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Text Comments (78)
Jai'den Brown (6 days ago)
The kid
Nicole Aguirre (21 days ago)
I will let the kid live
shavetta johnson (22 days ago)
I would choose the life no matter how much money it was.
Dragonlordking1 (24 days ago)
At least the black man was good bro because everybody always be judging black people thinking their bad. I hope people remember this message and remember to not judge people. Thank you for your time goodbye.
gamer boy (27 days ago)
Jonerthan Hooper (27 days ago)
I would love to save the kis
marcb510 (27 days ago)
Doesnt surprise me one bit
Tim Glick (28 days ago)
Anyone would consider keeping the money. The moment you picture yourself being the person that's going to die changes everyone's choice.
HITS FROM THE BONG (28 days ago)
Pull up on hampton brandon and beat his ass
Conorex McBrent (28 days ago)
This is so pointless, a million in cash would be picked up on so easily by the government, not like they're gonna let you keep it.
Arief Only 1997 (28 days ago)
Russian Hitman Prank, Buzz
Malik Jones (28 days ago)
The mind of an aspiring white supremacist except it's racially based, sickening
POGEX (28 days ago)
Last guy won 😂😂
Delux Shark (28 days ago)
id pick the money why have another kid in the world and eat are food that we could eat and have another kid in the world that could do bad in the world
Martha V (28 days ago)
The life lifes are more important then any amount of money
Exodus Uno (28 days ago)
I've seen this video on JoeySalads channel already what's the point of posting it here other than them just being lazy they just have a small logo of his in the left but don't even give a link in the description😑
Username 233440 (28 days ago)
Is this real?
RPG HuNtEr (28 days ago)
The last one 😂😂😂😂
mattrez (28 days ago)
RPG HuNtEr lol
I want to let the kid stay alive
Life of child
Lucas Kiger (28 days ago)
I would save the kid
Rick Wasko (28 days ago)
What a piece of shit Joey is.
Maxwell Lamptey (28 days ago)
Wow only de black guy picked de girl
Maxwell Lamptey (28 days ago)
Wow only de black guy picked de girl
trai dante (28 days ago)
The life
Matthew Kelly (28 days ago)
drraggs mr (28 days ago)
The life
no Introvert (28 days ago)
Mr Big (28 days ago)
Pliz subtitel indonesia bro
Arief Only 1997 (28 days ago)
Makanya belajar yg bener
Cody Tanori (29 days ago)
Split the money 50/50
Kahuta City (29 days ago)
Nice man
Football Highlights HD (29 days ago)
anyone else thought the guy in the thumbnail was Deji?
Asad sabir (26 days ago)
Yep that’s what I thought
Ultimate Destroyer (28 days ago)
Emilios (28 days ago)
Hahahha me xD
Landen Howard (29 days ago)
I just made a YouTube channel
Victor Mura (28 days ago)
Nobody gives a fuck
Landen Howard (29 days ago)
Watch the short vid
Kayla (29 days ago)
DJ_YT (29 days ago)
Vilde Holøymoen (29 days ago)
Asif Hamid (29 days ago)
I would pick the life. and Pamela Anderson
Kyle Lad (29 days ago)
hey joey salads ere ill just upload white people looking wrong an black people looking right because im not racist
Kyle Lad (28 days ago)
Nyhuru Wolfgang dont worry im not
Nyhuru Wolfgang (28 days ago)
Kyle Lad because you are not racist? Who’s talking about racist, dude you are motherfucking racist!
silver crash (29 days ago)
Pik up the live of the kid
No Entry (29 days ago)
Wow some people are just stupid
Thomas Smith (29 days ago)
Technical JYANI (29 days ago)
I'm from india and you all ??
Technical JYANI (28 days ago)
+John XlXl I fuck you your sister and mother Hahahahahahaha
John XlXl (28 days ago)
Tare ma ke chud ma hate ka lad
Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe back. Like this comment so I know who has
blondin blondin (29 days ago)
50 st
Aryan Mehmood (29 days ago)
love it
William HD (29 days ago)
Ah med (29 days ago)
JLPRO GAMING TV (29 days ago)
he posted this already
Tia Rose Paul (29 days ago)
Noticed meeee
Ashwin vadiyatar (29 days ago)
I love your videos😘😘😘
M.D ONE (29 days ago)
Mais un like
Lars Elkjær (29 days ago)
First like
Gagan Camboz (28 days ago)
2nd viewer
Gagan Camboz (29 days ago)
Sorry boss
Thomas Smith (29 days ago)
Tia Rose Paul (29 days ago)
Omggg first ❤️😂😂😂
M /Best Video (29 days ago)
Malik Jones (28 days ago)
Catfish alert
Ashwin vadiyatar (29 days ago)
Your country???
ValiZEW (29 days ago)
Nr 1
rabea mubeen (29 days ago)
1st mine 😂
Ahmed Madi (29 days ago)
iViST (29 days ago)
First 1st
BilLy R (29 days ago)
Good prank
Abuzer Sarwari (29 days ago)
Money money money
Tia Rose Paul (29 days ago)
xTeysh (29 days ago)

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