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Minecraft Dragon Head Tutorial

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This is our first video, please leave a like or a comment below, and subscribe if you want. If we can get 20 likes then i will try to make a whole dragon with the original dragon head and if i think it's nice then i will do a tutorial for the dragon.
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Text Comments (184)
A Priest (1 month ago)
Are you quiet because your mom is sleeping or is it quiet because you blew my ear drums out with that intro?
I hated you by the end of this
Josh Turner (2 months ago)
Video is good but I to is a little MUCH
dawid k (5 months ago)
worst intro ever
hiby772 (5 months ago)
I find it to look better of you use a beacon for the eyes
Wouter Kuiper (6 months ago)
lol your are dutch
Thanks for the video now is upgraded and added to my skeleton collection
Amerikanser (6 months ago)
All are just nagging around but everybody uses this dragon head so thanks to the builder
TukayAte WarPromo (7 months ago)
2 brain cells lost out of 4
/FSS/Birdo (7 months ago)
nice vid man, u just gained a sub :D
DanskGedeLort (7 months ago)
It’s not look like a dragon head... More like a rat head xD
Orin Colvin (7 months ago)
Thx very helpful
Kitty Gaming (8 months ago)
Come check out my dragon head tutorial on my channel. The dragon head is based off of this one but there are a few changes. Also it has all been edited so there are no big mistakes.
Chris Gaming (8 months ago)
Is it me but the intro gave me BRAIN DAMAGE
Marcis Lauva (9 months ago)
its fine make the intro loud as possible and speak quite as possible
Burpy Iscool (9 months ago)
Looks like rayquaza...
Zulkonit (9 months ago)
only 66 more subs to reach 666
Faith Faith (10 months ago)
Honestly wonderful, I used it to make a massive eastern dragon, it took some tweeks but its beautiful
TheNeverPancake (11 months ago)
He was not immediately prepared for this video but I don't blame him because its his first video
The Gaming Bro's (1 year ago)
Thus head is copy right from rayquaza from pokemon gen 3 legend the tree-o master
criiptoxic 11 (1 year ago)
you miss build all thx for notthing.
Bro War (1 year ago)
cool statue but the actual tutorial was frustrating
Nightcore_Gaming (1 year ago)
Not a bad design but I had to keep rewatching this video
Xectar (1 year ago)
Nice video, but dude, you're fucking mumbling.
CharcoalCape (1 year ago)
Nice build! I hope you return back to YouTube and make the Dragon body with a new head it would look so cool. I know this is your first video so I can't really complain but please edit you're mistakes out.👌
Nate Heitritter (1 year ago)
Worst audio
DerecwosK Wk (1 year ago)
Te equivocas muchoooooooo!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
The doricorn (1 year ago)
Alpha Production (1 year ago)
intro music?
Tom Robinson (1 year ago)
I'm at 4:46 and I'm literally ready to fucking cry. U change your mind more fucking times than the wind changes directions
Tom Robinson (1 year ago)
I actually gained a brain tumour trying to figure out your mumble ass voice. I'm trying to copy this tutorial and it's like threading shit through the eye of a needle.
Kat Tot Gaming (1 year ago)
One Two And Tree??? Why??
Venus Monroy (1 year ago)
This dragon reminds me to the Pokémon rayquaza
The Masked Newfie (1 year ago)
You forgot the top teeth
The Masked Newfie (1 year ago)
Cool build but next time just slow down and stop making mistakes it really hard to follow along
thirsty nigga (1 year ago)
good Dragon you just suck at explaining I suggest quiting YouTube
Jesse James (1 year ago)
dragon is finished but it took forever had to keep researching because one you go way to fast and too you fucked.up alot
Barbara Ellman (1 year ago)
Great vid. I made it on Xbox 360. thinking of extending Back of skull to put in Neather portal and red stone lamps for the eyes
Damian Stenson (1 year ago)
Good video but jesus your so frustrating to watch.
Lynette Vazquez (1 year ago)
hey how many spases are there
Han Solo Dies (1 year ago)
this fucking retard
Jed Capitan (1 year ago)
I really appreciate your dragon head build. I've a tower and I needed good figurines for it. :D
Cole RPG (1 year ago)
i cood not here and you need to plan!!!
finnthomson _1234 (1 year ago)
Here's some advice learn what your making and stop canning it and don't start going realy fast
A worm (1 year ago)
2:23 slabbstair xD
TheGamer47 (2 years ago)
Amazing Builder!
Dragalistic (2 years ago)
LpsMiniDog (1 month ago)
He goes through it sooo fast! I don't even know whats happening
Ethan McDonald (3 months ago)
What's the mistake? Just wanna be prepared ahead of time.
Pretty Pentacle (1 year ago)
Then he places blocks so quickly in some parts. Not mentioning what he's placing.
Aris Rios (2 years ago)
dude i like the vid and all but can you please talk a bit louder
Jelly King (2 years ago)
wtf you need to give us time to at least have a chance to catch u. you go so fast.
Pixel Gecko (2 years ago)
how many of each block do you need?
Gerben Pellekaan (2 years ago)
Are you from Holland cuz i am
Snowythewolfpup8 AJ (2 years ago)
It looks like a rayquaza head from pokemon
PlasticApple (2 years ago)
cool build
MCPE Madness (2 years ago)
Nicee :)
SwissSebu (2 years ago)
You make IT to fast
rising europe (2 years ago)
no to slow
MisterShura (2 years ago)
het valeros you’ve talent ! but you are i bit shy man ! Be relaxed when u make videos ! you wil be the next pewdiepie if you’re not shy man :)
MisterShura (2 years ago)
and put a lil music to make the video better
Renan Henrique (2 years ago)
continua o tutorial
SushantN007 (2 years ago)
Praat me Nederlands ??
Ricardo van Gennep (2 years ago)
This could be used as an interesting type of gate, go through the dragons mouth
jethical b15 (2 years ago)
hey, you..you wanna, you know, you wanna speAK THE FUCK UP!?
un comentario (2 years ago)
like 900!
Flame TheMaster (2 years ago)
thx for the advice on this dragon head
sassy Bitch lmao (2 years ago)
Chain mailarmour (2 years ago)
hay man this is good thank you
Sam Art (2 years ago)
dude slow down men
Luke Back (2 years ago)
I found this very helpful , thank you.
DORItO :v PacmanFan (2 years ago)
Fuck u. U dont know how make tutorials
Danny Schobben (2 years ago)
It was my first tutorial, sorry that i'm not a pro, just tryed to share creation with everyone..
umgefallen _ (2 years ago)
avatar123456789s (2 years ago)
intro song please?
peter holland (2 years ago)
its looks like a rat.....
Yo Bling YO (2 years ago)
can you make the whole dragon?
B Ł Λ Y Z Ξ (2 years ago)
map plz
Danny Schobben (2 years ago)
what do you mean, map pls?
COSTA DEV (2 years ago)
Can u be louder next time plz
Cinematic Banana (2 years ago)
Matt Lamarthee (3 years ago)
music? intro
Maggie Westhoff (3 years ago)
Aaron Joseph (3 years ago)
bro if you don mind can you tell me what song you used in the intro. does anyone know
Raphael Curzon (2 years ago)
+Valeros Builds speak up you idiot
Valeros Builds (3 years ago)
+Aaron Joseph Brain Damage, and it's been written in the comments A 100 times, so just scroll back next time ;)!
Mughty (3 years ago)
Amazing build it really helped me, keep doing whatcha doing ;)
NecrosIsHere (3 years ago)
intro music??
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
+NecrosIsHere Brain Damage
Suede Kento (3 years ago)
danieltran1970 (3 years ago)
Did you make a tutorial for the whole dragon?
PUGTATO Presents (3 years ago)
Hi bro, whats intro song?
PUGTATO Presents (3 years ago)
Thanks bro :)
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
+Funny videos Presents Brain damage
Jessica (3 years ago)
dragon made.....amount of times i had to go back and rewatch shit because he made a "mistake".....85....dude this is one of the most frustrating tutorials i have ever done. PLEASE edit out your errors, you will make people not want to stab their eyeballs out.
Baltazar Lucas (5 months ago)
Im not a kid my picture still a kid im 9 years old
Ruby Scoob (2 years ago)
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
+Lluna Fae Why stab my eyeballs out? why not my hands ;-)
YT Camel (3 years ago)
Can you do the rest of the dragon
Valeros Builds (3 years ago)
+Jaylin Counts No i haven't made it, since i'm to busy with setting up a timelapse for a huge project. Sorry but i will make it ASAP!
Kappala TV (10 months ago)
+Valeros Builds hey can you add schematica file to it cus it's hard to folow and a lot times i had to remake cuz of 1mistake
Tanodesu- senpai (1 year ago)
you forgot the 2 front teeth
Dan Leblanc (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorial bro. This design(with a few tweaks) was perfect to make a dragon rollercoaster with.
VulkanGaming (2 years ago)
SLOW DOWN, ITS A TUTORIAL, I had to build the same part three times because when I was done with one part its your like 5 parts ahead, I understand Stopping but could you just wait a little bit
Kristijan Veljača (3 years ago)
Jaylin Counts (3 years ago)
Have you made a whole dragon tutorial yet please follow post it
tom mitrani (3 years ago)
U took this from thinknoodles video all please type in YouTube thinknoodles Dragons u will see that build and he had team build just for his self so MAN
Nem (2 years ago)
The burn...
brandon 2504 (3 years ago)
+tom mitrani i am not one to pick sides however all im saying is, its a tutorial video therefore regardless if he "stole the idea" or not and he created it, it is still a tutorial video brought to the community to show you how to build something, so if a tutorial is out there on a already current tutorial video then that's 2 tutorials on it not 1 stole the others idea
Valeros Builds (3 years ago)
+tom mitrani Get your shit straight. look to the dates before judging me. You famous youtube "friend" stole my build and said he build it not the other way arround!
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
I designed the head and then Send the video if you are so sure...
190590 (3 years ago)
nice building, but next time please prepare a bit. Needed to repeat this video x times... ps : i builded that head with netherbricks only, changed the mouth and put lava into it. looks nice.
Leonian Lucard (3 years ago)
you roock but you fotgot thr teeth
LCBENSE (3 years ago)
Great build and all, but next time know what you are doing please.
Otwocool (3 years ago)
Built this last night. 15 min vid became a hour project haha it was fun and it looks awesome. I put glass for eyes and put lava behind it, and made look out front not to the sides. But thank you its awesome
Hover_Dog (3 years ago)
nice, but your music was too lound and you sound was pretty quite ,it make me feel some trouble to keep turning the volume. but it's a great job,it was cool
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
Check out the rest of the channel and go see the New intro it's better now
Jeffxn 123 (3 years ago)
What was the song of the intro ?
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
Brain damage - Sean bobo
Seppe Pylyser (3 years ago)
nice face of a dragon
This is it Gaming (3 years ago)
You suck keep your shit to your self
MagnanimousRogue (3 years ago)
+Danny Schobben Actually I love this dragon head...
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
+Creeper Boss Hey this is my normal account, i know i made this head a long time ago before i even recorded it, this is one of my worst builds ever.  i already made a new dragon head but it's to complicated to make a tutorial for it, i will still try it tho
Creeper Boss (3 years ago)
Your builds are not shit but they could be improved... (Saying this as a really good builder)
Truth Course #1 (3 years ago)
+Valeros Builds Alright cool. Just when you do it do a model of it that you're positive of what to do next.
Valeros Builds (3 years ago)
+Truth Course #1 No problem! If you want a tutorial about something else then just tell me and i will create it and make a showcase of it, If enough people like it then i will make a tutorial.
chingpongionglong (3 years ago)
Im definitely gonna use this as an entrance!! Tnx alot for sharing! :)
Florence Bosley (3 years ago)
number of times i had to redo this from the start - 14 
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
Hè is me ;) i made this video this is just my other account, Ps i am far in the progress of the whole dragon with this head so be ready
Florence Bosley (3 years ago)
Because i couldn't understand anything + its even harder to understand when he keeps deleting what he just did! * Facepalms *
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
tupollita732 (3 years ago)
This is a great tutorial thank you so much :D
Vicky Ives (3 years ago)
Vicky Ives (3 years ago)
sorry this was my little sister who said that I watch this and I loved it
Danny Schobben (3 years ago)
why is it rubbish?

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