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Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 6: Zombie. Polar. Bear. (HBO)

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"""It's very much like a shark attack."" Get a closer look at the green-screen magic of creating a zombie polar bear in a clip from the latest episode of behind-the-scenes series, The Game Revealed. Full episodes of The Game Revealed are available on HBO:"
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Alejandro Gorgal (10 days ago)
So there was nothing about how the bear was made, and just actors talking about how hard it is to pretend in front of a green screen...ok
Ngitz Cuartero (30 days ago)
hi.I really love watching game of thrones..I was just wonder if when would be the next release of the new episode of game of thrones?.
BasLindo (1 month ago)
Dear Game of Thrones, D&D and HBO, you were given a golden opportunity to create a classic piece of television. Art if you will. Now it's beyond salvageable. It a shame, but the show won't be the evergreen that will be watched decades from now, that it had potential to be. You forgot the missing piece: George RR Martin's inspired vision for the story (beyond just basic plot points). You chose money over art. Shame on you.
MorselOfBread (2 months ago)
Toby the bear interview??
HOLLYWOOD MANIAC (5 months ago)
ByEgido (7 months ago)
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Helix 1 (9 months ago)
That’s it. I’m calling the Zombie Polar Bear Toby from now on..
VaeSapiens (10 months ago)
In the words of Nappa the Saiyan Hollywood Producer: "Aha! Pointless." Edit: I am quoting DBZ Abridged. Edit 2: Which has better writting.
Thomas K (11 months ago)
Dumb & Dumber
Maja S (11 months ago)
Francesco Brosolo (11 months ago)
Isn't the poor stuntman gettin a cold with just a motion capture suit in that snow?
sony hingorani (11 months ago)
Retro Gaming (11 months ago)
Din (11 months ago)
Love GoT but I could care less about the zombie bear scene. What I remember from that scene is that the same extra/stuntguy died to the bear and then died again on the island before Dany saved the day.
Sam Baker (11 months ago)
FEEDBACK: I want 10 episodes in season 8, not the planned 6 episodes. Season 7 was so short and it SUCKED, the producers can easily have had 10 Episodes in season 7 and PLEASE don't make season 8 short with only 6 episodes, i and all Games of Thrones FANS want 10 LONG episodes in season 8.
Jack (11 months ago)
book not finish, all theres to it is few note from martin describing his envisioned ending. thats why everything is shorten and plot hole every where.
Sam Baker (11 months ago)
GAMES OF THRONES FANS REQUEST: I want 10 episodes in season 8, not the planned 6 episodes. Season 7 was so short and it SUCKED, the producers can easily have had 10 Episodes in season 7 and PLEASE don't make season 8 short with only 6 episodes, i and all Games of Thrones FANS want 10 LONG episodes in season 8.
King Slayer (11 months ago)
Fuck Ghost and Fuck the polar bear , bring back good writing like season 1 to 4
King Slayer (11 months ago)
Reza Coleman (11 months ago)
With 15 million per episode 🙃 Ghost better be all up and through S8! I don't want to see no more white walker animals.... leave them bear ideas over there lol Direwolves and Dragons only PLEASE!!! Oh and possibly a Ghost and Daenerys scene!
kb (11 months ago)
Faites des économies sur les ours et montrez nous Ghost. ! Je suis pas scénariste mais vous auriez pu l'utiliser pour accueillir Bran à château noir (genre il reconnait un Stark et se met à ses pieds pour finir de convaincre la garde sur son identité). Ou bien un scène épique avec Bran qui contrôle Ghost pour aider Jon contre les marcheurs blancs (après avoir prévenu par télépathie Dany que Jon était en danger ce qui aurait été plus crédible que le sprint de flash Gendry). Franchement je kiff got mais vous déconnez grave.
Ocicat101 (11 months ago)
... sigh
JunSoo Shin (11 months ago)
진짜 왕좌의게임 배우들한테는 연기상 줘야됨~~
Zak Mik (11 months ago)
they are such a good actors
Zak Mik (11 months ago)
they are such a good actors
Podrick Payne (11 months ago)
*God dammit we want a zombie polar bear*
Ackarion (11 months ago)
...That's all?
Gabbar (11 months ago)
i prefer ghost over this unnecessary wight bear scene
Monique Hilkemeijer (11 months ago)
Fantastich Wonderfull
meera walia (11 months ago)
Rory the cutest!
Rogue Seraph (11 months ago)
Just saw the 14 minute version of this...simply amazing 😊👍
Royal Models (11 months ago)
SkullCrusherG777 (11 months ago)
I'm glad we got this polar bear that nobody remembered or talked about after the episode was over. I mean, we had to trade off ghost, a super important character to the story that carries loads of symbolism, so we didn't have him during the uniting of the two biggest characters of the entire show, no matter what kind of symbolism could have been carried through him, but it was all worth it in the end for this epic polar bear. The one that nobody remembers. The one that had no narrative purpose whatsoever.
Pops (11 months ago)
Its a real shame the show seems to be giving in to what the fans want e.g 70% action episodes. It may be what people want but what they want may not necessarily be good for the show. The drawn out discipline and diplomacy of season 6, skipping out what could have been massive action scenes (such as Stannis at Winterfell) lead to the final 2 episodes being the biggest pay offs in TV history for many viewers. I feel game of thrones is just been rushed now, like this zombie polar bear contributed nothing to the plot. No one important died from it, it didn't lead to anything they just killed it and moved on. It was just action for the sake of action. Smart, thought out intelligent screen writing with good pay offs and twists made game of thrones great. Not pointless action like in the walking dead.
Danny Walker (11 months ago)
Loved that scene, it was epic 😱
Lindy Coates (11 months ago)
Oh dam Toby lol
QueenThoria (11 months ago)
This is why we didn't see ghost. They spent all the budget on Toby the bear.
Andjela V (11 months ago)
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Veikko Nousiainen (11 months ago)
Why Polar bear? Where is the spiders big as hounds. Disappointment!
Rabab Sheikh (11 months ago)
Thoros Of Myr died for a stupid Polar Bear -.-
Engie Reincarnate (11 months ago)
People are seriously upset with this? Geez, there's no pleasing anyone these days
Isak Källsmyr (11 months ago)
This bullshit sums up the terrible transformation this show has undergone. I first fell in love with this show not because of pointless spectacular cgi like this, that was basically nonexistent in season 1. I fell in love with the incredibly rich and complex story, the likes of which i had never seen before. Now the story is pretty simple and straightforward, and terribly predictable, and instead of putting effort into the story, the very soul and heart of every show/book/movie, they give us pointless shit lile this.
OmniviumVelocity (11 months ago)
You guys whine more than 13 year old girls
summer johnson (11 months ago)
Hit the play button, fluffed my pillow behind my back, sat back to watch the Zombie Polar Bear - video already finished. Thanks fooking Game Revealed!
Alexa's Lame (11 months ago)
Not gonna lie... the thumbnail of the zombie polar bear shit looks like Rap Monster😂👀
Bryant DelaFay (11 months ago)
Youre not a bear, your name is Toby
Shu Cats (11 months ago)
Waste. Of. Budget. (HBO)
SpecialK (11 months ago)
literally nobody gave a shit about the zombie polar bear and you guys are still trying to hype it up... waste of budget :(
MasterOfNothing (11 months ago)
This reminds me of Ralph the movie maker
Luke Oakley (11 months ago)
DnD just seem like idiots, mostly all the fanbase want ghost to have a more prominent role but no, ZOMBIE POLAR BEAR COS WERE IDIOTS WHO LIKE SEEING SPLOSIONS AND FOIRE
Akash Pawar (11 months ago)
They wasted an episode worth of money on a fucking bear.
Alex bro (11 months ago)
I've never seen this show in my life, is it good?
neithealebor (11 months ago)
Isabelle Jones (11 months ago)
Wirel2049 (11 months ago)
Thanks, HBO! From occupied Russia.
Jason (11 months ago)
What a fucking shitty scene that nobody wanted.
Sugar (11 months ago)
kuken2000 (11 months ago)
This saddens me...
Kaylee Ding (11 months ago)
"It was pretty weird, to be honest." -Rory McCann and many GoT fans
Pyro Gaming Hound (11 months ago)
or or or MAN BEAR PIG
Lonely Spaceman Films (11 months ago)
Common sense: Why don't you do Ice Spiders as big as hounds? The things that have had multiple mentions throughout the show. D&D: Nah, just do a random fucking polar bear.
Chaotic Cake (11 months ago)
so the polar bear was idubbbz
StairwayToEvan92 (11 months ago)
basically, we're all effed
VP Original (11 months ago)
I didn't even know the bear was a zombie until right now, thought it was just a strange Westeros beast (which anyway it was) now I don't know if I should feel dumb or if I should just blame the directing because this episode must be the most unfocused of the series (like with the bunch of characters dying that weren't even shown before their deaths)
Mark Cobuzzi (1 day ago)
I personally knew right away that the snow bear was a wight, recognizing the bright blue eyes, partially decayed back half, and vulnerability to fire. Although I have not yet read any of the books, I heard that a wight snow bear does appear in the books, during the initial skirmish between the Others and Night’s Watch, so part of me was anticipating a creature like that at some point, which made it easier for me, but I digress. Nonetheless, I still agree with or understand your other points. I thought the action sequence’s execution was just okay. With the way the bear attacks from the side, after being spotted way out in front, plus how very few of the characters seemed to gang up on it, the scene almost appeared like they had to have been attacked by two bears at once. The thing about the episode that distracted me most was how quickly Daenarys’ dragons seemed to reach the party beyond the wall (after she had made such big deal about how she cannot fight Jon’s war in the North while fighting Cersei), Jon Snow probably having one too many apparent death fake-outs, and how easily D&D could have given the Night King a reason to attack Viserion first, rather than going straight for Drogon, the biggest dragon whom his enemies are most relying on.
melloe (11 months ago)
Can someone address why Kit always has white gunk in his hair in those interview scenes? lol
Sarat R (11 months ago)
That polar bear is taking revenge for REVENANT
Rhae T (11 months ago)
bear was unnecessary, Where's Ghost? :K
Tibor Hegedüs B (11 months ago)
Your name is Toby ! :)
Alistair Drennan (11 months ago)
Funny how much they hype this bear but nobody watching really gave a shit
Rayees Khanday (11 months ago)
GoT was my favourite show ever and this season ruined it. Thanks to the lazy writing, plot holes and general stupidity and carelessness of DnD. Ruining something so good takes a special kind of stupidity. And you guys proved to have it in spades.
Scrumptious Red Beans (11 months ago)
Fear toby the zombie bear
Maria Valdes (11 months ago)
hippie chic (11 months ago)
Any critics of Game of Thrones now; I suggest you go write something 10+Million people are watching , stealing to watch, buying series of the books, making multiple You Tube channels on the topics of the HBO series just about what you write. TRY IT ! I bloody bet nothing you sprawl out will equal half of the people Loving or even just mildly curious how its all going to turn out that watch Game of Thrones . Game of Thrones is not what it once was but it is not a regular t.v. series ....it has to come to an ending ; Game of Thrones has broken t.v. history records . The series is Lovingly and excitedly talked about on talk shows.... even when the series is off season and no one from Game of Thrones is scheduled to be on their talk shows. It wasn't up for any EMMY'S this year due to timing of Game of Thrones being later in the year as usual ; the series was given a "Thank You" by Stephen for giving other t.v. series a chance and as well as the series being mentioned in the beginning of the EMMY'S song introduction it was mentioned a few more times in praise . The "nay sayers" of Game of Thrones have no sense of imagination to be taken on someone elses journey and not their own ;they want what they like and anything different is off setting ....Game of Thrones is not their journey of story telling and imagination. They have their own and one day maybe they will write it .
Marat (2 months ago)
hippie chic If you give me a brilliantly written series of books to begin with, seems doable.
AF17935 (11 months ago)
can't believe Thoros died for this shit
damba1232 (11 months ago)
I don't think any of you really like Ghost, you are only here to use him to feel cool and accepted on the internet. No offense to people who really do like him
GlewsReviews (11 months ago)
wheres my main direwolf ghost!??!?!
neraetva (11 months ago)
Toby deserves an Emmy!!
CGCentral HD (11 months ago)
Behind the scenes on how to waste budget
Samdara (11 months ago)
honestly such a waste of budget
azgarogly (11 months ago)
No more shirts and trousers and jackets? RLY?! Thank You! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
Burn A Bee (11 months ago)
Dave Reyez (11 months ago)
Damn if only all the effort that went into animating the CGI bear went into the actual writing.....
Julio Flores (11 months ago)
A zombie polar bear? How is this related to, let's say, dragons and all that from ancient history?
BoxySama (11 months ago)
as soon as they deviated from the novel I instantly lost all interest
93Legit (11 months ago)
who is Ghost?
93Legit (11 months ago)
The Walking Dead Medieval edition
93Legit (11 months ago)
i couldve done this with my Texas Instrument calculator.
Hal Pal (11 months ago)
So they swapped Ghost for a Motherfucking corpse of a polar bear?
YOONERO (11 months ago)
yer names Toby
Aidan (11 months ago)
Votonic (11 months ago)
What do you people want Ghost to do? I wants Ghost for what? Just to walk around? Only few episodes left I rather see the main struggle and such than a diré wolf. Wait for rr to write about Ghost.
Speedking_A1 (11 months ago)
When is season 8 😳😭😭
Cory Swift (11 months ago)
These scene was very memorable, because that bear was truly terrifying! Cheers HBO one of my favorite moments of Season 7!
jason4275 (11 months ago)
I guess they dont film everything on location
kuljerryboy (11 months ago)
Guys, the zombie polar bear wasn't just for the theatrics, it was to give a hint to the audience that animals too can be turned into wights, foreshadowing what happened with Viserion.
Marat (2 months ago)
kuljerryboy Undead horses.
LeVi (11 months ago)
Dont get me wrong, i love GoT. But how the fuck is a video with 100k views and 3.5k likes is on trending again?
Chris Walker (11 months ago)
Smh guess I'll watch the episode again!
neithealebor (11 months ago)
The Hound and Tormund = Best Companions
neithealebor (11 months ago)
Game of Thrones = GREATEST

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