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Best graphic cards under Rs.2500 to Rs.5000 - Top 3 budget graphic cards 2018 in India [HINDI]

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Best graphic cards under Rs. 2500 to Rs.5000 - Top 3 budget graphic cards 2018 in India[HINDI] 1. Gigabyte Geforce GT 710 2GB DDR5 2. Zotac Nvidia GT 730 2GB DDR5 3. SAPPHIRE R7 250 2GB DDR3 Best Buy Link:- 1. https://amzn.to/2JOB1zG 2. https://amzn.to/2yj2DHC 3. https://amzn.to/2ld2yMh Unboxing Video Of Gigabyte Geforce GT 710 http://corneey.com/wUf4QF Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes suchrein belong to their respective copyright holders, I do not claim ownership over any as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Best product you can buy today: I phone 8 plus 9% off http://fkrt.it/p0hhfnuuuN Samsung Galaxy on nxt http://fkrt.it/35bbuKNNNN Phone under Rs.700 http://fkrt.it/3hLf1KNNNN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website - https://www.mysterytechs.com http://www.techpratik.tk/ Social media:- Instagram - http://bit.ly/2FR7cfy Facebook - http://bit.ly/2HVgPXf G+ https://goo.gl/XvoyoS LinkedIn- http://bit.ly/2GS19EI Thanks for watching :) (Pratik Ranjan)
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Text Comments (363)
AntiMetal 99 TM (2 months ago)
Buying gt 710 and gt 730 in 2018? Lol,my onboard graphics perform same as those. Don't buy it,simple, you will regret it later. It's better to save some money more and buy 1050ti or atleast 1050. Prices of gpu are expected to fall this year, So keep some patience and you might get at cheaper price.
Aimen ahmad (11 days ago)
We aren't rich like you
Sumeet k (13 days ago)
Game master help me broda
Shubham Mahajan (26 days ago)
Tech With Pratik Thank q so much bhai pratik
Tech With Pratik (26 days ago)
Ok brother I will try
Shubham Mahajan (26 days ago)
Tech With Pratik Plzz Pratik Bhai uspe 1 video bana do Mera windows 7 64bit hai plzz bro
Viwoto Sheqi (4 hours ago)
Is Nvidia geforce 920mx 2GB better than these graphic cards?
Aridaman Singh Sisaudiya (15 hours ago)
Agar mai zotec ka use karu 710 2gb ddr5 to perform kasa karga pc pubg or mobile mai
Tech With Pratik (9 hours ago)
Bhai aap GT 710 me pubg mobile to Chala sakte ho lekin pubg pc me nahe . Agar aap pubg khelna chahte ho Apne PC me to aap GTX 750 Ti Le sakte ho under 4 to 5000 rupees from aliexpress
AS EditZ (22 hours ago)
Mera g41 ka board hai kya geforce 710 kya chalega graphics card?
Puneet Tecs (3 days ago)
Want to buy 730 4 g.b Varient Ddr3 ...is it worth for High resolution gaming of Gta 5 or pub g in medium settings....Must reply...and also telll how much rating will u give to 730 4GB out of 5 Thnku......
Tech With Pratik (3 days ago)
Ok but can you play pubg on high setting in this graphic card in 1080p resolution
Puneet Tecs (3 days ago)
Tech With Pratik bro...u r wrong I played Gta 5 on this graphics card at High graphics.....my friend also had this 4gb Ddr3 730 and this is overcloking ....Version....My motherboard dosnt support Ddr5 so i think its best to spend money on this graphics card 730 GDDR3 4g.b
Tech With Pratik (3 days ago)
Brother you want to play pubg or GTA V in high resolution and medium settings so do not buy this graphic card you can buy GTX 750 ti under 4 to 5000 rupees from online website like aliexpress and GT 730 is not playing pubg in high resolution because this is not a gaming graphic card I am reat this graphic card 5 out of 2 Thank you
Abu Kanyat (3 days ago)
Bhai gt730 maai fifa18 khel sakte kya
Abhishek Rahang (5 days ago)
Brother aur Display ke liye Hume Graphic card ke Port par lagana compulsory toh nahi hai naa
Abhishek Rahang (5 days ago)
GT 710. 32bit Windows me chalega pls reply
Abhishek Rahang (5 days ago)
Tech With Pratik Thank you
Tech With Pratik (5 days ago)
Yes brother
MADE OF GOD (5 days ago)
laptop Mei dal jayega bhai 3rd graphic card.
Tech With Pratik (6 days ago)
Brother aap thik se explain karo kya extra se lagta hai
Tech With Pratik play toh hojayega laptop Mei dal toh jayega na.... Maine YouTube dekha tha .. voh external se lgtha h.
Tech With Pratik (6 days ago)
Yes you can play
RV Singh (6 days ago)
Can these be used on laptop
Tech With Pratik (6 days ago)
No brother
Shariyaz Khan (7 days ago)
Bro 2500 hazar graphic card me gta 5 khel sakta hu
Nabendu Biswas (10 days ago)
App ko sa gripis cards use kar raha ho or app ka ram kitna ha plz reply
Aimen ahmad (10 days ago)
I am Buying Core i5 2400 by selling my laptop and GT 750 Ti for 10,000 in Pakistan gotta sell mybild Potato PC core 2 duo (Buying GT 750 Ti from Amazon and Core i5 2400 from Daraz)Gamers Never Stop. They Restart Edit:Ohh wait this is my sis Account lol NVM
Coc Topic (11 days ago)
Can we install gt 630 in zebronics g31 or g41
Goku KN (2 days ago)
Aditya Sharma bro.. yes but zeb g31 is not a good board to handle any graphics card.. i bought zeb g31 and put gt 710 in that board.. it works good for few hours or minuites, after that the display will go turned off often.. So i replaced with the another new zebg31 board in warrenty but i faced the same problm.. So i repaired my old msi g31 board and i put my gt 710 on it and it works perfect.. In my opinion dont buy zebg31, if u r gonna use any graphics card on it.. Buy a second hand msi g31board, it will work perfect.. ( new msi g31 is not available in market, becoz it stopped manufactuirng)
MADE OF GOD (5 days ago)
Aditya Sharma yes
Robiul Islaam (12 days ago)
can I use ddr5 gpu in ddr3 motherboard my motherboard model is h61 thank you
Tech With Pratik (12 days ago)
Yes brother you can use
Ashish Singh (12 days ago)
Bro I have i3 3220 processor. Which gpu u will suggest me. Which will give me good gaming experience.
MADE OF GOD (5 days ago)
Ashish Singh sapphire Radeon 2GB
TodaY's TeChNoLoGy (13 days ago)
Bhai me i5 7th generation Tu ki Ryzen 3 ... please jaldi batao na
TodaY's TeChNoLoGy (12 days ago)
Tech With Pratik i am buying Ryzen 3 ...toh kitna gb ka graphic card lagaya hum?
Tech With Pratik (13 days ago)
Ryzen 3 slightly better than i5 and you can search in YouTube Or Google comparison with these cpus
TodaY's TeChNoLoGy (13 days ago)
Tech With Pratik ooo i5 is not better then Ryzen 3?
Tech With Pratik (13 days ago)
Yes you can buy i5 processor because ryzen 3 or i5 is similar cpu
TodaY's TeChNoLoGy (13 days ago)
Tech With Pratik many people's are saying that I should go for i5 7th generation and 4gb graphic card
Shahrukh Khan (14 days ago)
1. Gariphce 710 gtx"" best bro
Tech With Pratik (1 hour ago)
You are right my brother but please watch our benchmark video of GT 710
Shahrukh Khan ..? sirf low settings per hi good performance dega ... Mere pass hai sirf usme mediam Laval ke game chalte hai
Dheeraj Kada (15 days ago)
DD3 h gt NVIDA 710 us me nfs payback chal jayga
Innoxent Adnan (18 days ago)
SuB sY besT gt 1030 h in card Sy besT paR uS ki price 12000 H....! FrenDs.😣
Prothom Playz (20 days ago)
Does The Sapphire Video Card Need AMD Processor?
You tube (20 days ago)
I have 4gb ram amd semprone 145 processor 2.80ghz which graphics card should i buy
official of AK (20 days ago)
Bhai mere paas Purana mother board hain aur 3.0 GHz hai Kya mere me inme se koi sa mere me support kre ga kya
Muslim Gamer (21 days ago)
Tell me can I play without grphic card
Tech With Pratik (21 days ago)
Yes brother
Muslim Gamer (22 days ago)
Can I play gta 5 with core i5 7th genaration,22 er display, by last graphics card that seen your video
Tech With Pratik (21 days ago)
Brother please do not buy this GPU for i5 7th generation cpu because i5 is powerful processor and this graphic card is very low end so you are buy this GPU . your CPU is bottlenecking . So please buy any other GPU
Gamer Mine (22 days ago)
Bro i have ddr3 ram.. will it matter..
Gamer Mine (22 days ago)
bhai mere pas 339A motherboard hai , kya uspe gt 710 2gb ddr3 GPU laga sakta hu...
Tech With Pratik (22 days ago)
Brother Ye aapke motherboard par depend karta hai ki kaun sa Ram CPU or GPU Lage ga
Gamer Mine (22 days ago)
Tech With Pratik Bro Kisi ne mushe bataya hai ki graphic card motherboard , ram or cpu par depend karta hai... Un sab se hi aap graphic card le sakte ho.. please tell is this true..
Tech With Pratik (22 days ago)
Brother kya matter Karta hai ye to bataoo
SPY SPIDER (25 days ago)
nice video...meri aakhe khol di bhai..thanks broooooo/.././../.=\=\=-\=\
waqas production (28 days ago)
afobe after affect chl j gha kia
waqas production (27 days ago)
Tech With Pratik ok thanks bro
Tech With Pratik (27 days ago)
Yes brother
waqas production (28 days ago)
bro ddr3 kesa hai
Akhil Sharma (29 days ago)
can i install them in my laptop
Tech With Pratik (29 days ago)
No brother in only pc
TR TECH RAJ (1 month ago)
Bro mara PC pa graphic card support nahi liye Jo to bataya mara PC ddr2 ka ram ha 4000 rs bharvad ho Gaya to Kon sa khareedu dual core ha
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Bro aapke paas kaun sa motherboard hai us hisaab se aap graphic card Le sakte
sufyan rabbit (1 month ago)
R7 240 C's go ke lye kesa rahega?
bhai mera hp 15q-bu009tu laptop hai isme graphics card dal sakta hu
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Nahe bhai
TECHY BOY (1 month ago)
Bhai wwe 2k18 GT 73O mei kitne fps par chalegi
Amrit Bhatia (1 month ago)
sokeen,,suru 😂😂
priyansh Singh (1 month ago)
sir plz replay
priyansh Singh (1 month ago)
bahi graphics card loo ya ram??
priyansh Singh (1 month ago)
yarr bahi mere leptop me 4 bg ram or 2 gb graphics h or mera gta 5 thoda hang ho rha kya karoo
Rajuali Ahmed (1 month ago)
can I play Euro truck stimulation 2 in this graphic card
Chandra Mouli (1 month ago)
i have 8gb ram 2tb hdd intel core i7 4ghz which graphics card should i use for assassin's creed ,PUbg and fortnite??
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
what is your budget brother.
Abhi Das (1 month ago)
SAPPHIRE R7 250 2GB DDR3 this graphic card is not available in market .can u pls tell me a good 2gb 128bit ddr3/5 graphic card in 5000 rs.
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Bro can you buy second hand graphic card
Abhi Das (1 month ago)
its 10000 rs bro ...pls help
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
GTX 750Ti you can check this graphic card in the market around 5 to 6,000 rupees
Blader x (1 month ago)
Partik I have motherboard Gigabyte GA-H55M -S2 and I want to know that Gigabyte 710 nvediya 2gb DDR5 will support on my mother board. In you vedio 1st one graphic card.
Rupesh Negi (1 month ago)
bhai aapne jo sab graphic card bataye hai usme GTA V thik se nahi chalega ga... lena hai to Zotac ka GT 1030 lo Rs.7000/- ke aass pass.....
Aditya Technical (1 month ago)
Ap gt 710 gigabyte me ya GTA 5 ka gameplay khel rahe ho kya
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
7000 rupees aapke graphic card ke liye hai kya
Aditya Technical (1 month ago)
And my budget is 6-7000 laken seref graphic card ka leya
Aditya Technical (1 month ago)
Or ek 1 tb ka hard disk bhe to karche bhe Jada ho jai ga to ya graphic card thek ha kya
Aditya Technical (1 month ago)
Or mujhe ek 4 GB ka ram bhe chaiya
Aditya Technical (1 month ago)
Bhai mujhko graphic card ke sath uske jese mother board bhe chiya hoge
Shahid Karim (1 month ago)
1st waale mein Fortnite keisa chalega?
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Please watch our recent video
Fahim Sharier Rupam (1 month ago)
Gt 1030 review please
Mr PERFEC t (1 month ago)
Assaasan crad has has ke mar gaya
love kush (1 month ago)
Intel HD 630 = Base clock 350 MHz / 512 MB Ram @ 1600Mhz / no cuda cores / No open GL ,CL ,PhyiX GT - 730 = Base clock 902 MHz / 3GB DDR 5 Ram @ 5000 Mhz / 368 cuda cores / open GL 4.4 /open CL 4.2 / Phyi X
jeevaa veerakumar (1 month ago)
Can we play GTA 5 or watch dogs2 on Nvidia 710 2gb
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Yes brother
Dekstar (1 month ago)
I can't play call of duty world war 2 on GT 730
Somu Soni (1 month ago)
Bhai, gigabyte gt710 2gb ddr5 vs gainward gt610 ddr3 2gb kaunsa better hai??? Meree paas gt610 h 2gb ddr3
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Gigabyte GT710 GDDR5 is better
hassan moazzam (1 month ago)
gta 4 need for graphics cardd and not
M. Arslan (1 month ago)
Bro video mein game knsa hai
MYNK RGHV (1 month ago)
R7 250 or GT 730 ?? Why ?
arup bora (1 month ago)
yea grafix card windows 7 chalega to
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
TEJENDRASINH Dabhi (1 month ago)
BRO MERE PASS AMD 145 SEMPON PROCCER DDR3 HE OR ATI REDON 3000 GRAPHIC CARD HE .2 GB RAM HE .KYA KYA MODIFARD KARU .MOTHERBORD HE FOXCONN MODAL NO A76GMV FOR GTA 5 PLS..........................................................BRO............................
Real Skull (29 days ago)
it wont work.
Rushank potpose (1 month ago)
my brother i have a issue that i have NVIDIA 840m 8gb ram i7 processor but the GTA % does not work in my lappy
kake meena (1 month ago)
32 bit chalega
Yuvraj Singh (1 month ago)
bhai 25000-30000 ka pc built ke video bnoo jiss mein pubg smooth chle in low settings mein
Yuvraj Singh (1 month ago)
good luck bro
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Yes bro Main Wohi video dalne Wala Hu next upload
Arikta Biswas (1 month ago)
Konsa wala jada accha hoga
Status Lounge (1 month ago)
The worst graphics card ever build GT710. Never buy, never ever buy them
AM_Rtz (1 month ago)
Arey yeh toh batao kaunsa processor k lea kaunsa graphics card best rahega. Jese i3 6th generation k lea 710 lena smart purchase hoga ya ni?
TEJENDRASINH Dabhi (1 month ago)
Bro mere pass 2 gb ram or 250 gb hdddisk he or gta 5 play karni he to isme se kon sa kharidu
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Yes but in low settings
TEJENDRASINH Dabhi (1 month ago)
Thank you for replay. Mera 6000_7000 KA baget he.or ram 4 gb kardu to gta 5 play kar shakta hu
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Aap apne budget ke hisab se koi bhi kharid sakte ho aur aap Ram extend karo
Nikku Rathore (1 month ago)
2 gb k graphic card m pubg mast chalega ka
Saikh sarfraz (1 month ago)
Bhai battlefield 4,or call of duty all games playing pleses say wath best grafic card all games
bhai mere pas same graphics card ddr3 val he dual core 2gb ram pe gta 5 chalega kya
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Nahi brother Ram bahut jyada kam hai
Sai Varun (1 month ago)
Does gigabyte ga_78lmt-s2 mother board support gt710,gt730 and gt 1030.
sonu (1 month ago)
I can play god of war
sonu (1 month ago)
I can play god of war
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
No brother
Rakesh Bhandari (1 month ago)
Are Bhai gt 1030 itna powerful graphic card vo bhi 5000rs me mil jayega in offline market me
Imran shah (1 month ago)
In sab se acha gt 1030 le lo. Usse niche jaake koi matlab nahi. Ha agar ekdum saste wala lena he to gt 710 thik he. Warna rx 250 aur gt 730 me 5000 daalne se acha gt 1030 le lo thoda daala k. Around 6000 ka hoga
Gaming Saroch (1 month ago)
Bhai kya mein 2gb graphics card mein gta v khel sakta hoon kya ?
Tech With Pratik (1 month ago)
Yes brother
Koushik Sannyashi (1 month ago)
Sapphire hd 7770 ddr5 1gb ma ketna watt power supply yusd karu?
Hitesh Mandaliya (1 month ago)
Can i play minecraft windows 10 edition with gt 710 with what settings
DhruvRoyal 29 (1 month ago)
Make next video on cheapest processor can run gta5
SANGITA XESS (1 month ago)
Watch dogs 2 ka leya graphics card ya Acha ha kya
Ankit Malik (1 month ago)
Hlo I have P1945gcm old motherboard Can i add these graphics card
Arslan Khan (2 months ago)
Brother i am from pakistan Yaha graphic card boht expensive hain ...me ap ko paise bheju jo source ap ko asan lage ..ap phr grhic le k ..mujhe bhejo .. Help !! If you are intrested
kapil kale (28 days ago)
Arslan Khan bhai main Bombay me rhta honn yha leke apko bhej skta honn registered post se
bhai 4 gb ddr2 ram nahi chalegi kya please fast reply karo
thanks bro
Tech With Pratik (2 months ago)
Bro Ye bahut slow Kaam Karega
MR: EVERYWHERE (2 months ago)
pakistan me 2 gb card 12000 tk ka he koi sa bhi
Atul Jasrotia (2 months ago)
I need help I have lenovo g50-80 Intel i3-5005U 2.0ghz Ram:- 4 gb Hdd:- 1tb I want to increase fps Tell me what should i change Or add in my laptop To play high graphic games
sameer Khan (2 months ago)
*mere bhai gt 730 & GT 710 bote are DDR3 game card not DDR5*
love kush (2 months ago)
Core 2 duo CPU in 2018 Shame on Indians
Ashok Dutta (2 months ago)
Laptop mein yeh use hoga kya
Tech With Pratik (2 months ago)
Nahi bhai yeh sirf desktop computer ke liye hai
Bro is car wala game ka name kia hain ??????
Tech With Pratik (2 months ago)
sanjaysinh chudasama (2 months ago)
Gt 710 pe gta 5 ka video banao
Tech With Pratik (22 days ago)
Please watch our recent video
Gulal Iqbal (22 days ago)
sanjaysinh chudasama yes
sanjaysinh chudasama (2 months ago)
Nice explain sir
Ishtiaq Mughal (2 months ago)
Bro plz Help Mere pc me koi bhi game nhi chl rhi Mafia2, Just Cause2, nothing happen after double click L.A Noir .net Framework error My Pc: core i5 2nd gen 2500 6gb ram ddr3 500 hard disk Gt 1030 Please help please Please Please
Tech With Pratik (2 months ago)
Please install new version of any Windows so I hope its work
Ishtiaq Mughal (2 months ago)
+Tech With Pratik bro Assasin creed 1 chl rhi. Window reinstall se issue thek ho jae ga ?
Tech With Pratik (2 months ago)
Bro windows reinstall kar lo
Saurav Mehta (2 months ago)
Bro Mera processor hai i5 7th gen 7600(3.5ghz to 4.1ghz) aur ram hai 8gb ddr4 ram and 2gb ddr5 gigabyte hai graphic card hai to kya FIFA 18 khel sakte hai aur GTA 5 ?
Tech With Pratik (2 months ago)
Yes brother
Kunal Passi (2 months ago)
Nvidia gt 710 m pubg chlta hai
Game Master (2 months ago)
I can get used/ second handgt 1030 for 6k inr is that good ? And what its offline price ?
Bhai gta 5 to aram se chal jata ha asal baat to pubg pr ati ha
Tanmay Thorat (2 months ago)
Kitna core lu
No Content (2 months ago)
Mera to 1050ti hay
adwait thete (2 months ago)
Bro gtx 1050 oc edition pe bhi pubg low setting 1080p pe game lag karta hai aur 30 fps milne me bhi mehenat hoti hai aur tum bol raheho ki gt730 me pugb chalega. Kese bhai kese . Justify me if have a bit knowledge about gpus or pc parts.
Sagar S (2 months ago)
U can hardly run any game with the GT 710. GT 730 and R7 250 are also average. R7 250 is slightly better. GT 1030 is the minimum I recommend. Or try a used GTX 750 Ti or RX 460. Minimum 300 W power supply is required for GTX and RX.
Srijan Kumar (2 months ago)
ye lappy me lagega ye mere me Nvidia 630M phle se h bhut bekkar h
Tech With Pratik (2 months ago)
Brother ye graphic cards PC ke liye hai
Saleem Molai (2 months ago)
Quadro is best
Vaasu Changotra (2 months ago)
Best Assassin hota h AAASAAASIN nhi

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