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ALL MY MONEY IS GONE! - Rules of Survival

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Just wanted to make a video showing off my PC account before I switch over to playing more mobile RoS! Want to keep up to date with everything? Check here: https://twitter.com/MedalCore Discord link: https://discord.gg/wD37kjE If you scrolled this far down, you are one amazing person and I wish you the best for the rest of your day! #RulesofSurvival #RoS
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Text Comments (369)
Medalcore (1 month ago)
Thank you everyone for your support! I hope you all continue to support me in my future videos! <3
Artico SV ApHr Rcti (30 days ago)
Can you play something else like fortnite bo4 PUBG for a day wtf this shit won’t get you views
Artico SV ApHr Rcti (30 days ago)
Medalcore ros asss
GAMING ROS (30 days ago)
Can i have your mobile acc in ros
Braiden Holt (30 days ago)
GabrielGame YT (6 days ago)
Mobile has only few cheaters lot of them are actual players in mobile 1% is hackers,20% of bots and 89% is players
Justine Aquino (19 days ago)
Medal your wish has come true to rules of survival do you remember when you said that ros should do like an emote when you complete the set where there you have it medal hope to see you again play ros love you Medal :)❤
jeje roperos (23 days ago)
Welcome back Medal
Padsy Waps (23 days ago)
Try to play ros in Asia
silas rock (25 days ago)
We have equal amount of hackers in Mobile so don't worry
i already unsub u 'cause u r not playing ros
Zeth Gaming (27 days ago)
Hi Medal Pls Can U Give Me A Shoutout✌
B'Zorp YT (27 days ago)
I hope you play back in RoS... and the other youtuber . I want to see back the stream sniper team men.. 😌
Jazzuel Jabican (27 days ago)
Give your account to me if you stop playing <3
Wail Pal21hail (28 days ago)
Mobile is way better
PoisonedPandaYT (28 days ago)
Billy Alfonso (28 days ago)
Ok you're back
Hailie Ryde (28 days ago)
I want to support you medal but I’m not really used to watch you play pubg mobile, it’s like a different environment for me, I miss you playing ros
YTFrancisPlayz Games (29 days ago)
Rest In Peace my English then was trash😂
YTFrancisPlayz Games (29 days ago)
I was aboyt to play ROS when ur notification came up
Lonely life (29 days ago)
Nah fuck u
Jwaynel Wayne123 (29 days ago)
they just banned me for 30 days and im not cheating bruh ihate ros now good pubg :( sad to say my asia and America server same banned they just needed cash not players
Ryan Austin (29 days ago)
I hope bobby moves to mobile too
Marianne Neba (29 days ago)
did you quit medal
Sar Gamer (29 days ago)
u are back <3
KirkAnimatesAnimations (29 days ago)
does pc still have hackers? i haven't been playing for like a month, because of hackers. i hope all hackers are gone. if you are a hacker and reading this, please die :) (not literally like just get banned permanently)
Lo Tangsang (28 days ago)
Hope dey die of cancer
Tribal Gamer (29 days ago)
RoS is a pretty great game but it has hackers Fvck for those who use them
Gohan Gaming (29 days ago)
medal im begging you can i have ur account plssss
Balanon From YouTube (29 days ago)
We will always suport all the youtuber's in R.O.S
Saitama Sań (29 days ago)
well, to be honest I kidda give up the game because I played since November , is around a year now and its kidda bored me because of the freakin hackers , I still meet them nowadays ,
dark mixed mixer (29 days ago)
Your so bad
Gohan Gaming (29 days ago)
Dabboy2016 YT (29 days ago)
Unsubscribed, sorry.
SometimesKiller 29 (29 days ago)
fuck you medalcore
Say Wat? (29 days ago)
Lol I just subbed cuz u said u plan on playing on mobile hhehehehehehhehehehheheheeeeehehhehehehe
MrStealUrGirl Gaming (29 days ago)
I'm not a subscriber and as much as I hate to tell u there's a lot of hackers in Mobile as well especially in North America if u play solo mode anyway wish u luck man u seem like a really cool guy
Go su (30 days ago)
Can i have the acc lol😂
bRUh PancakeYT (30 days ago)
cuz u keep spending all ur money at ros and now its gone haha
SlayerGaming (30 days ago)
Theres hackers in mobile but not every game
Lester Chhakchhuak (30 days ago)
welcome back boi!
silver 1 Gamer (30 days ago)
silver 1 Gamer (30 days ago)
Noah now you Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy plz keep playing Rule of sarvil
silver 1 Gamer (30 days ago)
Leonora Dumigpe (30 days ago)
can i keep your acc i will make it alive till the end of rules of survival
Cherry Mae Idahosa (30 days ago)
Can I have that
Chicken Lord (30 days ago)
Antonio Martinez (30 days ago)
Im going to on subscribe you only play stupid games and you fergat about rules of survival
Pacman PTG (30 days ago)
the fun is gone bcs of cheaters
Original Noob (30 days ago)
yeah when you play pc theres alot of hackers so i stopped playin lol
Ishmael Ladesma (30 days ago)
Redstone Tnt (30 days ago)
9:09 omg really YOU NEVER GOT A ROCKET LAUNCHER BEFORE?? its released ever since fearless fiord came out
Htet Wai Yan (30 days ago)
can u give me your old account??not the stream one!!
totoy savage (30 days ago)
Heizen (14 days ago)
Medal: PUBG Video, PUBG Gameplay. ROS Video, NO GAMEPLAY. Medal, if you put rules of survival in your video, at least put some gameplay of it, I've REALLY missed your Rules of Survival videos, you have it on your profile picture, but all you play now is PUBG.
HawksNest (1 month ago)
Honestly the environment of PC and mobile is just way different! Mobile is honestly not really broken. There’s small bugs and occasional hackers. But it’s honestly negligible. PC is just hard to even play
saj j (24 days ago)
+PiratePuseaFromYT watch it he will fuck your mum😮😮
Cogi To (27 days ago)
Bul bul !! wot you're actually saying is not true ... in Eu server 50% of my games i encounter and get killed by hackers ..just check the facebook page of RoS and see the comments under every post and you'll notice that the hacker issue is even worst everyday and they're doing nothing against them ...In Asia and Eu server the game is litterally unplayable , the issue is the same as in PC .... so Stop saying that in mobile it's only occasionnal or please notice that you're playing in NA server bc Eu and Asia are infested with hackers !
Apdo v1 (27 days ago)
Brah i encountered hacker almost every single game(aim through object)
Zairul Salim (28 days ago)
HawksNest _you serious? I have encounters more hackers than legit players for the last few days. I have reported them to NetEase and they haven’t done anything and I personally have sent them the video through their support email and they still haven’t done anything either. It personally getting too ridiculous with all these hackers around. I can’t say I enjoy this game anymore as I used too. This game doesn’t listen to their customer and that’s a _*_FACT_*
PiratePuseaFromYT (28 days ago)
SnipeOnceFromYT (1 month ago)
DOnate Account Lodi :)
Autokill Games (1 month ago)
You can log your pc account onto mobile
Andrew Wimberly (1 month ago)
Add me my account name is BrazyDrew
tristan capistrano (1 month ago)
I was dying when he said pubg mobile when he said its the first skin
Adekoy From Youtube (1 month ago)
Dont Give Your Acc You SpenD money on And Rule Of Survival Need to Upgrade and remove all hackers Keep Up Medal
Scorpion YT (1 month ago)
I miss You're Shimmy Shimmy 😢😢😢Medal
Insert jian (1 month ago)
Guys medal just need 5 likes,,
Ashwin Thapa (28 days ago)
mamam manatad (1 month ago)
play more on steam please!!
Gaming Ninja (1 month ago)
When u play on mobile can u play in North America!
Gaming Ninja (1 month ago)
King Peanut (1 month ago)
Fleur De Liz Dumdum (1 month ago)
Metal could i have the account pls
christian anonoy (1 month ago)
Medal let Me Play Your Ros Pc 😊
barrett guy (1 month ago)
Can I have your account plss
Legendary Dragon (1 month ago)
Netease wont ban hackers cause netease sell hacks
Aaryaman KAPUR (1 month ago)
Please play on Asia mobile server please
gustilo boyss (1 month ago)
Medal plss give me your account in rules of survival because I have no account in rules of survival plssss in PC 🙏🙏
Pro Playz (1 month ago)
Can you carry me?
Pro Playz (1 month ago)
Medal can you reply
anthony qaro (1 month ago)
The god squad is not complete because of noah and medal haha😂😂😂
Koro Sensei (1 month ago)
any players who spent their money in this game will question the creators . why do it still have cheaters ? even i spent a lot of money in this game and i think it just a waste
A K (1 month ago)
Old intro ah old memories. Love it!💓💓💓
Farhan Khan (1 month ago)
Medal can I add you on mobile please
REALS GAMING (1 month ago)
Yo, just made my best ROS vid yet on my dying channel if anyone cares to see (:
Carl Padua (1 month ago)
See you in ROS mobile NA! :)
Hay Paw Hay Paw (1 month ago)
yes i will your me idel
NOVA I 1 (1 month ago)
Lol I quit this game so long ago I hope ppl will still support you I will support u anything u do🤙🤙
SumiFromYT SumiFromYT (1 month ago)
Medal ?? Noah ?? ROS ? Sounds great... No matter what. Likes,subscribers & viewers would rush in. I don't mean forcing u to play ROS, but you must never forget which game(mother) is the one who make u so strong & let 1000 eye to see you. The word Medal sounds pretty dangerous, u know what I mean :)
Lalsangzuala Chenkual (1 month ago)
In PUBG mobile hahahaha
Can I have ur accc plz
Astro Agustin (1 month ago)
We always support you medal, play anygames what u like but can u add me on Mobil 49710878 thats my ID
XOMBEAST GAMING (1 month ago)
Medal back ROS dude... Miss yt squad
royal said (1 month ago)
Hi medal i am ur til ur dog clan😂🤣 i am good player on moblie i need you make video with me i am from norway spesiell oslo
[N3kO] kayla banana (1 month ago)
I also thought that ur *main Acount is gone*
[N3kO] kayla banana (1 month ago)
Actually I'm playing c ops now sad life ;-;
mabelle delfin (1 month ago)
Hello medal do you know how to complain ros? Because they always ban me for 3 days even i don't use cheat. Or make videos about how to complain ros. Thank you
keiiah mariano (1 month ago)
Smrfzz OnYT (1 month ago)
Just play the game whatever you want personally I only play ROS mobile but when you play other games it’s fine with me✌️
XPhantomX (1 month ago)
play ros mobile your so good on pubg mobile :D
Ayush Tamang (1 month ago)
Hej Medal kan du spille Rules
Sen Chancoco (1 month ago)
Cool_ jeric (1 month ago)
Medal plss play again ros everyday
William Lim (1 month ago)
man stop playing PUBG mobile play more ROS your channel is dying man come on your viewers have dropped your subs are not fast flowing anymore just play ros or fortnite
Dwight Hans FB (1 month ago)
Idid not get the 100M skin
Jayvie Baracena (1 month ago)
R oS really sucks right now, in every game that i play there's always a hacker. Even in FPP. RoS isn't even doing anything to solve it
JetZkie YT (1 month ago)
There is Somany Cheater!!
Christian Limpiado (1 month ago)
Medal play COD Blackout
johny cultura (1 month ago)
If you quit many people unsubscribe your channel
YuKiO TM (1 month ago)
I thought you are brent😂

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