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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge GTA Liberty City Gaming Review (4K)

1330 ratings | 282554 views
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gaming Review testing out GTA Liberty City Gameplay. ►►►Interested in buying? Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge are now available! ★US:http://amzn.to/1SyBxhS ★UK:http://amzn.to/1QKRAUU ►► Subscribe Now for Daily Tech Videos - http://goo.gl/wj6RxI ►►Join me on social media! ★TWITTER: http://twitter.com/xeetechcare ★INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/xeetechcare ★FACEBOOK: http://Facebook.com/xeetechcare ★GOOGLE+: http://plus.google.com/+xeetechcare
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Text Comments (271)
Game hay qua ban
swapnamollik 853428 (7 months ago)
so bad dirving
comtingu (7 months ago)
DrOrtmeyer (8 months ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'm so happy with my OnePlus why the hell would you game in 4k on a phone
عباس الملك (1 year ago)
wolf hunter (1 year ago)
and then some shit people say that s7 laags
PlUtON (1 year ago)
Что бля ?
Goldenhawk521 (1 year ago)
GTA III - 2001. GTA III mobile - 2011 GTA VC - 2002 - GTA VC mobile - 2012 GTA SA - 2004, GTA SA mobile - 2013 GTA LCS - 2005, GTA LCS mobile - 2015 GTA IV - 2008, GTA IV mobile - ?
Gunther Fritz (1 year ago)
How do i change resolution so i can play it 60fps in high settings with my s7?
Mark G (1 year ago)
3:45 "Jesus Tony, you drive like a bitch" Well said...
HPOWLMAN (2 years ago)
you sir cant drive
Ian (2 years ago)
And exploded
IHSAN SWATI shangwal (2 years ago)
how download this game in free
DevilKiller (2 years ago)
IHSAN SWATI shangwal Try Aptoid
IHSAN SWATI shangwal (2 years ago)
how to download this free
Demon Cyborg (2 years ago)
Please make review for Samsumg Galaxy S7 Edge Snapdragon 820 Variant?
despeakable me (2 years ago)
how much is galaxys7 edge
Darryl Correa (2 years ago)
despeakable me (2 years ago)
how much is galaxys7 edge
falar manos e manas (2 years ago)
Esse eu já tenho no meu e fácil intarla eu quero o gta san adreas pra android e se gta liberty city eu já tenho faz o revil do gta san adreas valeu 👍✌manda o o like eu madeira um lake pra vc e inscrevir no seu canal inscrevir em meu canal pofavor😏
Kah Nunes (1 year ago)
qual o nome desse jogo ??
Orel Baite (2 years ago)
i play on s2 gta 3 is good working
Slickhan2 (1 year ago)
it's also optimisation for the phones
Vaki (2 years ago)
Of course when that phone has excellent performance to resolution ratio, these new phones have unnecessary too big resolutions that their hardware cant deal with it in games. S2 have powerful CPU+GPU for 800x480 res (which is ok resolution for phones) and thats why games still work good on it.
Mohammed Yasser (2 years ago)
how did you bring this game
CreacherRDK hs (2 years ago)
what game is better on phone San Andreas or Vice city
DevilKiller (2 years ago)
CreacherRDK hs PERSONALLY, I think that San Andreas is better
HenryThePooh HTP (2 years ago)
Game launcher video yet ?
Omer & Ahmad (2 years ago)
how can we run gta v on a android device
Mahinder Jeetsingh (2 years ago)
Christopher Hannon (2 years ago)
Matthew Richard (2 years ago)
Can u scale down the resolution on the S7 to 1080p?
Gunther Fritz (1 year ago)
Matthew Richard You can change resolution natively with android 7
Vaki (2 years ago)
Why do you talk about something that you did not even check and you are not even sure is it like you think? Want to be a smartass what? Dont understand people lile you, as for me, i can comment wherever i want, and like you said, go fuck yourself !
Einstein2002 (2 years ago)
I actually do have the phone why are you so rude anyway? If I made a mistake it's normal and OK what's not OK is you sticking your giant nose in other people's business so go duck yourself
Vaki (2 years ago)
Yes there is dont talk bullshit, if you dont have phone then dont talk about things that you dont know.
Einstein2002 (2 years ago)
Unfortunately no resolution change options on S7 edge. The note 7 has it though.
yousini (2 years ago)
that plays and looks like utter shit
محمد عماد (2 years ago)
محط كم
محمد عماد (2 years ago)
what's that wallpaper?
Phil (2 years ago)
Sam Sebastian (2 years ago)
Black is better Look
referral madness (2 years ago)
I have gta 3 on my galaxy s3(old) and I'm thinking of getting a new phone , is it possible to transfer your progress between devices ?
Nguyên Hoang (2 years ago)
Download 'Game Tuner' and install it, go to 'Game Tuner' and change Resolution to FullHD 60FPS. DONE
Matthew Richard (2 years ago)
+Nguyên Hoang Ahh ok thanks man!
Nguyên Hoang (2 years ago)
The colors in this game quite pale when change to FullHD, but performance still the same. You can reduce texture in "CUSTOM option" to make this game run more fluency(smooth without lag) with an ugly graphic (p/s: I'm still learning English)
Matthew Richard (2 years ago)
How does Gta look at full hd, does it lag?
Nguyên Hoang (2 years ago)
You can custom your own setting each game in "CUSTOM option". in "CUSTOM option", you can change Resolution ratio(some games work), texture qualityand framerate limit.
Nguyên Hoang (2 years ago)
Some games work, some not (ex: Unkilled[graphic glitch], AssassinCreed:Identity...)
dXb (2 years ago)
Why do you say "idiot" instead of "eighty eight"? o_O -.-
n0iL21 (2 years ago)
Hello brother, this is the Gold/Platinum model?
Mutha Flela (2 years ago)
Why to play it on phones ? If i can play on PC ?
Luther King (2 years ago)
wooow video quality up to 2k thats awesome
Locoroco (2 years ago)
how many memory does i need?
Pavan Kumar (2 years ago)
He is playing horribly. Use a joystick instead.
Billy BrJ (2 years ago)
thats cool does 30$ enough for you to sell that phone to me? ..cmon im poor
x_A7MADooV (2 years ago)
hi . what about the battery drain while gaming and the screen on time .
no321sos (2 years ago)
good phone ,best game.
POUND MAN (2 years ago)
Increase the brightness a little bit goes full brightness XD 2:56 - 2:59
Alban Zharku (2 years ago)
Fuck you not offending galaxy 7 but you could play this game on an galaxy s1
Hel Mac (2 years ago)
To the author, the game doesn't run at quad hd rez. No games can run at that resolution on a ps4 so never mind a phone. Just because the phone itself had a quad hd display doesn't mean ALL APPS are running at same resolution. Get your facts straight!
Mack V (2 years ago)
Not an iPhone
tommo boi (2 years ago)
Frega n'càso
B Bogdan (2 years ago)
What is with that SnoopaVision? :))) A joke of 1 April :))))
Random Stuff (2 years ago)
Samsung will always suck at gaming
Jk957 (2 years ago)
Playing games on smartphone feels like playing your ps1 so I never buy them
&rick (3 months ago)
Justin neumann bruh you're fucking stupif
Kayson Mao (2 years ago)
+Justin neumann Punk
Justin neumann (2 years ago)
+John Smith I phones are more than 400$ you are an idiot
Bjorn (2 years ago)
is this the same with the s7 classic the no disturb While game stuff
VPixels (2 years ago)
The battery only went down 2% during the entire game play...
RICKY SEKHON (2 years ago)
Even iPhone 5s runs this smoth
BoringRon (1 year ago)
So the 5s resolution stacks up to the s7? What kind of crack have you been smoking?
S (2 years ago)
IPhone 5s is 720p device!! s7 edge beats iPhone 6s plus in 1080p benchmark.
Derpy Cast (2 years ago)
I love samsung
davian (2 years ago)
better with gamepad
scavengez distant (2 years ago)
t.....that was a pretty terrible gameplay
Shazaib Shafique (2 years ago)
how to get this (game launcher option )
عراقي جيمرز (2 years ago)
it's very good
George Tsonev (2 years ago)
After making all 3d GTA`s, I wish Rockstar relaunch GTA & GTA2 :)
Michael Smith (2 years ago)
You forgot about Vice City Stories
Chase_Land (2 years ago)
Try running San Andreas. Way more demanding of a game at high settings on the S7 Edge. Only medium settings are playable.
Marcos Lopez (2 years ago)
It's just bad optimization. S7 should easily be able to run it.
russ caps (2 years ago)
nba 2k16 gametest
Diego Lima (2 years ago)
This shit run in a S3, please....
referral madness (2 years ago)
+Diego Lima get an upgrade s3 is a great phone but it is too old
WaVy Croc (2 years ago)
the games arent optimized enough, case closed. the s7 is easily the fastest cellphone gaming wise processor wise gpu wise.
Voltility (7 months ago)
Kevin Velásquez iOS sucks tbh
Kevin Velásquez (9 months ago)
WaVy Croc hahaha the s7 is crap, it can't even run emulators and heavy games properly.
Mp3 Leedo (2 years ago)
I doubt its the phone sometimes it;s just the software itself...i remember back when the s4 came out and i tried to play a nintendo ds games on it lagg as shit....but they improved the emulators over time...and they run the game just fine i mean a ps2 ran this game just fine...with it only having 4mb of ram.......while the s7 has what 4gigs of ram..
Yabooii (2 years ago)
my s6 lags now on high settinfs on gta lc and sa. when i didnt update to android 6 it didnt lag. can someone help me plz
7503anthony (2 years ago)
but can it run crysis??? :P
getmoney (2 years ago)
Does anyone think that Apple limits their iPhone performance so they could make a newer iPhone and sell it for a higher cost? Because it seems that these Samsung devices have all the power you need for gaming and such ...
Tham yee soon (2 years ago)
oh,jesus toni u drive like a bitch
tercanankara (2 years ago)
old game but frame drop 0-o
Abdullah Al-Munim (2 years ago)
Wallpaper link plox :)
Peace M8 ツ (2 years ago)
The S6 never did so many frame drops...
samarth sam (2 years ago)
play the same game on iPhone 5s/6(s) and get the double results lmao poor Samsung don't say it isn't optimised and shit I know all of it and I know Apple's optimisation is faaaar better than samsung's
Nicholie Regino (2 years ago)
+samarth sam​​​ U mad bro?  cuz i can do this all day 
samarth sam (2 years ago)
+Nicholie Regino yeah if I was gonna say 20 then you'd have said 'grow up, ur still a kid' sorry I can't imitate your English coz it's just way worse. I won't even tell you my country coz who knows you get mad at me and hunt fore Jesus just gtfo here and relax, this world is big
Nicholie Regino (2 years ago)
+samarth sam​ Ohh ok yeah it make sense now ur just a lil kid
samarth sam (2 years ago)
+Nicholie Regino I think one question mark(?) was enough oh kinder garden.
Nicholie Regino (2 years ago)
+samarth sam​ ???????? how old r u cuz yo shit dont make sense
Mr1234shay (2 years ago)
these phone pit a weird dark tint over the games I've tried everything to get rid of it..I'm sending my s7 back
Robert Marco Solis (2 years ago)
+Mr1234shay that might be because your game launcher settings is at low resolution for battery saving. i set it to normal and it was back to the normal colors
MFS Reviews (2 years ago)
GTA San Andreas runs perfect on my Note Edge
Christian Quen (2 years ago)
HigherSelf Prophecy (2 years ago)
Could you do a "Super Smash Brothers Brawl" emulator? I seen the Nexus 6P handle GameCube games like a champ & it only has a Snapdragon 810 opposed to the Snapdragon 820 of the Samsung Galaxy S7.
adir david (2 years ago)
i have s6 edge is better no?
adir david (2 years ago)
+jsck you stupid!
adir david (2 years ago)
+jsck you dumb and stupid!
Derek Mckeown (2 years ago)
so you can now play a game on your expensive S7 that the PSP could handle 10 years ago. Not to mention I played it on my s4 mini. Not impressed at all.
Mister Everything (2 years ago)
too many noobs here that's why
Tamerlane (Timur) (2 years ago)
Why is the screen dims while in game ?
XHULIOZ (2 years ago)
oh o see well im glad its fixed now cheers
Tamerlane (Timur) (2 years ago)
I dont know, cuz many people had same problem when i googled it.
XHULIOZ (2 years ago)
so it was just the verizon variant?
Tamerlane (Timur) (2 years ago)
Just got new update from Verizon, now all good <3
XHULIOZ (2 years ago)
hmmm i cant help you with that cuz i dont own one
Fadi Abdullah (2 years ago)
Get a PC or laptop pls and just enjoy the look of the S7 noob
BeaR (2 years ago)
Ahaha just like my Galaxy S4 when it came out, even gta 3 lagged on it on lowest possible settings and resolution xD 8 cores + 2gb of ram did nothing good, the same story continues with galaxy s7 xDDDD while iphone 6s for the same price run this game on ultra + 60fps without drops xD No wonder apple devices keep getting more and more popular, gg samsung, I hope you will quit this mobile business because you just cannot continue to fool your customers, i waited 3 years for develops to optimize their apps for my old galaxy s4 but nobody did it while on ios every developer do that day one xDDDD :DDDD GGG Android
Leo (2 years ago)
Lol that's gonna be a phone ill keep for a good while. I'm not a big fan of these big phones and thats not because i have small hands. Nah I'd love to have a 128gb model of this beast and carry it around low key like a mini ipod.
BeaR (2 years ago)
+Carter yes 4 inch beast, i really hope its going to have 12mp camera like 6s and not 8mp from 6.
Leo (2 years ago)
+CrusheR BeaR SE dude the fuck? Its gonna have the same specs as the 6s!
BeaR (2 years ago)
+Carter i want iphone 5s or new SE, i want compact phone
Leo (2 years ago)
+CrusheR BeaR Fuck android, I'm buying a new iphone this year and getting rid of my s4.
f4z0 (2 years ago)
s7 cant handle this game easily... you can see the frame drops clearly. Of course, what is there to expect from a phone. You can still have a good time playing this a few minutes.
toprakcem savas (2 years ago)
+f4z0  we are talking about a shitty game and a shitty performance in a phone.Come on i saw pc's have lower specs than this phone and can even play this game in it's high settings. You need to know that it' the game's problem not the phone's and maybe the power saving was still on when he plays also he drives like a bitch the phone can be angry with him:D İt's his problem not the phone's
f4z0 (2 years ago)
+jsck Don't let the current lag disappoint you. "it might run faster" some day... Which is not today for sure... That or i'm just delusional. Wait, i'm watching this video again and i can still see the fps drops. Hope they fix it! Cheers. 
f4z0 (2 years ago)
+jsck ok then! shall i say "its still laggy" or just deny reality, substitute my own and claim its perfect and lag free?
f4z0 (2 years ago)
+toprakcem savas assuming you are right, it is still true that it drops fps. So... yeah. Should you care? Don't know, depends on you. It's an Ok performance, not flawless by any means. 
f4z0 (2 years ago)
+jsck can you play flawlessly (without fps drops)? No. End of story. Its still fun, maybe. Im not blaming the phone, it just cant run it well whatever the case is. Drops frames like you drop insults here. finaly, i repeat myself its a damn phone what is there to expect. It's OK, not flawless.
Elyad G. (2 years ago)
Exynos or Snapdragon?
Gaming 4 U (2 years ago)
runs fine on my N5 just goes to show Android apps don't really need higher CPU's all the time. just for emulator's
Gaming 4 U (2 years ago)
Jesus's you drive like a bitch
Serj Star (2 years ago)
it's called at 30 fps
Obinna Eke (2 years ago)
gta sa is better than this
Obinna Eke (2 years ago)
+Herve Reuter nice; me too
Herve Reuter (2 years ago)
Yeah play both off them on the shield
Obinna Eke (2 years ago)
+Herve Reuter Also; do you play modern combat 5/4?
Obinna Eke (2 years ago)
yea I tried it but that was a while ago; I think I need to download it again and see if it suits me.
Herve Reuter (2 years ago)
Sur think, but SA is allways the same thing. Did you try Gangstar vegas, it´s not bad
SiLeNcEbOnE (2 years ago)
Try playing fun run 2. The game lags a bit on the edge 6 plus, find it hard to believe. DOn't know why fun run 2 would be laggy while other bigger games run smoother. Or the game isn't using the gpu and it's only using the cpu. Play fun run 2 so I can make a decision if i'll get a s7 edge
DjStiv3 (2 years ago)
man i loved gta liberty city..... on psp..
George D (2 years ago)
Well, you should know that shadows generally affect performance much more than anything else. I am almost sure the framerate would jump a lot if you do the other way around - high detail and no dynamic shadows. Especially in a game which looks so cartoonish... :)
Fakt Fever (2 years ago)
hey can u send liberty city link i loved game ...
sishir shrestha (2 years ago)
well thats disappointing
Efren jr (2 years ago)
do a fifa 15 and fifa 16 review or test on the samsung galaxy s7
arman khan (2 years ago)
where are you from ''XEETECHCARE''
Ahsan Abbas (2 years ago)
how to install this xeetechcare link please
Ernst Rauska (2 years ago)
gta sa ran perfectly smooth on my galaxy s3 (!) and it has better graphipcs
Radu Emancipatu (2 years ago)
+Ryan rosenberg np dude
Ryan rosenberg (2 years ago)
+Radu Emancipatu oh wait yeah you're right my mistake.
Radu Emancipatu (2 years ago)
+Ryan rosenberg liberty city stories is made in 2006, not 2001, the game you are talking about is gta 3
Ernst Rauska (2 years ago)
no im not, im just pointing out that the game obviously needs optimization for the s7 since it ran smooth on my s3 on same settings. its much more a comparison between the s3 and the s7
Ryan rosenberg (2 years ago)
+Ernst Rauska Are you seriously comparing graphics between a game that orginally came out in 2001 with a game that came out in 2004?! Of course it will have better graphics that´s just common sense.
Kshitij Ragoonath (2 years ago)
Either optimization issues or just the fact that the snapdragon 820 variant's gpu is twice as face as the exynos one...
KEN HALL (2 years ago)
if you play a lot of games on your phone the Snapdragon 820 have a much more powerful GPU than Exynos GPU shoe game is going to be a lot more smoother on the SG 820
redlinerer (2 years ago)
seriously who plays gta on their phone? like if your gonna spend that much time on a game save your eyes and thumbs, buy a used xbox 360 or ps3 and gta 4 and/or 5, can get these for next to nothing these days.
I AM PEDRO 101 (1 year ago)
redlinerer the classics are always good
Camilo Rojas (2 years ago)
how it is supposed that i'll play xbox in class or in transport
HICY (2 years ago)
its cheaper on mobile idiot
Dirt (2 years ago)
gta only cost $5 to
Denis Gonzalez Blandon (2 years ago)
Also some ppl like playing games on their phone... I mean u can play it anywhere if u have a ps4 or Xbox u can't take it anywhere just depends what u like
Francisco Taveras (2 years ago)
ADeeb Bushnaq (2 years ago)
only 2% of the battary was consumed ...
ADeeb Bushnaq (2 years ago)
+you can't see me no problem ;)
you can't see me (2 years ago)
+ADeeb Bushnaq Dude thanks for reminding me to check up battery, I always do that, but this time I kinda forgot. Thank you so much friend

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