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How i make $1000 a week online - FEATURE POINTS PAYPAL UPDATE DONT PANIC

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its fixed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOv6w4Tm6ew FEATURE POINTS IS UpDATING PAYPAL GUYS I KNOW I WAS SCARED YOU ARE MY FAMILY SO I THOUGHT TO BRING YOU WHAT THEY TOLD ME THE HELP CENTER snapchat terrylavon23 entertaining tv facebook page
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Javier Messi (1 year ago)
Download feature points and enter this referal code to get 50 points for free
Aiman Hakeem (2 years ago)
Hi, do use my referal code for feature points 3A87T3 thank you !
Anthony Pope (2 years ago)
thanks homie u are truely blessing helping me make some extra bread
Raul Pineda (2 years ago)
I make 1,000 dollars a week with this application, under the link
juanito1975 (2 years ago)
nice.. thank you for the update/
Kyarii Ishii (2 years ago)
Lucky!!! I'm on week two of feature points so far 2,474 points but I only have one friend , if anyone wants they can add: the code 9ZYFH5
Thomas Owen (2 years ago)
Thomas Owen (2 years ago)
I personally recommend you this site.Here to learn the right way to earn over $200 each day with affiliate marketing.Just Search Google; "Mojo Make Money System"
Pam Mccmcc (2 years ago)
I think with all this money you should get a nice camera so that we can see you like other tubers do....
Felecia Jones (2 years ago)
Hey I saw this link on Facebook its called panda research it looks to good to be true
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
they fixed it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOv6w4Tm6ew
IAM (2 years ago)
how do you make around 56k that fast
Soledout Shoes (2 years ago)
What is the best electronic device for this app!? i use a iphone 6s but ive been seeing the ipad has more apps please help i used your referal code at the start of fp
SoccerSPORT7 HD (2 years ago)
bro you are the best and your videos are the best just answer my question please are you going to do a giveaway soon.
Joshua Jacques (2 years ago)
My wife told you she wasn't hacking but she's done a video to clear that up once again because she told you she wasn't hacking. You can't hack this app. But she'll explain more in her video on her channel. Erica Jacques. I'll be unsubscribing from you once I cash out. Your not going to talk about my wife and I'm helping you gain points.
Entertaining tv (2 years ago)
thanks for your time as a sub good luck
Jeremy Rosa (2 years ago)
sup Terry like your videos man I just found out lastnight. so I was right PayPal is doing a update.
keisha harris (2 years ago)
hi can you do a video on how you reach so many points. I have an Android phone. And I been on feature points for a week now and only have 751 points.
Taurus Welch (2 years ago)
It don't work for iPhones
DEFENDER82au (2 years ago)
ty bro im grinding even harder coz iv only got 1 friend can you help me get some man M33R85 heres my code thanks terry you the boss!
Khiry Wright (2 years ago)
What's your psn
I have been up for 24 hours grinding like you!!! I am addicted to your video's! keep em coming!! I wanted to share with you, and everyone a website called Grab Points And guess what? PayPal Baby!!!!
sammy (2 years ago)
How do U have 56k tho I'm a 14 yr producer and I'm trying to save up for a laptop and I need all the points I can get on features points thanks u💞💞🙏🏾
Isaac Gourrier (2 years ago)
I`m assuming Paypal is coming back Tuesday.
Betovlogz (2 years ago)
make a video once you get paid! so others can see paypal option is still up!
LOL you are funny!!! don't panic! Thank you, for putting our minds at ease with the return of PayPal.
E & T Studios (2 years ago)
First hahhaha how long does 1.000$ take to get on the grind?
Sunny Looped (2 years ago)
Can u make a video how u download the games and stuff
Shawn Luke (2 years ago)
frik man, I just got a new device too... so thanks for the vid. also smart for you to do this 👆 much love bro , Holla at cho boi I'm out
Casey Lawson (2 years ago)
Good Heads up Terry. Thank you. Keep the Vids Coming.
Jeremiahiell Thompson (2 years ago)
omg I was about to say . I just downloaded the app and was looking the paypal
Easymoney Online (2 years ago)
Ucepy (2 years ago)
I'm your first like
Ucepy (2 years ago)
First view here
BRANDON J TIPS (2 years ago)

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