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Is Hammond the Worst Addition to Overwatch?

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Is Hammond the Worst Addition to Overwatch? We have some thoughts on the new Overwatch Hero. Wrecking Ball destroys a little bit of the Overwatch we knew, and here's why. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (2163)
scott (4 hours ago)
What ive learned from this comment section is people can't have an opinion one way or the other
Eren Lyon (6 hours ago)
Not gonna lie, I seriously don't like Hammond aka Wrecking Ball. Not because of plot or lore reasons, but because he's so damn annoying on most 1 CP or 2 CP maps... Oh well...
Mango Turtle (12 hours ago)
I liked hammond
I just REALLY hate the fact that his grapple is infinite until you stop, meaning when the enemy team (always) grapples around the payload, it gets hard for me to kill him. Honestly, I don't like Hammond at all, whether he would've been a monkey or a hamster, I just wish he never came into the game for some reason.
Kyler Forrester (1 day ago)
Wtf?? How is a hamster the worst possible outcome -_-
ShadowReaper2006 (1 day ago)
Jeff Kaplan said it was too insane to have a Hamster Talk, but the rest doesn’t cross the line apparently 😒. But I like Hammond’s gameplay.
Albany 500 (1 day ago)
gildarmesh (1 day ago)
Is hammond really the "jump the shark" moment? Short answer... no. You assume that this is where quality tanks but we have yet to see the next hero released at worst he may be a "luigi from smash" and at best he is a "general grievous" because he does not fit the standards and lore that had already been established but not a "jump the shark" when heroes like queen of junkertown look like they may come down the pipe. While yes rodents are experimented on before more higher animals or humans in most cases we could also assume that controlled tests on rodents could and would have happened on earth before they were taken to the moon so hammond would most likely never have been on the moon. Also if given similar things as the apes then how did they not see ape uprising coming? Hammond does not really fit as well look-wise but like stated earlier there is no evidence that there is any type of decline with just one duck hunt or luigi in a great line of what has been and hopefully what is to come.
Mr Tails (1 day ago)
What if they were making smart hamsters to act as a working maid
One Piece for Life (1 day ago)
Nope. He's fine actually in comparison to Brigitte and Moira.
Name Channel (1 day ago)
stop hating my dud
Robert Han (2 days ago)
One of the most successful cartoons ever made is about four turtles and a rat kicking ass using ninja weapons. If people are ok with that, then why do you have such a problem with a smart hamster that built a giant robot to fight in?
Trey Boyd (2 days ago)
I understand all the things about Hammond being a bad addition, but think about D.va who is a young adult who was so good at playing video games she became a mech pilot.
Caio Leite (2 days ago)
I would agree if Hammond was a character from CS or CoD. But dude, this game is overwatch, all crazy things happen here, so i dont see why he wouldnt fit in the game lol
fadora cat (2 days ago)
He's really fun to play that's a given
Hoang Thuy (2 days ago)
only good fact about hammoth is he is sooooooo cute
Hoang Thuy (2 days ago)
only good fact about hammoth is he is sooooooo cute
scoople6 (2 days ago)
I can totally understand how Hammond is just too silly for some players and that's fine, I can understand that. In terms of the story though I really didn't care too much about Hammonds introduction and causing a jump the shark moment. I think as a character he does a great job of tying things together and helping to expand the story. We now have a link into junkertown through Hammond, we know what they are like and can expect to see more story from that setting than just what Junkrat and Roadhog have in it, which opens up more opportunities for character interaction. The same goes for Winston, he now has another super-genius augmented scientist friend that actually understands what he has been through. I imagine that further opens up character opportunites that we didn't have before. Also Blizzard hasn't really done shit with the lore anyways, nothing significant has happened in what feels like ages, there's no momentum at all. So if Hammond isn't really the best thing for the story then at least they are adding fun new things to the actual game itself.
Paco'sTacos 107 (2 days ago)
I dislike everything about hammond and this vid pretty much sums things up
Madalin Grama (2 days ago)
Really funny to me that people actually care enough about the paper-thin plot (can't even call it a story) of a multiplayer-only game enough to rant about a character not fitting in :)). And more people care enough to actually defend said character. Really, the only thing that matters is whether he's fun to play or not. Everything else in OW is irrelevant, at least for me.
Tuan LuDinh (3 days ago)
He fits perfectly because the theme of overwatch is fun. 2 tank monkeys will be a boring addition to the game (blizzard want a tank). For the lore, he has huge potential because he can be recruited by talon to be their engineer, or be cool hamster boss of junker town.
Kristen Hatfield (3 days ago)
i agree that hammond is making overwatch feel kiddish
Cloud Buster (3 days ago)
I like hammond as a playable character, though it was a pretty bad part of the story line. Unlike a lot of heros, Hammond seems slightly more balanced on release which I can respect. It says that the team is getting better at getting damage, movement, and abilities right on the fly rather than a large gap over time.
jason branson (3 days ago)
What's a "hammond"?.....are you talking about wrecking ball?
mau (3 days ago)
yes!!! hammond doesnt fit with the overwatch theme at all
Mana Kens (3 days ago)
He is really fun to play. No need to further elaborate.
Ryan DeBellis (4 days ago)
Made him bigger? He's the normal size of a fully grown hamster... I do like Hammond, as a character, playable, lore wise, cuddliness, size wise, all that.
MULTIXD (4 days ago)
If you look up hammonds age you’d think he’d be dead by now if you look up hamster life span. Yeah I know he’s genetically modified.
Jeremy Yang (4 days ago)
Wow, Blizzard added Bakugon! If anyone remembers that thing...
Lachlan Wadling (4 days ago)
I love Hammond so much. like have you played him. everytime I do anything a giggle escapes me
Mr Franklin (4 days ago)
Bruh...whats ya problem with THE Hammond the Hamster Wrecking Ball....Sir Fluffiest.
Dusan Stojanovic (4 days ago)
I do agree that Hammond is a bit far fetched story wise... but he is so fun to play that I can overlook that xD.
Just A Profile (4 days ago)
Someone is triggered
Reagan Sims (4 days ago)
Hammond doesn't stick out nearly as much as jar jar did.
I love Pineaplles (4 days ago)
No .... he's not
Albert FC (4 days ago)
Excuse me, but almost all support heroes make no sense, so why are you complaining about Hammond?
Pee Pee Poo Poo (4 days ago)
No symmetra is the worst
Ray (5 days ago)
I read this title and though to myself "I swear if this only talks about his character design for 10 minutes..." I was right
samuil monev (5 days ago)
i think the gameplay mechanics are prety cool but the origin is okey
dupalec (5 days ago)
oh, how the opinion has changed :]
Carlos Reano (5 days ago)
No u suck vid sucks its just needy and very very picky about the character, waisted 8min
Predated O (5 days ago)
How experimentation works: before humans test on humans, humans test on apes, but before they even do that, they test on smaller animals that have higher reproduction rates, like rats or hamsters. Hammond was the succesful test subject amongst hamsters before they moved on to apes. Winston also is larger in size than a gorilla, so why wouldnt Hammond be? It makes sense lorewise
Cifer Null (5 days ago)
I guess TGN is full of people who have had the misfortune of being mah boi Hammond's bowling pins.
Luke Teasdale (5 days ago)
Who gives a flying [email protected]$k what the character is he is incredibly fun and enjoyable to play overwatch is a game and games are supposed to be ridiculous and fun
William Smith (5 days ago)
DJ fights crime with music? Talking Gorilla? Sentient robot monk? All within the realms of reality but get this hamster out of my mature realistic video game.
Ryan Thomas (5 days ago)
why make a hyper intelligent hamster? In the wise words of Glados, "We do what we must because we can"
Tantakugames (5 days ago)
you keep forgetting nobody gives a shit about the story, gameplay wise he is an infinitely better addition than baguette.
Gian Turtle (5 days ago)
Actually it doesn’t make sense that Hammond was genetically tested on. Why do you think rodents are used in so many lab test because they’re fairly similar to humans they just not my look like it so I don’t understand your point
Matthew moreira (5 days ago)
I see why you might not like Hammond since he doesn’t really fit in the world of overwatch but you must consider what the majority of what the fans like and so far your the only I feel see not like Hammond 😂 you can say you don’t like Hammond for some reason that your opinion everyone is allowed to have an opinion but to say overwatch made a mistake adding Hammond to the game is not the right idea story. To be honest Hammond is the most hype character I’ve seen in while people just like him
The Haterade (6 days ago)
Story wise, no. I would say the reason why they added Hammond was to save overwatch, since people were getting tired on the stun meta.
Char Hixson (6 days ago)
come on hes a new charter give him a chance
Alexandre Song (6 days ago)
Lol star wars last jedi > jarjar
Gunpoint Gaming (7 days ago)
I'm a tank main and it just keeps getting worse. With the stun meta the constant nerf to my once favorite roadhog and now some shit tank that gets melted way too God damn fast.
GermanSniper (7 days ago)
I really want them to slow down the hero releases. I liked overwatch a lot more without brigitte.
felix wood (7 days ago)
Worst new character is doomfist
Alan Crome (7 days ago)
So this doesn't matter? It works just fine. Plus What really matters is how him and his kit works in the game.
Aunt Jemima (7 days ago)
No and you'd be stupid to think so
BenLemonade (7 days ago)
Story-wise hammond is not the strongest, but I think that could be said about quite a lot of the OW heros actually. Other than characters like 76, Reaper, Ana, etc, all the others fall into their own plot, and they can be pretty odd setups too, like roadhog. Hammond still easily fits into the real of sci-fi too. I don't see why a talking genius gorilla is any less crazy than a hamster that built a robot to speak on its behalf. I also don't see this as a decline in quality, but rather a diversification of potential characters. And the community seemed to respond well to it as well. This does open up the potential for Blizzard to take it too far, but seeing as to how cautious they were with Hammond, I would doubt they would screw up like that. I feel that you are just a bit too dramatic about the introduction of hammond. Gameplay with him is great and the community likes him, and he is no crazier than Winston as a character/plt idea.
mgs464ps3 (7 days ago)
I've heard before that criticism is the highest form of flattery. I enjoy your videos to a great degree as they have made it easier on me to catch up on what I've missed in the lore and history of overwatch, that and they are very entertaining when I just need some overwatch related content that isn't gameplay footage. Regardless of how much I enjoy your videos, I will have to disagree with your opinion on Hammond. It has been stated before that not all characters were made with story in mind, and vice versa. To me Hammond is a character that the devs may have come up with as an interesting idea for a playable hero, finding a way to make his character fit into his rolling and "wrecking ball" physics was probably an after thought. Ideally characters should be made with both gameplay and story in mind but Overwatch is a class based multiplayer FPS first and foremost, it has reeled in a large fan base because of it's flushed out characters yes but the game itself holds little of the lore and story, at least compared to the comics and animated shorts. It is very disappointing that the newest hero isn't a key character in the story of overwatch but that does not mean that he doesn't fit with in it's world, I'll have to remind you that this is a universe where a man on roller blades heals his team mates with music, a woman can build complex contraptions with the so called "Hard Light", two Japanese brothers can summon ethereal dragons to do their bidding, and a robot can float in the air due to transcending as a monk. In my eyes Hammond hardly "Jumps the shark," he's a fun character to play and who is feels pretty balanced in game, his physics based abilities are a refreshing shake up in game play. To me Overwatch is still a video game, gameplay always comes first to me because I believe it is what separates video games from any other form of Media or Art, and from a gameplay standpoint Hammond was definitely needed to add something new to the tank class set even if that doesn't mix in well with the story. Eitherway I doubt Hammond is the last character to come out for overwatch, and maybe you'll finally get that fabled Liao character the next time they decide to add a new hero.
hero's welcome (8 days ago)
Reaper mains a new tank is here YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO
JAS (8 days ago)
That's what I love about OVERWATCH... There cannot be any bounds as this is fantasy land and is not meant to be realistic! People have already en plenty of reasons how Hammond fits right in so I won't dive into that but u guys must realise this by now, similar to paladins anything can be done! If this was to happen to a game like seige however...
Colby McCracken (8 days ago)
I can't imagine why anyone would give a shit...
Daniel Cooper (8 days ago)
I like the idea of Hammond. It isn't too far fetched. I mean the character Moira's backstory states she was trying to re-write human biology. It could be possible to that for a Hamster. It's not like he is even as intelligent as Winston for one he can't speak (might just because he doesn't have a voice box). I just feel like he need stime and it will seem normal.
That one american (8 days ago)
Yea a mech doesnt make much sense its not even cannon and who would want a sentient animal that doesnt make any sense
sollux captor (8 days ago)
Bitchass (8 days ago)
Look at the comments *everyone disagrees*
Loki (8 days ago)
When I found out about it it really amused me. And because I don't want to join the dark side of fandom I don't want to act like he's the pet of Satan just because he's new in the way it ALWAYS happens with Star Wars movies.
SomeSweatyMexican xD (8 days ago)
Okay so Hammond sucks because of his species and what he is , Does it fking matter , for God’s sake we have lucio and dva with little to no story ...... I can’t take this channel seriously anymore
Bennett Butts (8 days ago)
I think Hammond kinda sucks
Nixsy924 (8 days ago)
Briggette is the worst
OcEoN NEO (8 days ago)
He’s not the best new character more is he the worst I’m pretty fond of him I want more non human characters tbh
Jonathan Shirley (8 days ago)
I fucking hate everything about Wrecking ball.
iobe son (8 days ago)
Ahhh jar jar binks is one of my favorite characters from star wars and I think he fit right in! It sounds like you let somebody elses opinion shape yours by what you said
Lee Grobler (9 days ago)
Don't you feel a little hypocritical bringing out this video only 5 days after this one? https://youtu.be/MQ23wWIFz5Y I understand that the one's from a lore perspective and the other's from a gameplay perspective, but still... Sucking his dick in one vid then 5 days later absolutely crucifying him in another sends mixed signals to your audience. I actually only discovered the vid in which you jerk him off after having seen this one a while ago and after I saw this one I was completely on board with why Hammond is bad as a overwatch character. But then seeing how you guys jerked him off in the vid I linked up above kinda wrecked the faith I had in your opinion.
PLUSHii Official (9 days ago)
I like wrecking ball.....
Erick Medina (9 days ago)
i bet ur a plat lol
E K (9 days ago)
hammond does fit and he makes sense!
Big Borris (9 days ago)
A genetically enhanced Gorilla? Ok A genetically enhanced hamster? “OVERWATCH IS A DEAD GAME CONFIRMED!!!!!1!” A genetically enhanced pig however? Ok
Big Borris (9 days ago)
Short answer: No it’s Mei
David Smith (9 days ago)
I just want of plush for him, he can be countered by almost every character as long as they deal good damage :|
Orella Minx (9 days ago)
2:58 They could fix hard to reach things in your space ship while in deep space. Put the gremlins to work for you.
Mimiga_Major2776 (9 days ago)
Your comparing a hamster to fucking jar jar binks
Kirimiddo (9 days ago)
this was the worst vid they have ever made, so lets ignore the frog DJ that has had 0 relevance to overwatch until just recently. your saying it doesn't fit when the community know very little of the real lore of overwatch
Mimiga_Major2776 (9 days ago)
Jesus wtf don't fucking rage you triggered bitch
Unalai. (9 days ago)
The only thing i have against him is that he can swing around on some capture points and no one can hit him.
Adzilla Prime (9 days ago)
I’m not gonna start a Star Wars debate Talk for most of the video about star wars
Hyebin Ult Bias (9 days ago)
Hammond is just an ult battery
DeadEye (10 days ago)
I agree that Hammond sticks out like a sour thumb in overwatch. But honestly I think Hammond will fit in nicely with the cast. I don't think is jumping the shark by adding Hammond. He's a fun, and enjoyable character. Just wait and see, the lore for Hammond my be pretty good. Also this video could really just be summed up by one sentence. "This isn't what I wanted, so therefore its bad." not really a good way of looking at it is it.
DeadEye (9 days ago)
Honestly, its what I said before. "It isn't what I wanted, so therefore its bad." its a flawed way of thinking. The whole point im trying to make was just try and have an open mind, and just see what Blizzard does.
Mimiga_Major2776 (9 days ago)
DeadEye I agree also he says 'i would of been ok if Hammond was a chimp' yes but then imagine the outrage 'ITS JUST ANOTHER WINSTON' he's so triggered and angry
GentleMann Gaming (10 days ago)
Easy. No. Bridgette easily. Can Fuck with anyone and basically get out for free because od her healing.
Burger Games48 (10 days ago)
An intelligent hamster is far fetched, but a talking gorrila, and a ninja with an energy/soul dragon isn't? Also how is wrecking ball the jar jar Bink's of overwatch!?
AMPStorm (10 days ago)
Overwatch characters are all homosexual anyway.
Francisco Melendez (10 days ago)
Can people stop pretending overwatch is really this super established world and story on the level of planet of the apes, terminator and other sci fi classics? Overwatch is still experimenting to this day, and the rules of the world have barely been addressed. It's all a mashup of super apes, magic dragons, soldiers, assassins, necromancers and medieval tropes. Hammond is just an expansions of that. It's similar to Orissa. Up until she was released, it seemed all omnics were already established, and couldn't just be built. When Orissa came along, this was proven false. Same thing happened now with Hammond. We thought Winston was the only hyper intelligent animal, and that only primates were experimented on in the Lunar Colony. Now Blizzard told us that this isn't the case. Another thing: Overwatch doesn't prioritize storytelling as much as people think it does. They release heroes and maps, give them a bit of story so we know what we're playing as x character on y map, and then maybe give the characters a short or comic. The priority goes 1) Make something fun for the game 2) Maybe explain it. It's wrong to look at this game and expect the tightly planned out story and immediately established world that's expected from a game like Fire Emblem, The Last of Us, Shadow of the Colossus or Bioshock. Lastly: Since when DOESN'T Hammond fit? Overwatch clearly took a lot of inspiration from Marvel and DC in the way that the cast mostly seems to run on the idea of "let's expand the world, sure, but let's also just make this new hero cause it's cool". Hammond fits into it (as Winston was already in the game from the start and established that this is a world where animals can be tested on and turned into super beings), so there's really nothing THAT out there for him. Overwatch has played pretty loose with the rules of this world, so why is the robot spirit monk, the spirit dragon wielders, and the cryogenically frozen scientist with an ice gun acceptable, but Hammond is suddenly too far? Oh right, cause he's not "cool" enough, and all things cute are "faur babiesh" and must be destroyed.
pacovato (10 days ago)
no one hardly ever plays this hero. Also I haven't seen any good memes featuring this hero and that in and of itself is telling -- all new heroes get at least some memes. Moira had some great ones. Hammond has nothing. It was dumb and whimsical and no one really cares about him.
Henry Brown (10 days ago)
go kill yourself
CMAP (11 days ago)
brigette was worse but they have not made the game better withany of there additions, only worse.
FrostDrive (11 days ago)
Hammond is a disgrace to Overwatch,
Nero (11 days ago)
This is exactly the way I think about Hamm.. I mean.. Wreckingball -_-
Lizard Wizard (11 days ago)
Planet of the hamsters charge my furry footed brothers
JoHaTho (11 days ago)
we can see hammond is cybernetically enhanced so the part about him being intelligent could make sense

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