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Anthem is Going to Destroy EA

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...unless they pull it off? There's a lot of hype around Anthem right now, and we admit, the game looks good. But all of this might be leading to the destruction of EA. Here's how. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Voiced by Jonathan Moxness Edited by Gilberto "EienRinnegan" Dias Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Max Soroka (30 days ago)
i dont think its gonna fail at launch but i hope so. where is single player games ? silly me, "gamers doesnt want s/p games"©EA, and i forgot that most of gamers nowadays are shiteaters.
I don't care about their next games, I just want to see EA die because I hate that company's guts.
capthavic (2 months ago)
As long as EA has its various sports franchises to milk, it will survive. Bioware on the other hand... Though to be honest I do kinda hope Anthem fails, if only because A) fuck EA, and B) the Bioware people loved was already dying/dead.
icyhugs (2 months ago)
Well, the hardcore gamers are not impressed, the long time Bioware fans are fed up with EA, while casual players like me who was attracted by Bioware’s epic romance storylines in ME and DA also unhappy for the lack of any romancable npc in Anthem XD Well done EA, u r Enemy Alpha that the whole gaming community wants u crush and burn along with Anthem!
CLOROX BLEACH (2 months ago)
love it how so many people are playing warframe but a couple of years ago nobody played it the same way i did
CLOROX BLEACH (2 months ago)
why does this have to be made with EA in it why jesus why? i would love for this game to succeed and for me to buy it and enjoy it the same way i enjoyed destiny 1 through the ups and downs from the very beta to the final of its lifetime but EA man you know they will fuck it up and if they dont well done twats thats one good game in 2019 year that you didnt manage to fuck but doesnt change my opinion on you
MIXA PCPRO (2 months ago)
I think this game is copy of warframe :D
Riffle (2 months ago)
Dude, do u not know a game called Destiny? Or the best free-to-play version of this kinda genre, Warframe? Anthem is gonna be those 2 games competitor...duh. As for the hype, warframe i think win in a lot of aspects than destiny. With the upcoming update in Warframe, Anthem dev team need to do something well, bigger. And to succeed, idk if they can actually be better than Warframe. Since it exist from 2013
Maximus Neo (3 months ago)
With the new info, I think anthem will fail, sadly,
Henry Townshed (3 months ago)
I think this game will fail because any EA's mind if this game does average it is a failure. I just feel like they'll be better games released at the same time like Resident Evil 2 remake and some other zombie game I can't remember its name but it looks cool. Yeah this game is going to fail hard plus is going to get a lot of negative attention on social media from Angry toxic BioWare fans still mad about Mass Effect. Not to mention all the top names of BioWare leaving in droves attacking TotalBiscuit teaming up with Anita sarkeesian and the list goes on and on and on
Maximus Neo (3 months ago)
I truly wish this game will succeed, but I been playing warframe for 5 years, I kinda think they made it wrong as a Pve shooter.
Belal (4 months ago)
There wont be played dlc content. Bioware dont want to spilt players from playing with each other. Dlc and expansions will be free if they make some, which likely will
OddWorld (4 months ago)
Remember... No pre orders.
OruenMercury (4 months ago)
why cant there be more games like warframe.
RCoil (4 months ago)
Okay, so I read some comments and mostly it is usuall stuff (somehow more polite tho:) ) In any event, first of all saying that failure of Anthem gonna destroy EA is way too optimistic I believe. That just wouldn't happen. EA is too big at the moment, and people running it - are way too smart for holding all their bets on one big, new IP. Second of all - it won't fail. That is actually a given. Of course it might sell less than they would want to, but it still will sell enough to make a profit for sure. But I don't even think it will sell less, because the hype is real and yes, contraversy with ME:A and Loot boxes maybe spooked some seasoned gamers, but I don't think that impact will be that big. Third - in some comments I read that some people kind of try to teach (in lack of my limited english vocabulary) others that we shouldn't be mad about EA trying to make money with Loot Boxes. "Just don't buy them" they usually say :) But then I read this I kind of feel that those people don't understand the gravity of situation and that they can't see the snowball that is rolling toword us because of that. Basicly market is simple - you present a user with a product and if he likes it - he buys it. And if he buys it you know you are going into right direction. If he doesn't buy it - you, as a seller, have to step back and adjust. Do something different. So Loot Boxes started way before BF2. I can't tell which game had first LB option, but I know that ME3 had it. And it was a great success for a company. Everything added up actually on that one: game was great, fans wanted more and more, so MP was indroduced and LB were offered. And it payed of, people bought them. So, seller can easily say - "it works, it makes money. We should do that to every game. Well maybe not everyone. Let's do that only on those games that already has a huge communities or dedicated fanbases, to make sure that the game will be sold anyway, because they want to have it." Thats why you can see new IP without lootboxes. I imgine Anthem wont have any at the beggining as well, or at least very limited options. However - saying "it doesn't bother me, cause I just don't buy them" is like saying "I don't care about freee speech, cause I don't have what to say anyways". I know - strong comparison but I believe they are the same in the ideal. The thing is that we already have season passes in a lot of games and I predict that if there gonna be users, who buy shit without thinking ahead (like most of the people) some day we will be charged for time you want to play.
Alex M (4 months ago)
Did anyone else notice at 1:58 it looked exactly like a combination of McCree and Pharah's ult?
Zulnut Boss (4 months ago)
Tbh looks cool especially the storm dude
looks fun, seems like it can dry out quickly though. AI can only do so much and pvp is really fun.
Emel Vargas (4 months ago)
you saying that theres actual hype for this sounds fake
Nightmare (4 months ago)
I hope it fails so hard bioware never sees the light of the day again , ruined/unfinished too many games
Elisa Fuchs (4 months ago)
realm aim fraud grant type natural one developer
Lucian Davies (4 months ago)
I'm hyped for anthem
epicar177 is awesome (4 months ago)
Im gonna wait for the reviews because i pre ordered swbf2 and well
Ryan Hurd (5 months ago)
They described all the characters in EA except interceptor....
coolworld123456 (5 months ago)
The hype train will get so big and then crash into somones butt hole
Jumbo Lion (5 months ago)
I'm hyped for this game and I hope it succeeds regardless of how shitty EA is and that's totally ok. Also it would be great for this game to succeed so everybody can shut the fuck up about EA and go back to quietly hating them lol.
ThomasL (5 months ago)
oh god too many numbers i cant deal with it
Mudcrab Menace (5 months ago)
I’m not hyped at all for Anthem tbh, and probably wont get it...it’s a Destiny clone cash grab that wont live up to the hype...the fact that Andromeda essentially died for it and the fact it’s being published by EA is reason enough to avoid it...Bioware just need to go back to making single player RPGs
Temuldjin (5 months ago)
Anthem will be the next watchdogs 1 or no mans sky... the biggest leddown of the year... (are all AAA games trash?)
Demicleas 2 (5 months ago)
Rename your channel to the overwatch United clan all you talk about is overwach
Dlc confirmed to be free. They making money with cosmetics that aren't loot box based, just pay for what you see.
Like overwatch actually ironically
Whiterun Guard (5 months ago)
I'm soo hype for cyberpunk and elder scrolls 6, I really don't give a damn about this game.
Neon Lizard (5 months ago)
Actually the're not mech suits,they're power armors
TheKidNinja (5 months ago)
I heard hype during the trailer reveal at e3 but immediately afterwards it was met with a lot of skepticism. If it’s still being overhyped it’s gonna tank
Risky Sensei (5 months ago)
yeah........ im not a hyped at all
put4558350 (5 months ago)
Ea confirm that anthem will not have loot boxes. And mt will limit to only pay upfront on non random cosmetics. They also not details How much single player content is
ibizaonline (4 months ago)
put4558350 it will not have loot boxes at the start. Thats not the same thing.
Emerald Duke (5 months ago)
Ok one yes Anthen is a big game but it sounds like your forgeting all the other games EA that they are putting out. Just because its not a new mass effect doesnt mean you have to have something new. Also is kind of impossible to make a new game that doesnt have something from another so stop comparing its stupid. Also you can pre order Anthem right now one is 60 and one is 80 plus another way they are going to make money is with transactions with skins like fortnight, R6S, ect. Plus i can imagine that they will give you the option to remove the numbers in the settings.
Antonia A (5 months ago)
I can’t believe how much people are already bitching about this game and it’s not even out yet
George the_dinosaur_man (5 months ago)
halo + destiny + fortnite save the world = ANTHEM
Anthem Insider (5 months ago)
Your research paper score is in. It reads 2/10. You know what will "destroy EA"? Clickbait content creators like yourself that don't bother to do 20mins of research before putting up a video. Let's begin. No lootboxes, hidden cards or any type of lucky pouch/whatever. - https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1005993923515334656 https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1005992621783670785 Mtx will be emotes/skins and direct purchases only. You see something you really like, you can afford it, you buy it. You will also be able to EARN the cosmetics in-game. - https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1006203356669308928 https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1006191545043714049 No paid DLC, they don't want to split the playerbase using a paywall like Bungie - https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1006908474498822147 https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1006196006000603136 The game will be ridiculously expensive? WTF are you talking about? It costs $60/$80 like every other game out there right now. Both versions come with a small bonus to them plus access to the public demos before launch - https://www.origin.com/irl/en-us/store/anthem/anthem/offer-selection The UI combo floaties are already being worked on, they are listening to feedback - https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1006966844601847811 https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/status/1006967442277584911 Stick with Overwatch mate. If you want to cover other games like ANTHEM then do research or consult someone like me before making a fool of yourself to 1.1million subs. (downvote me, call me a shill, etc) Have a great day! And if Andrew Wall is still around TGN, tell him I said hello.
Lumpy Rainbow (5 months ago)
I hope it works out and people actually like it because the concept is really cool and it looks fun. Then again this is EA so that’s almost impossible. If it survives long enough they might even add in pvp
John Byerly (5 months ago)
*EA is going to destroy Anthem
I love it, it's Bioware and I'm hopping it succeed because I don't want to see such a awesome studio shutting down, but it's under the greedy hands of EA so I don't know what to expect
Neo Anderson (5 months ago)
Jose Andres Rodriguez Castellanos my best guess is that it might do well even if I don't want to do, this might help repair ea rep right now in which they will try to screw us later when they release anthem 2 or some other bullshit game
widowmaker edits (5 months ago)
Uh. They already said everything is free after the initial purchase and a few cosmetics. Even the dlc is free. Did y'all not even watch E3?
Mihai Oprean (5 months ago)
that freelancer pun, priceless!
Persoxer Gaming (5 months ago)
The numbers Mason what do they mean?
MTCason (5 months ago)
Really? Going to destroy the largest video game developer in the world? So you are envisioning thousands of people laid off and the destruction of not simply EA but of the entire gaming industry ... THAT is what would happen if EA went under. This is nonsense.
Siluri Formes (5 months ago)
If games are capable of destroying EA, EA would have drowned from battlefront 2 hate already. Lets face it, EA is staying as long as there's still good game studios to ruin.
philip jensen (5 months ago)
The game simes amasing and is just up my ali but the EAvil is a big Worning sign for my
Toxik Warrior (5 months ago)
If you are looking for something like Anthem could fail... Look at the history of "Firefall" by R5. Firefall basicly IS Anthem.... ok... WAS Anthem. Because Firefall failed. because of poor management and changing and changing and changing everything over and over again.
Claudio zappulla (5 months ago)
It’s going to be the *ANTHEM* of EA’s destruction
ChiefBurner (5 months ago)
Nice pun there.
2009Andrew1 (5 months ago)
Ah really hyped for EA getting destroyed. A lot of great franchises like c&c, ultima and others will be finally free from EA impisonment.
OverLord Madness (5 months ago)
I want it to succeed because it looks fun as hell but also want it to fail to make EA learn something. But I want it to succeed and who knows maybe they will learn how to make a good game if it does succeed.
Elite HunterX (5 months ago)
I bet it won't fail and maybe it has a small chance against fortnite
NotExactView (5 months ago)
Destiny clone failure, nothing new or fun that we all haven’t seen in the past
Captain 01 (5 months ago)
Wait is this the end of overwatch😨😢😭
Dan Heslop (5 months ago)
Sorry but the thumbnail is such a missed oppurtunity to put: To hype or not to hype? And not: To hype or not hype? Silly TGN
TheLun4tic (5 months ago)
They will Blame it on Bioware and take them down instead. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BioWare#2010s:_Muzyka_and_Zeschuk's_departure,_Mass_Effect_on_hiatus,_Anthem See how many major names left the company? The only thing that we gamers can do about it is not buying their games. keep boycotting games with an EA Logo on them no matter how much you like these Games. Rather buy company shares instead to force EA out of business. They should stick to their sports games origins and not bother corrupting Other Genres with their coorperate greed.
Biggest A Hole (5 months ago)
Douche bag.
GoodOldGamer (5 months ago)
At least you have better reasons for saying this will fail than 'women in my vidya game herp derp!' XD I think Anthem will be a fine game. Won't be the best selling thing ever, but won't be the worst either. Certainly not bad enough to tank EA. They'd have to turn FIFA into a game of duck duck goose or something for that to happen, lol.
Cthulhu (5 months ago)
I'm sorry but this is such a stupid video. There is literally no hype at all, just look at the comments under any anthem video. And if it would fail(it will) it will first and foremost rip bioware a new one then it will be a smudge on EAs financial statements. Bioware will be the one to take the hit here.
Jonathan Perez (5 months ago)
I think the game will be fine , but if they put dlc pay walls with more suits that r op , I don't see much hope I don't want a recap of Destiny pay wallz
alex cracan (5 months ago)
is this game supposed to compete with destiny?
F3nr1r (5 months ago)
Yes more anthem pls
Clash of youtube (5 months ago)
Idk why but it looks like titanfall 2
Lord Gong (5 months ago)
Please no Anthem here. I love Diffrent content here but please no Anthem. #BoycottAnthem
Ink Bass (5 months ago)
SourKirby (5 months ago)
Tony Weisenburger (5 months ago)
cautiously hopeful.
Marco Bogazzi (5 months ago)
Also it was revealed the numbers can be toggled an no loot boxes or pay to win and all micro transactions are cosmetic only
Marco Bogazzi (5 months ago)
I believe it will be good because many people tried it at e3 and said it was great
Wraithflaire (5 months ago)
I'll buy it when it get into the $15 range.
Deonna .C (5 months ago)
Wraithflaire same lol
beanerwiddagun (5 months ago)
Ea is weather this game fails or not. Bioware?? They will be the ones destroyed
Night3603 (5 months ago)
I really want this game to succeed, but...UGH EA! I don't want to give them more money. Ever. Sigh, don't know what to do but I want to play this.
bacon Grease (7 days ago)
+Demicleas 2 well I guess I'm not going to be able to do what I wanted to I was going to preorder and try to get views on my channel but I guess not
bacon Grease (7 days ago)
I know dude I've been selling everything I have to buy this game but now that I think about it it I'm terrified of going to flop I want it but I don't want it to fail but I hate EA
Wandering Sailor (1 month ago)
If it's a game you think you'd like, what's wrong with rewarding EA for actually doing something right? If you're unsure, just wait until after the release.
Demicleas 2 (5 months ago)
Night3603 like wait a month beacuse EA might pull a sceem.
Demicleas 2 (5 months ago)
Night3603 wait for the reviews
wessel10juni (5 months ago)
Hey nice you've finally done it. Unsubscribed for clickbaiting.
Commander Doom (5 months ago)
I would like to see more anthem on the Channel
UttR Concrete (5 months ago)
Destiny killer?
I'M BATMAN (5 months ago)
You making this video is gonna ruin anthem because EA is going to start changing things after watching this video.
Kenny Petrov (5 months ago)
We can only hope
Rodney Darko (5 months ago)
no i dont fuck with pve games...
Mahwish Aftab (5 months ago)
Don’t talk to much trash about EA, doesn’t anyone else remember Super Deluxe Version for Fortnite: Save the World, OVER 100 DOLLARS
DarthShan (5 months ago)
All the people saying 'I hope it fails' annoy me. Can't we just have a little hope that this game is gonna be fun. I don't really care if EA is the one who funded it, as I admit I'm just a casual gamer looking for a fun game, not some hardcore gamer who cares where the games comes from. All I'm saying is that I am hoping the game will be good as because from what I have seen it looks really fun.
ALPHAWOLF 227 (5 months ago)
Yes more of any game coverage tbh your commentary is very sound and you can tell it comes from a place of knowledge. Good video 👍
3mimin3 (5 months ago)
I don't like EA..
Marshall Glaus (5 months ago)
Please don’t cover anthem I just want overwatch
(5 months ago)
overwatch is gay
tf shall I put here (5 months ago)
This channel used to be great but now it only talks about overwatch
- AlesandroDarren - (5 months ago)
Destiny and Titanfall combined?!
Aaron Smoltz (1 month ago)
Destiny and gears
epicar177 is awesome (4 months ago)
-Alesandro Darren- lets not get ahead of ourselves
Yeager Bomb (5 months ago)
Personally, I'm never touching anything else with Bioware's name on it again. I'll never forgive them for Mass Effect 3's disgrace of an ending. The Extended Cut sucked balls too. Bust my chops for my view point if you must, but said perspective saved me from Andromeda. It's kind of bad when more people act as apologist for that terrible ending of ME3, yet hardly anyone lifts a finger to defend Andromeda. I'm skipping Anthem. If you want to play it, be my guest. I'm taking my money else where.
Buttermations (5 months ago)
*If you upload something and it's not Overwatch, I'm not watching it.*
João Gonçalves (5 months ago)
To not hype and dont pre-order.
DropleTom (5 months ago)
Its Ea, what could go wrong? *Ea lauches the gane whit 28463 dlcs to have the full game.* welp I will not have lunch this year
Netsong (5 months ago)
EA could actually have one clean game that has no bullshit in it. It might get more players to their other games, that have these things.
Netsong (5 months ago)
EA can't just drop the game to the floor and kick it under carpet, because this game has so big potential to actually make people like EA, because everyone's hyped and it has already a big fanbase, that would get super angry, if they touched it. Or can they?
Netsong (5 months ago)
The fact it's got open world where you need to fight monsters doesn't mean it copied Horizon Zero Dawn, you know.
CrazyHoboDude (5 months ago)
Going to?
LoliOnii-chan Senpai (5 months ago)
*EA gone find the ways to f*ck this up*
YASH (5 months ago)
i genuinely hope this fails super hard. ea deserves to go bankrupt after all the horrible crap they've done over the years
Mercurial Moose (5 months ago)
I'm willing to over look the ME:A and BF2 debacles, because it is BioWare and they do generally tend to make great games. People do also like to dump all over EA games because of added costs from loot boxes pay walls ect, but everyone seems to conveniently forget that Titanfall 2 did not have loot boxes, gave all map packs for free and the only thing that cost extra money after the fact was purely cosmetic. Unfortunately it got sandwiched between CoD and BF1 launches, buuuuuuut, it still did well enough for EA to greenlight a 3rd Titanfall, and I do believe other titles are going to be trying the free map packs model, so it showed that that model can work.
Mercurial Moose (5 months ago)
I think if Anthem were to fail hard, you'd see some major shake ups at both BioWare and EA, but no, EA wouldn't crash and burn.
EA won't go down. They have their massive sports games market keeping them afloat thanks to idiots who buy the same game over and over and over. Not complaining tho, I'm hyped for Anthem
Night Shade (5 months ago)
YASH that is a really bad point of view. That's like saying " I hope your mom just gave up, and aborted you for the sake of humanity" i don't mean that, it's just the first thing that came into mind.
Mercurial Moose (5 months ago)
Because, as I said, there are still some good titles coming out of EA. If EA goes down, then those studios that make those games could potentially go down as well. My preference is that EA learns from their mistakes and actually change their practices. But I do understand that some people just want to watch the world burn as well
YASH (5 months ago)
why would you over look? they killed many franchises and ruined then shut down good studios. at this point, i just hope they hope they fail for the sake of the gaming industry.
Kujthero (5 months ago)
You're salty boiiii
Matt Mc (5 months ago)
Dude, I think you're completely wrong about it being horrible or the best game ever and no in between...tbh I think this game is essentially a lock to be a good, not great game and get like an 82 on metacritic or something like that. And tbh I don't think hype will build up TOO much because people are: 1) very down on Bioware because of Mass Effect Andromeda and 2) very down on EA for being EA. I also think a lot of people see the game and kind of groan because people bitch about Destiny all the time and now it's like "oh, not enough Destiny? Here you go!" Those factors I think will keep the hype in check. And even if it's a huge failure...it's not destroying EA dude. They're too big for one game to kill.
Fragger (5 months ago)
Is it only me or the flying mechanics of this game remind me of an old game called "Dark Void"?
YASH (5 months ago)
yeah. i loved the flying mechanic in that game. it's pretty much dead at this point though

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