sansa Survives - Game of Thrones (Season 1)

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Well, here we go, The Long torturous Story of Sansa Stark. Lady Sansa is Played by the Beautiful Sophie Turner.
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Srishti Jahagirdar (2 days ago)
26:09 when I was a child I was very small 😂
Shaw McGee (2 days ago)
1:48 Arya in a helmet and the Hound helmeted. Cute foreshadowing
Ashleigh Tompkins (2 days ago)
God it's weird seeing everyone happy.... and alive... Old joke but it bears repeating.
Nicholas Carasso (3 days ago)
I wonder if Bran would have woken up from his coma if Lady wasn’t killed
Blue Diamond (5 days ago)
Cercei: Have u bled yet? Sansa and cat: o.o
Annie M. (7 days ago)
First time I get to understand the mountain is the older brother of the hound, the one who burned him.!!
DoNot my Donut (11 days ago)
DoNot my Donut (11 days ago)
Marie Wohler (12 days ago)
Please please do the queen of thrones. I think it would be a very interesting angle as well as Tormund.
Leon Martinek (17 days ago)
sophie turner really didnt age well
Gyasipk (26 days ago)
2:33 lol Joffrey eyeballing Sansa. Then Robb gave him the death glare. “You better stop staring at my sister. “
izzyGO52 (1 month ago)
1:01:11 is when i started loving Sansa, now she knows how much of a sleazy cunt Joffrey is she starts growing a bit of a backbone. 42:38 Joffrey was kinda right about that since she never left until literally the day (moment) he died. 15:33 despite not telling the truth at least she didn't lie and take Joffrey's whiny side, still a dick move though.
Hannah O (1 month ago)
her nanny, the septor, was so brave...it made me sad to see her go
Dr tech nayak (2 months ago)
Big O (2 months ago)
In your opinion who suffered more, Sansa or Arya?
Big O (2 months ago)
1:15 In real life if you put your index finger right on the arrow it will scratch you when you shoot. Missie Williams (Arya) was 14 at this time? she looked younger. So sad, the Starks were a whole and happy family before King Robert named Ned Stark as Hand of the King.
French Horn (3 months ago)
29:30 Little Finger slithers off screen.
Shaw McGee (2 days ago)
LF doing all he can do.
Bontemps Quiggy (3 months ago)
Arya 😈✌
Farhat Nizam (3 months ago)
Joffrey is a huge butt
Catherine Maniago (3 months ago)
Poor horses.😐😔
EM (3 months ago)
House stark really is a perfect house
Dave Snyder (3 months ago)
Id be so embarrassed if my king my husband acted like that at dinner,you can see it in Cersies eyes.and her son my god what a punk and a bullie.and quite a big baby.
Trisha Ete (3 months ago)
Can any guys tell what episode is this in season 1?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
it is all of sansa's parts from season 1. you can not watch full episodes on youtube. so this is her from episode 1 thru episode 10 of season 1.
Rovey Amestoso (3 months ago)
"please make father say yes" lmaooooo
Brian Gates (3 months ago)
I'd never noticed before the guy holding Ned's head up at 56:43
geobabe73 (3 months ago)
"get her a dog, she'll be happier for it."
Sean Craven (3 months ago)
50:25 little fingers face lolol....
kaitlyn amira kerr (3 months ago)
27:39 holy shit… I forgot about this. I am nauseous.
delusion world (4 months ago)
How old is sansa in first season
Juee B (4 months ago)
eirenehikila (4 months ago)
sansa was a bitch in season 1
magok thon (4 months ago)
its a very fascinating movie , need season 8 now
No Soup For You (5 months ago)
Come on, the only reason why Joffrey turned out this way is because his mother made him this way
Niki Giannoutsou (5 months ago)
It was completely pointless to have littlefinger telling sansa sandor's story! There was no reason for it, it just came up! The book's version was far better!
MA. REZA PARADERO (5 months ago)
ambiyosang sansa..peste..
michaelmath (5 months ago)
Wow she looks young
Leyla Rustamova (6 months ago)
I wonder how different things would've been now if Ed lived. Imagine the paradise in the north. The whole family living together, all well and alive, and Oleanna poisoning Joffrey, Jamie, Cersei and all other assholes, thus making Westeros a better place
Leyla Rustamova (6 months ago)
Can someone please explain to me how they filmed all the horse scenes? I get that the blood is fake, obviously, but what about love behavior? I can't stand the though of making a horse frightened just to film a scene, after all, the horse doesn't know it's for a movie. How does this happen I still don't know
Leyla Rustamova (6 months ago)
Sansa: "YOU ARE SPOILING EVERYTHING!" Me: "spoiling what? How can you crush on that little bitch?" I swear Sansa was blind when she saw him how could you possibly even tolerate that thing? How could you choose him over you father, and the rest of your family, and septa, and the north etc.
Ellie Potter (6 months ago)
Ellie Potter (6 months ago)
Joffrey is like I will never hurt you Sansa Season 2 starts abusing Sansa because of her brother
Md sufianulla (7 months ago)
Sansa is cowered
Queen LeLe (7 months ago)
Damn I hated Sansa in season 1. She was such a spoiled entitled bitch who betrayed her own family to be with Joffrey and impress the Lannisters . She wanted to be a Southern girl so bad that she sold out her own family but Sansa later learns her lesson . Sansa went through ALOT ! Also when Ned killed Lady , I think that was foreshadowing for Sansa’s future death . She may be killed by the hands of one of her family members maybe Arya.
Queen LeLe (7 months ago)
If only Arya had killed Joffrey when she had the chance but if she did than her whole family would have been executed . Cersei turned Joffrey into a monster .
Queen LeLe (7 months ago)
Noticed how everyone he touched died.
Queen LeLe (7 months ago)
Robb knew from the start that Joffrey wasn’t shit . 😂
Helen Hamilton (8 months ago)
Oh I just realised.....I don't care SAVAGEEEEE
Helen Hamilton (8 months ago)
Lone Star (8 months ago)
7:33 is my favourite part of season 1. Arya flinging that pie at Sansa and Robb pissing himself. And Cat saying _get her to bed_ with a nervous nod. Brilliant.
r a v e n (8 months ago)
I miss it when they're all happy, alive and together.
kaleem ullah (9 months ago)
yar agar kaisi k pass hindi main game of thrones a full season hain to upload kare
Randal Richardson (9 months ago)
Ned perhaps thought about the young man he beheaded, after the same sentence was meted out to him...
Randal Richardson (9 months ago)
"No one lifted a 'finger' to help the unseated squire."
Randal Richardson (9 months ago)
"I loove' earing' abooot the Starks..."
Why just why did the dog get killed :(
Morgiemoo 222 (29 days ago)
Cause joffery's a bitch ass lier
Daenerys Targaryen (7 months ago)
It's a WOLF, not a dog.... Well... at least in the show😂
Randal Richardson (9 months ago)
Gaming With fireskull of death Because Cercei wanted blood...even if it wasn't the same dog that bit her son
TheNerdGaming (9 months ago)
Omg when ned says to sansa Ned: Dont you like it? Sansa: i havent played with dolls since i was eight! I fucking cried since ned bought this nice doll just to be nice with his daugther and she answers him like that i fucking cried
Golden Rose (4 months ago)
well to be fair, he did just killed her direwolf before that. And it shows how little Ned actually knew his daughter
Nickelbackist meinLeben (9 months ago)
King Robert to Bran: 'You will be a soldier'.....He couldn't guessed more wrong....
Randal Richardson (9 months ago)
Nickelbackist meinLeben "Unless Bran becomes the NK..."
Kwasi Mufasa (11 months ago)
can someone help me follow game of thrones properly? after episode of Jordy Arda I didn't know the next to follow
Natalie Quintal (1 year ago)
People are really hard on Sansa...she was a sheltered and pampered girl who really had her head in the clouds..yes she was selfish and spoiled but how could she have any idea of how evil and cruel the Lannisters were..she did all she could to save her father..to do otherwise would have resulted in death or worse for her..she survived against all odds...this is the start of her journey from a child to adulthood
Laizah Inidal (1 year ago)
At that moment, Joefrey is a sweetheart. ❤
wala elmhashash (1 year ago)
I never watched it , is that is the first episode pls ??
Tamer (1 year ago)
She was a bit of a cunt this season wasn't she? Having said that, Sansa didn't deserve any of that.
BMI Chayang (1 year ago)
nice film
Poor foolish girl rude ass girl
Savithri Rawaji (1 year ago)
Madi Morelli (1 year ago)
I know she was rude, but god she really is hard done by, and flaws she has are natural and human. I actually like Sansa for them. She's naïve, but she does learn. And besides, her naïveté isn't her fault, she was trying to love the man she had to spend her life with, a reasonable thing to do so she could be as happy as she could. She was a child, after all.
Aoe Jindalert (1 year ago)
The wolf ,sad
martyna (1 year ago)
she had a weird way of speaking in s1
izzyGO52 (1 month ago)
i think it was like she was trying to be a sweet likeable little lady to please the southerners but then as soon as Joff murdered her father she sort of lost that pretence and began speaking the way she would with her siblings (though in a more careful way)...
Fenja Schlösser (1 year ago)
Der arme Hund sowas tut man einem Hund nicht an ! Hunde fühlen wie Menschen ❤️😭❤️😭
Daenerys Targaryen (7 months ago)
Welcher Hund? Meinst du Lady? Oder Sandor Clegane😂
Daenerys Targaryen (7 months ago)
Elena Harker (1 year ago)
I think she was a bit annoying in season 1, yes, but if you think of how she was always raised to be a lady and a queen, to worry for nothing else than kitting and stuff like that, and of how she starts to be worried that she might not please Jeoffrey enough when she is still a 13yo girl who doesn't even know how babies are made nor can yet bear a child... Those things are things that should never be worries for a kid. She could feel that Jeoffrey was evil and she knew she was doomed to be with him, she feared him and Cersei since almost the beggining. I think she has a pretty natural reaction to what happens around her. The doll moment: that is a tender gesture from her father, yes, but she can't like the doll. Why? Cause she hasn't used dolls in five years and her father hasn't noticed yet, and if he has, he is giving her a present that reminds her she will stop being a child soon. It is a metaphore of the world she is abandoning. I just want to hug her and take her away from all the horror she lived in King's Landing. I found her annoying in season one but now that I see it and I am older... I just can't help but feeling sorry for her.
hockeyfan131993 (1 year ago)
lets be honest... she used to be absolutely terrible haha
coralin378 (2 months ago)
i love her character even though she was kind of a brat. but she was only a teenager like...what, 13 or something? plenty of people i know that age act rather insufferable. i don't hate her for it.
Big O (2 months ago)
Yeah she had a chance to become a queen by marrying Joffrey and that was all in her mind, even later on when Joffrey mistreated her she still called him the love of her life.
Rai Cipriano (5 months ago)
GiGi xxx (6 months ago)
True. Not her fault though. She's been conditioned into it.
r a v e n (8 months ago)
hockeyfan131993 lol i hated her so much at the 1st season.
Detemplur (1 year ago)
13:10 still satisfying to this day
Stone Rose Soaps (1 year ago)
I'm here trying to work out "You know who's coming for you" lol
lucarerys targaryen (1 year ago)
4:42 don't u just love fucked up irony that seems to play through a lot with got
ISHAN SINHA (1 year ago)
I like this
flyflip87 (1 year ago)
if lady had somehow managed to escape and find nymeria their pack statuses would have been, alpha and omega (being gentle in a pack does not get you far and sansa would later learn this too) and like sansa, lady would have to learn to be strong and climb the ladder
Awsome Girl (1 year ago)
She was soooooooo cute!!!😙😙😘😘😘
Lingering Questions 5 (1 year ago)
I feel like Sansa was naive and trapped by society's rules, but she knew everyone has feelings and tries to be kind. I think, as Joffrey cut Micah, she may have thought it was just a duty of Joffrey to punish a boy hitting a girl. Maybe, she's supposed to be drunk and a little confused.
Serendipia Musicis (1 year ago)
I feel really bad for Ned .... :C
Fab4Sunrises (1 year ago)
Man this breaks my heart to watch. She was so soft and naive, and yeah she was selfish but little girls are allowed to be selfish sometimes. She should have been able to be a child for much longer than she got to be. I wish she'd gotten to stay soft forever.
i see fire. (26 days ago)
Not to mention, watching that scene with her and her mother, Cat only encouraged her behavior as many mother's would.
Gillian (1 year ago)
Fab4Sunrises I think people forget that Sansa was *13* in this season. She was manipulated by pretty much everyone in the south and was forced to learn how to play the game of thrones pretty quickly.
Sarah Molina (1 year ago)
Fuck man poor Sansa watched all the videos..
Amber L. (1 year ago)
prince aka complete antisocial narcissist
TVOCD (1 year ago)
"she's with her dancing partner... she always comes back with scrapes, she's so clumsy". omg it took me 7 seasons to figure out Sansa didn't know Arya was learning to fight. she legitimately thought she was dancing.
izzyGO52 (26 days ago)
+i see fire. yeh I can see your point though a few months had passed right before Ned died so I would've thought she'd've got over it by then but I've never really lost a pet so idk how long I'd grieve for, but perhaps you're right ☺
i see fire. (26 days ago)
+izzyGO52 perhaps it was because she was in grieving over Lady? I don't think I would want to be dancing right after my "dog" died, ya know? She wasn't really eating as well, and had become cold to her father for not stopping them. But I do see what you mean.
izzyGO52 (1 month ago)
i also think it was so far out of her mind, like, to her, how could Arya, a young (should be) lady, be learning to fight? It didn't mesh with her ideals so she never even suspected it would be anything other than dancing - personally i think it's odd she didn't request dancing lessons herself tbf, since it seemed it'd be right up her street
Big O (2 months ago)
TVOCD, Yeah Sansa was inmersed into her own world just caring to marry Joffrey and become Queen, if only she had known.
JH H (1 year ago)
aisha (1 year ago)
i just adore how Arya and Sansa were fighting one second about the dire wolf biting Joffrey, then the moment they decided to kill Lady, they instantly put their differences aside and stood together. Just shows you that their relationship is just a normal sibling rivalry, not any different than others.
Abdikani Aden (1 month ago)
Big O (2 months ago)
Yes they were just normal girls till hell broke loose around them and their father was executed because he trusted that traitor Petyr Bealish.
Ida Säntti (1 year ago)
aisha Yea and then there are people who think that they deeply hated each other..
Juned Khan (1 year ago)
Sunsa play very bad caricature season 1
CrawFishFishing (1 year ago)
Any one else cry a little when Sansa rejected Ned's doll
Big O (2 months ago)
No, but I felt so sad, even sadder when I saw Ned Stark beheaded, I bet Sansa wished she had accepted that doll.
Liz Lee (8 months ago)
CrawFishFishing She actually had it in her chambers at the red keep
Gretel (9 months ago)
Then the fact that she cherishes it as his last gift now... T^T
L (11 months ago)
WhYn0tD0iT79 no , but i feel bad when ned dead and she bring it out and realized that was the last gift from him
malcolm chaves obando (1 year ago)
"Please shut up!" You shut the fuc* up Sansa!!!
OJay88 (1 year ago)
I just noticed that Robert Baratheon only knew ONE of Ned's children's names and that was Robb... his own namesake. Lmao. Wow. What a friend!
AmiWhiteWolf (1 year ago)
I forgot how much the guy played robb was good looking. 😘
Bella IB (1 year ago)
She was a "stupid little girl with stupid little dreams" she was stupid not evil so stop this hate on her people She is The Most Strongest Lady on show now Yes o one had went through as much shit as her but she stand up eveytime and she's still fighting and surviving and even playing the Game now <3
Sunset 777 (1 month ago)
Actually, Lol Dany is the most powerful.. & what fighting has sansa done? she just weak
Ian Bonds (1 year ago)
You forget how amazing mark addy was as Robert Baratheon until you rewatch stuff like this
George Hamilton (1 year ago)
Wow, Joffrey took a turn.
aquila altaire (4 months ago)
George Hamilton His mother did not do him any favors either...
Goddamit why couldn't Arya say Joffrey as a name to Jaqen!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Dover (1 year ago)
did anyone else notice the eye balling (around 45:05)?
AmiWhiteWolf (1 year ago)
kurliigurlii it's weird when sansa said she won't hatch anything.
Oyun Ochir (1 year ago)
I absolutely hated Sansa at first, I was like she deserved everything she got but then she changed, and grew on me 😂
Jebby from The block (1 year ago)
The only good thing Sansa did was try to push Joffrey off the bridge😂
ste reilly (1 year ago)
Jebby from The block should of rugby tackled him off
Şeyda Gök (1 year ago)
abi özlemişim lan ilk günleri
MsKoki57 (1 year ago)
44:30 defining moment I started to hate the 4 conniving adults tricking a child to lure her family into bloody trap.

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