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Kissing Prank - Cops Edition - Prank Invasion 2016

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Text Comments (13533)
Bong Camba (5 hours ago)
Vladimir Rodriguez (6 hours ago)
Es mas falso q los pechos de ninel conde
Fanatic Beckham Jr. (8 hours ago)
Andy Donnelly (10 hours ago)
Second one that’s not a girl she’s a man
Kryptic Beat (10 hours ago)
what the heck this is awsome😍
Jitendra Singh (19 hours ago)
Is it that easy to stalk a girl in foreign countries???
Typical TNT (19 hours ago)
waqas wali (19 hours ago)
can anyone tell me what is the name of the music??
Tekwa's Thoughts (20 hours ago)
Omg... :o these some steamy kisses!
pintu das (1 day ago)
Please show after kiss how she feels or how her look
RustyVEVO (1 day ago)
i did this and got a 1 day arrest you fucking fag
Rick Umali (1 day ago)
He is a player
Bella Juarez (1 day ago)
rahou med (1 day ago)
c,est très très mauvais
Luigi Chicone (1 day ago)
youtuber cancri americani?
dth (1 day ago)
category education really
The First One would it also do it without a game😂😂
HydroZane LRX (1 day ago)
Edgar Vidal (1 day ago)
That old guy is from David's vlogs when David pranked dom cuz dom was having a party at his house and then David pranked by hiring 2 police officers.
France Ignacio (2 days ago)
Moises Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Cord Smith (2 days ago)
soo when I tried to do this to a female copp she cuffed me smh
JourneyWithCerney (2 days ago)
how did he get these guys to go along lol
Hey that’s the same girl from the doctor kissing prank
Magnus Gaming (2 days ago)
How much do you think he gets slapped or something?!
-creepy flower- (2 days ago)
This is sooo fake😂😂😂
Hubert Olszewski (2 days ago)
Przetłumaczy ktos na polski o co on pyta😂
luisaó gamer (2 days ago)
Fucking boss
Triggered Wolf (2 days ago)
Why are u making out with a lot of girls??????^^^^
Michael G. (2 days ago)
the second one was lllooooonnnngggggeeeerrrrrrr than short
Gameplays (2 days ago)
Hey brrrrrrr
derrick nash (2 days ago)
But keep it smooth
derrick nash (2 days ago)
I tried in it works I have 10 girls in my phone
Robertostroop XD (2 days ago)
0:7 adiós justin😂
Gamer sl0w260 (2 days ago)
jonathan aguilon (2 days ago)
The second one went for it
Reza Garpoz (2 days ago)
Get in the car, lol :v
Christopher Fields (2 days ago)
CringeBat Gaming (2 days ago)
They are actors getting paid
CringeBat Gaming (2 days ago)
He a phoney
nisin quinteros (2 days ago)
Wauuu que capo que sos un groso fenómeno la verdad que me gustó cómo te comías a cada mina
3:30 she got fierd
The firsg one tho
dymir davis (3 days ago)
Cops not like that this like a skit
yillo 4 (3 days ago)
a qntr (3 days ago)
Does anyone know their names... *lol*
Garcia Velez (3 days ago)
Same girl diffrent hair color
lily's Macaulay (3 days ago)
Mark Prosper (3 days ago)
Notice he didn't grab any of their asses, smart man.
callmeruiz1 (3 days ago)
To protect and served Lmaooooo. They dont have that on the side of the cruisers anymore lol dumb as fuvk
hakan caliskan (3 days ago)
siktir lan , yalancı...
Eduardo Ribeiro (3 days ago)
Just lie
Kobe Feseetai (3 days ago)
Is it a boy or girl 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
SMD (3 days ago)
Give me a camera I'll show u the real thing bruv
Syam Tinggi Syam (3 days ago)
hahahahhq wtf
Amad Toster (4 days ago)
Ever noticed how he kept saying "sure" in the last one😂
taha taha (4 days ago)
He’s a man
Wil I am (4 days ago)
Really bro this fucken guy.... STUPID..the cop siren was on every time ,dumb ass, come oooon👎
Putiputi Dethierry (4 days ago)
😂😁😂😃😃😂😃😃😂😂😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂
Micah Holland (4 days ago)
3:44 yo officer
ShadowFabi YT (4 days ago)
Edson Play (4 days ago)
Vc é foda mano
Edson Play (4 days ago)
Sou seu fam
Eva Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Damn the last one tho she lit
Rody TheGREAT98 (4 days ago)
Your a fack ass youtuber you suck
dimitry scoarta (4 days ago)
those girls are a disgrace to the uniform...kissing during the work...
007 Q (4 days ago)
The second cops she is real hot an d ready for that hhh❤
Asgar Ali (4 days ago)
Ded Man (4 days ago)
Nakul Sahdev (4 days ago)
It would be awesome if this is true.
iiFrose X (4 days ago)
هههههههههه يلعن شكلك انا رحت الحمر مول و شفشفت وحده عند الحمامات😂💔
alhashem Esteren (4 days ago)
russel hasan (5 days ago)
Wow its nice video hahhah
Ayo_teyo_mayo Layo (5 days ago)
GhostKiller YT (5 days ago)
Hhahahah daaamn hahah loved that
Lailah Smith (5 days ago)
alicia ponce (5 days ago)
This video is so sexy
Pranjal Shelar (5 days ago)
isn't it obvious that this is scripted...
زيد نوفل (5 days ago)
كوس اختك
juho lokka (5 days ago)
Khalid Badran (5 days ago)
See how he is walking 1:06 He looks like Stickman
Religiousvirus (5 days ago)
Americans are really DUMB...
Kisal Minura (5 days ago)
Creativity 100%
Rajesh ke Video (5 days ago)
kiss me anyone
ASAS ASAS (5 days ago)
hahahahahahah its amazing cool
sana khan (6 days ago)
Frndz subsribe me
MD. Sajib Mia (6 days ago)
L YH (6 days ago)
oh!that old man was jealous.
cool guy man (6 days ago)
He was at it with that last cop
Fuzzy Tab (6 days ago)
Floating Jasper (6 days ago)
The first one is so short...
Pedro Barros (6 days ago)
kapil verma (6 days ago)
This guy's every video is simply fucking fake👎
Arthur Dantas (6 days ago)
the old officer is an actor
wrestling782 (6 days ago)
This is stupid as hell. You can tell these are actresses not real cops.
Surhoto Medeo (6 days ago)
Stupid officer
Kai L. (6 days ago)
Usually people pick scissors notice that nobody picks rock first
John Kima (6 days ago)
kiss the boy..lol
dave johnson (6 days ago)
THE prank is on the viewers who believe this ....

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